Brendan Schaub rips ESPN and exposes the UFC "It's all about Dana White now"

Brendan Schaub rips ESPN and exposes the UFC "It's all about Dana White now"

I fight for a pretty good man pretty good at to watch him in the back on my device that I paid for the pay-per-view you know what's interesting to me is tell me if you and Dan your balls deep in the fighting is mean chin you like fighting as well I don't like I just feel like it's not as I don't know I feel like since I went to ESPN there's just the buzz is gone the buzz is gone like you know I used to have two books certain stand-up shows around if there was a bit if it's a pay-per-view UFC we'd usually stay away from that cuz my crowd it conflicts with that now we just I book shows whenever it's not even uh we don't think about it this anymore and the shows no I'm not bragging they're sold out where before it used to be a problem to be conflict of interest so I feel like now that's behind to pay walls and I don't know the star doesn't really exist anymore it's only on digital which is a little a little aggressive due at this early and you look at the paper you numbers like I think the one for who was it was that was it style Ben or Kelvin their time about seventy thousand papers I wonder 100 for sure what what I heard from a legit source is around 65 to 70 thousand pay-per-view buys so now it's like I don't know like 70,000 pay roots so that that's your die heart phone that went through all these steps to get there and they have their issues then maybe the snakes 100,000 even at a hundred thousand you're going so far back you're taking so many steps backwards I'm thinking what their what the UFC's plan is is like we're gonna have to go backwards before we go forward so the forwards is the future but it's like for the fighters especially the ones who are currently in it now it's doing them such a disservice because everyone's getting paid except for the fighter now the fighter you know so first I'll bet her 70,000 people saw your fight paid for illegally streaming I'm sure there's a lot more bullet let's just say only 70,000 saw it fuck man that's not good it's it's gonna be hard to negotiate anything now because the UFC is not counting the illegal streams they're gone stars the say style Benesch starches Whitaker I think it was like hey I want more money I need more money that your season go dude you only bring in about seventy thousand people dude we can't give you more money we've been over that before it's just I don't know man it's just it's I think they're going back to me in such a niche like such a niche sport I don't when I'm on the streets I don't have people talking about Matt I don't have one person mention this fight to me not one over the weekend usually like when I mean do the mean greet people like do you have seen the results of rose you know on Josh or Anderson silver not one person said anything to me I don't know I just feel like it's get it's losing its it's losing its its luster a little bit that the and then also what you see now is how we hear brock lesnar turn down the deal right and you know Connors we haven't heard anything from him so now the UFC is content and just being in cruise control because they have this this reliable nut from ESPN so they're set there so they're they're not willing to bend over backwards to get a guy like Brock Lesnar now they don't need it so they don't have to give Conor McGregor half the company come back we don't we don't care man we're good but for the everyone wins but the fighters are so fucked gets such a limited worship now so your sponsors are less if any your notoriety your fame your social media fall on your YouTube channel to sell merch the chance of you becoming us the day and age of a superstar in the FC is gone gone it's so gone everyone's there's no more pink elephants there's no more gold elephants everyone's just gray now you're just gray it's how I feel about it let's how I feel about it now that's a bummer they're locked in for a while though so there'd be fine for what five seven years when you say they the UFC's gonna be fun and also notice the direction of the marketing now what on ESPN who do you see now Dana White it's very Vince McMahon this is this is the face that you recognize cuz you won't recognize the fighters but you're recognized I know Dana White so his ego and his popularity goes that's the face now that's not good that's not good so notice all the promos are Dana does anyone notice that now that's all it's all him that's insane man whoa I get if you're Dana like you like I'll do it or you were gonna do it but it's just like that shouldn't be the focal point of the cell can you imagine if Roger Goodell was like this weekend Tom Brady Peyton Manning going at it people like dude get the fuck off my screen where are the athletes what are you doing why do you sound on this it's very dunking ish so he wants to be like he's very very dunking very promote or very P Diddy Suge Knight ish dude get out of the shot hey matumbo out of the shot get shot what are you doing yeah I see it I'm like ah what are they doing dude but I don't know it's heartbreaking man yes I find it very heartbreaking people I see some people you show negative at the UFC I'm not negative it's just I guess I call it the way I see it the same way some people complain about the way of Game of Thrones and stuff like that the problem is that's a narrative and that's fake these people's lives are really being compromised here the fighters where you were headed in the right direction and now it's like everything everyone's worked for its back and so I'm sure it's in the current event so they can't entice in nor do they want to they're not gonna play ball with the big stars so chance of Connor come back not good eventually he well because I'm sure ESPN the bigwigs they ESPN are going dude you guys like give us something to get things going on because these numbers are terrible give us something to get you gotta draw one of these big boys out so the big boys would be Brock Lesnar Ronda Rousey Conor McGregor who else GSP right there you go and then Nate Diaz would be the fifth on that tier so I'd say GSP Connor and Brock are like a a-listers and then got Nate Diaz who's and he's a – lister but he's not in the same range as those guys unless he's fighting Conor if he's fighting Kannan you got superstar fight and you gonna pay him up they ass but he's fighting anybody else it's he's kind of that next tier down so I'm not gonna name Shay and that's where the demand for us being us so Brock said no I can't pay he's like dude you owe me this like we don't care dude we don't need you that bad Conor like no we don't need you that bad GSP remember wanted to fight khabib to be once fight him the UFC was like now we're good when I can pay that much the only guy that agreed was Nate Diaz so they got him out the end hey Mountain does that correlate to descriptions and paper you buy that they want I don't think so but that's what they're hoping for but somehow to give him enough money flat bottom line to get him out I'll definitely watch that fight Nate Diaz Anthony Pettis cool but on all the big big dogs all of them said no for a reason which is very strange at Brock Lesnar oh the right he does this dance GSP does this dance but I don't see the UFC succumbing being like I will pay that because they've decided being neat a niche market and being smaller is the way they want to go and they cover they're not they're good were the sports that and that they're not investing stars anymore there's just that the the day and age of a star is gone is absolutely gone all right but you know you see this fight these fights so little not glossed over you know mm-hmm you're 70,000 years old but whatever you know the MVP then I I would give to volcán offski what he did to Jose Aldo just kind of dominating he's such an animal that's a such a big win for him Anderson Silva Jarrett cannoneer listen everyone's like oh you know boo and Connor Nair listen the reason actions knee was fucked up because he didn't kicked it's not because he rolled it or he checked the kick like in the Weidman fight and his leg fell off it was like his knee was fucked up because of Jared's offense so don't boo the guy you morons don't boo the guy it's tough watching him to his face he was like Anderson no oh yeah I know it's this self canadair hold your head up brother even if you would have starched him with the right hand in 10 seconds they wouldn't Pooja who gives a fuck get your get a nice ie get a fat ass in your face and get back to the states you do they goddamn thing you won and the reason you want because you're kicking the shit I was likes Congrats also I am Silva stop fighting what are we doing why do you keep doing this why does am still we keep fighting why is BJ Penn fighting especially BJ Penn with all the domestic assault shit how does that not get brought up hmm that's very strange and you hate to see it man but I don't think he said he's gonna stop fighting did he he said he wants to go back to get the title yeah but still that's his mindset I love BJ Penn one of the goats one of the fucking goats and I don't get why they do it and so I don't what's what so let's say you beat Jared okay then what dude I don't I don't know where these guys go from here it's worth a look the to me you got to ask is it for the love of the sport is it because of the attention you don't like not having it engine I imagined stellata if Anderson Silva was a movie a big movie star would he be fighting Jarrod Conan if BJ Penn was a huge movie star and have that same accolades and attention that he gets from fighting would they be taking these fights I don't know now BJ Penn such a fighter like has such a fighter's heart probably and so I don't know


  1. I buy my ESPN+ PPVs from Thepiratebay.. they got the best prices

    I wont give Trump totie Dana a single penny

  2. This is olddd news. Mma OG’s Saw this a long long time ago. Since the beginning of the “Tuf” days it started going that direction. Agreed it’s worse than ever now.

  3. two pay walls, subscription and PPV and they expect to maintain the same viewership? especially with how easy it became to find illegal streams? really feels stupid to me. If it was just subscription based with all the live events available they would make so much more..

  4. I was at a bar watching 237… there were 2 other guys watching the card. Then, 3 hipster douchebags come in to play pool, and the barmaid turns off the commentary and puts on the jukebox.. savage diss.

  5. I still remember the first UFC PPV in 93. 7,800 in attendance. Felt like we were watching something illegal. Watched every damn PPV up until the last few years. Big Brown is right. It’s just not the same.

  6. Is it just me or does Brendan Shcaub act like its an effort just to give us mere mortals the joy of hearing his opinion?
    I think he genuinely has to stop himself from masturbating over his reflection in a mirror 24/7
    Thank you for blessing us with your thought's and knowledge oh great one 🤔👊🤣

  7. of course ufc has incentive to have stars in the sport…if they want to renegotiate with espn they need to be able to attract ppv buyers as well as eyeballs in general to all the free fights on espn. What is Brendan talking about? UFC is not just looking at the short term….a company like this is for sure looking long term…which means they want to get another contract with espn at the end of this one.

  8. Lol Shaub saying I dont get y they do it
    Well because they were good and cant accept not being good anymore they didnt have the advantage of ducking and having a shit career like u Shaub where it's easier to give up

  9. Glad im not a UFC fan living in USA. Me and my friends share an account on Viaplay here in Sweden where you can watch up to 4 people simultaneously, costs 8$ a month /pp. All UFC events included with no PPV's, all NFL/NHL/NBA games if your into that, and our national leagues of football(soccer) and icehockey etc. And on top of that a wide range of movies/tv series. I've never supported PPV, it's crazy to me.

    I feel for all of you american brothers and sisters out there, and i don't blame you for going illegal although i don't support it. UFC is CLEARLY not up to date with their payment methods

  10. It’s always been about Dana!! But hey….if fighters are gonna lose their hunger just as they get some money… should be happy that theirs some type of continuity.

  11. All the formats of entertainment have change or are in flux. TV shows get small percents of viewership of the old days, music artist and Authors don’t sell as many units as in the old days. There’s so much more to see than 10 or even 5 years ago. Damn near all sports are being sucked into the black hole of the Niche market.

  12. PPV is dead, it was dead 5-7 years ago but today it's moribund, dead on arrival. If ESPN and the UFC are smart which they are, it'll all be made available for free with access to interactive and more content behind a paywall of monthly/yearly subscription with an option to one off purchase month by month.

  13. U got to get people to watch it again. Don't have people pay ESPN. Just put it on regular TV. Every fight card isn't a pay per view.

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