Can anyone stop EVIL & SANADA on their way to their third World Tag League win? #njwtl

Can anyone stop EVIL & SANADA on their way to their third World Tag League win? #njwtl

WELCOME TO THE DARKNESS WORLD, NAGOYA! We just beat the IWGP heavyweight
tag team champions. WORLD TAG LEAGUE is pretty hot,
wouldn’t you say? The team of SANADA and EVIL will keep exploding. We will take our 3rd straight league. Remember that! THIS IS EVIL! NAGOYA IS EVIL! EVERYTHING IS EVIL! All of it… EVIL! We just beat the tag champions. Today’s victory is a big one, punks. EVIL and SANADA will win our
3rd straight league. Absolutely. Remember that.


  1. NOOOOOOOOO, why L.I.J? I want G.o.D to finally win this and break the curse. Nothing against you guys, but I want BC to add another WTL score to their list of accomplishments.

    EVIL & SANADA = 5: 0: 10
    TONGA & LOA = 3: 2: 6

  2. Without a doubt, the best tag team ever!!! I'm calling it: EVIL and SANADA will win the tag league tournament for the third time in a row and reclaim the titles in WK14.

  3. For all these people in the comments section that are complaining about Evil and Sanada winning the tournament again, take note that they both lost opportunities to obtaining spots for the IWGP Heavyweight Title, and that G.o.D are the fucking champions of the division! If they actually win, we might not even get a tag title match for the heavyweight division, and right now, Evil and Sanada need this victory to have them at Wrestle Kingdom 14 with Naito fighting Jay White and Hiromu fighting Will. It's important for moral and the return of LIJ obtaining these belts. Hell, and for any BC fans out there, please… Just stop. If you really like Bullet Club, that says a lot about the quality of wrestling you enjoy from how they fight. Nothing much else to say.

  4. イビサナはシングルかタッグかどっちかにして欲しい。じゃないとタッグ屋だけで頑張ってるG.O.Dが可哀想

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