BRAY WYATT’S BIG REVEAL! The Major FIEND SECRET That This Is All Leading To On Smackdown! – WWE News

BRAY WYATT’S BIG REVEAL! The Major FIEND SECRET That This Is All Leading To On Smackdown! – WWE News

What’s going on guys and welcome back to
wrestling world! One of the most entertaining things going
on with wwe at the moment is just everything concerning Bray Wyatt He has absolutely taken over 2019 and it’s
safe to assume he’ll take over 2020 as well The Firefly Funhouse mini series was an instant
hit with fans They were pulled in right away from this mysterious
weird persona of bray Wyatt and they’ve been hooked ever since Not only the fans, but executives at fox as
well Fox noticed all the buzz and popularity surrounding
bray Wyatt and that was why they begged wwe to place Wyatt on their show, which is of
course Smackdown The original plan was for Bray Wyatt to remain
on raw after the 2019 wwe draft, but fox continued to push for him until wwe finally gave in
and fox definitely has to be happy with that decision so far With his Firefly Funhouse segments and other
segments here and there such as invading The Miz’s home, it’s little things such as
those segments that really catches fans’ attention and pulls them in And just in terms of character depth, there’s
not much superstars that can really match Bray’s depth of his character He has the fiend, then he has his normal self
and the way he just balances the two personas and everything is what keeps him fresh He’s been back on for a while, but there’s
still an aura about him and it feels like we still just don’t know everything about
him and there’s not a lot of superstars that really have that same thing going for
them One potential superstar that could have that
aura is Liv Morgan, we’ll have to see how wwe handles her and if they’re able to do
something special with her as well The other fun part about Bray Wyatt and the
Firefly Funhouse is all of the speculation and fan theories With the Liv Morgan theories settling down,
there’s a new theory going around out there that could make sense This theory being that the fiend and bray
Wyatt will be played by two separate people Now in real life, Bray Wyatt obviously plays
both roles, but in the story, Bray Wyatt wants us to believe that the fiend and bray are
two separate people That’s why Bray will never refer to the
fiend as himself and will always call the fiend “him” Now even the wwe superstars and commentators
don’t even believe that Everyone knows that it’s bray Wyatt under
the mask But WWE TLC, really opened the door to another
theory It seems that Bray Wyatt is working for the
fiend in a sense, we saw after Bray defeated the Miz, The Fiend popped up on the tron and
it was like if Bray was taking orders from the fiend on what to do next, but his plans
were cut short due to Daniel Bryan’s return Now The Fiend and Bray Wyatt’s backstory
was actually revealed several years ago, but a lot of people never really noticed As part of a Halloween special in 2015, wwe
uploaded Wyatt’s ghost story bray talked about how his sister Abigail warned
him about “the man in the woods” Bray didn’t listen to his sister and continued
to go play in the woods, that’s when he saw this man with a pale white face, yellow
eyes, and long yellow hair Does that remind you of anyone? Bray was describing the fiend’s physical
appearance back in 2015 The story ends by the man in the woods extending
his hand to bray, showing him that he had his slingshot that bray had lost while playing Bray ran back to the house to tell Abigail
the story on how the man in the woods had his slingshot And she informed bray that it’s his slingshot
too, because the man in the woods is bray Wyatt So could we look at that story as the fiend’s
origin story? It’s definitely a possibility and it explains
how bray Wyatt met the fiend Bray never explained what happened after his
first encounter with the man, but let’s take a guess and come up with a continuation
for Bray’s story After Abigail told bray that the man in the
woods was himself, Bray was probably so intrigued that he kept going back to meet with this
Mysterious man until the man in the woods and bray Wyatt became one, therefore creating
“the fiend bray Wyatt” That could be used as a basic background story
for the fiend and it helps supports that idea of Bray Wyatt and The Fiend being two separate
people So how can you stun the fans? What if we see The Fiend and Bray Wyatt in
the ring at the same time That’ll really mess with not only the other
superstars but the fans as well This is something that wwe has done in the
past so it’s not going to be impossible but it will be pretty difficult Wwe has done this similar thing with The Undertaker
and Kane The Undertaker had an imposter show up that
looked exactly like him Same thing happened to Kane as well So now that brings us to bray and the fiend,
if wwe is going to pull something off like that it will be pretty hard To pull this off, this other fiend will have
to have a similar body type, yellow hair, and be covered from the neck down since they
obviously won’t have the same tattoos wwe can easily pull this off in a backstage
segment with some editing and C.G., but it won’t have that same impact of it being
done in front of a live crowd That brings us to this question, will this
theory turn out to be good idea? What are your thoughts on this and would you
like to see wwe have two separate wrestlers in the role? Thanks for watching guys!


  1. So today we have another Bray Wyatt theory that actually makes sense and is something that can actually be pulled off. What are your thoughts on WWE doing something like this that reveals that The Fiend is being played by someone else? Good move or bad move? Leave your comments, Don't forget to Subscribe, and leave a like if you enjoyed! Thanks for watching 😀

  2. WWE COULD have a wrestler with a similar body and hair play The FIEND while Bray Wyatt is present as himself. It's been done SO many times though that it CAN'T be taken seriously for LONG. Maybe it can be used for a BLOW OFF to the character when it's run its course down the road. It's doing well SO far BUT IF NEITHER character EVER loses, it'll get boring FAST.

  3. Now that Bray has been losing weight, he's down to close to the same size as his brother that has been missing from TV for a little while.

  4. Ummm, ever seen the movie split??? The fiend is just another personality that Brey has, he has multiple, the puppets are supposed to be characters a few of those. Remember sister Abigail??? I think the Hardy connection needs to be explored more.

  5. You forgot to add that Huskus Pig Boy is the first rapper to include that he eats strudel, noodles, ice cream and jam during his flow.

  6. I think that would work with certain scenes of drama. Not all the time and not during pay per views. Bray should do all the wrestling until they perfect the other wrestler to possibly do a tag team match.

  7. They have body art now where you can get make tattoos that last for a few weeks I don't see why the tattoos will get in the way. & plus they did it along time ago when undertaker vs undertaker happened

  8. I think this would be an AWESOME idea, especially with the rumors of The Fiend being played by…an NXT guy of whom I don't remember the name. It would be GREAT !

  9. They dont have to use cg to pull it off the fiend wears a jacket they thought about before hand . The only time he doesn't is when he wrestles. To pull it off just need someone the same build and they can fix tr he hair like Brays and it will work out just fine.

  10. Daniel Bryan new fiend that's why Bray wrestled Miz and not the fiend and now Bryan has come back but has a new look and ki da evil at the same time

  11. The Halloween story is NOT the backstory of the fiend. Stop reaching and claiming that as fact.
    Also even if it WAS, it disputes him being a different person because at the end it says Bray is the man in the woods. So….you’re all over the place.

  12. Everybody remember the Bella twins we all thought brie was by herself then ended up having a twin similar to Brey and the fiend

  13. He actually did he said on one of the fun house episode he had a fun time playing with Daniel Bryan at survivor series btw

  14. If they use someone else as the fiend I know it'll be ruined. Look at Undertaker Kane Sin Cara azul y negro. The Fiend can be pulled off only if he keeps the jacket on when attacking someone. But Bray against the fiend sounds dumb. And the story from Halloween is not the backstory. Just keep this gimmick the way it is kinda like when Finn uses the demon paint for certain occasions. Let Bray wrestle some matches then let the fiend do some to keep it interesting. Besides Bray always says let ME in not HIM

  15. It’d work better if they didn’t have Bray portray the Fiend, unless they explain how Bray was portraying the Fiend because he thought the Fiend was dead and they have a big guy like Braun portray the real Fiend. But NOT Braun or anybody we’ve already seen in the ring. A whole new wrestler, like how we never saw Braun before WWE.

  16. But the tattoos have to be the same because both Wrestlers have shown there arms and chest area and if there not the same then the fans will see that and call a fake in a heartbeat.

  17. They could paint tattoos on?

    How about a match between the Fiend in the woods where Bray and The Fiend met?

    That's how you introduce Sister Abigail

  18. Bo would be a perfect fit here being his actual brother . plus, he's been out of sight since The Fiend beat him and Axel awhile back. Give Bo a makeover and bring Liv in as Sister Abigail.

  19. The fiend character will be played by that nxt wrestler from forgotten sons Murphy Blake I think his name is if I'm not mistaken!! Westly Blake his name is !!!

  20. Hell yeah. That would be historic. It’s definitely not impossible and if anyone can do it, it’s Bray Wyatt. He has done such an amazing job at his character. Even giving small Easter eggs of hints from 6 years ago. I hope the WWE doesn’t screw this up. It’s definitely a breath of fresh air!!!

  21. I have gotten to the point this crap makes me sick the story lines are so far from reality anyone that believes it should be committed thank God for reruns

  22. The Fiend is like Brays split personality. Someone else should bring in someone pretending to be the Fiend to mess with Bray and drive him crazy.

  23. Speculation and fan theories. Would be cool to see the fiend versus eugene and he takes his mask off and its actually mae youngs son Hand

  24. I'm just going to put it out there, I don't want to see Roman main event another WrestleMania or win the WWE title until the summer, give it to somebody more deserving

  25. Haven’t watched this channel in a minute but when did they start using voices, the last time I watched, there were words telling us things.

  26. It will probably be his real life brother bo Dallas and has said he was taking and life changing journey and more in likely he can be so called imposter so it would make sense to dress him up as the fiend from neck down because of the chest tats…… So they technically could pull it off but knowing how Vince has made the last couple ppvs kinda sucked esp the hiac 19 match but made it up at crown jewel ppv…..

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