Braun Strowman PULLED From WWE Money In The Bank 2019?! | WWE Raw May 13, 2019 Review | WrestleTalk

Braun Strowman PULLED From WWE Money In The Bank 2019?! | WWE Raw May 13, 2019 Review | WrestleTalk

braun strowman has been pulled from money in the bank i am luke current this is elf a kadal Larry Blake and welcome to the post raw edition of wrestle ramble which of course is sponsored by our own magazine it's in print and it's wonderful and it features excellent writing you forgot what's in magazines there for a second some whatnot and of course we are joined by producer Randy Andy Danson who will be dealing with your comments queries and soups soups super chats which we'll discuss after our main discussion point Oliver Davis sadly isn't well today so please let's all wish him well he's at home he did come in to do the roar of you but I'd rather he hadn't Mir he will he looked melty oh he looked like death story was so sad it was a very pale color and he was sweating probably for just no exercise and it just looked sad just look so defeated a little bit like braun strowman on monday only davis might not be here but the segway style lives on and of course speaking of money in the bank well sort of talking to minutes not quite as good a segue we will be here again on sunday the live stream week is gonna be off the chain because we're gonna be doing smackdown tomorrow NXT on thursday and then money in the bloody bank on sunday nights we're gonna be doing a live stream reaction to its use gonna be you and i i believe to be a lot of fun i in a blade yes and laying out till early in the morning not coming in the following day i know we'll probably do some double w 2k 19 stuff over on screen stork amount bloody and we're gonna be playing two UK 19 after this live stream over on screen stalker Randy we'll put a link to that in the comment anyway right let's finally talk about Raw so we got a recap of strowman attacking Sami Zayn last week and he was doing an interview with Charlie Caruso backstage and saying I wish I'd hurt Sammy more what a babyface yet again it was brought like someone going to bra and like do you feel bad don't you almost killed a man it's like what is wrong with your HR cuz I hate this with brawny like keeps almost killing people and the most it gets is someone following around just going like does that make you it's just having the sociopath test everywhere that does that how does that make you feel yeah but apparently he feels fine about it said he's gonna go to money in the bank and win but a stagehand walks up and says that Omni Shane McMahon wants to have a with him and it turns out that so and it was weird as well because I I thought that Charlie had said that Sammy was really hurt last week he seemed fine he was he was cool he seemed absolutely fine and dandy he's backstage with Shane McMahon who says he's got a brilliant idea he's challenges braun strowman to a Falls Count Anywhere match later in the night where he will get Braun's money in the bank position if he wins yeah so he asks Shane initially just he just wants bronze spa he's like I deserve bronze spot as the only form of repercussion for him putting me in a bin and having me trash compacted yeah which I think's fair enough if you're not gonna call the police maybe Bron said he wished he was turned into a cube yeah actually yeah ie so I think Sammy was well with it which is I think what he does to his chicken before anyway yeah I I just think this was I hate it as stupid but I like the the stipulation for this matter is a good stipulation it's a good use of Sami Zayn yeah I completely agree and it was really nice because I actually it did it gave the main event some big stakes yes Braun could be taking out money in the bank they've been putting him over as a previous winner they don't mention that he cashed in and failed but you know that's that's yeah that's reserved for Baron Corbin and this money the bank line up so they really felt like the main event had a lot of weight a lot of stake into it which if you're a big braun strowman fan was compounded and made even bigger when Baron Corbin and drew mcintyre I kept constantly interfering yeah well cause initially it was that's what's quite good about this booking so that initially it seemed like such a dumb idea for Sami Zayn to be like I want to Falls Count Anywhere match with braun strowman and then you just forget that you know you kind of sweep on the rug the rug that there's ever the the no DQ so like yeah I could just turn up and help out like it's perfect it's good planning positions Sammy is quite a clever he'll yeah exactly yeah he was always going to the places where he knew Corbin and McIntyre were he was waiting he was waiting Blair said yes so they go into the concourse area which and I've been I've been to the o2 quite a lot so it was very nice and familiar in there as a bar just down and then they went through a merch table which I know for a fact isn't there that's not what that merchants downstairs but it was really cool it and Baron attacked him and threw a bin adam which I thought was cold it was a nice visual and Sam was trying to constantly get a pain on Braun throughout this it was just quarks like having the crowd around them while I was yeah it's really nice he kept trying to sneak the pin in didn't it yeah just kept getting twos and then eventually he managed to get to a different backstage area where drew attacked Braun and they hit him with more plunder and things like that and you particularly my favorite moment of the whole segment was he gets it he's like pin him Sammy and then he gets a – he's like you've gotta kill a broad Academy more drew shouting at people yeah the DDT brought onto a chair and all this sort of stuff but Braun just kept getting back up because he's franken Braun and you can't put him down yeah and it was absolutely fine it was really good got onto the stage more tossing Sammy around Baron Andrew show up again beat him down further they drew gives him a claymore they put him through a ladder and then eventually Sammy pins him so they drag this drag they have to drag Sammy on top oh yeah fresh down themselves he's small so yeah we'll never know that's the only thing I don't like about this is again it's just the sort of like the this people caught in the vortex of brawn just look like chumps and it has to be some other big dude that comes and saves them for their own game here and like you know this was this was at least cleverly positioned in the fact that it was Corbin and Mac and I have reasons to help Sammy because getting strowman out of the money in the bank match is taking away the winner of last year's so like it's taking away the monster that people can't so Sammy's much more easily beaten and when he wins here and he's all surprised and shocked and he goes backstage to celebrate Corbin is the one who slings him back out on the stage here like a lobster yeah dick just throw him back on the stage so broad can put him through a table turn the crowd home happy so a nice little cute moment I don't probably save that for like the dark matched segments yeah like do that after the cameras have gone so your actual lasting images Sammy celebrating and Braun seething yeah because they're now like add some intrigue in some money in the bank of people she knew that because Sammy's not winning money in the bank like bronze bronze gonna come out strong this winning money in the bank I think broad might just put the ladder down and go up and take it by night by guys like yeah who's got my spark run off stop bad shouts I'm sure nice to try and get it off him like yeah have a go but really at the end of the day this is this is good news for me this is this is good news because when they announced the raw lineup of money the bank entrance and it was barren and true and brawn and ricochet was the only one in there that was like oh cool I'm excited to see ricocheting this yeah but it was just these three shakes do something with the latter yeah there's just these three tall dude nine I love drew but I think drew has been flattened out so much since his since his split with Dolph Ziggler but even before then when he's just been constantly sidelined as a lackey for someone else and there's all Drew's done since coming up to the main roster isn't yeah being a Lackey whether it's Dolph whether it's Baron whether it's brawn he's just always someone else's second yeah so he doesn't excite me the way that he probably should do being in a Money in the Bank ladder match well you should be the mastermind he should be he should be the leader yeah he's obviously I think he's the most charismatic beyond Dolph Ziggler obviously but like out of all the all the teams he's been in he's the charismatic one yeah really and the actually sounds vicious and angry when he cuts promos sounds legit is good in the web-like is amazing in the ring in amazing shape the right size like he's just he should be the guy and I just don't know why they're just not doing anything with him to make him the guy no yes very very true but I think taking braun out of the money the Bank ladder match and putting Sami Zayn in has made me so much more excited for that match yeah well I mean yeah the the addition the problem with I think the addition of bra just means that everything becomes the Brawn show is in the book if he's in a rumble it's the broaden show for ten minutes if he's in the money in the bank match it's the Brawn show for ten minutes there's just always this bit where he just kills everyone and then eventually posts himself and yet always posts him oh yeah totally and it's so boring he is opened yeah and that's the thing is like they need to they like if you're gonna make someone that strong use him more sparingly yeah because otherwise it's boring like I don't I don't I don't like watching him put Sami Zayn in the bin I don't I don't think that's fun no and I'm not I really hope as well that so I'm kind of glad that they did the as much as I said I wish the angle had been posts show and then it's a dark match thing I'm kind of glad that it's sort of happened though because it does mean that Sami drew and Corbin are not a new midcard of evil when I was my worry at one point what kind of Sami takes them over and steals the briefcase like dense loosely yeah underdog again he'd actually be great with the briefcase as well he'd be really good yeah he'd be really really good with the briefcase I loved it I loved his new character I loved the fact that he can kind of hold the whole thing hostage by having the briefcase and just keep interrupting and there's so much I think he he's got lots of potential with the briefcase beyond just coming in cashing it in yeah at a random time exactly yeah my only concern really coming out of this though and you and I sort of briefly discussed this earlier in the office is that good lord I hope this is not leading to a broad stream and versus bloody Baron Corbin feud again which we just had like a couple of months ago I never want to see these two wrestle ever again I don't care I re I'd be quite happy with that because I your reason for this is good my reasoning is if you put Baron Corbin and braun strowman in a feud again they're not gumming up somebody else's time on raw or you just like they're not ruining somebody else's you're taking two negatives just put it yeah you just whack them together and you can just ignore that ten minutes yeah and you can just watch you don't have to see ricochet get put in a trash compactor you don't have to see Kevin Owens in a toilet like yeah we don't have to see whatever they're gonna do to make these two guys seem like monsters or yeah really not heels or whatever it is like just higher do their boring stuff together and I suppose at least Barron's not the GM now hmm because GM's are antiquated and so we don't have to see like a comparable family on the shake yeah where Baron was just all over the show and he was his feud with bought bran laughter was so boring it was a surgeon yeah well he buddy is it was so turgid it was it was liquid crap like it was an absolutely terrible television and it's one of the reasons why ratings like it's like on a massive decline cuz they just drove people away yeah I don't want to see any more of that although I do like your reasoning of hey at least they're not ruining other people's feuds yeah and but as long as it's not the headline feud of the whole thing like that I think the problem was like last year's Corbin Stroman feud was placeholder headline view because they had all these other problems going on so like at least if they do this this can just be a mid card act that goes on but it was the main event here so yeah yeah clearly they don't think that oh yeah they bloom in love brah they love it they LeBron and bronze grant here's grant but used in the right way and not every week which I don't think they have done now for a year plus mmm like I don't think broad has had a good program for some time now I'm trying to think when his last good feud would've been I don't I just don't like baby-faced Brom tears matter as a human I would say he was better as a heel but his like he'll run towards the end of last year when when they here and returned he'll he was with Braun and Dolph wasn't quite bad LeBron is also true and dolphin yeah a basic just need like we need three we need three guys three shield opponents yeah exactly so I'm gonna look at the positive side of this because actually quite likes this episode of Roy I'm just gonna say this goes as far as say I really enjoyed this week there was a really good show I wouldn't go to it no I'm spite the fact that as you said yesterday it was ten minutes from your house it was two minutes from my house and I've got the excuse of it's an hour and 10 minutes from my house but even then I thought I was busy I was hungover and I didn't want to go yeah I watched a lot of wrestling recently yeah I want to spend five hours watching really not in the mood in there I thought it was a very very good show so I'm gonna look at the positive side of this Sami Zayn's some money in the bank that get to thumbs up from me that is a bit reachable through the ladder yeah that is an safar big big big thumbs up for me Braun is out of money in the bank that's another big old thumbs up for me and it creates a storyline going into money in the bank with Braun now annoyed that he's lost his spot well then technically you could go to SmackDown and like just incapacitate one of the other guys and take their spot welcome so I'm looking at the positive side of this he's done positivity Randy dad sir what did you think of it mate yeah it was much better than previous weeks I know I enjoyed the fact that Sammy was put into the match in general I thought it was a much better episode so yes no I just shame it was the one we decided that we didn't go to yeah but did you really want to go do you have you been to a raw taping before yeah when last year here before yeah boring aren't you oh yeah yeah yeah really boy house shows no problem I'd go to a WB house show tomorrow yeah but as long as it was down the road but a live TV taping I find quite tiresome well there were there were two huge long talky segments in this show as well yeah we'll go into but like they were that was a good 40 minutes of watching people blather yeah I'm convincing yeah but Randy dancing can we have some soup soup soup a chance please you can with starting with Vernon Jefferies who says I don't know if you guys have already answered this question but who would you want Bray Wyatt to face with his creepy fire Firefly funhouse gimmick I'll answer that first I think it's a little Twitter thing suggesting there might be some mojo that's what I saw as well yeah he tweets some mojo saying like I think I need to show you a secret like show you how to keep a secret or something like that I think if we're gonna do this and we've done weeks and weeks of build-up where he's just had slowly peeling back the layers of what this character is gonna be this is the time to pull the trigger on Bray Wyatt properly put a bow on him immediately and doing that with Joe is not the worst thing in the world and like and that's yeah I think in the u.s. tight at the u.s. title was kind of prestigious enough you'd be like oh he's got a belt but it's also been passed around enough that Joe dropping it doesn't feel too terrible absolutely not it's not like Joe's really doing much with the belt at the moment he was currently feuding mostly with Dominic I feel like they're more liters water Dominic Joe feud as opposed to a Joe brave feud so yeah I Joe I think I think giving them the belt is really a good idea I think break could really do with that I also think as well based on the feedback the Firefly funhouse is getting he's gonna be over as a baby face like he's a totally heal character he is a demonic scary character yeah the crowd is going to absolutely love Shearer though it's going to be like the scene of Wyatt Feud from my 2015 where white was supposed to be there he'll there was like no he's really cool yeah and really like him and so W were like ah but I just keep beating him and beat him like a drum and now that will stop people caring so yeah so I could Joe be we hate momentum it's been not only once Randy more questions please Baron Corbin Russell says really want to know what you how you think Bray's Carol go do you think it would be nice prey on the titantron evil Bray in the ring was I doing the one I'm actually I'm so curious because I think might get like an in-ring debut next week yeah Barry's hoping he doesn't fall into select light they're just waiting for someone like Bala you know like I know mal is on the opposite brand but by the table card they're just gonna do that sort of thing again my diamond verse is you're spooky man and also the things the Firefly funhouse stuff has been played on Smackdown as well as wwm themselves said the superstar shake-up is still ongoing so he could end up on Smackdown yeah say yeah also wild card yeah could rustle again to say wish you well ollie and a good day to you too for my wrestling news thank you very much yeah we're hoping that Holly Davis can be fit and healthy again bird oh it was sad seeing this one it's very sad I didn't he was a very brave boy though and he came in today the reason I gave him a plus that are very broken didn't either plus he was so croaking horrible I didn't see him I didn't my train was very delayed crazy Lewis says law comes to Glasgow again in November I think it would be a great chance for a wrestle talk holiday and I get to meet you that's from crazy Lewis I'd you know what I've never been to Scotland have you know been to Scott goes banging yeah I've always wanted to go I just never have I mean my wife had been talking about like arranging a road trip for us to go to Scotland for like a week or so can't do this year out of holiday but I'm something I might try and do next year Edinburgh is awesome love it my wife's but it comes like she's done the Comedy Festival yeah that's I would I do really want to go I just yet funny I've just never been the furthest north I've gone is Newcastle Wow you can have some holiday I I booked him holiday for two weeks time and then the thing I was gonna do fell through so I've now untaken a holiday just you can have some of that I was gonna go to Madrid towards the football but my brother couldn't get the holidays okay nobody asked so I wish all he was here Dylan for he says am I the only one hating the women at the moment I think it means women's wrestling yeah they just be hating women in it by comma general I just hate women you've been reddit 4chan yeah I I'll be honest we I should really enjoyed the the women's four-way match this week oh there was a lot of fun I thought it was fun yeah I I felt like we're just in the the classic sort of post WrestleMania holding pattern is it is also that thing of life because Becky's become this sort of standout star and has two belts it is harder to do stuff with the women's division because nothing really feels like it's got a lot of stakes and especially when you then just go oh yeah Charlotte again yeah and Allah and like lacy who's like unproven and she's not a Hannah and yeah and just to go like well you've done a catwalk for five weeks so here's your tile shot like alright well like you'd be like guys I think they've done it's not the word in the world a few men because they've got like the two foods going on for the tiles which granted is involved one of them they've got the sort of money in the bank and that seems to getting is I'd like to say that's getting its own branching story loans but I don't think it ease no apart from Dana Brooke has got a character and Nikki cross and Alexa bliss and our friends yeah that seems to be so much about it there isn't there is a common theory that a conspiracy theory should add that the woman's segments on TV have become less important since Bruce Prichard returns so maybe maybe it's all maybe Prichard hates women maybe it's not this comment or at all women what's Dana Brooks the character she wants to get the recognition that she thinks she deserves that's a character right that's what promo said she's crossing Charlotte's protege before start recording says after last night I really want to see a Seth Rollins versus services ro Feud for the universal title it's a crime this is our hasn't had a main event match yet I mean it's yeah he's been there for like years and years and years ago I think a lot of you forget just how long cesaro's been now in WWE is make-believe ibly good yeah he's so fantastic fill for time I'll just quickly google how long it has been since I think she's been there for like I'm gonna say two thousand twelve or eleven yeah I think he's been at least six years yeah that's have a quick look WWE he was 2011 yeah he started in Florida temperature wrestling in 2011 and then worst Unites States Champion in 2012 yeah he's been there so so long and they have managed to do pretty much nothing with him well he was just a new holding pan wasn't he before the bar yeah now they're trying to work out what to do with him again and III think it's just that thing they just don't like to put belts on guys like Cesaro all guys that they don't think a cuz that was always what held it back previously was they did the eco-car promo yeah he wears that gum shield I don't know why he wears that during promos ha so Rick James I say missus might retire yes that was the news yesterday there yeah Sheamus might be winding down his career I think so yeah I mean they've redone cesaro's music so it's all the buzz music it sounded a little different to me but I don't that was just me not having heard it from Victor Vega and this was not just Victor saying this I will I lost my something last week after stick after Seth stole my woman I think he's talking about oh of course cause Becky Lynch is now off off de market yes her and Seth are an item mmm I mean lads I think you're probably deluding yourself anyway yeah oh now I can't say Becky because she's dating Seth Rollins damn it that's what's holding me back this entire time ticket ticket it was gonna happen surely but I commented on her photos I liked a couple – Matthews hmm says ricochet made the Baron Corbin match watch a ball keep up the great work I don't have that means to ricochet or you it could be both I mean let's keep up the good work ricochet I think you did Fanta he did oh it was in overdrive unless actually that is one of my notes for that match this is the best Baron Corbin much I've ever seen yeah so ricochet did good work credits a ricochet start recording again sirs and Rhonda has the best streak in WWE right now with his 1 nil status in raw oh yeah and pickup but what else make down he's gonna win money in the bank that's why you think hope so that's what he's been losing all the time yeah and Selena will carry the money thanks suitcase I hope they make a bigger like a trunk II just scoots down to the ring Patrick Cooper says I'm very worried about bra knees in such a bad spot since last year I feel he needs a refresher they really have booked him poorly yeah totally but it is one of those things that you get a big guy in and you push him like an unstoppable monster then you're like oh now we need to stop him yeah but you don't really want to stop him because now he like you're on several monsters Vince loves a big guy yeah a little ways likes booked in a giant but then the problem is every that every single match ends in four guys turning up throwing hundreds of ladders at him yeah until he go or he's been pinned once it's like this is so yeah unimaginative I don't know if a refresh is what he needs no some I mean always it even I'd say time away but he was injured last year and did have some time off but he wasn't long enough boy from bloody baron called there would be my first class interesting lead atom daily live says in america the show went off air shortly after brain I think he means bran was pinned not brain brawn standing tall oh so okay so it was after semi pinned him yeah interesting now my feet it was life with him putting through all the stuff I'm doing your comments him for a table as well as each broad message retracted with a donation so thank you to message retracted thank you comb a third an old says shout out around the only that's sort of getting my name right last week but I'm from Sweden not Norway sorry sir and I'm also Swedish this is probably why I got your name right but yeah I'm sorry for saying you were from Norway because I know that's incredibly offensive to anyone from Sweden no no there's no ways a terrible place Cody Russell says can we get a Robert Roode break yeah it feels wrong with ollie not here today to do the route break but if there's someone in the comments in our videos who like every single videos like do a ten hour version it won't take long it shouldn't copy paste copy paste paste paste paste paste get one of those birds press the any case Patrick Cooper says also thanks for this new setup with the live show you're very very welcome we're very much enjoying doing it it saves me editing time that's mostly why that's mostly why we did it cuz it saves me an hour and a half each day KJ says just donating to say get well Ali indeed get well Ollie thank you very much for your donation outlet boy known message put a little donation from Bangkok boy Ben plume 1981 says big up Luke and L spoiler door I was spoiled a door BB o the Game of Thrones thing if only people cared about that yeah yeah I've complete I didn't write the title yeah it's gonna say that I've been completely stitched up by Ollie Davis who wrote the title and we got the blame yeah I know ridiculous and CERN has messaged again to say damn it Luke get my name right in reference to the fact that when you wrote his name you put an O with a line for it which is a Norwegian thing but it should have been the know with two dots over it tell that's patron umlaut but it was a whatever that line is called patreon I just get things off patron reports have a word with them how many more do you want eight five five six Shaun Turner says where is Olly I can tell him about female Bayley sting and shames nepotistic put nepotistic push love you fake adore what are your thoughts on female Bayley sting about this no I don't so this guy has been pitching this idea which I love by the way it's to do the sting story alone but with Bailey amazing so she has been like hugger Bailey but then you just don't start putting up in the rafters we like the face paint stirrer I'm carrying a baseball bat around I love it love it I absolutely love probaly well yeah no I'm all sold yeah absolute is then also she can change her intro so when the things go up they've got the face paint too well we I said that but I could also be carrying baseball bats better and better so we talked about Ollie seeing a home no that's not watching palamidi Purdy says to make life easier if everyone please just call me line draw okay we'll do that who do you think should be braised first yeah Joe actually said to be a good show I think there's any title I think you should just go straight into a title food and he should probably win it yeah Bray Adam Pearson did not Bray Wyatt Adam Pearson that says Bray Wyatt has stolen my gimmick don't know apparently so okay well we'll go we'll take Adams word yeah Dylan before he says no this was the guy who said he hate women earlier and he's now saying I'm the only one who's hitting the wrong women Thalia particularly apparently well know if you read the the wrestle talk in fact I'm gonna give you a quote from the wrestle talk 50 if you can just fill the time while I find this cuz I was reading this yesterday hi I'm hi Laurie it made me a man oh I found it Natalia this is directly from the restaurant magazine and Sally was perhaps the most overrated performer in WWE she receives constant acclaim from fans but in truth she's not had a great match in years despite being given plenty of opportunities to do so she's found a comfort zone and she sticks to it rigidly I 110-degree I think she's rubbish laughs fine one service from Bubba Rick says thoughts on this new Nikki Cross angle well we'll get into that some rather than discuss that now well we'll discuss that when we get to the show itself but I I've got mixed feelings on it because I thought it was going one direction then apparently I was wrong I I feel like it still could go in other directions yeah I'm just not sure yet what they are yes well well get on to it shortly but the show opened with the Miz we were of course in London England so there were lots of great British flags and ranae bus licensed fish and chips at one point because that is the obligatory English reference you must make when you do a show here in the UK we only eat at the seaside Renee come on it's London got a penny high end like go to a pret firm is open the show and they recapped him attacking Shane on Smackdown and chain laying him out with a steel chair he plugged money in the bank and that brought out Roman reigns this was we weren't going to mess detail on what that was said in this bit this was your typical raw angle which you highlighted to me you and some every single raw opens with this exact same thing it's two people coming out and happen not having a conversation but talking about their cutting promo separately yeah there they are framed like it's a conversation yeah it sadly two people coming out and talk about what they wanted to talk about which is completely separate to the other person and then someone else lo and behold comes out says something blah-blah-blah-blah-blah four-person tag match this is just the formula ever or for personal six-person tag match it's just the raw opening formula yeah and there were some good bits in this and there was also just some bits where eyes like you are just filling for time like miz explains the entire premise of money in the bank and we have was once a year I know only happens once a year but everyone knows what money in the bank is like you know I agree with I like that they it's in all the packages for money in the bank miss doesn't need to stand there and go he goes as well it's like getting an infinity stone so I think you're thinking of the Infinity Gauntlet maybe because that grants your wishes does nothing I mean it might make time bombs quite good yeah you can make ten Springs and whatnot yes a reality could make you the champion this is reality yourself into the champion but yeah me as you got it wrong but dancing nerd but you got it wrong miss however yeah he's just spends ten minutes kind of explaining this roman comes out they start Miz TV misses doing the babyface angle but saying I'll we're both film stars roma says I don't want this miss this is like old Miss I want new Miss and shows the promo of him chasing shame with the chair and the limo and the snacks and everyone goes who and Miss starts to put that over and they both just have completely separate conversations again yeah cuz Romans gonna be facing Elias at the pay-per-view and Miss is facing Shane McMahon and a cage match and Miss said a line where he said Shane is bigger and better than I am yeah I thought I'd bring that up because well that line is said again later in the show yeah by different person so I really liked other than that like saying he's bigger he's better he's faster he's strong Shane McMahon he's the pake of humanity but any of that stuff aside its god this promo from mist which again it's a Miss TV show that he's doing with Roman it's an interview he turns and just delivers it all down the barrel but it's amazing it's praise like any good you were born with a silver spoon but would see how a silver spoon meets a steel cage there was a lots of like little bits of rhythm and I just saw it was really good and it was fired up and it got the crowd really into it ya know III thought it was good well and then Shane comes out he cancels Miz TV and then they're attacked by Bobby Lashley and a liar so if we're keeping track I guess that means that Roman and Elias with two of our four wild cards or was Elias not a wild because it for Walker its floor yeah it's well they've they have that last week because I'm last Sullivan convinced Vince they should be four rather than three oh I'm in but yeah it was big but yet so that led to a tag team match between Elias and Bobby versus miz and roman which went quite a while but actually was pretty good have some really good stuff in here but a DQ ending which was lame yeah but I actually I really enjoyed the wrestling in the match although it was ok it was just it was just big dudes doing big dude thing it was a typical raw tag match but I had very little problem with it and actually quite liked it I liked yeah and I'm not sure about this DQ finished with the shit not like and then he comes in and Chuck's all over potatoes around like breaking more ribs yeah I believe he broke Miz dad's rib he is just dreadful yes and I guess to dangerous hunches are so hard but it was a knee strike that broke yes the story get miss what Miz dad you can't contain the power so miss dad said this in a podcast recently in the plat the turns out he wasn't supposed to get in the ring they said just stay on the outside but just follow Shane's late cuz Shane was calling the match apparently and then Shane like father like cellphone off this off all of this like father like son changed his mind and asked miss dad to get in the ring that's why I miss dad mega awkward about it and just like the know what to do so he just does the hose and then the first thing that Miz does as first thing that Shane does is meme in the chest and break a rib come on man you should have like if you were gonna get him in the ring you should have practiced something yeah anyway yeah so the chain calls the DQ and then the heels attack them and the numbers advantage but there Miz get to charity sends them off and miss and Romans stare down Shane because Shane is feuding with two people on two different shows he is truly the best in the world set this backstage talk it to someone yep just a shot from talking to some land I was like newsy and then we've got a video package for Rollins versus styles and they saw the story about how they both work hard to get to this point there was no tiene or bring up on eclipse but they quite cleverly showed like young JJ styles by the couple of appearances he had on Nitro and on Smackdown back in the day I like this Sports documentary vibe yeah I really like their promos that did later on as well there was a really nice presentation of this view as opposed to just doing like the big go home brawling angle because they've done the big brawl angle so yeah this was a nice different way to do it I actually really liked it and I think it sort of keeps something back for money in the bank because I you know I kind of feel like AJ might be going full heel and money in the bank it keeps dropping in these hints that he's got friends yeah exactly I think I think this might be the full like turn for AJ but I don't know but this kind of is a nice way to keep them apart and we don't have to do would have to reveal too much time more to say as well also when it's just a sort of like at the moment it's technically a kind of respect match you know like this is kind of just like Seth says he lost all respect for AJ you know he's doing it for his own self-respect then because this is what he says later but yeah I don't think telling AJ heals the worst thing in the world I there I think he's had is probably as time in the Sun as her as a baby face yeah and also Rourke could do with some like main event heals yeah is there he will safe I'm not gonna put drew in the main events gonna sakes all or other heels of the midcard of evil you must the entire mid car blew right up next finally debuting on the show after a couple of weeks in a promo and then multiple weeks not being on television mojo Rawley Mojo Jojo Mojo Jojo took on the third wild-card of the show Apollo Cruz because I forgot he was on Smackdown what a way to devalue the wild-card rule is an exciting I whimsical addition to the show and the wild-card is a Paula Paula crew oh and the only Schloss than a minute yes pay attention now to the wild-card I got a message last night from the editor who was writing the thing and even was he on Smackdown I think he's back down there yeah it's funny because when I read up in blue I write down that Apollo was the second wild card because I forgot Annalise was on Smackdown now it's very confusing with all this I'm very very unsure it doesn't matter pretty much so yes so Paolo yeah Apollo he came out and he hurt his knee he fluffs a flip does lots of flippin he hurts his knee and their mojo Tarkus that while mark laughing maniacally and he won crowd were deadly silent I didn't even write down the finish of the match I might now say motor targets the knees crowd don't care no Joe no Jenny looks like a div I hate it like like your knees little ways crazy little weird vest thing but then his little shorts I don't know it is the actual like polar opposites of what Bray Wyatt is doing yeah Bray Wyatt has like come up with this new looks right yeah VGA while on Halloween is business this bright white thing it's so interesting it's so fascinating it's so clearly wrestler driven and I wonder if this motor thing is wrestler driven as well but if it is it's pants yeah it's not very good at all this it's not I've said this a couple of times and I apologize if this comes across as me saying oh I think this is for sure I don't think this is going to get over no because all he's done is drawn his eye yeah it looks like he's had an accident with a Parker Pen capsule like it's like yeah when you go to school and you're all your pens explode you just look no Holly put it best in his review where he said he's basically taser face now from we then got the Alexa bliss segment where she was backstage on her phone she was talking to the I'm gonna guess Heathrow Airport as an international flight I'm kidding Gatwick but I think most of us ones go from Heathrow so she was on the phone to Heathrow because laundy and then Nicky cross walks up totally not Nicky cross yeah like just having a conversation like lamb like they done her up quite like she was just Nicola cross and she had teased this in a YouTube video I think I'm WB's YouTube channel that she was looking for a change of character that was where she also confirmed that she was now on Raw yes Meltzer have reported months ago that she was gonna be part of Raw and everyone was like no she's on Smackdown because the graphical worlds collide said she was part of SmackDown so I guess but plans changed and she's on Raw so yep she's on what makes stuff up a demo wildcard anyway so she walks up totally not in her Nicki cross character and she's like I've been here for four weeks and absolutely no one is noticed and alex is like I just need someone to talk to and it's like you can talk to me and they have a chat and then Nicki essentially gets herself she's like a true friend would replace you in the fatal four-way that's coming up later because you haven't got your gear and it looks like that's a great idea you should replace me in this man yeah and then she walks off and then Nicky cross gets the Nicki Cross smile and I was like AHA right well I guess I get this now Alexa thinks she's playing Nicki cross and then she's using but Nicky knows this and it's actually playing a lexer that's what I thought the storyline was yeah until the match happened and then I watched the YouTube interview with Nick across where she was just I'm so lucky to be here I'm so thankful to be in Delhi and I'm able to quote perform in front of all of these great fans out there in London I'm from Glasgow I've always dreamed of this sort of opportunity and I was like okay wait so is your character you're not nuts anymore and if so why were you then acting nuts during the match yeah this is woefully inconsistent and actually quite annoying yeah but also because if you're gonna like oh well a true you don't have your gear Nicky cross wrestles in jeans Alexa Alexa bliss buck up Alexa bliss wrestled in heels and won yes she's fine she's okay she can win these sorts of matches she's apparently the best so yes the Nicky cross thing is a bit weird I don't know what's going on I feel like this potential for it to go somewhere in money in the bank and I kind of in my head I'm hoping that Nicky cross gets involved and just takes the briefcase and it's like which and it's like no I don't want brought I don't want Braun to do that at all but this was just a suggestion for Braun it's much better if it happens with Nicki cuz it can be like when she just took the NXT belt yes which they never paid off on no and she just gave back but like that moment at the end of the show was great when she just took the belt from Shayna BAE's there and ran off yeah and was like my belt now yeah and they should have done that story did they come play with me yeah they're sort of holding something hostage that people want yeah that's really fun I'm I'm slightly concerned that this story is just going to be a rehash of niya jackson Mickie James where it is it's a LexA Bliss has a friend she doesn't like that friend they then feud like that we I don't need that that storyline a third time and they already set this up in this episode as well to some degree like you know at the end of the match when Nikki wins the map which will go to in a minute but like Nikki wins the match she gets his gladder helps alexa climb up well gets the ladder and sets it up and she goes to climb the ladder and alexa drags her away and climbs up the ladder gets the briefcase down and stands there yeah and Nikki's smiling and looking a bit dopey I did this yeah but there was a point where Nikki was gonna climb herself yes so I don't know whether they're gonna do like I thought I don't quickly can you break down a friendships in WWE terms well I don't know I guess we'll find out but a view do you not just think it's cuz it was in the UK that they just thought Nikki crossed him have one match knows it I absolutely and your rights however its it was the post match thing as Laurie said where Alexa pulled her out of the way and like that the promo that she did for W got caught which I guess is different continuity anyway was her saying that I did this for Alexa bliss we're now friends so I if the storyline is which is what I thought it was originally that Nikki is playing Alexa but Alexa thinks she is playing Nikki she thinks she has the upper hand but Nikki is actually manipulating Alexa yeah man as Elise is a different spin on a story we've already told her twice over with Alexa yeah oh she's so clever but if it is just Nikki is now just Nikki and she's not NXT Nikki cross yeah just man and she's just thinks Alexa's her best mate that's very poor yes that's that's not great anyway big cross yes speaking of not also that great Cole was in the ring for the double contract signing for Becky Lynch defending her bra Women's Championship this Sunday against Lacey Evans and Charlotte Flair in separate matches Cole says that one of the Becky's nicknames is champ champ champ champ is that what I've never heard that champ she calls herself the champ champ on Twitter champ champion that's rubbish that's that's that that's rubbish Becky – Becky – Becky – belts is the better of the options champ champ champ champ sounds like a crap Pokemon hmm like when they went through that period where they just David a pen yes so Cole aspect if she knows how hard money the bank is going to be and Becky says flair and Lynch are bigger and better than I am and I'm like who are these writers they're just giving people the exact same material yeah it's lazy but then I liked the I liked the thing which you said like yeah they're bigger they're better than whatever like the bit where she says like they're gonna put me through this horrendous beatdown but the thing you don't realize is I don't care mmm that I like that that line is great but you don't need to see like you don't need to put them over so hard by being like you're bigger and better just be like it's two matches you're fine to say I'm gonna come out of this yeah badly off because I've had to have two matches in one night you don't need to go there also beaten Charlotte loads yeah yeah I die I think promos where you put over your opponents is so good I always go back to the Triple H Cactus Jack promo Royal Rumble 2010 and but I am going to beat ya the problem is then is that these two promo is the one the Miz can one the Beco essentially was like I'm crap their way bet I'm the under try it we're trying too hard to make yourself the underdog as well like you can be an underdog without having to say yeah I am the I am the underdog Randy's got his hand up champ champ is a Conor McGregor reference parent according to the comments okay he was the child so here is something crap then cool anyway she's the Burger King so that's Jerry Lawler's give me anyway Becky says she's going to win and then Flair Kurt's a pretty rubbish promo this was horrific Lee scripted and blandly delivered by Charlotte Flair and these are the segments way I'm like this is why I wouldn't want to go to a raw TV tape yeah because this was this went on for a while yeah he's never got interest so I thought it's pretty good when Becky was cutting her prime and she said like she said to Lacey massively into her as well yeah she said like obviously the pressure is gonna be on me Lacey but the pressure is also on you because when the bright lights hit yeah you're gonna have to live up to all of the talk that you've been doing absolutely and it's gonna be very difficult to do with my foot on your neck I thought Becky's promo was really and Charlotte kicks in Charlie could be like you beat the baddest woman on the planet but on Sunday you will bow down to the Queen just get to the point well yeah and then Lacey has to do with her stare it's like you make it like I don't want to get my dress dirty Harnett and all this sort of stuff like it's it's all a bit – how how many times in this promo did Lacey Evans say the word classless glass light nasty yeah I just like she's got about three things that they've they've they've googled the bare minimum of like southern debutante kind of like yeah they don't even know the word debutante I imagine but like they've they've googled I was impressed what it's what it's Southern Belles do they're like they're into sort of like being classy eh calm yeah yeah and they'd gobble they have got that far with it yeah and they've never thought to look even remotely deeper no there was a point as well where yeah I liked Becky had a great line where she said they're on Sunday Lacey's gonna lose her first title shot and Charlotte is gonna lose her millionth I was like that's great and then Charlotte says this is all gonna come crashing down ha ha ha rubbish Lacey so she's there deserve a proper lady as a champion and then it breaks down into a fight numbers get too much for Becky she gets put through a table now I've said this about the Becky Charlotte Lacey stuff for the last few weeks I'm going to say it again here I all of the segments I like in principle because they are telling a very simple story Becky's got to have two matches on Sunday field two stacked against the odds are stacked against her in every one of these segments she is always underneath yeah she is always struggling because the numbers gamer it is against her last week it was all about money in the bank so some really good stuff they've done with this yeah it's and the promo work from her has been very good the promo from everyone else has not been no and I think that some of the segments have felt quite clunky and I thought this was quite clunky – yeah it definitely was and I think it also doesn't necessarily make sense to me because they're doing this whole thing where like in this promo specifically the numbers game gets advantage of Becky like Lacey and Charlotte put her through a table Lacey and Charlotte will not be in a match at the same time therefore in this bit we saw Becky handily handle both of them individually so it doesn't feel like really you know so she stands to lose probably the actual risk is to lose one belt not really doesn't really feel like the the Becky no belts doesn't feel like a possibility because one of these matches she's gonna walk all over the other person it especially if it's Lacey up first Lacey up first Charlotte yes they have to it has to be Charlotte first cuz it has to be a war yeah and then I think then then they've got the option if if Becky retains against Charlotte you've got the option that Charlotte interferes in the lacy match because if the Charlotte wins the first match why would she bother to get involved in the second match unless they're gonna start a blondes of evil vibe you know like with Charlotte the blonder twins like you know but like um so yeah Charlotte's out of the picture in that sense all she's gonna be yes if she loses she might be involved in the lacy match plus you've got whoever wins the money in the bank yeah to contend with so yeah that match suddenly becomes really high stakes but the first one I feel like it's just a one-on-one yeah I think we're gonna have Becky to Belle's come Monday I do too I don't think this is the time to lose I think merchandise are doing too yeah and I think you're better off using the money in the bank take it from her yeah like to take it take something from her stealing is you could also steal both of them yeah surely with them like is it like do you get a choice like if it but if it's a match where she's defending both of them if you walk in and use the money in the bank and you take both of them well that I yep but is it a wild card thing like if you say Alexa wins it does she then have to win the raw belt or could she say I did it was a wild card smackdown right well okay what came next was not good Baron Corbin versus ricochet positive Silver Lining this was the best Baron called the match I've ever seen I did a shoulders above every Baron home wretch I've ever seen there wasn't a rest there was barely a rest hold in sight crowd couldn't get it can get couldn't care but ricochet was very very good right now Rick in my notes O'Shea Rick O'Shea was very very good it also springboards did lots of big moves lovely lovely stuff and then Baron won so it's only taken them a few weeks and ricochet is already finn bálor which is just the you are in the land of the giants you're too small you can't win yeah and we haven't got Leo rush around for you to beat so you just you just can't beat the big guys unless yeah unlesss has sent him up for a really good showing in the money in the bank match you'll have the Kofi spot he'll have the coachmen spot there Kofi always had a Money in the Bank ladder matches which is like hey go and do the big high spot but you won't win layer absolutely going to have him moonsault off a tipping ladder yeah totally yeah but it's and that'll be great and it'll be a lot of really good highlight moments but if it comes off the back of it he just keeps losing to Baron Corbin yeah big guys then it means nothing I'm concerned that ricochets gonna wind up like Finn Balor and Finn Balor just means diddly-squat right now because they spent so many years being like he's too small he can't beat the big guys it's just someone you've got so many guys of like the same size that you do this to like why don't you just you doing a superstar shake-up put all the big guys on one brand and have them do their thing and put all the other guys on the other brand have them do their thing there and then we don't get into any of this stupid like well he's a foot taller also it's not real I know this is genuinely your problem and it's booking you into a hole why wouldn't you change house very true yeah anyway yeah Baron Corbin one that sucks good match and then Corbin grabs the ladder and tries to climb it that tried to give ricochet some heat back by having him push over the ladder that crowd were not into this talk I felt really bad for ricochet felt really really bad for him yeah he made it he made Corbin look good though did yeah props for that as I said looking for the positives it's the best Baron Corbin much I've ever seen but most because Baron Corbin was stood there doing this while ricochet flips around him we then got a recap of Joe talking to Dominic last week and then Charlie's interviewing Rey Mysterio and he's talking about Dominic and then Cesaro walks and he says this isn't bring your son to work day this is a wrestling world they get into a bit of a scuffle and that sets up a match later on he also says that Dominic looks a bit like Joe yeah they were sort of thing up this like I'm um happy yeah but we all know that Eddie Guerrero's his dad yeah that was proven then we got the video package for Roman reigns third when we got last week I've read last Sunday but that's the wrong day and then we got AJ's interview with not Renee young where he says that he meant to hit Corbin last week he wasn't aiming for Seth Rollins he was trying to hit Corbin but Seth got in the way but he says he will be Rowan's on Sunday simple and effective I liked him mm-hmm then we got what was my surprising match of the week is the four-way between Naomi Dana Brooke Natalya and Nikki cross I thought this was actually very good I thought I joined this they thought about it yeah stuff happened where it was like big BOTS and they had worked out how to do stuff with multiple people in the ring at once yeah I liked it you're having a giggle there Andy okay I I thought it was some chaotic action in this I am bliss came out to do commentary which relay was surprised about despite the fact there was an empty chair next to her but hadn't been there previously nobody knew where the stairs were for a bit there was a brief moment where no one had a clue where the stairs were no one was helping Malaysia maybe she is the babyface here and she was there to cheer on Nikki cross who picked up the win so the only person not in money in the bank did win so you could always say that guess it I think if Nikki cross is getting involved on Sunday then at least they've set up Nikki cross and they're doing something with her yeah which they haven't done since she was called up in December so yeah thumbs up again always like if that positive plus Dana Brooke did a dive off a ladder and she didn't look like she was going to die doing it know which fills me with confidence it was like there wasn't much either up or along in her travel but it was all day it was all all the way it was good she was going so far actually million did the other side of the ladder like it was just all the way down a lot of fact she did that and that's when Nikki picks up the win as well she does she does this crazy dive and wipes everyone out but it's Nikki who just stands up Chuck someone in the ring goes to perch actually yet there's my big note about this aside from that and perhaps giving credence to the restaurant magazines review in Italia Italia is completely no sell to the dive just gets up throws dinner into the barricade and just starts doing moves I'm like come on mate you sell the move at least so yeah so I I think it could be interesting this Alexa Nikki stuff but there is every chance it could go nipples north and you become yet every Alexa bliss story we've had previously I can't just keep having mazes bore it is boring what wasn't boring segue is Ray Mysterio versus Cesaro very very good match thoroughly enjoyed and Cesaro looked awesome during this match he had a moment where he went to do the six one nine really played it up to the crowd it was like yeah I'll give it a go yeah is so so good ray was awesome Cesaro was awesome this is a big old thumbs up for me it was it was my favorite bit was the bit where Ray does the slide out of the ring off the apron into a sunset flip to do the powerbomb and Cesaro just catches his legs into the big swing yeah once into the barricade like from quite short distance like a little bump into the barricade yeah but then all the way back around into the other side of the barricade so this match was awesome really really really enjoyed this Cesaro deserves way better but giving ray the wind makes total sense he's going for the US Championship absolutely yeah yeah but this shit this says to me like if I was watching this and I was backstage I'd be like we should be doing something with Cesaro because like yeah he can just be in into matches like obviously he's a great bass like he's a really good person to put him out without that base I'm all about that bass no no treble but yeah like you just put him into places and he provide someone with the ability to do what they need to do like he worked perfectly with Rey Mysterio and it looks like such a mismatch yeah when you think about like Cesaro has been wrestling people much taller in tag matches for the last year and a half two years low I think it's longer than that yeah yeah like like three oh yeah exactly so like he's been just doing the bar stuff and then you put me in the ring with Rey Mysterio and it's like magic yeah absolutely wicked really really enjoyed this we then got the revival cutting a promo backstage after a recap of the u.s. being nah beds and they had a funny line weather like you know we're shaving our back and the balls in your court now and I've called them skid marks and the underpants of society in which I'm with the revival on this I think the Usos are childish morons and I want to see the revival beat them out yeah I don't know why that's baby-faced it to be an asshole like no idea why it's it's totally it's the braun strowman booking though isn't it like you can kill someone in you're still a baby face right well we've got two more things to talk about so let's quickly talk about Seth's promos before that the heat it was not Renee young and they show clips from a 2006 match from NWA No Limits and set versus ages like the one other time their clash and I loved this I loved them using this kind of history very very cool but it does bring to mind Bruce Prichard on his podcast every 90 days like in 2005 2006 we were starved for talents I was like yeah because you thought Luther reigns was a good idea when all this amazing reg happening under your own bloody nose you just didn't want to look for it but that was cool and I thought sets prime I was good yeah I'm super excited for this man yeah it's gonna be really good but here was the best thing on the show oh yes leaps and I think this is our array was the best match on this yes lots of good stuff in this third out because then we got the the Falls Count Anywhere match afterwards and actually was a really like you know back loaded but I think my favorite Sami Zayn entrance of the last five years his amazing he goes up the ladder yes but everything we got our Firefly fun house segments for this week and Russell votes are tweeted out before all went on there there get ready because it's that it's a darker Firefly funhouse that we've seen previously and they were not wrong no because he's got a secrets and soon he'll reveal what really he's been working on if he needs all of his fireflies you just gotta let him in he said there's still darkness in this old noggin but I've learned to control it and then holy heck is this goes dark yeah all of us in the Firefly fun house set stops being the fireflies fun house set and it's like it's the creepy doll house creepy doll house stuff we've been seeing before we got the Firefly front house and it's not like eight week period they've been doing this and it was really creepy really well shot really well edited the sound mixing was amazing as well and then Brae reveals his brand-new gimmick it's brand new it's higher weights gots almost like like circus ring Pat like like circus tent ringmaster ringmaster that's that's the word I'm after yeah thank you very much and a scary scary mask because it turns out he's a big fan of Slipknot mmm he's got his braids let down and he just looks and he just goes Joey Wow yeah and I was like this is terrifying it is amazing a life starts with him just going let me in and then it does twinkle twinkle little sigh I loved loved loved this this we interesting to see if he met if he wrestles in the mask oh yeah or whether he takes it off when he reaches the ring and he's got like crazy face paint or something yeah this is such a cool visual yeah and because they've been saying he's been working with Tom Savini on like you know the guy who did Friday the 13th and Friday 30 part for Dawn of the Dead and all this was like you know a legend within the special effects industry and they said like he did like mercy the Buzzard which admittedly doesn't look very good but a be the which looks quite here's quite creepy and effective this mask if this is Tom Savini 's work which wouldn't be surprised about it's so cool it looks awesome this is a massive massive massive thumbs up cannot wait to see more of it well I think mostly the Buzzard works well as like it I think it's a try and it works well in the yeah five fun house set that initial reveal of it made out to be this EPIK monstrous what's in the box thing and it was like oh that's enough yeah it was that but yeah once it was in the say it kind of all made sense again yeah this mask and gimmick though I'm so into so into it it shouldn't work no no absolutely no it definitely shouldn't work and it still might not when it when he gets to the ring but I don't know man I can i you know up Bray Wyatt never wrestle again just do promos I happily watch just promos and I am I'm so hopeful this works yeah I'm so so hopeful than this works they don't want us to go tits up next week or the next couple of weeks it takes yeah this is but this is lovey was saying earlier this is the time to get behind Bray right this is the time to finally pay off on all of this nonsense you put him through where you like he's a cult leader and he can't do anything and he can't beat John Cena everyone Oh maggots like all that's you're scared Randy lost yeah exactly this is the time to just have him come in and be an actual monster yeah because he's also pretty interesting yeah really really cool I loved this loved it loved it loved it because this first view can be with himself oh it can just beat the guy on the funhouse thing versus that monster thing perfect so yeah I love that same minute and I very much enjoyed this episode of what if flow by for the three hours would you know I supposed to drag during the the Becky Lacey Charlotte thing only because I thought Charlotte's promo was so bad yeah and I thought the start was a bit stilted as well and wasn't really into the Mojo match but I really enjoyed Bray array and Cesaro I'm really like the women's four way anywhere Falls Count Anywhere best Baron Corbin much I've ever seen in me life I liked all the AJ Seth stuff I loved Firefly funhouse yeah I actually thought this was the best episode of Raw we've had this year quite like a far margin it's the best episode we've had this all he chose a good week and so I liked this episode I'd have given this episode core a 4 out of 5 rating I say you yeah I think I'd probably agree with that but then I don't watch it on I don't watch raw religiously yes I have been ground yeah I I dip in and dip how so last week I said that I've got a holiday coming up in Jane and I was so looking forward to it a because I'm gonna go on holiday but B I don't want to watch roar anymore hmm and this actually made me not only excited to watch next week's raw but also to watch money in the bank yeah which previously I wasn't actually that fast on yeah so thumbs up WWE da ya did good right Randy we have gone long on this episode so we need to get through to well just quickly Savini tweeted today was his mask oh it was his mask cool actually I'm very very glad then Tom Savini is awesome he was the basis for the Corey Feldman character in Friday the 13th part 4 and the Nathalia fans have come out in force but Bradley the wolf says would you say early 2010 w slightly better than today's when we had punk scene amid an edge with full-timers also Los Angeles or New York City question mark well I've not been to LA but New York is like my favorite place I have been to Burton I prefer New York I've been to only LA and I don't like it my dad said it so it's really bad he said it's a bit of a hole yeah it's yeah yes everything's really far away he said it's all very smoky yeah very gross their 2010 WT was at Berlin today I think they had a bit more mystique about their top tier guys yeah I think though like edge and Punk were obviously like kind of really big very over characters so I think there was that bit of it that was probably better but I think the rest of the rust that was pretty like exactly that's the prime all the undercard was nothing yeah it made advances and it was all mate yet the main eventers were fantastic but everything else was just me yeah I think the quality of wrestling is better as well broadly Benny Santos has rat mouse and I don't know as Mouse rats it's my t-shirt man from Parks and Recreation ok starring those and Kendall's does Sami Zayn have a chance of winning money in the bank now no I'm still going with Andrade but man so I think Sammy's got a better chance than ricochet dude come on money in the bank is gonna rule I think Sammy's got a good chance I I quite like the idea if Sammy takes it but yeah I think this is just me going like that would be really fun to watch but probably not it's probably gonna go to braun strowman somehow I can never see them doing on Smackdown just because that's a easy way to take off Kofi shaded bear says plus you guys get all this sweet sweet donation money thank you very much we very much appreciate that we appreciate every single person who watches the live streams we love to do manga girl says my first super Chad donation just wanted to say I love watching the videos and get well soon Olli thank you very much man yeah girl what's your favorite favorite mango now as a mango okay what's your favorite mango ever had I won the does – a date the best mango mango yeah and what's your best time rubicon its Magnus day no one asked Danny you know do the super Jax my girlfriend message to say Laurie's no longer favorite because he's being mean to me and all he's now her favorite Danny DeVito says I don't have anything stupid to say so here's my dollar very much Khan died faizon says I always thought Bailey storyline but in form of a half he'll turn like when sting was half face half Joker oh what the TNA era stingray was Joker sting which was fine up until he got that bird into Eric Bischoff's office Derek Bishop couldn't get out of the office cuz he was scared of a bird God TNA was crap for a time I know but it was Hogan Bischoff and Russo running the show man oh man it was unwatchable yeah bad this was feud with AJ Styles over Hulk Hogan's Hall of Fame ring was illegally Green Lantern who's been giving him a raise like this gives you all the powers of Hulk Hogan absolute Harshman James Schmitz should WB bring back tough enough but for a creative position in the company and that won't do ins your fans are involved absolutely not no I mean I don't think tougher to come back anyway because they don't do anything with tough enough winning though hmm tough enough winners the the problem that you have there on a more serious note is that you get as big money contract and then you have to go to NXT where you earn like 10 times more than everyone else's and everyone else is really struggling like financially and you're there just with your sweet sweet dolla dolla bill y'all and no one likes you well this is I think the thing is also if you were doing creative tough enough it's all psychological tough enough is that can you take a hazing from Vince every week the they know we said put the show out you spell the dream wasn't tough enough now is it yeah but look how long it took him and it took him to be able to like sort something out also that's one person of the 25 ZZ yes maven you eliminated the Undertaker from the Royal Rumble Antony Eng says I'm $2 poorer now you're richer in content yes good one Jay bulla says what do you guys think about the new mojo gimmick also Randy did you change your diaper he said this last week and I don't know what he's talking about you look like a baby a big giant baby baby says two bald men like quite often when I see other when I see I exist they see other children when I see children they're staring like little babies or were staring I don't know if that's because they just think that's a big really big baby yes Mojo's gimmick what you think it's not a gimmick it's face paint yes I'm not into it now the zuhr niece says I heard Nikki saying go to the McMahons and ask for a replacement and then Alexa turn the words into her in her mouth but I am NOT a native speaker yeah I think she had said thing about like asking the McMahons but I think she might said like a true friend would replace you Randy Michelle says McHale possibly will you guys ever come to California and how do you feel about Bray winning the US title and feuding with ours to Black Bull can't do that because blacks are expected and the us Wow I guess you're right yeah he could be the wild card every week every week at least if we turned to do yeah what was the first path equation we would get in California if someone booked us to go yeah if someone booked us to do like a live podcast in my back we're not go to LA though can we go to San Francisco actually would like to go to San Francisco yes oh man yeah I've been his friend Jefferson and says for you Luke I've been watching I've been waiting in the shadows for my time I've been living for tomorrow's all my life in fairness that's not I stuck in my head because I made a joke yesterday about the lazytown song you are a pirate so that's been stuck in my head now for I woke up this morning going you are a pirate soon do you lazy town's got some great songs there I'm kidding the only reason I know that song is because I am I used to work in a toy store where we got given one CD with 12 tracks on hmm and that would have to last us for three months so you would listen to that one CD just about three or four times a day every day for three months and it had that lazytown song you are a pirate and I think I had a couple of other lazytown track something like in the year that I worked there I can't remove those one but that one has just stuck you but imagine doing it now and it be baby shark you would turn into fire fire fun house yeah but you shop down excited in mind that you are the pirate song is very wacky it's quite funny I'd know I've no idea what lazytown is I'm 33 years old I know I was like you know was in my 20s when I came when I was working there stores have no idea but uh the other song they tried to low mix in like regular songs as well so for that Mara dice oh if only for three months I had Rick Astley's never gonna give you up four times by your right and you know what I liked that song going into that job but I might listen to any more do you know what I am gonna give you up crack on Andy okay Alvin Jones says hello lads any possibility of Nicky cross getting involved in money in the bank or you guys think it's a one-time thing because of being you no I think she's getting involved on Sunday it's the style you don't so you K thing then that's even like that's the worst if it's a UK thing she could have just come out yeah like she did last time they were in the UK yeah totally Benny Satoh says ringmaster equals stone cold he was yeah Victor Vega says shame on you guys for making fun of my pain and that's about him losing Becky Lynch okay sorry Benny Sato says rat mouse is when they played without Andy Lowell oh I see oh well I preferred their other nickname but the other name they had which was five skin so that was a much better name I don't know watch Parks and Recreation I may go and it's very good okay I will I'm just watching the u.s. office but I will do that off our parks are XY like that way better okay well now in the good place of way better but also yeah no one asked Benny Sat oh no that's Dennis the last message sir our Pro fitness says wasn't the mix and Linda miles bracket Shaniqua on tough enough I think the MS might been on tough enough yeah Shaniqua was as well but she lasted like months is with the Basham's as their dominatrix manager then she let him is definitely was yeah yeah and John Morrison and Ryback any last message is from him saying San Francisco is trash Andy merch is not well San Fran you've mixed make some things up there yeah San Fran ent self all muddled go after who was at posit been either go after Benny said Oh apparently he doesn't like your tan he thinks your hometown sucks modern-day elias we've got some $25 shoutouts that we need to do and if you want to get your name shadow in the rest of rambled by these two handsome Devils all you've got to do is go over to patreon comm /res what Randy doesn't – what what / wrestle talk and donate at the $25 and above brackets and just like these fine folks like the zodiac Zachary Marsh robbing banks Lee rubber Oh Ryan be bad Oh lovely sir hmm this is a tasty Tim hidin burger mother probably better than Kyle Philippa Riley McClane I think he's talking to you Damian Thompson Matthew they built this city on rock and roll amazing and I ran a ranter bori yeah astounding abdullah allen AZ the mountain matthew Dennis big bad Blake Lloyd boom-boom cult sample today's Tom Sawyer mean me bride chi-ching chi-ching courageous Caleb and lastly the Aussie experienced David Humphries thank you very very much thank you very very much to all of our pledge Hamazon patron and thank you you're bloody beautiful lot for watching click the videos who have just appeared on the desk if you are watching this on the catch-up version of the show to catch up with the with the latest talk this has been on Vega de l'aube like that has been that Randy Andy detsen and that was rambling


  1. I think it should've just been Joe VS Seth at MITB. They could've played off how Joe debuted on the main roster on RAW as HHH's muscle when he ambushed Seth during the build to his WM33 match against HHH. But this is WWE, so fuck long-term storyline booking. 🤦🏾‍♂️

  2. I do see Braun getting a champion one day is just like saying the same conversation of Andre and The Big Show

  3. Jesus I cannot believe they made Corbin the UV Champ…..further cementing the rating plummet and that that title is irrelevant

  4. No no no it's brey vs Finn demon vs evil not samoian joe why would you say joe for that matter Alister black two better feuds than joe for real but it is wwe and it will be screwed up

  5. WWE posted a greatest moments Zack Ryder video but they can't even be bothered to put their tag team champions on TV. Are they even defending the titles on this weeks PPV? Im not a massive fan of them but Wtf?? Tag team titles need to be combined and changed too…

  6. Bray is super hot at the moment. He doesn't need a belt just yet. He just needs to destroy people. Like Randy, AJ, Joe and then destroy Seth for the belt.

  7. I do not understand why anyone would willfully wrestle Baron… Corbin. They will be wrestling in their worst match ever.

  8. Nikki cross' YouTube channel she says she has a twin that is opposite of her I wonder if that ties into to her flip flopping

  9. NOW A SAVE FOR ALL THIS stupid shit, would be to make Braun come out at MITB, and just take the briefcase (funny because they said that as I wrote this) but just like how he did at the tag team thing…battle royale was it?…idk…but yeah that would save it…but this STUPID SHIT didnt have to be this way in the first place…wwe needs to change name to BHS bunch of hokey shit…dean is right about that…triple h…take over already jeez

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