CANELO: A fight between me and BJ Saunders is a great fight, he’s a great fighter. He’s a difficult southpaw, and he’s a champion. It’s a good fight!! Canelo: It literally is No Boxing no life. I just won a 4th world title and I’m here back in the gym. It’s no Boxing no life for me. I took a week of vacations and Tuesday I was back in the gym training. I like it a lot, I like training, I like feeling good. I love Boxing! I love being in the gym, it makes me feel really good. Canelo: And the list opponents are gonna keep growing! There’s no rush in that. After I beat one there’s 5 new opponents that pop up.


  1. BJS got exposed in his last fight and he also ducked andrade. canelo washes him easily, only decent fighter at 168 is caleb plant

  2. Saunders would duck! Alvarez will ruin BJ’s health record. I’m saying that and I’m not much of a Canelo fan anymore.

  3. Now they will say he fought him too late he not the same fighter he picks his opponents but they all wanted this hahha

  4. Excuses- He fought BJS after a loss.
    He’s not the same. He’s not a top fighter anymore. He’s scared of Charlo/Andrade.

  5. Canelo should go cruiserweight be a the titles are vacated and he can win 1 then he’ll be 5 division champion.

  6. Sooooo nobody in the comments is gonna talk about what he said about BJS in comparison to what he said about Andrade? Ya'll gonna pretend like ya'll don't see the difference. 🤔 Ok say less ✌

  7. Echale ganas canelo ya cuando te acerques a tus cuarentas y te retires entonces si a darle duro a la comida y fiesta . A mis cuarenta me siento como de 20 y tengo mejor condicion que muchos jovenes de 20 asi que todavia estaras joven cuado te retires

  8. Una semana de vacaciones y de vuelta al gimnasio! DAZN no se equivoco le dio ese contrato a un Campeonazo!!! 🇲🇽🥊💯 Y QUE VIVA MEXICOOOO

  9. There is no stopping Canelo ! There would have to be another bad ass with his experience, speed and power to even have a close fight with him. He has a fighting heart. EVEN since he was little and poor

  10. Miren rie.el ifueputa farzante se rie por todo esta arreglado por la mafia de Dazan y la rata de oscar gay esa.chucha se bolvio famoso con.puras tranpas y los idiotas fans cren que es bueno.caneclenbuterol es el sucio mas sucio de todos los sucios rata inmunda jamas yegaras ha los corazones de los que saben de boxeo cuanto le vas ha dar ha bily joe samders para que se deje.ganar.rata.rata rata ladrona cobarde no seas tan sucio hasta cuando.rata miada cabepurco deci la verdad halgum dia rata

  11. I respect Canelo but damn learn English already I've worked with Mexicans that learned in less than a year I know you have it in you champ lol

  12. El costal Sounders 😂 puras peleas fáciles pero bueno que se puede esperar de un canelo protegido por Golden boy , cuidando su carrera y así no va ser una leyenda ni mucho menos más boxeador que Chávez , salvador Sánchez , terrible Morales , barrera , Márquez 👎 no está ni Serca de serlo

  13. And that's what makes canelo one fucking week off man I take months off my mindset and his arsenal not the same bad ass mindset

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