1. Our real enemies aren't overseas! They pose as our Media and politicians our bankers our teachers pushing Marxism

  2. Damn UFC is now promoting terrorism… It is so saddening to see foreign terrorist forces overseas killing, raping, and stealing in the name of protecting their "homeland" … It is literally like watching a state 10X worse than ISIS promoting their propaganda. Crazy world.

  3. WHERE THE FUCK IS TIM KENNEDY? Dislike for leaving out one of th baddest to ever do it. Respect for our soldiers served and fallen

  4. How tf can you not include Tim Kennedy?? Seems like the most obvious choice alongside Stann. The UFC blacklists fighters, kinda weird.

  5. I’ve always wondered why there aren’t more service members in the ufc. Martial arts are SUCH a good outlet for these men and women, some of which I know personally.

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