you what’s going on everybody welcome welcome to some breaking news i guess i’m not really sure I’m covering it just in case as always I want to keep you guys up to date with the latest news the rumors in the WWE and tonight monday night raw and a finn balor good old finn balor he’s back at it again back at it again either trolling the internet were actually given us a hint that he could be on Monday Night Raw tonight now I personally don’t want that I tell you guys why not necessarily because I don’t want him back but because of other reasons other logical reasons but anyways under the news obviously exactly why you guys are here the rumors indicating that he could possibly be on Monday and I road tonight okay for one single tweet you want to order he said it smashing has sharp in art by at hate Mel B at with the world and neworleans this afternoon at New Orlean now you know where this is going New Orleans is hosting Monday Night Raw tonight we’re gonna begin to show microsoft the Undertaker appearing on the show as well so monday nitro tonight is fully stocked so could we possibly get pain batter appearing on monday nitro tonight now this is just a sweet and obviously other fans one crazy the internet just one crazy reports indicating the fair and balanced teasing a return to Monday Night Raw tonight remind you this sweet went out sunday night last night now I personally do not see Finn Balor making a return tonight I would love to see him at the Royal Rumble the reason why don’t you will be there tonight because he’s usually always teasing us what he’s going to be returning before he was an XC he was teasing us a week by week that he will be debuting next monday or something like that he was always trolling the internet he is well known for doing that and then the night that we actually found out that he’ll be debuting he was just announced in the draft but he was kind of not Sweeting too much about points of imbalance going to be returning I think we’ll be back for him to be a surprise center at the Royal Rumble the Royal Rumble doesn’t need any more promotion and if he returns without us knowing it will make the match actually much more unpredictable when it’s happening plus we need some surprise return value is definitely the guy to be it also i just think is there obviously to promote monday nitro later on in the night and of course to attend with the world which the w always send some of their superstar to now I could of course be wrong and I could be eating my words later on tonight but i still stand up the logical decision will be to debut him at the Royal Rumble if he is ready to return but he was guys let me know down in the comments below do you guys think that Finn Balor will make his return monday and i wrote tonight or at the Royal Rumble or even later than that one is your expected return date for friend Ballard it’s always for much more w.e news the rumors and breaking news such as this one make sure that you guys subscribe to my channel to not miss any of it and also for WK 17 content when the water 10 subscribers are much d i’ll dig


  1. I think he will not return tonight I think he is trying to get in our head i think he will return on January 29 at number 30

  2. When are the people of YouTube finally gonna realize that you should have much more subscribers than you have and just subscribe

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