Brock Lesnar Vs Tyson Fury For WrestleMania 36 Main Event? Ryback On CM Punk! Wrestling News!

Brock Lesnar Vs Tyson Fury For WrestleMania 36 Main Event? Ryback On CM Punk! Wrestling News!

Here is your news for
December 3 2019 We’re starting off today’s video
by having a look at Monday
Night RAW as Seth Rollins’ apology didn’t
go quite according to plan. After blaming everyone but himself
or RAW’s dismal performance at
Survivor Series, Rollins was in a much more apologetic mood this
week, and asked for forgiveness
by the entire roster. This didn’t sit right with Kevin Owens,
who smelled a rat, and after seeing
the AOP emerge behind him, suspected that this had been an
ambush all along. To their credit, the former RAW Tag
Team Champions tried to hide their
alliance well, even challenging Rollins and Owens to a tag team
match, but Owens walked away,
instead heading backstage to find his own opponent. Fans may have gotten an apology
from Rollins, but we’re not quite sure
the Architect means it, as Seth’s heel turn continues to be one of
the more interesting parts of RAW. Backstage, Owens was still on the
hunt for a new opponent, and it was
Bobby Lashley who answered the challenge of the former Universal
Champion. This singles match didn’t last long
though, as the AOP quickly struck
to attack Owens, leading Rusev to try and make the save, in violation
of his wife’s restraining order. After months of marital issues though,
Rusev finally got a break, as the
officer in question knew about the Bulgarian’s woes, and
refused to arrest him. Clearly frustrated, Lana and Lashley
took their annoyance out on the
officer, but after the Destroyer shoulder-checked him while exiting,
and Lana unwisely slapped him in
the face, that was enough to get the pair arrested, much to the
delight of Rusev who watched
on with glee. Up next, fans saw Drew McIntyre
continue his path of rage on RAW
with a dominant victory over Akira Tozawa, and even challenged
Randy Orton after the match. Irate about Orton’s thumb to the
eye costing him a US Title match
last week, the Scottish Psychopath was ready to get his revenge,
but Orton had barely made
his way to the ring when he was
attacked by the OC. After all, it was Orton who cost
Styles the US title last week, as
the Viper’s list of enemies continues to grow, but so does
his list of allies. As the beatdown continued, it
was ultimately Humberto Carillo,
Ricochet and new United States Champion Rey Mysterio who
made the save, delivering a
defensive measure that drove the OC from the
ring. Next it was time for Aleister Black to
make another impression, as the
Dutchman picked up the win over a very game Tony Nese. Picking up the win over the former
Cruiserweight Champion, Black
was watched intensely by Buddy Murphy, still sore after the pair’s
last encounter, but offered Black the
advice that he should calm down. That may be easier said than done
for the former NXT Champion, as
Black is itching to fight the Australian Superstar, who has
so far chosen to keep his
distance from the tattooed striker. Whilst the next match saw Andrade
pick up the victory over the home
town star Eric Young and demand more competition from the RAW
roster, it is what happened outside
of the ring that got fans talking. During the match, 2019 NASCAR
Champion Kyle Busch added
another accolade to his resume, pinned 24/7 Champion R-Truth
to win the gold, with Busch’s
seatmate Michael Waltrip serving as the
referee. True to form though, Busch’s win
was short-lived, as when he went
to get his first WWE photoshoot as champion of the company, Truth
rolled him up to regain the title,
ending Busch’s reign in its tracks. Erick Rowan continued his path of
destruction of the three-hour show
next, as after weeks of demolishing local stars, the former
Tag Team Champion racked up
another win this time over No Way Jose. A meeting of two opposite
personalities, Jose proved to be
little competition for Rowan and after the dancer tried to see
what Rowan has been bringing
to the ring each week, this sent the colossal monster
into a frenzy. Demolishing Jose with an Iron
Claw and the pin, Rowan continued
to prove himself as a singles star, the contents of his pen remaining
as mysterious as ever. It was Handicap match action up
next, and after capturing 10
Women’s Championships through out her career, it’s not crazy to
think that Charlotte Flair believed
she could defy the odds. Unfortunately for the Queen, she
was up against the Kabuki Warriors,
and Flair made a beeline for Asuka, who sprayed her twice
in two nights last week. Locking the Empress in the Figure
Eight though, Flair was left prone
for an attack by Kairi Sane, who dropped her In-Sane Elbow on
the Queen to get the win for
her team. More squash action next, as the
RAW Tag Team Champions the
Viking Raiders made quick work of a local tag team, as Mark
Sterling and Mitchell Lyons fell
easily to the Nordic Superstars. Screaming “are you watching” into
the camera, it’s unclear who the
Raiders are hoping is tuning in, but for the sake of who they’re
addressing, we hope the
answer is yes. It was main event time next, as The
OC took on Rey Mysterio, Ricochet
and Humberto Carillo though it was clearly Randy Orton
who was in the head of the
Phenomenal stable. After an epic six-man tag that saw
great displays from both sides, it
was Ricochet who slipped up, being caught in an Avalanche Styles Clash,
sealing the match for AJ and the
Best Tag Team in the World. It didn’t take long for the now-former
US Champion to gloat, but as AJ
was making his victory lap, the Viper slithered his way into the
ring to drop him with an RKO. If Styles wanted to send a message
to Orton with his dominance in the
match, then AJ clearly accomplished that, but it was the
Legend Killer who had the last laugh
to close out RAW, as its obvious that the issues between the two
former WWE Champions are only
going to get uglier from here. Whilst this week’s edition of Monday
Night RAW was a huge show, we’re
looking ahead to WrestleMania 36 now, as the first
few rumored matches for next year’s
show have started to come out. According to Alex McCarthy of
TalkSport.Com, the company is
looking at two options for Brock including a rubber match with Cain
Velasquez, as well as a possible
match against Tyson Fury. Recently, Fury said he would defeat
Brock Lesnar in 30 seconds, in both
a WWE match or a shoot fight, and as the report revealed, the
Gypsy King’s actions out of WWE
may have an impact. It reads: “If Tyson Fury beats Deontay Wilder
to become the WBC heavyweight
champion of the world, the allure of having a boxing world champion
face Lesnar is expected to be too
much for Vince McMahon.” Time will tell which match WWE
decides for the Beast, but as always,
it seems Lesnar will have an incredibly high-profile contest
at the show. At SmackDown’s Premiere on FOX,
Lesnar regained the WWE
Championship in convincing fashion and though he hasn’t been around
lately, Lesnar’s part-time schedule
isn’t anything new. That same report by TalkSport also
revealed the Beast schedule for the coming months, as McCarthy
wrote: “Lesnar is expected back on WWE
television in January to set up a
match for the Royal Rumble PPV.” It’ll be interesting to see what the
company does with the WWE
Championship on the road to WrestleMania, as both Velasquez
or Fury would love to hold the gold. Whatever happens, it looks like
Lesnar won’t be defending his
title again until January next year, much to
the annoyance of several fans. NXT news now, as Tomasso
Ciampa’s quest to regain the
NXT Title has continued and the former Champion isn’t
going anywhere. Earlier this year, Ciampa, alongside
Johnny Gargano, Ricochet and
Aleister Black were all called up to the main roster, and whilst Black and
Ricochet remained, the others
got sent back down to NXT. This was fine with Ciampa, who has
been vocal against being drafted to
RAW or SmackDown, and this week revealed more on the
Chasing Glory podcast, adding: “Now, it’s become a thing where I’ve
legitimately vocalized to them like,
‘If I have to go to Raw or
SmackDown, then I’m gonna retire
and I would love to produce or
coach or be a part of it. There’s no way I taking on that load and going,
‘Yeah, you know what? I’ll just have
a six-month run and then call it quits.’ I just won’t do it, It’s just
not worth it to me.” After coming back from neck surgery,
there’s only so many bumps that
Ciampa can take, and it seems the Blackheart knows his body
won’t be able to handle life as
a RAW or SmacKDown star. Though NXT is supposed to be the
developmental brand for the red
and blue brand, many fans consider it better than either show, and with
NXT now growing as its own
separate entity, Ciampa might remain an NXT fixture for the rest of
his career. From one former NXT Champion to
another now, as Andrade and his
girlfriend Charlotte Flair may be doing some business of their own
soon, outside of the company. According to the PW Insider, both
stars have filed trademarks for their
own names, with Andrade now owning the rights to use El Idolo and
La Sombra, the name he used on
the indies before coming to WWE. Charlotte has applied for trademarks
for The Queen of Wrestling and her
real name Ashley Flair, with these trademarks being registered
for merchandise reasons. The fact that the pair have left many
fans speculating on what the future
holds for the duo, as many are seeing this as a sign that both
Andrade and the Queen want
to leave the company. Whatever happens, both Andrade
and Charlotte are two of the most
athletically gifted stars on WWE TV, and would no doubt be
successful wherever they went. One man who knows all about being
a success in multiple companies is
Bill Goldberg, and the former WCW World Heavyweight and
Universal Champion is ready to
make a return to the WWE, though not in the
ring. Following a great interview with the
Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve
Austin will continue his new Network show ‘Broken Skull Sessions with
Goldberg, and the Rattlesnake took
to Twitter to share the big news. As two of the biggest stars of the
Attitude Era, albeit in different
companies, there’s plenty for the pair to discuss, including Austin stunning
Goldberg out of the WWE at Wrestle
Mania 20 in 2004. Much like how the first episode was
released immediately after Survivor
Series, this episode will air on December 15th, immediately after
TLC on the WWE Network. One star who is expected to join
Austin on the Broken Skull Sessions
one day is CM Punk, as fans are still clamoring to hear what the Best
in the World has to say. One person who is also interested
in Punk’s tenure on WWE Backstage
is Ryback, who commented about his old adversary on his own
Podcast, and is of the opinion that
Punk is leveraging WWE to get a main event match at WrestleMania,
where he actually goes on last.
The Big Guy said: “CM Punk, this weird dynamic, who
at one time didn’t want anything to
do with pro wrestling is all of a sudden going in and talking about
WWE. And like I said, I think it is a
weird chess game going on where he is going to go there and shoot
on stuff in a more negative way
and call bullsh*t when he sees it on things that he doesn’t like, and he
is allowed to give his opinion on
different things. And FOX is going to allow it, where it is going to create
a situation where he is going to
probably be able to go back and get the WrestleMania main event match
that he always wanted. That is what
I feel like is going on, and that is why I feel like he didn’t go
to AEW,” It’s no secret that Punk has had his
share of issues with the company,
and part of that is because of how he was booked, as during his epic
434 day reign as WWE Champion,
there were only a small handful of Pay Per Views Punk actually main
evented, often being overlooked
for stars like John Cena, or part-timers like The Rock. At this point, it’s clear that Punk isn’t
going to AEW, and though we don’t
know when he’ll next show up in WWE, the Second City Savior
seems to be happy sitting at
home with his wife AJ Lee and their
dog Larry. One Superstar who fans want to see
Punk face is The Fiend Bray Wyatt,
as the new demonic character is riding high on SmackDown as
the Universal Champion. On SmackDown last week, the Fiend
revealed his new design for the title,
which fans can get for the price of a down payment on a
reasonably mortgaged medium
sized home. Though many fans will never purchase
the Wyatt title, one fan did have fun by
making a parody photo with the gold, photoshopping the
Fiend into the infamous image of
Shawn Michaels posing for Playgirl. The iconic nude photo sees
Michaels cover his lil’ Showstoppers
with the WWF title he held at the time, and the image itself has been parodied
by the likes of Roderick Strong and
Tommy Dreamer, the latter of whom described Wyatt on
Twitter as One Sexy Beast. We’re not sure who made this
photoshopped masterpiece, but it
seems Wyatt is fine with it, as he replied to Dreamer with a kissing
emoji, for a tweet that probably gave the Universal Champion
some laughs. From one monster to another now,
as we’re ending today’s video with
Kane, who remains busier than ever despite not wrestling anymore. As Mayor of Knox County, Tennesee,
Kane has had a lot of new
responsibility, but did find the time to speak to Busted Open Radio
about his career. During the interview, the Big Red
Politician was asked about how
Vince McMahon responded to the news of his campaign, and
Kane said: “He was one of the first people I
talked to about it, because I had to
have his support because of course, I was still with WWE. But he was
very supportive. And here’s the
thing. Vince wants people to be successful, whether it’s in WWE or
outside WWE. Because it helps his
company. And also, you know, we’ve had a long relationship so in
my case of course, I think he wanted
me to be happy in doing what I was doing. So yeah, he got a big
grin when I talked to him about it.
And he is as supportive as anyone can possibly be.” Of course, everything worked out for
Kane and his political aspirations,
and though the former World Heavyweight Champion has ruled
out running for President, he seems
more than happy helping out the residents of Knox County as their
mayor. But what do you think of Kane’s shift
from wrestling to politics? Do you
feel like the Big Red Machine will return to the ring? Let us know in
the comments below and as always,
thanks for watching.


  1. Most wrestlers are going the ''Ryback route'' and trademarking their names. Luke Harper just trademarked his indie name as well. maybe most wrestlers will dip once their contracts are up.

  2. I always thought the AOP were Albanian or something. Now that I know they’re Indians I don’t take them serious anymore lol

  3. Did you not actually watch raw? Kevin didn’t go backstage to find lashley, Lana came out Owens abused her then lashley came out what the fuck

  4. Did you not actually watch raw? Kevin didn’t go backstage to find lashley, Lana came out Owens abused her then lashley came out what the fuck, rusev didn’t make the save either he came out after AOP dragged Owens backstage, there was more then one rose buds who looked at the cage too it was 3,

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