Ben Askren KO’d in 5-seconds FUNNY MEME COMPILATION – UFC 239 Jorge Masvidal vs Ben Askren

Ben Askren KO’d in 5-seconds FUNNY MEME COMPILATION - UFC 239 Jorge Masvidal vs Ben Askren

boom roasted are you God but what about the extra punches as you were clearly out how do you feel about that honestly I didn't even watch them okay I don't care happens I knew what I signed up for do I like George Mazda Oh No well if you ask me before the fight if George not sure how did you take a few shots I would said yep he definitely is you know so that's that's a if that's what he wants to do that's fine does the fact that it's a record bother you more ah no I think that's probably positive right I mean would you want to be somewhere meteor oculi at like 24 seconds or you want to record it but might as well just take the record calculate like my my pay per hour you would do to a five-second knock out it's pretty fantastic okay so what about the fact that it is a guy that you don't like right like there was clearly some some heat there between you guys some bad blood the fact that he has this victory over you now what do I do about it cry asks for a rematch I don't deserve rematching I knock count five seconds what do you want me to do okay you know 7:00 p.m. Arielle sometimes life doesn't go your way sometimes you ask sometimes you lose uh you don't have to like it but you got to accept it did you see him afterwards I I might have but I don't recall it if right right right I don't know if you saw him in the hotel or something afterwards you know after I did not I was staying at a hotel afterwards oh no I didn't


  1. Bem was doing the sleep jitsu,it's the rarest form of martial arts known to man.if the ref didn't stop it Jorge was gonna just collapse ko.damm really wanted too see the full jitsu

  2. What’s he gonna do cry??? No he’s gonna joke and acting like a hard ass make jokes knowing deep down inside he’s finally in his place and wants to kill him self and never fight at that level again…the more he talks he only proves his intellect, he’s an idiot jock

  3. Ok karma, now just give lawler that sweet 4 second justice against colby. Cant deny street jesus' knee though.

  4. He had is thumb and about five toes up too 😂 That mf got knocked the fuk out with his thumb up Wow!!

  5. Ben has amazing chins!💪💪💪💪💪He didn't even bother to move at those extra punches. Tough guy 🥴

  6. “What’s my name?”


    “Been who?”

    “Ben Askren”

    “Nooo! That’s what I’ve been asking you! What’s my friggin’ name?!

  7. Jorge fucked Bens wife when Ben was knocked out and stoping Askren blood line and continues Jorge’s seed

  8. 0:33 when ben says getting knocked out in 5 seconds is a "positive" for him ahahahaha the man is clearly still concussed

  9. I can't stop laughing at all the dumb ass supporters of Askren who STATE, "he took his loss on the chin and admitted to IT" . NO SHIT CAPTAIN OBVIOUS did you see the way his body stiffend up in panoramic view on the reply. WTF else could he say, it wasn't me that was my professional stunt double. He got fucken obliterated.

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