Boxing Day pasties – Jack Monroe

Boxing Day pasties – Jack Monroe

Hi, I’m Jack monroe and today I’m going to be showing you how to use up your christmas leftovers Not in turkey sandwiches this year but in little boxing day pasties So this is from my new book ‘A year in 120 recipes’ Firstly we’re going to make the pastry So first we dice up our butter and our lard If you want to make this, get your butter and lard out the fridge maybe 20 minutes in advance So it all starts to soften up, makes it a lot easier to work with Just going to take 500g of flour pop all this in here Then just rub it in until your butter and your lard disappear And this lot forms like fine, crumbly little bread crumbs So when thats all rubbed in and you’ve got no really big chunks of butter left in your bowl You can start to add some cold water to it to bring it in to pastry It’s better to add water gradually to pastry And just add it a little at a time and just keep stirring it in You’ll know it’s done when it doesn’t really stick to your hands It’s nice and malleable and comes together really well So its not crumbly, not sticky Just perfect I’m going to be making small pasties today Try and get it together to make some kind of smooth consistency I’m just going to pop these back in their little bowl there And I’m just going to stick them in the fridge for 15 minutes And then we’ll come back and we’ll make them in to pasties So, pastries in the fridge so i’m going to take my leftovers So i’m going to take my leftovers and make them in to something worthy of putting inside of a fabulous boxing day pasty So this works pretty much any left overs you’re going to have on boxing day morning I’m just going to chuck a load of this stuff in a bowl Mix it up with some liquid to make a nice pasty centre Nice big roots Some of those naughty little sprouts I’m just going to add, just because I really like it, a little bit of cranberry sauce And a little bit of apple sauce Just to give them some really yummy, christmasy sweetness A little bit of gravy Now, too much gravy and your pasty is going to be a sloppy, wet mess But not enough gravy then it’s not going to have that great sauce that brings it all together So, when this is looking a little bit like this Or whatever your’s looks like with whatever vegetables and stuff you’ve got in You can add your meat Now when you’ve got as much chicken as you want And, you know, you can use a couple of little scraps of chicken, or you can chuck in as much in as you like It’s probably, about time your pastry came out the fridge So, our pastry is nice and chilled So we’re going to roll it out And do a couple of big ones and a couple of little ones Just because in my house, there’s a couple of big people and a couple of little people I’m just using a couple of different sized bowls to make the bases of my pastry Don’t be tempted to over fill them because you’ve got to close them Take it, pinch them together I can say with confidence that by your third pasty, you’ll be doing this with no problems Just like that And then I’m going to pop these in the oven until they’re nice and gold and crispy The joys of doing them in 2 different sizes i mean, these ones will probably done before these ones so keep and eye And we’ll see how they’re doing in about half an hours time Ta-da! pasties made out of your christmas day left overs, perfect for boxing day And it is just so much better, in my humble opinion, than a cold turkey sandwich Enjoy!


  1. Wonderful idea! I've made only "Cornish" (quotes only because I'm in the US) pastirs before, but what a marvelous idea for using up leftover holiday fare! Will try this soon!

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