1. I wish you made more of these man . I love both fighters and hated to see them pitied against each other . But anyway I'm hyped .

  2. Hey great breakdown as always, but don't you feel that Maia would have understood Condit's trap guarding techniques and not base his gameplan in this fight off waiting for his opponent to try and force a stand up when on the ground? Just curious.

  3. Hey Bjjscout, great vid! I have a question: you said it would be a good idea to to think of guards as "sweeping" vs "trapping" rather than how you would think of it in sport bjj. I was wondering, would a short stocky fighter benefit more from a sweeping approach or a trapping approach? What about a tall, lanky fighter? I'd love to hear what you think and thanks for the video! Excellent fucking work!

  4. Incredible as always. The music was really on point on this one. I'm an fan of both but I just love Condit aggresion. If I i give you some stacks, would you please send the videao to Jackson and WinkelJohn? To be honest , I'm preparing to cry saturday after Maia take Condit back.

  5. Anderson dropping his hands and moving away against Maia.. Am I wrong to make sense of that differently now?

    Before I thought he was just showboating. Now I think Anderson recognized what you share here: Maia's feints are just to create a take down, and by just walking away Anderson lays bare how ineffective those feints are against a knowing opponent.

  6. Do you think Maia or Shinya Aoki has better mma bjj? Maia seemingly has much better wrestling and top pressure, but i think Shinya has the best submissions in mma history and he also has a win over the current ufc champion. Thanks for the Maia breakdowns.

  7. gotta go with Carlos on this one, but Maia is a tough mf, I wouldn't want him to win a belt, but he is on a streak rn, he's tough man, hope condit takes the win

  8. frist still the best there is love this stuff. second i just think condits tendency towatd aggression gonna bite him in this fight

  9. To be fair dude with all the breakdowns of Maia's bjj game you've posted, i reckon Condit's got a pretty good chance of winning too!

  10. Love these videos and big fan! Any chance of making a BJ Penn Passing vid or videos. I know there's a few out there, but totally love your work. BJ has a fight coming up in October against Ricardo Lamas and the MMA world wants to see BJ go back to his roots and use his legendary world-class MMA Jiu Jitsu and win that 3rd world title. That would definitely be cool to show the new casual fans, how great and technical BJ Penn is 🙂

  11. Someone said music meh? I loved it, excellent break down and videos. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise.

  12. awesome. You really know your stuff. Thanks for putting in the time to make these. Very educating. Keep up the good work 🏆

  13. Awesome video as always. I'd really like to see Maia win and get another title shot. However, I'm starting to get a feeling he loses by KO. I hope not.

  14. This breakdown and all your breakdowns are amazing, can you please do a breakdown of the Dannaher Death Squad with Gordon, Gary, and Eddie? Those guys are the top submission only grapplers and have really effective techniques

  15. I went from Condit, to Maia, to Condit, watching this video… but now I'm back to Maia. I can't see Condit stopping him; And I think Maia will get at least one take down and go to work.
    Plus with Condit saying he is retiring after the Lawler defeat… is his heart really in it still? The answer is yes, 😀 but I haven't heard Maia say anything similar… so… haha
    Only recently come across your videos. Really enjoyed! Keep up the good work.

  16. Carlos is going to win this fight. Maia's cardio has kept him from achieving greatness in the past. A weakness that Maia hasn't address yet, and I don't think he is prepared for a 5 round fight. Most Brazilian fighters don't adapt, they show up to fight with what they know already thinking that is going to be enough, and that's why we don't have a lot of Brazilian champions like we did before. The only fighter that change for the Bad was Wanderlei Silva who decided to be more cautious, and less aggressive. I think that messed up his game, cause he fights at his best when there is a lot of chaos going on, when he is the one attacking. I don't know who is to blame for such a horrible change for the chaos man.

  17. Condit showed against Diaz that he can win a fight walking backwards, so I have him winning. But I wouldn't bet on it.

  18. i really love your work bro. i know that mostly you only do videos on bjj. but i saw your video study on dominick cruz, any chance of breaking down frankie edgars game? we would really love to see that:)

  19. That opening bit turned out to be incredibly prophetic. When your analysis is that spot on you're doing many many things right. Nicely done sir.

  20. Demian is the King!I love that an old school grappler MMA guy like Demian shows how Jiu Jitsu is still the most Superior fighting technic if someone have the mind and heart to Master it, and Demian unlike most (almost all) highly decorated Brazilians with Black Beltts in Jiu Jitsu does not look down on Wrestling (Olympic style) Demian embraced wrestling and incorporated into his Jiu Jitsu and Striking, to raise the level of his overall MMA hE SHOULD HAVE THE NEXT TITTLE FIGHT HE DESERVES IT!

  21. Mr scout amazing once again post fact i wish i knew who you were but it doesn't matter with your knowledge it would probably give you trouble best mma ( bjj) channel on yt you rek the gracies who are about self promotion you are about knowledge ty sen sei..

  22. Wow! SPOT ON prediction! All correct in the first minute of your vid! 0:25 through 1:00. You can see the future brah!?

  23. You supported your argument well in the beginning and called on Maia winning, but your ending was flimsy and reversed your well versed support for a Maia win?

  24. new to the channel and im loving everything about it. the observations are so insightful, the presentation and music are great! have you thought about doing a breakdown on josh barnett?

  25. thx for slowing it down now, the previous videos i de have to pause it a bunch and when its paused the title of the video is hidding some of the text u put in your video.

  26. I think Dana is afraid that Demian will win the title, defend it successfully for some time, much of the "crowd" will "not be entertained," and ticket sales (worth millions) will be affected. Demian is fighting more than top level opponents here…

  27. Nice breakdown ! Apart from your videos are there any other channels or DVDs you recommend to learn more about MMA techniques and tactics ? Thanks.

  28. I was pretty surprised by your concluding remarks after you gave such a comprehensive case for why Maia should be Condit's worst nightmare. I thought both aspects of the analysis (7 minutes of "Maia will destroy Condit" and 5 minutes of "Condit is addressing his stylistic tendencies that can be exploited" – I don't want to call them weaknesses) were fantastic, amongst the best MMA analysis I've seen, but I couldn't see the second part being anywhere near as significant as the first in the overall picture. Anyway, fantastic stuff – you've got yourself a new subscriber!

  29. love the reads, conclusion was a bit ass covering given conclusions should have made clear your prediction. Much respect tho dude, wow! Most impressive break down ive ever seen, thought u might be josh waitzkin/ marcelo

  30. dude! Great assessment! You sure did nail it on the head! This was just a bad match up for condit!!! I wish you could do a Jorge masvidal vs Damian Maia break down!! Masvidal claims he has some good wrestling and as i am sure you know Maia has had some problems with good wrestlers. (Weidman, shelds, mcdonalds, Munoz)…do you think Masvidal's wrestling is good enough to combat maia?

  31. 5:16 damn who pulled of deep half guard in mma,he enters from like quarter guard,even pulling guard in the first place if you are bjj fan, how can you not root for maia,he's like unbelievable.

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