Brock Lesnar Return News! Shocking Returns On WWE Smackdown! Big News On Nikki Bella! Wrestling News

Brock Lesnar Return News! Shocking Returns On WWE Smackdown! Big News On Nikki Bella! Wrestling News

Here is your news for
January 4 2020 We’re starting off with some news
from Monday Night RAW, s WWE
Champion Brock Lesnar will be appearing on
next week’s show. Despite being the top star of the
red brand, Lesnar continues to
be absent for months at a time, though that reportedly
won’t be the case for January. According to Brad Shepard, the
Beast Incarnate is expected to
appear every week at RAW this month as well as the
Royal Rumble but is not listed for
anything after the Pay Per View. It’ll be interesting to see who WWE
chooses to be Lesnar’s opponent
at the Rumble, and fans should keep in mind that
whoever wins the men’s Rumble
match may end up facing the Beast on April 5th, at
WrestleMania 36. Carrying on with the RAW theme,
and last week’s final Raw of the
decade ended with the wedding of Lana and Bobby
Lashley, and though the segment
went over their allotted time, fans shouldn’t
expect this to continue in the
future. Though RAW used to receive a
weekly overrun, that isn’t the
case anymore, as RAW will be cut off at the 11 PM
EST mark. On the latest edition of Wrestling
Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer
said that this week’s overrun was due to the show
being a special occasion, and
special treatment was given in particular to the
wedding segment. Keeping RAW on the air for an
additional ten minutes also
helped retain viewers in the 11 pm hour slot for the USA
Network, as viewership was
said to be way up for the final hour of RAW, which also helped
the next show that followed on
the Network. Whilst there will be no more
overruns on Monday Night
RAW, fans should expect this storyline to continue, especially
as Vince McMahon is happy
with how everything played out, despite critics not
sharing his opinion. Although many fans have
criticized the chairman for the
angle, fans should note that the vast majority of what this
angle has been about has come
from Paul Heyman, the Executive Director of the red
brand. When Liv Morgan was pulled
from WWE TV in July, there
were reportedly other plans for her, but they of course
changed so that she could be
inserted into this angle. Though many fans are
disappointed that she isn’t Bray
Wyatt’s Sister Abigail, which fans believed would happen,
this angle has made the 25
year old into one of the most talked Superstars around,
as Vince McMahon feels she is
very marketable. Over to New Japan Pro Wrestling
now, and 2019 wasn’t exactly a
great year for the promotion. Thanks to upstart company AEW,
New Japan lost many of its top
stars, including Kenny Omega, in 2019, and the two
companies have remained
distant from each other, leaving fans to wish they could
come to some sort of working
agreement. During the latest Wrestling
Observer Radio, Bryan Alverez
revealed that this wish may have come true, as though neither
company hasn’t announced
anything substantial, they are closer than ever to
being friendly. He said: “The two sides are, how can I say
this? So, AEW allowed New
Japan to promote this Tanahashi/Jericho match using
the AEW Championship belt.
So, Tanahashi did an interview with Tokyo Sport and
said if I beat Chris Jericho, I
want a shot at the AEW Title. Chris Jericho then did a
response saying if you win I will
give you a shot at the AEW Title.” “Things have changed to the
point where Tony Khan and AEW
are allowing New Japan to use the AEW Belt on the show.
With all that said I know everyone
got very, very excited, but I fully expect Chris
Jericho to beat Hiroshi Tanahashi.
I fully expect that nothing substantial is going to be
changing in the next couple of
days, for the next couple of weeks, maybe ever.” New Japan using the AEW title
for their storyline could be a big
deal, but it could also lead to nothing, and time will tell
just how 2020 goes for both
promotions. Whilst the door isn’t fully open
between the two companies,
it has been opened a crack, though it might not be a
great idea to bet any money
on the two companies announcing a partnership
anytime soon. Back to WWE now, and ‘Stone
Cold’ Steve Austin remains to
be a big part of the company thanks to his Broken
Skull Sessions, which has just
announced it’s latest guest. After appearances by The
Undertaker and Goldberg, the
WWE Network Twitter account revealed yesterday that
Kane will be the guest on the
third episode of the interview series. With decades in the wrestling
industry and a career unlike
anyone else, Kane will no doubt have plenty to say about
WWE, his character and his
eventual election to the role of Mayor of Knox County,
Tennessee. This latest episode of the Broken
Skull Sessions will air on the
Network on January 12th, immediately after NXT UK
TakeOver Blackpool 2 in the
Empress Ballroom. From one giant of WWE to
another now, as the Big Show
may be a guarenteed future WWE Hall of Famer, but 2019
wasn’t a big year in the company
for the former World Champion. In fact, 2019 was the first year
since 2007 that the seven foot
Superstar didn’t have a single match in WWE, but he did
keep busy outside of the ring,
as he filmed a Netflix comedy series and has another
reality TV show in the pipeline. Despite remaining a part of the
WWE roster, Big Show’s
absence from programming in 2019 broke a massive streak for
him, and the last time fans saw
the Giant of Pay Per View is all the way back at
Summerslam 2017, when
he faced Big Cass. The last time Big Show had a
match on RAW, was on the
September 4th edition of the red brand, when he took on
Braun Strowman inside a
steel cage. Fans will remember the match
as the Monster Among Men
sent Show through the cage wall, which wrote the giant
off of TV, before he needed
hip surgery. Upon his return, Show was
drafted to SmackDown and
assisted The Bar for a few weeks, and his last match on the
blue brand came on the
November 20th, 2018 episode, in a match with
Sheamus and Cesaro. Though it’s been over a year
since his last televised match,
The Big Show hasn’t announced his retirement just
yet, meaning fans could see
him return to the ring in 2020. With that said, it’s more likely
that the former World Champion
is finished between the ropes, though there will be
a lot of other places and shows
to see the Big Show, as a guy that size is never too
hard to find. Speaking of retired Superstars,
Nikki Bella shared some big
news this week, as the former Divas Champion
announced on Instagram
that she is engaged. In the post on social media, Nikki
revealed that she said yes back
to November, and that her fiancée is Artem
Chigvinsev, a professional
dancer best known for his time on FOX’s ‘So You Think You Can
Dance’ and ABC’s ‘Dancing
With The Stars’. Fans will remember Nikki and
John Cena getting engaged
after defeating The Miz and Maryse at WrestleMania 33,
though the couple did ultimately
break off their engagement. Nikki is retired from WWE after
she revealed that she could
not get cleared due to her neck issues and a benign cyst
on her brain, but has hinted
at a quote “miracle” comeback, on her podcast,
much like her brother in law
Daniel Bryan. Even if Nikki doesn’t ever return
to the ring, she now has
something huge to look forward to, and we hear at Slat
Rock would like to send our
congratulations to Nikki and Artem on their engagement. And finally today we’re looking
at the first edition of Friday
Night SmackDown of 2020, as the show had plenty of
surprises and returns. When Shorty G defeated Dash
Wilder in singles action, it
looked like the former Olympian was going to start the
new year right, until he was
double-teamed by Wilder and Scott Dawson, who dropped
him with a Shatter Machine. Before they could continue their
attack though, Sheamus made
his long awaited return to SmackDown, and though
fans expected the former World
Champion to help Gable, he instead dropped him
as well, with a Brogue Kick,
before sending an icy glare at the WWE Universe. The return of Sheamus wasn’t
the only big comeback however,
as after a frustrated The Miz defeated Kofi Kingston
on the show, and delivered a
post-match beatdown, Cathy Kelley tried to get a word
at the A-Lister’s locker-room. Instead, she found John Morrison,
who spoke on behalf of his friend
and former Tag Team partner, saying that The
Miz had nothing else to say,
before closing the door. This marks Morrison’s first
appearance on WWE TV in over
eight years, and it’ll be very interesting to see where the
former Intercontinental and
Impact World Champion goes from here. There was plenty more action
on the show, as in women’s
division action, the tag team of Lacey Evans and Dana
Brooke defeated Sasha Banks
and Bayley, as well as Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross. Although Evans and Brooke
aren’t an established tag team
like the other two, it’s hard to argue with their success, as
the duo could soon find
themselves challenging for the WWE Women’s Tag Team titles
if they keep cracking up wins
like this. After a heartbroken Otis defeated
Drew Gulak and Braun Strowman
defeated Cesaro before being attacked by
Intercontinental Champion
Shinsuke Nakamura, it was time for the main event of SmackDown,
which saw even more returns
change the layout of the SmackDown roster. When King Corbin and Dolph
Ziggler battled Roman Reigns
and Daniel Bryan, it wasn’t long until The Fiend appeared,
taking Bryan out of the match
with two mandible claws. Though Reigns was left to fend
for himself against Corbin and
Ziggler, he would receive backup from his family,
as The Usos made their return
to the show, delivering a couple of superkicks to the
heels, before helping their
cousin to his feet. With 2019 being a bad year for
both Jimmy and Jey thanks to
some brushes with the law, its good to see the former
Tag Team Champions back
on SmackDown, as they hope to make 2020 a much
better year. With three huge returns and
an appearance by the
Universal Champion The Fiend, SmackDown certainly kicked
things off right in 2020, and
with the Royal Rumble less than 4 weeks away, it’s clear
that everyone on the blue
brand is getting ready for the road to WrestleMania 36.


  1. I was really hoping liv could be sister Abigail and win the Smackdown live women's champion then liv and bray would be champions together and possibly take over Smackdown Live😂

  2. the WWE universe wishes he would just go away forever. he contributes nothing to the company and has made the Universal Belt a joke

  3. Another Suprise I saw on Smackdown on the Recent Friday night Smackdown, Otis did the Vader Bomb Finishing Move to win the match over Drew Gulak, made Famous by the Late Great Wrestling Legend Big Van Vader

  4. I would like to see N.J.P.W and A.E.W working together and seeing N.J.P.W getting along with A.E.W and working Together

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