Boxing is painfully boring, but GGG vs Canelo delivered

Boxing is painfully boring, but GGG vs Canelo delivered

Guys, this is one of the better boxing matches
I’ve ever seen. I will fully admit to having a short-term
memory. I think that we all have a bit of a recency
bias, whenever we saw something last and it caught our eye. We do that with fighters a lot, “Oh, he’s
the greatest of all time,” because he fought last and we forgot the guy that fought two
weeks ago or two years ago. I will admit that my mind also works that
way, but it was one of the better fights that I’ve seen. That is true. And boxing is usually a very boring proposition. That’s also true. There’s a reason that the fans fly into Las
Vegas, pay a premium for those seats, and they don’t come watch the show until the main
event. It’s painfully boring. But this one delivered. I mean, it really was a lot of fun to watch. I thought GGG won the fight. I will not make any kind of an argument. I am just sharing what I thought. And I would have been very happy with a draw. A draw would have also been a very appropriate
outcome. And guess what else is a very appropriate
outcome? Canelo. It was. It was a close fight. There was no corruption. The judges called it straight. The judges were really in alignment with each
other. One of them had it a draw. I mean, it was just a close fight. The two that had it for Canelo had it razor-thin,
a couple of rounds favoring Canelo. But as far as the action went and the back
and forth battle, Canelo was very interesting. He came out there and he was coming forward
and he was very disciplined to do it, and there were times he took some big shots where
most guys would cover or conceal or roll and he came forward. He was just disciplined to do it. Even when he was hurt, he was coming forward,
he was coming forward, he was taking ground. Boxing judges love that. They just do. They like that when you have a really close
fight and you got one guy backing up or running away. And backing up and running away sounds like
bad terms, but in boxing it’s allowed. It’s not a bad thing. There was a boxer you guys have probably heard
of but never saw fight named Sugar Ray Robinson. Sugar Ray Robinson would train and he would
run backwards for five miles a day. He only planned on going backwards. Muhammad Ali went backwards a lot, laterally
a lot. Floyd Mayweather goes backwards and lateral. So it’s not a bad thing. In MMA, it’s viewed as a bad thing even though
it’s within the rules. In the sport of wrestling that I come from,
it’s against the rules. You cannot back up. You must be coming forward. They will caution you with what’s called
stalling and then they will begin to take points away, and ultimately they could disqualify
you. You must be standing your ground or coming
forward. So I only point that out because when you
say a guy’s backing up, there are only so many places you could go, there are only so
many directions your body can move, and backwards is one of them. So it’s not a knock on GGG, but it is
something that I think influenced the judges. I think that GGG had some very big shots
in there. The general story after the fight has been
this: GGG landed more punches but Canelo landed more damaging punches. That’s the general belief. Always a fun talking point and always hard
to quantify. What is a heavy blow? What is a damaging blow? What does that mean? What does it mean? And it’s kind of one of those things you know
it when you see it, and even if you don’t you must render a score based on your opinion
of what you saw, and that’s what the judges did. But GGG was never knocked down, so how
do you say that one guy had a more damaging blow? They both threw punches at each other. Neither one of them fell down. So how do you say who was doing the more damage? It looked worse to you? Rather been hurt by GGG’s than Canelo’s
based on your perception of what you saw? How do you possibly quantify what are more
damaging and harder punches? And I hear that commentary a lot and I don’t
think the people that give it are wrong. How do you like that? I’m just saying it is very interesting dialogue
particularly after the fact when you get some fight expert that wants to come out or a judge
that was in the fight and wants to come out and say what was a more damaging blow. Neither one of them went down. Canelo was giving the harder punches. Says who? Based on what? Based on how it felt? Based on GGG’s reaction, which was
to do nothing but throw punches back? Based on Canelo’s reaction, which was to
step forward and throw back? Look, it was a really, really good fight. I have no problem with the outcome. I’m just sharing with you I thought that GGG had won. I did think for the judge that gave it a draw,
boy, they saw what I saw, too. I saw a damn close fight. And for the judges that gave it to Canelo,
it was one of those things because I have heard some real passion come out that this
was a robbery. That surprised me. This was a really good fight. It was a really good fight to the point that
one of the licensed judges called it a draw, called it even. I mean, that speaks to what a close contest
you had. It was very clear that Canelo and his secrets
remain. He didn’t change. The tests didn’t change him. He got a little better at doing it. That was very clear. But it was a very good fight, and I even thought
that there was some interest after the— I like that GGG didn’t do an interview
after the fight. I would have liked to have heard what he had
to say, particularly if he was passionate on something. I think if you’re looking to build a rematch
that those moments are important, but perhaps turning your back and walking away and saying
nothing at all, letting the audience draw the conclusion, perhaps for a rematch, maybe
that’s more helpful. And there’s really not anybody else to take
that spot. I don’t think Canelo’s going to give any
resistance. I don’t think Canelo’s going to say, “Well,
you know, I beat you and we fought twice now and let’s move on.” But Canelo’s out there fighting for money. That’s the fight that people are going to
want to see and there’s no other fight in boxing that you would rather see. And even for the people that are rolling their
eyes and going, “Chael, I didn’t watch this one and I don’t want to see the next one,”
that could be true, but my statement’s also true that there’s no fight that you would
rather see. If those guys aren’t going to get your money,
get you to stop what you’re doing and get your time and get your interest up, nobody
is in boxing right now. Just the way that it goes. And it does bring it back to the question,
just how good is Conor McGregor?


  1. Ah youre an asshole but yeah theres not a stable heavyweight division right now….. Whats Chaels take on Cormier vs Jones 2? And K1?

  2. Man Chael has mastered the art of playing us common folk like a fiddle and the best part is none of us mind.I know it wont go a long way but i wish and pray that you win the grand prix for your dad.

  3. Real boxing fans want Canelo v charlo next! I advise you chael to look him up. He the mandatory challenger for canelo. And while I respect your opinion chael you are clearly just a boxing casual, something which I think you would admit.

  4. It’s possible they fight a total of 4 times, just honestly depends if and when the 3rd fight happens. GGG is gonna be 37 next year, does he want to fight for the next 3-4 years? Maybe he does, maybe he doesn’t. I think we will see a third fight perhaps not next year but maybe in 2020? When it comes to the negotiations and all that I think Canelo and Golden Boy Promotions will be more than willing to make the 3rd and possibly 4th one happen given the right circumstances and opportunity

  5. Watched a lot of his recent videos waiting for the best question to be thrown out there and god damn it he finally did.
    "And it does bring it back to the question, just how good is Connor Mcgregor?"

  6. Ufc is exciting but it can be so damn boring too sometimes. It can be fight after fight of leaning against the cage or laying on top of each other for 3 rounds straight.

  7. Find a boxing blog which talks about MMA , it's always either Chael or Joe Rogan or whoever talking about the merits or otherwise of boxing while the boxing community never think of or mention MMA. Chael is great but he need's a boxing expert or just someone else to bounce idea's off .

  8. Gennady Golovkin won the fight. Maybe only by a couple rounds, but won for sure. In boxing there’s only 1 stat that matters, and it’s amount of significant punches. As long as the fight was somewhat close, Canelo was going to get the decision.

  9. Let's be honest here the only people that called this a robbery were people who bet on GGG and the ones that saw their great white hype lose period. Yes boxing can be boring, but so can MMA.

  10. Canelo se rajo .. abandon el plan a KO a GGG Eddie Reynoso despues del 10 round le dijo a Canelo, "…No lo va a poder noquiar …. No se quiere noquiar el cabron …. ES MUY FUERTE …. Ya le diste tus mejores golpes y los esta aguantando !"

    Eddie Reynoso told Canelo after round 10 .." You can't KO him ….. He can't be KO'd …. HE IS TO STRONG … You have hit him with your best punches and he is enduring them."

  11. if Boxing is boring is because you are watching it for the wrong reasons. if you want to watch blood and guts then in Boxing you won't see much of that. The higher the level of expertise the harder it is to see a clean punch land. People who love Boxing Love the science behind it. The counters, the faints, the slips. It's a beautiful sport. But like many beautiful things it will be looked over by the basic person. The cheeseburger and beer types

  12. One of the biggest names in Boxing is Joshua… Who the fuck knows anything about his next opponent if he wasn't fighting Joshua? That's why boxing is a mess. Putting on fights with Bums just to make money.

  13. Chael, do you want to see something that looks bad? See two MMA fighters stand and “box”. It looks like caveman boxing. Very primitive. And MMA definitely has it’s boring moments. Ever seen nothing but fighters rolling around in the guard? MMA isn’t exactly Van Dame in Blood Sport.

  14. Chael doesn’t know what the fuck he’s talking about in this one. Robinson did not fight going backwards. Stick to mma bro. At least in mma you can act like you know what you are saying

  15. The second fight was the real draw! GGG won the first and Canelo looked like a superhero im the second from their special sauce that he got failed for cheating for the second time it was supposed to happen! Canelo didn't look natural at all!

  16. Boxing is far more exciting than mma. Without conor the ufc is nothing..i bet dana was shitting bricks after the bus fiasco, preying his son conor didn't get put in prison or his visa revoked lol..hence why he was begging the roided up wwe wrestler to come back. Without conor the ufc just doesn't have the stars to compete with the likes of joshua, canelo, ggg, wilder, loma, pacman, lemieux, spence, the charlos. All exciting knockout specialists that give the fans what they want. Not roided up grapplers who lie on top of each other all friggin day

  17. It's painful and boring…but have way more fans than MMA, fighter get pay more, It's an older sport with true legends, no fighters with 15 or 10 fights who are consider legends. Based on my preferences I can say Nascar, golf, Polo, etc are boring. With MMA and Box happens same thing with Jazzist and rocker. If you don't like it, don't watch it, It's simple. That's what I do. See u "bad guy"

  18. If you said ggg won you stupid asf . It was a close fight but canelo did more shit then him, he was always on his ass and ggg was just using his jab to keep him away

  19. What's really boring watching two grown ass men laying on top each for 3 mins straight in spandex and shorts. Boxing has plenty of young up and coming stars. Fights boxing fans would wanna see besides Canelo vs GGG 3. there are plenty of fights Take a look Chael…………………………….

    Anthony Joshua vs Deontay Wilder
    Terence Crawford vs Errol Spence jr.
    Vasyl lomachenko vs Mikey Garcia
    Jermell Charlo vs. Jarrett Hurd
    Jermall Charlo vs. Canelo
    Daniel Jacobs vs GGG 2
    Canelo vs Daniel Jacobs
    Billy Joe saunders vs Demetrius Andrade
    Gervonta Davis vs Tevin Farmer.

  20. "and one of the licensed judges" lol, is he trying to make them sound not corrupt now? They were all licensed judges in the last fight too..

  21. How the hell did canelo win that fight? Boxing is killing itself with the corruption and pure robbery of fighters like GGG and many others. GGG got robbed by the scum that is the navada boxing board and oscar dela whoreya.

  22. The problem was giving the A Side to the Challenger The fight was lost in the negotiations Canelo learned that with Mayweather

  23. I clearly remember you saying that you huge fan of boxing or some shit…
    Oh wait, that's Chael speaking, so I should not be surprised at this point:)

  24. It's not boring cheal needs to shut up. Boxing delivers action all the time no boring wrestling matches or francis niganou bullshit fights were he doesnt throw one punch.

  25. I love boxing and MMA but if chael wants to pick a boring sport how about his favourite? Wrestling! I wrestled for about a year but sorry guys as a spectator sport it's boring compared to boxing or kickboxing. Chael needs to watch Gatti vs Ward that fight was as exciting as any MMA fight I've seen and ten times more exciting than any wrestling match!

  26. Fuck canelo he needs all help he can Get and we all know that even at 36 ggg still won canelo could not ko an old fighter even wen he was gassed out by 10th rd how sad om mexican but canelo is a true descrase to true mexicans

  27. Its not about agression in boxing it should be based on puuuncch landed you land a thousand jabs while your opponent lands 500 powershots who should win . if the criteria who would look like hell in the end of the fight or would look weak in the fight is included then so be it but rules was made to follow for fair and sound judgement for the boxers!!! Its all about marketability and too much profiteering !!! But then people want to be stupid to their money and be entertained at the same time . love the fight hate the judging period!

  28. "MMA is non stop unpredictable action, but Ngannou vs Lewis did not deliver" lol Sometimes i forget not to take Chael that serious due to his IQ being the size of a childs shoe. Just watch his famous 'You don't ever disclose the business" rant if you don't understand, you will get a good laugh out of it so its a win win situation

  29. Boxing is boring?…only a caveman like yourself would say such a thing…you would get off watching two people kill themselves in a roman coliseum

  30. Hmmm. I think Chael is really an armature when it comes to boxing analysis and commentary. Like in MMA there is a lot of nuance in boxing. Something only those into boxing will note and realise. For the record, Canelo won this in every department

  31. Boring? 😂😂 says the guy who's in a sport where all they do is dry hump each other for 3 min 😂 he needs to get schooled like mctapper did against Floyd

  32. No mma is boring.. layin on top of eachother. Boxing has more action sometimes in one round then an entire mma fight

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