Cain Velasquez New Match! Nikki Cross Vs Bayley! Hulk Hogan On Seth Rollins! Wrestling News!

Cain Velasquez New Match! Nikki Cross Vs Bayley! Hulk Hogan On Seth Rollins! Wrestling News!

Here is your news for
October 19 2019 We’re starting off with news from
SmackDown today, as with
Charlotte Flair leaving the blue brand for RAW, SmackDown
Women’s Champion Bayley needed
a new number one contender. That contender was decided in
an excellent six-pack challenge*,
it was Nikki Cross who emerged victorious, out
lasting Mandy Rose, Sonya
Deville, Carmella Lacey Evans and Dana Brooke
to earn the shot. Cross’ win has some very interesting
implications, as though she has
been partnering with fellow SmackDown star Alexa Bliss this
year, Miss Five Feet of Fury
wasn’t mentioned at all during the match, though
that doesn’t mean she won’t
be incorporated in the Bailey-Cross storyline
down the road. For now, fans will have to wait
and see, as this win by Cross,
arguably the biggest of her career, could
be the start of a huge singles
push. Last night’s SmackDown kicked
off in a major way with some
Intercontinental title action as Shinsuke Nakamura
defended his gold against
Roman Reigns. This match all came about due
to Sami Zayn, who criticized
the folks at FOX for picking the Big Dog over
himself and Nakamura in the
draft, and this somehow ended up with Reigns getting
a shot at the gold. In the past, WWE has gone the
route of a challenger pinning the
champion in non-title action to get the title match, but this
week’s Championship bout
wouldn’t end in a pin at all. Still reeling from being
embarrassed by The Rock
earlier this month, the King would attack the Great One’s
cousin with his scepter,
causing a DQ win for Roman, which meant Nakamura
retained the title. As the beatdown in the ring
continued, it was Daniel Bryan
who made the save, jumping in ring to take down the King of the
Ring, and delivering a flying Kick
to the King of Strong Style. Unfortunately, the numbers game
would overpower Bryan, as after
being grabbed by Zayn Bryan was easy pickings for a
swift king by the Inter
continental Champion with Corbin, Nakamura and Zayn
escaping, as Reigns and Bryan
were left to recover. After this debacle, a tag match
pitting Corbin and Nakamura
against Bryan and Reigns was announced for later that
night, which the former WWE
Champions won. Speaking of the WWE Title, Cain
Velasquez will challenge for the
gold when he faces Brock Lesnar at Crown Jewel in
Riyadh, but the former UFC
fighter’s second match in WWE has been announced. At the WWE Live Mexico Supershow
at the Arena Ciudad de Mexico,
Velasquez will team with Rey Mysterio at the event
which will feature both RAW
and SmackDown Superstars. Details are scarce for the match
however, as we still don’t know
who Rey and Cain will face and the WWE Supershow means
we don’t have any idea which
brand Velasquez will be joining, though teaming with
RAW’s Mysterio implies he’ll be on
Monday Nights. As of writing, Velasquez is not
currently listed on either roster
on the WWE website though the plan backstage is
reportedly for the former UFC
Champion to stick to Mysterio ahead of his debut
match at the end of the month.

Back to SmackDown now and
after her shocking actions last
week, fans were ready to get an explanation from the
new SmackDown Women’s
Champion Bayley. In a segment on Miz TV, the
former hugger claimed that
whilst she was there for people when they needed it
most, no-one was there for her, and even called the Women’s
roster lazy, and passionless. Whilst Bayley tried her best as
a heel, an argument could be
made that it was the was the A-Lister who came
across the best in the interview,
as the Women’s Champion still quite isn’t there yet in her
promos as a bad guy. With that said, Bayley did use
the infamous Vince McMahon
line “life sucks, and then you die” and whilst
she’s not quite there yet, this week’s show was a big step
in the right direction. Fans can enjoy seeing the heel-
Bayley in the coming weeks, but
the same can’t be said for Eric Bischoff, who was fired
less than four months after being hired as Executive Director of
SmackDown. Now, details have come out
about Bischoff and none of
them are good as one anonymous WWE official
told the Wrestling Observer: “‘Eric had absolutely no vision,
and once we were headed into
FOX, everything was was falling through the cracks,’
said one WWE official. ‘He
messed up multiple times with FOX. Eric also had no
stamina for the rigors of the job.’” Many current Superstars who’d
work for Bischoff in TNA were
reportedly shocked about his hiring, and few expected
him to work long-term with
Vince McMahon. This was confirmed when Bischoff
himself admitted he had a lot to
learn about the current roster and industry trends
when he got the job back in July,
and Wrestling Observer Radio’s Bryan Alverez
claimed this week: “I heard that he just didn’t know
anybody. He didn’t know any of the
talent. He didn’t go out of his way to learn about anything. He would
leave and nobody could get ahold
of him. I heard zero, zero good things about Eric Bischoff when he
was doing whatever he was doing I don’t even know what he
was doing.” The fact that nobody could get
ahold of him was apparently down to the 64-year-old’s lack of
stamina for the job. As fans will know, Vince McMahon
is notorious for his round the
clock schedule, and whilst te Boss is willing to
start late in the evening and
work until 3am, Bischoff stuck to a more conventional work day,
finishing at 7pm and leaving all
his worries at the office. All of this led to a conversation
behind-the-scenes about how
the company would deal with Bischoff’s
inevitable termination after
his high-profile hiring, and we found out the answer
on Tuesday. Bischoff will now be replaced
as Bruce Prichard, who’s
been serving as Vince’s right-hand-man since
being hired at the start of the year. Prichard is expected to continue
running the Blue brand with former
RAW head writer Ed Kosky which was already the case even
when Bischoff was supposedly in
charge. Although Meltzer’s was very anti-
Eric, fans should be noted that
there’s a long-standing beef between the two, though
what the Observer reported
lines up with what’s been said by Sports
Illustrated and many other
outlets. Ultimately, it seemed Bischoff was
doomed to fail in WWE, and it’s
not hard to imagine the WCW magnate
was only hired because his
name would impress Shareholders, and after WWE
showed they had no interest in
developing his role, Bischoff made for an easy scapegoat for
SmackDown’s ratings drop. Wasting no time, Bischoff has
already been announced for
Starrcast 4 the weekend of November 9th, where the fired-
director will be able to give his
side of the story. It’s been a pretty rough time for
Bischoff recently, but one
person who has been riding high is RAW Women’s
Champion Becky Lynch. From underdog pun-ster to
WrestleMania main eventer,
the Man has had quite a journey over the past 12
months, which Lynch
commented on this week. In a tweet, Becky referenced the
infamous Cutting Edge segment
that happened on October 16th last year, and
whilst the goal was to get the
fans to boo her the fans refused to side against
the Irish Superstar. In a tweet, Becky celebrated
what WWE have called her
MANiversary, and though it’s interesting that WWE didn’t pick
August 19th, the date of last year’s
Summerslam it makes sense that the WWE wouldn’t want to bring
attention to a show where fans
hated the booking. A few weeks after the cutting
Edge segment, Becky would
once again call herself The Man as blood streamed down
her face on RAW, and in a follow
up tweet Lynch thanked the fans for
not letting her turn on them. Though The Man has had an
incredible year, fans shouldn’t
expect to see her at Crown Jewel, where her fiance
Seth Rollins will once again take
on The Fiend. To focus on his Universal title
match, Rollins was pulled from
Team Hogan earlier this week, but a Skype
appearance by the Hulkster
confirmed the remaining spots of his team, saying that Shorty
Gable and Roman Reigns
would round out the group with the Big Dog being chosen
as Team Captain. Gable and Reigns will team with
Ali, Ricochet and Rusev to take
on Flair’s team of Randy Orton, King Corbin, Shinsuke Nakamura
and Bobby Lashley, with one
member yet to be announced. After this news, the two legends
went back and forth on Twitter,
with the Hulkster saying he understood why Rollins
was pulled but promised
something big for Flair. In response, the Nature Boy
claimed that the former Captain
was running scared from Team Flair, and offered some
not-so-grat suggestions for
replacements including Gillberg, Johnny Rodz
and Bob Backlund. Obviously these stars of the past
won’t be a part of Crown Jewel,
though Hogan and Flair will, and after everything that’s been
said, could these two come to
blows in Riyadh? Only time will tell. Gable may have been picked for
Team Hogan on this week’s
SmackDown, but that wasn’t the only major change for the
former Tag Team Champion. After defeating Curtis Axel in a
very quick match on SmacK
Down, Gable cut an inspirational promo bout
being yourself, and owning who
you are. In the end, Gable admitted that
he is short, and Shorty Gable
is his name, but went one step further,
shortening that name to
Shorty G. The Shorty G name was
trademarked by WWE
several months ago, so it seems that the company
has been planning this for
some time. We’re looking ahead to next
week’s SmackDown now, as
the blue brand will be undergoing a major
shift in just a few days. With game three of the World
Series taking place next Friday,
SmackDown at the Sprint Center in Kansas City,
Missouri will air live on FS1
instead of its usual home on FOX. WWE made the announcement
of the one-time-only change
during SmackDown tonight as the Washington Nationals
will play either the Houston Astros or New York
Yankees in the World Series. NXT and AEW will face competition
from game two of the World Series
next Wednesday as well and if necessary, game seven
of the series would take place
the Wednesday, October 30th. Fortunately for RAW, they won’t
be undergoing any changes
as all World Series games will air on
FOX, and not the USA Network. And finally today we’re looking at
WWE Backstage, which is gearing
up for its big premiere next month. Backstage, which will give fans an
exclusive look at the WWE world,
will be hosted by Booker T and Renee Young, and will air weekly
on FS1 at 11pm Eastern time,
starting November 5th. Young and Booker will be joined
by a collection of guests, including
past and present Superstars and a special preview episode
of Backstage was shown last
week. This show is just the latest major
partnership between WWE and
FOX, as it seems the deal between the two entities
is showing no signs of slowing
down anytime soon.


  1. Expecting your employees to stay at creative meetings until 1:00 am is ridiculous. That's way too demanding, WWE or not. Somebody putting in the extra time voluntarily is one thing, but firing somebody because you expect them too?! Totally crazy expectations from an employer! I'd go so far to say Bischoff has a wrongful termination case on his hands, if he wanted.

  2. Yeah… Bayley's first feud as a heel should totally be against someone she already pinned numerous times before…
    I was expecting Carmella to win, not gonna lie.

  3. While watching the Smackdown main event from 10/11 , I asked myself, What the fuck happened to Charlotte's face ???

  4. I knew Eric bischof wasn’t good enough by his creative with tna 2010 – 2012 that run was horrible, HE GOT FIRED from tna for goodness sake he even admit it that he has ran out of ideas and has no interest in wrestling 😑 but people were overhyped of the news of him of being hired again thinking it’s 02-04 again remember he got fired from the company for a reason he didn’t leave 🤦🏾‍♂️ I swear most “wrestling” fans are the dumbest

  5. Damn I really woulda liked to see him come out at some point in time and his "Im Back" theme and get a huge pop 2 bad.

  6. This is a situation where I hope Brock Lesnar actually wins. Velasquez has not earned a damn thing yet in WWE so the last thing he should be getting is damn title shot.

  7. I smell one hell of a swerve. Bischoff is smarter than anyone gives him credit for. Vince did exactly what Eric wanted…gift wrapped him for AEW. I would not doubt for a second he might show up on their next ppv, I mean hell he is already booked on starcast.

  8. Shorty G doesn’t sound like a suitable name for Chad Gable……… they should’ve never changed his name to even begin with.

  9. I'm not sure when the contract between WWE & USA Network is over , but why do I get the feeling that RAW will be moving eventually to FOX or one of one of the FOX Affiliates IE FOX SPORTS 1.

    I'd still would like to see Mandy Rose, LIV Morgan, Dana Brooke, & Alexis Bliss form a faction and call themselves Goddess from Olympus's. There all short, there all Blonde, there all bodybuilders/fitness/gymnastics competitors.

  10. Nikki Cross DESERVES a huge push!!! They need to let her run roughshod thru most of the women's division and have a GREAT rivalry against Hayley and Banks!!! I'm a huge Cross fan, I believe she has so much potential if done the right way!!!

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