Braun Strowman’s elbow surgery and harrowing rehab: Remaking The Monster – Episode 1

Braun Strowman’s elbow surgery and harrowing rehab: Remaking The Monster – Episode 1

A couple times through the day I’ve been
sitting up against the wall like this and trying to lean into, too, cuz I feel like
it binds back up after a couple hours, after we do the therapy on it and
stuff, wow.>>Do you think that’s what’s really
limiting your motion at this point, is just your soft tissue?>>Yeah, cuz it just hurts. It’s just painful.>>Okay, relax. [MUSIC] I do know one thing. I am ready to get this thing fixed. This not being able to brush my teeth or
comb my hair and stuff like that, I just want it done, I need to get this
thing cleaned out and get it fixed and get back to doing what I do. There’s an added risk in my
size with the anesthesia, so they’re going to get in there and
get it out as quick as they can. [INAUDIBLE]
>>So other than that yeah, I just wanted to call and tell you, I love
you and let you know I’m in good hands and everything’s gonna go well. And as soon as I come to,
I’ll call you back.>>Okay good, good deal,
thanks for calling.>>All right.
>>Been worried about you, you know your mother [LAUGH].>>[LAUGH] Yeah, well I am a momma’s boy. [NOISE]>>The tape down. [MUSIC]>>So which one we doing? You sure?>>Yeah.>>So I’m thinking 45 minutes. We’re really working front and back. Three or four, probably,
let’s see one, two three, four, probably four little poke holes.>>Let’s get her done.>>Got it.
They’re cleaning up. They’ll get you in a sec. [MUSIC] He got a very significant loss of
motion because of all bones parts and loose pieces in his elbow. [MUSIC] But it got to a point where he really
only had about 45 degrees of motion. For reference sake, a normal range of
motion in elbow is about 120, 130 degrees, and he was down to about 45, so
he couldn’t straighten it out very well. He couldn’t bend it. He was having a hard time even
feeding himself with that hand, let alone competing to be WWE Champion. So we put the scope in there,
and we found bone spurs and loose bodies kind of all over. [SOUND] My gosh. It’s like scoping a grizzly
bear minus the hair. He’s massive. We had to get out arthroscopes,
the cameras we use. They’re made for different joints. The ones for the elbow are usually
maybe three inches long and the ones for
the hip are almost nine inches long. We had to get out the hip
scopes to scope his elbow. He is just an immense man and
his bone quality is obviously huge, too. We almost broke a shaver trying to shave
off one of these bone spurs in his elbow. You could see the shaver starting
to bend as we were doing it, so we had to get another one. It just presents, he’s so
muscular and so big, it just presents some logistical issues. I had to have two assistants. Normally it’s a one assistant operation. I had two. He’s obviously a beast of man and capable
of things that are almost superhuman. So I have no doubt that he’ll be able
to get back on this and get back to his WWE full-on schedule and getting back
to competing to be the champion.>>So we’re just seeing some
mild fractural decompression.>>Otherwise known as torture.>>So we are just trying to create
negative pressure space between the skin and the muscle and
the fascia that lies in between it to also help with uptake of fluid and
help with metabolism in the area. It should feel like it’s gonna loosen up. The bicep tendon is actually
pretty superficial. Aw, nuts. So cupping works pretty
well on the distal bicep. Okay, last one. It’s crunchy. Okay. Now you hate me but you’ll love me later.>>Yeah, you said that these things
have negative effects on the bicep, what you’re doing is having
negative effects on our friendship.>>[LAUGH]
Okay. 17. 17 and one-fifteenth.>>All right, so it’s right about there. So it’s [INAUDIBLE]. Yeah, it’s just, cuz it hurts.>>Well,
you’ve still got some fluid in there, too. It hasn’t even hardly been two weeks.>>Well, before surgery, I was 47 and 98.>>Yeah
>>That was my range of motion before.>>Huge difference. We can get you to 10.>>If I can get to 10 and
130, I’ll be ecstatic.>>I would say,
we’ll compare to your other side but->>No [LAUGH].>>We’ll come around to that.


  1. This is what happens when WWE IS NOT FAKE these people almost risk their lives just to entertain us guys, don’t say WWE is fake.

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