Brock Lesnar WALKING AWAY From WWE Without Notice! | WWE RAW

Brock Lesnar WALKING AWAY From WWE Without Notice! | WWE RAW

What’s going on guys, welcome back to Wrestling
World! Brock Lesnar has definitely been very active
over the past few weeks After losing the WWE universal Championship
to Seth Rollins at summerslam, Brock Lesnar had disappeared for a while He would later on show up on Smackdown and
challenge Kofi Kingston for the wwe championship Which he would later on win from Kofi in a
record setting fashion Brock would then go onto defeat Cain Velasquez
at crown jewel and is now feuding with Rey Mysterio heading into survivor series Brock Lesnar has been around a lot lately
and this has some fans wondering if this is going to to be the new norm And to pretty much sum it up, it doesn’t
look like Brock will be sticking around for much longer It’s now being reported that survivor series
2019 will be Brock Lesnar‘s last wwe date for quite some time He’ll likely wrap up his feud with Rey Mysterio
then go on his usual 2-3 month hiatus There’s still no word on when he would be
back, but the safe guess is royal rumble considering wwe has always had him present on that show
in years past There was also some news on why wwe has already
sent Lesnar back to raw as well Brock Lesnar was drafted to Smackdown to help
jump start Smackdown’s first month on fox Brock Lesnar is one of the biggest superstars
on the roster, so wwe moved him over to Smackdown for the month of October to help with the
hype But as we saw a few weeks ago, he already
quit Smackdown This reportedly was done because wwe wants
to let the audience know that Brock Lesnar is a special attraction and can pretty much
do whatever he wants and he’s the only superstar that gets away with it It was also pointed out that the move back
to raw could’ve been done to be more convenient for Paul heyman Paul heyman is the one main leads in charge
for raw, so instead of him being present for both raw and Smackdown, it’s less of a hassle
for him if he can just manage brock on raw since he will already be at the show So as a result of Brock Lesnar coming to raw,
the universal championship went over to Smackdown with bray Wyatt And if Brock was still on Smackdown that means
that Smackdown would’ve been without a champion for a few months while he takes his break Which fox definitely wouldn’t have been
too pleased with, so Bray Wyatt will now lead Smackdown as the main attraction and the champion So that’s where Brock and wwe stands at
the moment He’ll likely continue as the real one and
only “Wild Card” that can appear on both raw and Smackdown What are your thoughts on this situation? Sound off about it in the comments! Don’t forget to subscribe and leave a like
if you enjoyed! Thanks for watching guys!


  1. What are your thoughts on Survivor Series possibly being Brock Lesnar's last date for the year? Leave your comments, don't forget to subscribe, and leave a like if you enjoyed! Thanks for Watching guys!

  2. If survivor series is the last match for him, then, he will have to drop the WWE title to Rey because, he's a terrible champion.

  3. I don’t care about Lesnar. I hope he leaves and stays gone because I hate the fact that he’s champion and wrestles every other pay per view and is a terrible champion. Plus if he leaves take that stooge Heyman with you! I hope he stays gone!!!!

  4. Why keep giving him the belt to hold it hostage?!? I doubt your gonna give it to Rey and if u do it’s just til Seth wants it back smh

  5. If Brock never returns to the WWE trust the WWE Universe wouldn't miss him either when is Vince going to finally realize the the WWE is sick and tired of Brock and besides poor creative and sorry booking Brock is also part of the reason why fans are defecting from WWE programs with the exception of NXT

  6. Just annoying overall. Nothing ever REALLY changes. No matter what they do or say. I ABSOLUTELY HATE that they switched the titles. Especially because I KNEW they'd do it. Vince ALWAYS puts the " WWE Championship" on the show that makes less money. Logical speaking the WWE Championship has generations worth of history (which SHOULD generate prestige) while the "Universal" Championship is just a few years logically speaking the WWE Championship SHOULD be the TOP prize overall..but it's ALWAYS treated like 2nd place. RAW is always & has always been Vince's blatantly obvious favorite show so of course the Universal Title was on the "A Show" & the WWE title on the "B Show" & even when they had co-branded" PPV's the WWE title opens the show & the Universal Title closes the show (in the main event spot of the 2 matter WHO were in the matches) the exact same was true the first time WWE split the roster into the 2 separate brands with the "WWE Undisputed Championship" (which quickly fell back to the "WWE Championship" once the brands split) on SmackDown & the "World Heavyweight Championship" on RAW (& at the time the same went for the "WWE Tag Team Championship" on SD & the "World Tag Team Championship" on RAW) but at least with THOSE titles you could argue that the World Heavyweight Championship basically had the entire history of the WCW/NWA behind it while now absorbing the then current history of WWE into it's prestige as well. Or even simply that a "World" Championship is more meaningful than a singular company named Championship & they were placed on each brand according to ratings & game itself. RAW has larger ratings so it has more meaningful Championships or etc) but now that SmackDown is on FOX (& FOX is paying WWE far more $ for SD than USA is paying for RAW) they are forcing Vince/WWE to push SmackDown into that "A Show" OF COURSE their "Number 1" show just HAS to have their "Number 1" Championship on it. But, why is the "Universal Championship" so much more meaningful/prestigious than the WWE Championship!? Aside from an honestly silly sounding name (because obviously a universe is even larger than a world let alone a singular company) if FOX wants SmackDown to be presented as a "more realistic based sport" why in the F would they want a Championship with a silly sounding name as it's TOP prize!? There is NO logical "reason" that at this point or any point in the future the WWE Championship should be presented as & presented as anything less than the TOP Championship in all of WWE. (It should also be the most protected Championship in WWE) Honestly at this point I truly believe that the ONLY reason Vince McMahon obnoxiously insists on consistently treating it as a second thought to any other version of a "top" Championship in his company is because HE didn't create it. His father created it overall & to Vince his father is second to himself. (I'd honestly LOVE to hear anyone elses thoughts on this & if anyone else ever noticed this? Or predicted the main titles switching shows when they heard SmackDown was moving to FOX & they would be paying more for SD than USA pays for RAW?)

  7. Wwe might love Brock, but a vast number of fans hate his guts. Me? I think he is a lazy champion. Only appearing at big events from what I have seen. He isn't a fighting champion like so many others. And to me he is a belt hog. shrug. I see a Brock match, I change the channel.

  8. A huge draw? Of course but is pointless to have him kidnapping a Championship for months without performing it would be better if he retires for good.

  9. Bunch of BS that he gets to pick when and where he wrestles. Needs to be just like all of the other superstars and actually wrestle year round!!!

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