Chankonabe (ちゃんこ鍋) – Feasting Like a Sumo Wrestler in Japan

Chankonabe (ちゃんこ鍋) - Feasting Like a Sumo Wrestler in Japan

so on the sumo map we have I think we're gonna check out number three which is Chung Kokomo gotta and eat some eat some sumo food I am so happy right now to do this okay so I guess we came a little bit late but they are whole so we're going to wait here until they have a free seat but look at how awesome that looks okay so I got a little confused ordering at first I was going to go at this yeah – Yamcha but I didn't know the price was two thousand nine hundred and forty yen per person I thought that was for a whole huge bowl so that's a little out of my budget by anyway so the nice waitress here said we should go for the lunch special which is the sumo the yakujá go re chuckle and I'm gonna get one of two of these things right here look at this giant platter of food but the main event is of course the chocolate soup and it looks like it's there's cabbage and pork and vegetables in there a side dish of sashimi a couple of different vegetables looks like a little deep-fried fritter and a bowl of rice I actually feel kind of like a sumo wrestler myself in this giant jacket but it's it's actually so warm in here I think I actually do need to take off my jacket for this to get started feasting sumo style I grab my chopsticks Oh oh yeah she said this is miso soup so looks like pork yeah so it's big pieces will belong piece of pork there's some tofu in there and we saw the other people what they do is they put it in a small bowl first and then eat it from the small bowl try some vegetable herbs all that is full of flavor that's miso soup but it's not overpowering but just incredibly soothing that is pork flavored and miso perfection right there Wow yeah typing lies just tax with flavor yeah I don't know what this thing is but that's like what is that I have no idea but it tastes almost like a deep-fried piece of gravy like thickened gravy that's deep-fried for beautiful side of sashimi sashimi just it just melts in your mouth just effortless chewy but back to the main dish this is a truly majestic lot of soup mushrooms that broth so on the menu it says they have a secret recipe for their there brought their miso soup broth and I gotta say this is this is definitely the best for me so based sushi and I think I've ever had this is like a little gelatin bubble or something like that Oh I'm absolutely savoring this milky milky miso broth it it really tastes like it's been slow brewing for hour upon hour and has just developed and tensely smooth yet just stocked full flavor broth porky like a little bit fini or nutty shall I say from the beans from the soybeans and that is just a miraculous broth to say the least that was a wonderfully stomach enriching meal and experience that was awesome I loved it grab that well that's a gay big piece of pork I'm going to try to break that out though what a time


  1. I’m not sure “perfection” and “magestic” are the right words to describe a 1500yen bowl of sumo soup…

  2. Hello Mark. Thanks for share your experience. Chankinabe looks amazing. The next june I going to travel to Tokyo, Japan. Would you help me with the name of the Chankonabe's restaurant? Sure, I must try to taste this! Keep going with your journeys. Cheers!

  3. Hey man! I didn't know you had a YouTube channel… Very ignorant of me… We exchanged some mails when I was in Thailand. Good to see you again!☺️

  4. I love your videos, I have been binge watching them for a couple of days now. Your expressions, your descriptions, everything is just awesome and so informative.

  5. The face he makes after eating just adds to the experience. To all of those who are complaining about it: Suck it up!

  6. That portion is big enough for two IMO. You could share it with the wife, just ask for another bowl of rice and you're good to go.

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