Champion Boxer Chiropractic Treatment from Your Towson Chiropractor

Champion Boxer Chiropractic Treatment from Your Towson Chiropractor

Hi everybody it’s Doctor Blake Kalkstein from
Doctors Adolph and Kalkstein Chiropractor, your Baltimore area chiropractor. I’m with the legend, The Rock Blackwell. Why don’t you tell them a little bit about
yourself? I’m Yahu Rock Blackwell, I’m a professional
boxer, I’m the WBU and IBU cruiserweight champion. You’re a champion? He’s a champion, he’s a champion, fifteen
and one right? Fifteen and one as a professional. And when’s your fight coming up next? November 26. Where is it? Oklahoma, Grove Oklahoma. So if you guys are around Oklahoma and you’re
following us on YouTube be sure to check out the man The Rock. So we’re going to show you guys how we adjust
him today. He comes in a little sore from training so
we just do some active release on his shoulders, we get, when you came in yet a little bit
of a little tightness in that shoulder, we fixed that up pretty quick, and now he’s kind
of coming in once a week to just get tuned up getting ready for his fight right? Absolutely. So pop on your back for me. So what are some of the benefits you’ve seen
since coming in and working with us? Oh man, my range of motion has been excellent. Feeling really good, you know I hadn’t been,
haven’t been stiff. Feeling really loose, so it’s been working,
it’s been phenomenal. Ya, so we’re going to do some, we do active
release on both shoulders and we adjust his neck, his low back in his mid back. And you’re a lefty or a righty? Righty. So if you haven’t seen this guy just pull
up some clips on him on YouTube. Like we were watching you the other day, and
my dad is a naval academy grad, and he’s been around fighters whole life, and I trained,
worked with a fighter when I was in school, dude you guys speed, you got some speed. Yeah yeah yeah I’m pretty quick man, pretty
quick. What do you think your biggest strength is? Um I can do some everything. I can box, I can brawl, I can, I’m pretty
well rounded. So what’s a cruiserweight weight range? That’s between 190 in 200. And 200, and then heavy weights above 200? Is that the idea? Heavyweight’s like 210 and up. 210 and up. So he’s got, I’m working on his lats right
now, it’s pretty tight in his lats, but you can expect that, this guy is really stout,
really jacked, pretty revved up so, and I mean in a good way not like he’s torn up but
you’re strong, right? So all the heavy training that he goes into
he uses this Active Release Technique, he uses that chiropractic technique to kind of
speed up his recovery to allow them to heal faster to kind of reach into the depths and
you know a little bit more range of motion. Especially we saw it, when we first examined
your shoulders like got super strong real quick. Oh yeah, oh yeah. It was phenomenal. Doctor Blake’s the man, Doctor Blake’s the
man. Thanks man I appreciate it. So we’ve had a couple celebrities coming this
week. We had Damon Blue out of Baltimore, the hip
hop artist, and he’s got a show come up in the Fillmore and it’s been pretty sweet. A couple ex-Orioles coming in this week. I mean I guess, I don’t know it must be that
you know it’s Thanksgiving week we’re just thankful to have you guys in our lives you
know. Absolutely, I’m thankful to have you in my
life. It’s gonna be a little sore in here. He’s smiling right now, but the last time
when he came he wasn’t smiling when I was doing this. Alright let’s check your neck. Now let’s check those hips. Bring this hip up to my hand, to my hand,
push hard. Good, bring down, do this one, push hard. So let’s roll on your side, face that way. You got a little tightness in this if I want
address. So take a breath in and out. So on exam I saw he’s got a little weakness
in this hip flexor and that’s more due to muscle tightness than a neurological weakness,
so we’re just going to do a little psoas release. Rock, arm overhead, reach to the window, good
and back down, breath in and out. Good. So is that show pay per view? It’ll be on Comcast Sportsnet. Comcast Sportsnet. CSN, ya. Okay, bring this up. When is it? December what? November 26. That’s coming up next week. Yep, coming up. That’s awesome. They had to postpone the show because they
sold more tickets, and get a bigger venue. I think that’s incredible, that’s awesome
man. That’s huge congratulations. Thank you sir, thank you, thank you. Arm overhead, back down, one more, breath
in and out. Ya, right there. Good, now roll on your back, let’s recheck
that muscle strength. Bring this knee up to my hand, push hard,
oh yeah much stronger. Ya I can feel it. Do this one. Good same on that side. So let’s roll on your side that way, let me
adjust your low back. It was already ready to go, drop, there you
go, other side. You know a guy, working with athletes like
this, you don’t need a lot of force. They’re so in tune with their body they know
how to relax. It’s the same thing when we work on the ball
players and we go to adjust them, you know we sometimes you think going to need a lot
of force so just guys like this, you don’t need any force at all because relaxes, you
get them in the right position right away it’s just like click click and things move
beautifully. Just roll down, and then all the way over. There you go. Now let’s go over onto your stomach for me. That arm just relaxing, breath in and out. Lift your head a little, there you go, there
you go. Ok my . What was that, say that again? That was phenomenal. Doctor Blake, I’m telling you, he’s the man. No you’re the man. Dude thanks for coming out. Thank you sure, pleasure, pleasure. I’ll see you next week and we’ll see you guys
on Wednesday. Bye now.


  1. How do we know if we need adjustment? I feel like it'd be nice to go, but I have no idea what it takes to get a chiropractor to be able to help

  2. I've watched 2 videos of him getting adjusted and in this one i swear he says he's a righty, and in the other he says he's a lefty. lol

  3. Interesting how these highly successful professional boxers are so gracious and respectful. It shows that real tough guys don't act tough because they're secure in their own skin.

  4. Dr. Blake I saw you pat him on the lower back before adjusting. Is that a distraction so they relax and don't tense up?

  5. The best boxers always have the nicest personalities. They get all their pent up anger out while the rest of us stew and plot lololol

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