Bellator 222 Undercard (ft. Aaron Pico, Valerie Loureda, Heather Hardy, & More)

Bellator 222 Undercard (ft. Aaron Pico, Valerie Loureda, Heather Hardy, & More)

[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] he's like the wrestler killer that moves like the cheetah you kind of have one shot live from the world's most famous arena Madison Square Garden Bellator MMA is back in the to 1/2 this is Bellator 222 prelims and coming up later tonight on to zone it is the double main event Rory MacDonald putting the Bellator welterweight title on the line in the semi-finals of the $1,000,000 welterweight Grand Prix against the undefeated submission specialist Nieman Gracie and then in a battle of MMA legends Brazil's Karate Kid lyoto machida meets the American Gangster Chael Sonnen light heavyweight and we begin one of the deepest under cards in Bellator MMA history and two guys getting their feet wet for the first time in the Bellator MMA pool middleweight action between Phil Haws and Michael Wilcox both of the same height a little bit longer reach for Phil Haas the records are close this is a very important fight for both fighters and now with the official introductions the international voice of Bellator MMA Michael C Williams ladies and gentlemen good evening and welcome to Madison Square Garden the world's most famous arena as Bellator 222 prelims begin now we kick off the action inside the Bellator cage with three five-minute rounds in the middleweight division introducing the blue corner first at 5 foot 11 wagon 185 point four pounds his professional record six wins three losses fighting how the Philadelphia Pennsylvania Michael we're cogs and across the cage his adversary out of the red corner at five foot eleven weighing in 186 pounds even his professional record for wins two losses by way of Richfield he fights out of a little very New Jersey presenting Phil Silla Hans in charge of the action your referee Todd Anderson ready great wait referee Todd Anderson calls for the Bell as we begin this middleweight matchup three five-minute rounds in the Bellator MMA cage that's filled Dilla haas in the red gloves and in the blue gloves and michael the cowboy wilcox I'm holding that right hand and John they have met at the center of the cage exchanging strikes and now it's Wilcox pinning Hazem against the fence while both guys come from a wrestling background and I will tell you Phil Hawes was the guy that everyone was so sure was gonna be the sure thing the next thing had some problems you know if there's a big difference between what you do in a gym and what you do under the lights and it's a matter just that maturity in getting settled down and calm and that's what we're looking for to see if he is that fighter now tonight thirty-year-old haas for and to all four victories inside the distance three knockouts into submission 32 year old Wilcox is six and three with one knockout and for submissions on his resume it's gonna be very difficult Wilcox does very good when he's on the ground in the top position but he's going to have a hard time just trying to out wrestle Phil to get him to the ground he's gonna have to do it through strikes and through confusing Phil in the fight Wilcox had not fought in two years when he received the call to fight here tonight his brother was killed in a car accident on June 14 years ago the day of his graduation and so Wilcox taking this fight to honor his brother and he's in a fight right now with Haas that's a nice little tip kick you keep on seeing this front kick by Phil Haws it is hitting Wilcox in the abdomen and you can see it's actually affecting him it's stopping his motion and he's actually taking steps back which is telling you I don't like that that's hurting ghost Wilcox and into cross-eyed position is oz that was a huge shot from phil ozz Wilcox got stun he was momentarily frozen from that shot and Wilcox back to his feet but Phil Haws beginning to feel his striking beef jab to the midsection that catapult right hand just misses Bill Haas kind of taken a chance there he's listening to his corner he's got Tigers Chauvin in his corner listeners head and let him up because they know this Michael Wilcox is still and here's Haas taking Wilcox back emotion and now full nobs achieved by Phil Hodge straight to the mouth that's a bad bad position but you got a big strong guy like Phil Haas just holding on to the body trying to gain some time get his senses back but this is a bad place for Michael Wilcox that Wilcox trying to control hodge posture but Hodge is putting all of his weight now on a school can opener there by Hosmer momentarily but yeah Wilcox is just hanging on hoping that referee Anderson will force a stand-up here that's not going to happen from his mouth no exactly he isn't a dominant position Todd Anderson is a seasoned referee he knows that and unless Hawes just decided to do nothing he will never stand this up and we'll let Haws work and he will let him do damage and he has done just that there's blood coming from Michael Wilcox can't really see where John is it hot over the the left eye yeah you can see that his left eye is it's got a giant hematoma on it there's a cut over too he took that big shot and is his eye a swelling shut and the longer this fight goes on the less sight he's gonna be getting out of that eye under a minute remaining in the first round Phil Hodge dominating Michael Wilcox as a Brazilian Jujitsu brown belt a Division one wrestler junior college national champion at Iowa Central Community College same Community College that John Jones was junior national champion and he has trained with the UFC light heavyweight champion he's actually traded with a murderer's row of MMA fighters well he has and that's though that's the whole story Bob behind Phil hospice everyone said oh my god this kid is a monster he is so good and he is it's just that when he got under the bright lights he tended to slow himself down and not do the things he was capable of and that's what he needs to learn is how to take that pressure control it and make it work for him oz mothering Wilcox to close out a dominant opening round turn around turn around let you that I explained to you that cut to his eyebrow I believe is from an accidental head but they clattered that was a very big right hand saw as it hit and that's the one that I believe that right hand is the one that cut up by here referee Todd Anderson thinking there might have been at clash' heads there was not it was that right hand that did the damage to the left eye of Michael Wilcox you also heard a play-by-play announcers say that Wilcox was attempting to get a stand-up from full mouth position yes yes I think he was trying but you were right watch how do you score a well here we go again capped it off how do you support the opening five minutes honestly look at that opening five minutes and there's a lot of damage done to Michael Wilcox and there was one combination of the arms of action that do I hear that number coming at an eighth round mr. Phil Hawes the real question here for the doctor is can the fighters see that's what he's looking for he sees that they're swelling but when you can't see that listen to listen listen it wouldn't stop it was an accidental head butt wear it look at me I need to check the video to see it was accidental you understand all right before we make a fuss right there the very Todd Anderson is making a call saying he believes it was an accidental head but it was not it was accidental or if it's a TKO thank you where's my video on this side and right now what Todd Anderson is doing is going to replay looking to see was it a legal action that right hand was seeing right now was it a legal action caused the damage or was it an illegal I say it was unintentional unintentional clashing heads would mean that that I being shut this could end up being a no contest in referee Anderson staring at one of the monitors studying the replay and again instant replay John a long time coming in mixed martial arts they're going to show this again as if that was not with the what hurt his eye it was a right hand that ended up causing the damage to the eye this fight should end right now as a TKO victory for Phil Haws what about instant replay talk take us through what is happening during what's happening right now in the state of New York the rule for the use our instant replay is if you have a fight ending sequence or you have decided the fight is over but you're going to see it was the damage that was causing the fighter a legal action or an illegal action you can use instant replay to verify your thought Todd Anderson's first thought was this was a possible clash of heads because they did have a clash of heads but it was not via that action that caused the damage to the fighter it was a punch a legal punch right hand and that is why he utilized the instant replay he got the right information and we're gonna have a TKO victory for Phil Haas so Phil Haws improves to five in to all five of his fights finishing inside the distance as he picks up his fourth victory via fort of a knockout a nasty looking cut and of course that I swelling now about poor cowboy Donald Cerrone where what a fight that was and then to pose nothing admit it to it right as everyone knows but you know sometimes you're feeling something there's the first hand that hurt Michael Wilcox that's the one that blast him that was right at this that right hand is the one that cuts his eye and causes the damage you see their heads touch right there and that's what Todd Anderson was looking at but the damage was actually done by that legal right hand that Phil Haase through so what's the report card on Phil Haase following this MMA display we'll get that in a mobile let's go to Michael C Williams ladies Delmon inside the Bellator cage the ringside physician waves off the contest due to the damage done to the blue corner referee Todd Anderson verifies the damage caused by illegal strike therefore the winner officially at five minutes round number 1 by t ke ho Phil Zilla Oh John quickly what impressed you most about Phil Hodge I tell you what impressed me most was his ability to be calm in the fight listen to his corner when his corner said get up he got right up let Michael Wilcox come back that's what led to that second blow that put him into that mount position he dominated the round alright let's go to the fight tests Jay take it away Thank You morale and big John Jay Glazer along with the champ Ali Malay mcFarland one of the hottest rising stars in all of mixed martial arts and the punk Josh Thompson and Alima Lake she is sitting here with us tonight normally it is Jail P sudden who is one of our headliners in the car tonight so ten right we have this alley male normally we're stuck with this advantage Thompson Glaser in all of America welcome to the flight desk thank you I'm so happy to be here we skated the gangster back through the gangster chap great to have you up here again she'll be going against lyoto machida she'll peace son and he has a huge task on his hand tonight against the dragon absolutely and I'm so excited for this matchup because it's it's a one-sided grudge match by two completely polarizing personalities so I'm really excited to see how it plays out I'm what's good what's got me going really it's a style of contrast basically two guys one of the stand-up guy one is wrestling this brings you back to the old school MMA days and this is what I'm looking forward to tonight hey guys look channels going against Kylie on the shooter whenever he goes against the wrestler he's not much the wrestler killer and I talked to child this week he goes I know I can't just sit there and sit and look at him in his range I've got to make sure I smother him smother him smother him pase pase pase that's gotta be he got to keep taking him down no matter what absolutely but talking to Leo too earlier he says if he ends up on his back he's still gonna keep attacking he's gonna attack no matter what I've trained with the auto he's good really good off of his back he's actually good at getting back up to his feet the one thing that other guys that have done they can been able to do against him his chain Russell so jails that's his advantage in this whole thing is his ability to change Russell from double-leg to tip to body lock to take down to drag him down he's that he's that next level of God to do it and the other mashita is a legend he has beaten the biggest names in the history of this sport tonight he goes against the biggest mouse in the history of this sport lamellae I can't tell you enough how glad we are to have you sitting up here with us tonight it is a gift to all of us thank you with that Morel Big John take it away all right time for our second preliminary bout lightweight action Marcus Aaron and the crews meet Ohio take a look at what is being done here by surin he is so good when he gets on top of his opponent that's a tight arm triangle choke puts his guy out but it and his opponent is so good with his greco-roman wrestling and it this fight right here that was the first loss by Pat Casey doing a face crank which is something you don't see a lot and it shows the variety that he has take a look at this talent tape and the real difference look at the age difference Suren is a much older fighter he's got more experience but he's gonna have a lot to deal with with the greco-roman style of maruja let's go to Michael's see Williams fan I was watching around the world live on dissolve we welcome you to the mecca of combat sports Madison Square Garden with the Bellator 222 prelims continue now with three five-minute rounds in the lightweight division introducing the blue corner at five foot eleven weighing in 154 pounds his professional record four and two originally from Tajikistan he fights out of Brooklyn New York presenting the crucible John yeah and across the cage his adversary out of the red corner at 6 foot weighing in 150 5.6 pounds as a professional five wins just one defeat from Stamford Connecticut he fights out of sprint Holly you're projecting Marcus the blueprint Sarah in charge of the action your referee Kevin McDonald Kevin McDonald third man in the ring as we get set for lightweight action great fight great a fight let's go bell and round one Marcus the blueprints are in in the red gloves the crews need ojf in the blue gloves so in five and one with two knockouts into submission victories you know Jaya is four including one submission way Serena's third fight in Bellator he's won in what with the submission of victory and four [Applause] no job looking to improve to to a knowin Bellator MMA with the jab taking a huge risk in that type of tape down slow and serene over his head basically but I'm telling you this guy's greco-roman style of wrestling is so strong it is if he's very difficult to deal with in the clinch or on the ground when he's on top and we just saw highlights of his Bellator debut in Bellator t-62 veteran of this year when he submitted that Casey nap time for the third novel look at the scope that saw him back on his paper these give me his face practice Balan now middle China is a bad position to might discern in sports-entertainment I would have called that a Samoan drop John nice job to get himself out of that goodnight bye Marcus back to his feet this is the place he was he needs to be very careful in the way that he approaches stand up and allowing the desire to get into that clinch that body law takedown is something that he's outstanding with middle Jai of a four-time Tajikistan national greco-roman wrestling champion [Applause] sir in a brown belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu from the hens Oh Gracie Academy here in New York City he was also a division 1 wrestler at Clarion University was a captain his senior year and teammates with all the likes of Frankie Edgar champion and now on syringe B just wrestled outmuscled here by me no giant jug well the one thing at least this her is doing is he went to that leg and he's holding on that leg keeping himself in the position where he can attack watch this as Merkers I was trying to the takedown he was starting to eat some shouts fencer in and now just in exchange Serena gets to that takedown in murky jive starts to look for those strikes Marcus sir showing that he's got very good nice intention of a good exchanges that they separate right Oh noodle Jaya coming up on the final two minutes of the first frame hero Jaya mr. with those shots but they are standing in front of each other now and surrender doing a good job of appointing or these ticking the mustard Appa most of these shots jung saem starting to eat more shots as this is going on your CD started backed up now instead of lead that dance and coming forward he started to give a little bit of ground I don't know if he's starting to get tired based upon all of the clinching and challenges you can have it nicely strike up the middle by syringe side is perfect I'm using that Whizzer sliding the leg across give the trip syringe stands up again looking for that double color tie the tied club call it what you will as Nero jayam level change but unable to secure the single leg with 60 seconds now remaining in the first round let's hear both wrestles we'll call it signal call time [Applause] [Applause] that's a simpler you're looking right now Dave Schultz made a living off of that head and arm lot of action in that first five minutes jhana who do you have a head on your unofficial scorecard boy there was a lot of action you're looking at both guys having orbits where they were doing good in these and I think Marcus rig got some of the better shots even though he had that each slam against him in the beginning he was riding that out the end great Brown let go hear his word Bergen shot kids him up when we get him set whack beautiful job but smart by Marcus he feels it and he goes with it which causes that over rotation thought it was going for the Antonio Inoki octopus called there and this right here hard position to get out of great job by Marcus red to be calm take his time we mentioned that serrate is 12 years old cradled shy of at 38 he started training MMA at 30 and yet acquitted himself well in that opening frame outstanding job I mean a lot of exchanges and a lot of grueling work by both guys they they were pushing and pulling and doing a lot of energy burning speaking of girly workin so Ren works a 56 hour week for an investment bank competes in MMA because he loves it this is round number two surrending the red gloves meto chaya in the blue gloves pops on the inside by Serena I saw the shot on the inside for sure and where kajak needs to start seeing that every time that he starts to throw syringe starts to dunk his head to the right does a little shoulder but when you see that know where he's gonna go the next time you start to set him up out flinching you know tired but against the fence says surround creating distance trying to drive those leads into the midsection suspicion potential but serene and and defense doing a good job of defending the takedowns of needles tire and see right now [Applause] it's like not the smartest way of going about these because you're burning a ton of energy but if you need to get that guy down but now you burned all that energy he's got he's got to keep him down get this position to make all that energy burn worth it Leo Chaya also recording some highlight reel slam takedowns in this fight back his feet so all of that lifting of that body and everything you live ego wasn't worth it waistlock being employed by meadow Jaya and this is where Perkins I have is very good with this body look he's got a lot of nice little foot movements he sweeps the foot out he lifts the body but that fence creates friction when you have friction you're lifting a whole lot more than this guy weighs at 2555 pounds remain in the second round you know Jaya telling us that he can mix everything up felt good and cap says that although Tajikistan is watching this fight tonight as he looks to improve to to burrow in the Bellator MMA cage while Sauron hopes to improve to 2 & 1 under the Bulldog dinner it's the midway point of the round and the fight another tick down time miracle Jaya takes the back with the guy with a nice group of serene guys just outstanding technical fight by both guys very impressed with the the grappling ability as far as the wrestling of Barca shrimp he may have wrestled a long time ago [Applause] jayam as they exchanged in close quarters under two minutes remaining here in round number two energy because you've got weight on top of you you're trying to actually get your head is a big energy bird so what Marcus is doing is smart looking for that judo throw using the wizard he's Rob maximizes looking to put the hooks in a child which I've tried to roll through that was smashing elbows [Applause] strike by Marcus the blueprints are in doesn't you are as a person final minute of the second round they're all hot giant trying to control syringe posture [Applause] surrender a king the grip posturing up and again he is up on the chest area of murky jab sir it is landing big heavy elbows and they're not necessarily connecting the way he might like but they're getting well it's not only that they're getting some are getting through even the ones that aren't are they are rattling his cage even though that one is stopping it it is still the problem let's now try to utilize his feet to escape trying to defend the best he can the clock may in fact be milk Japan Second Treatise died in his ass ruins big as our right now ground-and-pound from surin Mero giant lips to see round three mother [Applause] – lets go and take a look at some of what happened here because here's that transition you see him cross facing pulls him over wraps elect to get the hook and bring a giant he decides I'm gonna roll through it but Suren feels that goes right to mount and when he hits mount he starts landing big punches and big elbows a lot of these hit a lot of them weren't powerful but some of them were and he did damage down here you can see that mortgage I was getting feeling the results of those right now score and I have it I have Marcus Rin up in this fight I thought Murgatroyd was winning that rag up until the a huh I now have Marcus Rinna up two rounds tonight round three the belt the third and final round as to Blighty whose touch gloves at his marcus the blue pixel in the red gloves nipples and middle jaya in the new bluffs and again ceramic wedding himself well in the clinch using that single collar tie now the double collar type create separation delivers the knee up the middle good snap down in the head pull him down all this very taxing especially when you are a tired fighter again you know Jaya twelve years the junior would've North 38 year old surrend and cardio and pushing the pace are the blueprint from Marcus Saran when we talk to him he's doing exactly what he said because I'm now dropping you're looking at that guy's a heck of a wrestler man you're gonna have crap okay well he's proving his point he has done just that right hand to the body mirror chop just trying to win some shots there's an equation underneath his finally Merle Jaya can circle away from the fence and fatigue in just a little wearing down that the withering the attack of boots already yeah you could just take a look at his legs when he's standing look at so when you're seeing him stand straight up and down skeletal structure is holding him up instead of muscular tension muscular tension is what you want to have because you don't want to try to enhance that bring it up it's gonna make you slow but when you're tired you start getting yourself back to that skeletal structure and that's what you're seeing right now from the crease not just a fantastic analyst but a terrific teacher as well with John McCarthy here is they continue syringes pinning me no Jaya along that fence trying to feed them uppercuts and those slashing elbow strikes to the inside for syringe and you just look at all of the major shots that are being landed five mushroom he's the guy you look at the harder shots it's always surrendering the guy that's delivering and not accepted does this behoove you know jayam knowing in this background but also knowing what has happened in his fight to continue to do this and expend the energy that is quickly decreasing well if my opinion just we're looking at the fight the way it's going still fight so if your best chance is to finish off the ground well then continue on going after that takedown but if your best chances to start winning shots then start winning shots and stop stop burning energy go for a takedown that you have had a hard time once you get got it there continue to hang on to it and do the damage go strikes by soren and yes the tenacious mero gif continues to just stick to surrender old buddy you're not able to obtain a dominant position and now thought that was going to be a double wrist lock attempt there by some ring I thought he's gonna do the same thing we didn't let go of it mirga's I have right now he's in that position that body lock in every fight I've seen him in and he gets the body lock he has a really great position modified German suplex by Mueller Jaya going with a switch right here by Marcus sir and putting pressure down on that shoulder right now they're in a stalemate position but gazaam has his hands around the waist now you see Sharon lost that switch that's why Mirko Jack gets himself the position on top sir in putting in the garden despite the fact that this is surrenders including as we mentioned Frankie Edgar one of the sports best 45 seconds now remaining close guard of celini no giant needs a miracle just not enough energy left by the crews to do anything effective against a guy like Marcus it has a very good guard understands the position understands how to slow guys down to keep their just get past you see that nice butterfly hook here still threatening to change that position with a reversal and back to the closed guard Saran with the fifteen seconds remaining in the tape that's a 38 year old Marcus Soren against the 26 year old the Cruz middle childhood we go to the scorecards in this lightweight attraction John you might as well put a button on it when it comes to your scorecard look at there's no doubt in my mind who should win this fight Marcus or in went out there and absolutely did a beautiful job of out technique in a very good technician in the grappling game getting the better positions landing the bigger shots Marcus syringe should be improving right now with another wind on his side surrender immediately going to you know giant corner showing his sportsmanship and his appreciation for what was a tough battle is surrender me definitely bracing the grind and mixed up his attack John he mix it up very well you take a look what he did in the stand up look in tied here in the clinch look at that beautiful uppercut thrown throws the shoulder back in nice little combo to start to end it off there's the left hand right hand not a lot of power on it they don't hit him hard but at least they back him up but when he got to that mount position some of these elbows that got through were strong they hit him solid that one right there that you can see when that fighters head is flat on that canvas you can see just that reverberation from that shot strong grounded pound by Marcus Turan we await the three judges cake shy their verdict as we are just beginning the proceedings this is the second 12 preliminary bouts coming your way here on the undercard of Bellator 222 at the mecca of combat sports Madison Square Garden coming up at 10:00 o'clock Eastern no yet again we will bring you the main card for Bellator 222 let's now go to Michael C Williams ladies who definitely going to your judges score cards for the decision the first judge at capeside's Timothy Corrado scores the fight 30 to 27 judge and he sees the fight for Suren your second judge date Torelli scores the fight 29-28 seeing the fight for me Rocio your third and final judge at Kane side Derek Cleary scores the fight 29-28 for the winner by split decision Marcus Suren at the end of the day mr. McCarthy [Applause] at the end of the day John the judges while two of the judges got right split decision win for Marcus Soren as he improves to two and one they got two of them got it right all right well three people who always get it right are standing by at the fight desk yeah you're too kind a great prelim fight stacked prelim card top to bottom great card here tonight and guys tonight our final fight we'll have our next finalist for the welterweight Grand Prix tournament Douglas Lima we'll find out who he faces in the finals whether it's Nieman Gracie or Rory MacDonald trip charm in on this I am personally invested in this tournament I fought at Bellator Hawaii with Nina and Gracie I fought in San Jose in April with Rory and whatever wins tonight they're gonna face my name twin Douglas Lima on the other side of the bracket so I am personally and emotionally invested in this tournament I can't wait to see the matchup Lima wants Rory MacDonald in the finals that's all he cares about he wants redemption for the fight that they had before Nieman is playing spoiler I'm telling you right now this whole tournament is great not to mention the 50 cent and a million dollars at the end of it absolutely and again if Nieman Gracie does move on he's gonna have to beat Rory MacDonald with more on that matchup Jenn brown take it away well thanks Jamie and even Gracie has been dreaming about becoming a champion since he was a child he said it all started for him when he was like five years old watching his cousin hoist Gracie fight at UFC 1 now he's looking to become a champ and then move on to defeat he couldn't defend that belt again but here's the thing that's interesting when he saw a voice fight he said that he would go to school after that and make Championships belts out of paper tonight he looks to go from origami to gold and as his dreams could maybe come true tonight there's another Gracie though that is starting his own and making its own step in MMA for more on that let's head over tomorrow Big John guys alright thank you very much Jen the Gracie train has left to Penn Station nema Gracie's cousin hops and Gracie jr. about to compete for just the second time as a professional judge this was Hobson's very first professional fight in Hawaii and when he got to the ground it was game over he disabusing look at the setup on that rear naked choke goes palm to palm it is tight gets the win he we know based on his background he's got an outstanding ground game it's his stand-up game that he's always gonna be questioned uh Gracie with an outstanding ground game I am shocked shocked shocked I see someone in overalls agrees with a pro debut for Oscar Vera everything else is almost identical here's Michael see Williams tonight from New York City now presents three five-minute rounds in no health term weight division introducing the blue corner first at six foot one weighing in 168 point tonight he makes his professional MMA debut fighting out of the Bronx New York Oscar god of wool and across the cage his adversary out of the red corner at six foot three weighing in 160 eight point six pounds as a professional early on he stands at one and Oh fighting on New York New York presenting Hopson Gracie jr. in charge of the action rotary blade rice black rice is your referee we are set for welterweight competition here on the Bellator 222 prelims portion of the evening at Madison Square Garden Hobson Gracie jr. 29 years of age here we go you ready ready fine it is second fighters in the red gloves Oscar got a morgue Vera making his professional debut sports the blue gloves pair up from the Bronx John hoping that this Bronx Tale has a happy ending he's got a lot of confidence he's been brought here everybody during this week leading up to this fight let me see what he does which actually puts odds on him it's the question he thinks that he's got hops and Gracie down and then he stand up game he has a big Gracie coming forward of course to close that distance and get this body to the campus probably would like to show that we know what Wayne sees are evolving as well in terms of the striking Department we've seen that and the gentleman who's going to be challenging Rory MacDonald in the main event for the welterweight championship and the semi-finals of the welterweight Grand Prix Neiman's Gracie we have seen incredible improvements in Neiman's stand up game from the time he started Bellator fighter the point he is now he is a completely changed stand up fighter he used to just use that stand of jargon himself and right now he's using that stand up to speed the southpaw bear up jab inside locate by Vera lotta openings with both fighters here when your cig gonna take that his right hand his obsequies he sees that there's his cousin Vince watching closely know all it's gonna kick his head good takedown get on top and start to do what we do to be successful entirely seeking outside trip American tend to just keep racing defense double over hooks by Gracie pummeling now neutral position even though his back against the cage it's a neutral position questions now leave that shoulder up on that jawline that's what crianza treatment they start to take push it to the side where you want it to be and start to create this art thing I can see with the legs now right to side control it's a jiu-jitsu clinic bar oh yes it is and he is receiving instructions from his trainer and his brother heads öand absent Gracie jr. [Applause] and let's see jr. picks up another resolution victory to a no two submissions would a Gracie fighter want it any other way [Applause] and this is what you have moral when you have that faith in your ground game you don't have to worry just take your time let things happen look at the setup look at this beautiful pass to psyche the right into a knee on belly slides at the mound as he tries to buck him off and then once he gets that position he grapevines the leg you see that position switched you see Barrett trying to get him off goes right to the armbar beautiful technique look at the elevation of the hips outstanding submission win for Hobson Gracie so a sign perhaps things to come you know the crazies would love this to be a night of celebration Nieman Gracie will be in the main event challenging Rory MacDonald one of the ambassador's great characters of MMA and so Gracie let's go to Michael C Williams ladies gentlemen inside the Bellator cage it comes to an end three minutes 15 seconds round number one the town by way of an armbar for the winner by submission still undefeated Hobson Gracie jr. opsin Gracie jr. a perfect two-and-oh to begin his professional mixed martial arts career and guys the Gracie name alive and well in 2019 certainly his morning Emily will see another Gracie in Niemann Gracie we start our main card of the evening with a title fight we have her Gucci against Caldwell the early fought over in Japan or a Gucci one that Caldwell very confident that the outcome will be much different tonight Josh Willett I had a nemesis in Gilmer line as we fought three times I beat him and destroyed him the first fight the second time I came in overconfident and he came with a better game plan and he ended up getting me in that second time so that it can happen here with Horiguchi he's thinking oh the submissions there all day long I keep chasing and chasing it the problem is though in a five-round fight as he gets sweaty ER and the fight carries on you start to lose those opportunities when they come especially in the guillotine position where he was able to get this win right here against Caldwell now Caldwell though he has all the ability to go ahead and take this fight anywhere he wants because of his wrestling pedigree the problem with him though as the fight goes off because he's the elephant in the room with him is it he potentially cuts too much weight so as the fight goes on he tends to kind of get a little bit slower and he makes mistakes like he did in Japan absolutely but I am excited I think the biggest factor in their first meeting was the ring versus the cage so I'm excited to see Caldwell perform here at Madison Square Garden inside a cage versus a ring I've been to Saitama Arena I know that it's a completely different atmosphere versus over here so I'm really excited to see Dario and where he feels comfortable yeah there's a lot going into that fight it's gonna be interesting if he is overconfident was just confident enough to make sure he retains his belt Hey with that it's in a back cage I left prelims roll on Mauro all right James speaking of the bantamweight division that is what is happening right now here at MSG as we take a look at the flashback this is all Hector Lombard when he was the middleweight champ look at that shot he's out that was the fastest knockout for a long time here at Bellator and then we had this look at that kick that was in Italy beautiful shot that tied the record McHale a month ago we might as well get one more here comes Michael Kimball both over the ends that fight we have three guys tied at a six second knockout in Bellator you know what they say John these kind of things happen in threes three fighters in Bellator with the record for fastest ko six seconds and how does the tale of the tape speak to use well everything is as we said virtually I did it with the one that I want you to see is Michael Kimmel did not make weight he was point six over he did not make weight that is a bad thing to happen alright let's go to Michael C Williams ladies Dylan here at the garden Bellator MMA 222 the prelims live on thisone continue in the bantamweight division set for three five-minute rounds introducing twitter at five foot nine weighing in 135 point 6 pounds his professional record 2 & 2 originally from Lima Peru he fights out of Newark New Jersey Sebastian and across the cage his adversary out of the red corner at 5 foot 9 Wang in 136 point six pounds as a professional two ribs one loss from Waterbury Connecticut he fights out of the Fort Lauderdale Florida presenting by the seven ball and when the bell rings the referee in charge Mike Pelton Mike Beltran oversees the action in this bantamweight bow I still have that first throw the bell in round number one Mike the savage Kimball in the red gloves Sebastien Ruiz in the blue gloves hit will look at a rebound from his first professional MMA loss falling to John Juba the first round triangle choke at Bellator 215 this past February in that situation you had Mike Kimball having two fights in Bellator where everything went his way he is a very good athlete he's a fast twitch fighter and he's got speed yeah he's fast period competing in track and a cross country in high school so he's got speed he's got endurance as he does but you've got to maintain a concentration [Applause] Louise flinching trying to regain his faculties here marjai by Ruiz can keep that clinch into the cake get your wits about you there is no time in the cage that you can mentally lapse and let things go and that's what happened with my Kimmel against low blow okay no monitors business oh here's a nice shot inside right where it was not supposed to go and that's why you see Kimmel now given reaction that's why Beltran did not put that back in the same position since it was Ruiz who was controlling that position he lost the position based upon that foul inside low kick by Kimball marching forward the week's forced to fight off his buddies on his front foot now and pumps the jab but backing up simple to cut him off there's E from kitchen Pig midsection outside low kick by Ruiz and this is what you want to see out of Mike Kimball though he is going after his opponent but he's remaining composed he's landed some big shots he's had some bad moments when you know he got fouled but he hasn't let that take over he has it got bad don't go back to your game plan go back to what you're doing and we'll just mess with the right cross under three minutes remaining here in the opening round fainting cutting off Ruby says Louise looks to cut up the legs from underneath Kimball caught up not a bad idea by Sebastian let me take those legs let me slow you down let me chop it out and that's what Kimball does not exactly okay go back of the lead leg of Kimberly's sometimes when you're facing a guy like Sebastian is facing in back him up a really good athlete you've got to say it's okay to take my time I don't have to sit there and try to get rid of it right away that's not gonna work Kimball is allowing Ruiz to eat up real estate John yes he is you see that Ruiz is actually utilizing that lateral movement which you see kibble is not cutting it off he's following it and when you're following it it's telling you you're not doing the right thing I want to cut that movement off so he doesn't have the ability to just go every once and Ruiz well on his way to getting those recommended 10,000 steps here in round one but if there are a smart game you do not want to just stand in front of a guy that's a fast guy guy that's a good athlete Mike and their brother aways that Kimble ate well and in fact came back with a lung true through the garb of Ruiz that shadow Ruiz didn't look good it was looping over the top there was more of a slant yes you heard that suicide again the constant lateral movement of movies not allowing Kimble to set his rhythm typical needs to start taking that left leg and stepping off and cutting off the direction that Sebastian's able to willingly when he wants don't let him have that from him for just twenty two years of age this is sports professional fight back from his first loss as a fighter began training MMA at the age of 13 made his pro MMA Bellator debut in February of last year in Bellator 194 when he stopped jeffrey then via first round TKO and he even told us that in MMA it's not never necessarily who's better but who can capitalize and others mistakes and stay disciplined the extreme discipline of salute lee and there's so many things between the top guys and that next level and it's about maintaining a composure [Applause] and we'll weeks back up to its feet [Applause] and the route so some frenetic activity in the closing seconds of that first frame John how do you score it alright now in that round I got my Kimball taking that round to the brain but I thought Sebastien Ruiz did a lot of good things and one of the things about his courage he does have a good kicking game and his high kick is good because that arm is going to start to feel the effects of it so keep on doing it watch this sequence here nice left jab by Kimball right hand right on the edge of the chin doesn't have a lot of power to it just based upon body position but he follows it up with those three shots all of them connecting that was a nice sequence by Mike Kimball here's that blast double just like Brock Lesnar used to do but good job by Ruiz and not go after him don't accept the position don't let things just be make things happen our pro wrestling references will become a drinking game by the end of this evening as we continue with this Bantam wipeout although you're right Brock Lesnar was a-standin n-c-double-a wrestling champion let me tell you something Brock Lesnar had a devastating alright automatic last bell the round to Kimber in the red gloves Sebastian Elise in the blue gloves bantamweight division action again we will kick off the main card of Bellator 222 coming up at 10:00 o'clock Eastern on the zone from the mecca of combat sports Madison Square Garden with a Bellator bantamweight championship bout between titleholder Darien Caldwell and rise in Batam way champion kill G Horiguchi will be called well to become the first rise in bantamweight champ New Year's Eve in Japan but the rise in title will not be on the line to kick things off for Bellator 222 well not it's there's so many variances between the two places where the fights are taking places as far as the Satya marina in a cage in a bring all the differences there's a lot going on with this fight and not so much going on here in round juice they both go for low kicks and again though same formula for a weason and you would have thought and we did not hear the corner of Kimball but he has to start cutting off the the cage you're heading closer there is there's a marked difference in following your opponent or cutting off that movement and you've got to create that where the fighter doesn't feel like they can get to where they want so they just stop doing it and that puts him in front of you and that opens up your game Louise whipped me low inside low kick to the lead leg of Kimball but again just backing up and moving to his right constant movement to his right and Kimball is allowing him he's not loving it's not making them pay a toll free Zac if you're gonna have this guy moving why I got a Turk hitting that left hand and look at the reason Ruiz is moving off because he knows Kimball has a very strong right hand he's moving away from that power that's a smart game plan and he's also proving kibble into his power which is his right hand again as your said Kemp and finally here you really need to start stepping off to the left with that left leg cutting off that position making Ruiz have to figure out a new route when we ask for ways what his strengths where he said his kicking and his durability scene and show off the kicks and you concede the cull of the discoloration and the inside of the thigh of title in another low blow Kimble Shane come on bro after you've been hit to the groin area once that's enough after – it's like a no come on you can't blame it now I don't know if that that one might be based upon both fighters actually moving in Ruiz is actually throwing a good kick but Tim almost puts himself into it a little bit in that's not when we do that inside they kick it is so close all the time just sliding up in my groin area that was actually a wall targeted but it wasn't there's nothing intentional gimbals also been working with Adam board so we will see coming up later on this one of the deepest title cards in Bellator MMA history he faces Aaron Piko Piko coming off another loss now foreign to win hope his much hype career but making the move to Jackson wink MMA will see what you wrinkles he's added to his game but boy he faces another incredibly stout test against the undefeated Adam board you know when you're talking about guys coming into the world of emmab and who they're facing you look at you know Aaron Pico from the start you know he had his first fight here at Madison Square Garden it was that loss and everyone said he's not as good as in you were all going to make him out to be look at he is that good well turn here's it I guess karma just caught up with Sebastian or Winx there's a get you back alright got the key nutcrackers not playing on Broadway right it's not that time of year here we can see that foot comes up it just slides it bumping he does bring it up it slides across and that's how it was it's not intentional he's been a cuddles off don't want any problems in pain you guys keep it keep it clean alright gentlemen shake hands let's keep this thing clean all right ready so the most offense we've seen really has been illegal welcome us out there Michigan are both telling law yes and now they sense of urgency kicking in and even with Ruiz well that's that's what it took to flick the switch both guys actually starting to sit down and throw with a lot more power right now – you're not just trying to touch each other they're trying to hurt each other outside low kick by Kimble I'm going to slow down the lateral movement of Ruiz and yet he is continuing to allow Ruiz to circle to Ruiz's right Ruiz with that windmill misses badly a minute remaining in the second round one of the things that Kimble Jeff living off of this fight man he needs to go back and look at if there's anything he can pick off from Sebastian Ruiz did not go straight back when you're being attacked use that lateral gayben and Kimbo was able to pop Louise's head back like that but Marie Lopez dispensed with the jab would like to see more of the stick and everything in fighting is about your ability to move your body your footwork puts you in position for your weapons to be effective that's what my Kimball needs to think about when he's looking at cutting this up you cut that angle off and you throw that left hand out there touching him on the chin he will stop moving in that direction both fighters have two wins two knockouts and now their heads are too round three and please just miss our release King [Applause] [Applause] how do you have it going into the final round there in there in that round looking even in that last succeeds the better shots overall our big the heavier shots five Mike Kimball is not the oh he's is not landing at times and the better shots are Michaels all right now I okay Nobel Peace Mike hey keep it clean you understand what they put our yup gravy Mike Beltran beautifully admonishing to keep it clean after they exchanged shots to the nether region around by you gotta fight paddle Snowbell round three and there we go good sportsmanship and embrace and you know the king who would like to embrace them in a different way as this round begins both of them staying at distance Kimball's also worked to London shoot fighters John and has been well getting advice from none other than MVP Michael venom page well what he's doing is Mike was kind of like the big fish in the small pond where he was from Connecticut he started to branch out and he caught that little tiny fish in the big pot because there's so much knowledge all four nice white hand lands for Kiwis just listening to his penis Greg Jones in the corner of Mike Mo said exactly what he should have said he's his mic you need to use your feet you need footwork here you need to cut him off you need to use your feet to get inside and land that left hander everything that he needs to hear he has been told he's just to hang out of range Zack this is where a lot of people you know they'll get it the punch stab things like this is like that's air shots he's got to step forward these guns are damage to the lead leg of Kimble but not you know he says kicks are his major strengths he's got a good visitor trying to slow down kibble maybe close the distance but now Kimble attacking the lead leg with an inside low kick and what your sheep from a whim what you're seeing with Ruiz is he's attacking Kimble without hauling any kind of thing anything to set it up so Kimble is able to see everything that's coming at him look at that movement just able to step right back from it never touches it again way out of range good doing because honestly John he's just following him around he's exactly it and it's the footwork he's starting to become dead on his feet look at his he's not moving a lot he's not he's on his toes but he's walking walking Fork you've got to create that position of change you've got the force that angle by the use of your legs to put your body in position to land with your hands your elbows your knees or your feet I think a nice one truly swinging the guard for my Kipling and briefs say bring it bring it bring it but Kimball knows I am the ability to touch you if you really close oh it's looking good right now and again please throwing the pig looping right hand the kimba's seize all their long landing off the shoulder let's see right there that's the counter the kibble should be landing kibble should be seen that big lead coming and when it's coming don't just get into the way and blast to maximize the damage he has done to Ruiz and take some risks John put some combinations together well it's the whole thing do you want to win the fight yes do you want to finish the fight there is a difference you finishing is different than you just winning none of his fights of God the distance to wins ba4 Menaka philosophy of submission and again maybe coming off his first loss still very positive little conservative because you made the mistake don't want to make another mistake but you got to open up and go after it when you hurt somebody go after y'all do it in a wild fashion simple able to stick the jab he's backing up and you can see him will read everything Ruiz is showing he's telling he's given a tail on every time he's going to throw and kimple just reads it easily but if you're reading it that easily use it to your advantage let him throw it and counter it with a big shot under a minute remaining in the fight bantamweight division Michael Savage Kimble 22 years of age 2 & 1 Sebastien Ruiz 21 years of age 2 and 2 in his professional MMA closer to prospects beginning their respective careers and with 30 seconds left it looks very much like this one will be going to the judges scorecards give up just complained about having blood spit ahead but that's because Ruiz cannot breathe out of his nose he's breathing heavy out of his mouth that's not on purpose [Applause] Jimbo police looking for the takedown behind one son [Applause] both guys sign to the fence like wow they've got fire I guess they had a lot of energy left there and that's the problem if you have that much action you didn't do enough in the fight well Kimball did do damage to Ruiz's vation will be able deceased them the highlights here Johnny look at the shots here here comes that big right hand right down the pipe that was a big shot there who is 8 and the big difference in this was the speed Kimball was able to utilize his speed to an advantage of he used it defensively when Ruiz would throw shots he was getting out of the way but again you don't want to be the guy that just gets out of the way that's good but I want to use that person's lack of offensive ability to an offensive counter that's going to get him out of this fight I wish you to fetch new dirt again and there's the martial arts in mixed martial arts Kemble wishing Ruiz the best on his journey and that's what the martial arts experience is it is a German each other it is definitely a journey look at there's so much that goes with it and you have got to no matter what I don't care if you like your opponent or not you have to go respect the guy that sticks it backstage it's that skill patience composure on the run skill patience composure duly noted we saw patients into the country saw skill maybe you would have liked to have seen a little more of the skills and the patience and composure job I hate still very early in his career that's exactly what it is let's go to young fighter let's go to Michael's see Williams ladies doesn't have it gone the distance will go to your three judges at cage side your first judge Christopher Lee scores the fight 29-28 he sees the fight for Ruiz your second judge Marcel Morello scores the fight 30-27 he sees the fight for Kimball your third and final judge at cage side Timothy Corrado scores the fight 32:27 having it for the winner by split decision my the seven [Applause] not a pattern we begin to see develop here tonight we've seen it a couple of times the right guy wins Mike Kimbo that scores for all over the place well I don't know what happened this one I can tell you what happened in the last one because I asked and what truly happened was one of the judges had the fighter in the blue corner on his red car and he wrote it wrong he actually was giving the fight to the other fighter but the Commission wouldn't let him change when he realized the mistake because they knew that the fight had already gone his way so that one I don't understand coming up 10 o'clock Eastern on his own Bellator 222 main event welterweight world Grand Prix semi-finals the winner will face Douglas Leeman the final the welterweight champion Rory MacDonald putting his title on the line against the undefeated submission specialist and Nieman Gracie and then in light heavyweight action former UFC light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida taking on Chael Sonnen who at 42 says his journey is far from over look at the rest of this car though Dillon Danis going after his second win but Ricky van de Haas against Patrick mix that is my fight of the night I believe that one or the next one is going to be it because at war no Dante is a two-time champion against one archuleta is fantastic and then you have that cross promotion Darian Khan well against Koji Horiguchi what a matchup this is Horiguchi has been an incredible fighter since his last loss against the Beatrice Johnson well consecutive wins for Gucci he is the rising bantamweight champion but tonight it's Caldwell's bantamweight title up for grabs as Caldwell looks for revenge as we go to the tale of the tape for our next prelim bout here at Bellator 222 both of these guys have a lot of experience a lot of age with that experience but both of them are very good fighters I am Ghazali is a ground specialist it's a catchweight fight let's go to Michael see Williams maybe's gentlemen inside the Bellator cage live on dissolve we go three five-minute rounds at 180 pounds introducing the blue corner first at five foot eight waiting in 176 pounds even the veteran brings a professional record of 22 and 22 by way of could achieve uh Brazil he fights out of Brooklyn New York Gustavo permits and across the cage his adversary out of the red corner at five foot eleven weighing in 178 pounds even as a professional ten wins six losses fighting out of the Bahama Israel introducing the east railey Batman was I in charge of the action referee Diana Burke we oughtta [Applause] oh you ready buddy let's go fight referee dad Merkley otter calls for the bell goes Ollie 46 years of age ten and six he's two and three and Bella tours in the red gloves who stopped a bullet sir 36 and he is 22 and 22 with one no contest Johnny he's got a lot of fights in look at he started off as a Muay Thai fighter fighting out of the famed Chute Boxe Academy would guys like Anderson Silva Wanderlei Silva Jose Pele Landi job those were his training partners he has got a good stand up game but he was always getting beat by grounders ended up learning how to grapple getting his jiu-jitsu blackbelt but in vain ghazali he wants to keep this fight on his feet because Maya is special when he gets to the ground and Felix are looking to use his feet to into the half butterfly guard now the full guard employed by goes Ollie rose Ollie and his 18-year old son of Eve both fought at Bellator 209 in Israel the first time father and son have competed together at a pellet or MMA event and dare I say it's it's rare in the history of the sport very rare as far as you know fighting on the same night I've had a lot of guys that I refereed as the father that refereed their sons not on the same night and I will say that hi I'm son I've Eve is a very talented ground rapper my garden here now Rose alley all 10 of his wins of carving a first round knockout or submission seven of his ten wins via submission this table trying to gain some posture in this you see a high I'm weaving his hips controlling that posture not doing anything offensive towards him right now which is breaking down what does got with the good seeing with a great fighting for my legs right here that's pulling Gustavo's lips down makes me has no power if you throw strikes all of them is good defensive guards game by home Ghazali thing needs to think about becoming offensive and yes we are at the midpoint in the first round starting to work that guard a little bit higher you see him utilize that fit that cage he's gonna go for that you see furniture going he's locking it to it that will not stop someone that knows how to push the arm free the zombie is smart about the good [Applause] but slime that choke on Berlin supposedly looking for his own weapon first all of his winnings have come within the first five minutes of a fight you see the Burch's arm is all the way across that's a bad position for the be a minute and a half remaining in the round I don't see that higher is actually committing toward squeezing on that choke with everything he has he's still working towards that armbar ball he wants to change the angle of this right now this triangle being straight ahead can't create the same volley picks up his eighth submission when he improves to 11 and six all 11 fights finished in or 11 wins finished in the first round and berlet sir we'll all of those fights falls below the 500 mark you can see the hip movement by hi I'm is Ollie setting up going for that arm making worthless are trying to protect the arm and want you to protect the arm I'm locking up the triangle he gets that triangle in he has that right arm all the way across these little elbows aren't doing too much damage but that the only difference is that arm is not it's not low on the neck it's a little high and that's what's allowing wurlitzer to survive as long as he does until he gets that finished by squeezing down on the head here and Gotham Batman prevail let's go to Michael C Williams [Applause] ladies gentlemen inside the Bellator cage the triangle choke rings on the tab officially four minutes two seconds round number one the winner by submission the east railey Batman and his trainer head so Gracie will be happy with that submission triumph for Higham goes Ollie 46 years young let's go back to the plank desk all right thanks more again huge card tonight yeah champions on the card we have championship fights on the card we have big-time talkers on the card and Chael Sonnen and also Dylan Dennis we've seen Dylan Dennis here at Madison Square Garden have issues here Conor McGregor's team khabib nurmagomedov jumped out of the cage to fight him and that's fine as well and he finally makes his return to MMA he has a big mouth but at least jujitsu wise he is legit he could back it up absolutely I mean we've seen Dylan prove himself on the biggest stages in jujitsu but can he prove himself in the cage because it's a different ballgame and against an opponent max Humphreys who is relatively unknown but he actually has a much more extensive amateur career and pro career than Dylan so he has a lot more cage experience we'll see how Dylan will match up against him to touch on what you were just saying you are correct but the one thing that this max Humphrey doesn't have is the high level of competition whether it's jiu-jitsu or is fighting there in a cage or anywhere else the level of jiu-jitsu that he's been greeted against is the highest level of all time there's no there's no other higher level than this so the practice all he's got to do is just get in there get the easy takedown this fight could be over within 30 seconds we would look last time we saw Dylan down and there it was this first like you just said that was his first fight in Bellator it's a different set of nerves even though Dylan down is he is coached Conor McGregor he's been on big stage with it's completely different when you step in there he's had a long layoff does he have to go back and kind of reget the rust out again John know what he needs to do is make sure he didn't do it as look what he did his last fight thinking that he was a stand-up fighter he thought for two seconds he was one he got cracked and he'd end up getting the takedown making sure he doesn't forget who he is in that cage I think he needs to find his identity and don't forget again his jiu-jitsu background he did youdid to specialist just stick to your guns he'll be fine what makes Dylan Dennis so dangerous on the ground he goes what crazy stuff those four M&R he'll go for an Emma nari in the middle of the cage like this last night off the ground he might have a chance really what makes him dangerous the fact that she said he'll roll for him and re-roll but he's someone little jump guard he's someone that'll jump flying triangle he's someone that'll roll two two leg locks he doesn't care so in that position he's very comfortable on the ground he understands anytime this fight is getting closer anytime he's in jeopardy all he's got to do is shoot a desperation double and try to pull you down give himself time to recover but he is later on tonight it's Dylan Denis facing off against max Humphreys and I know you guys aren't huge fans of each other that we were going to get to that later on in the engines stay tuned for that trust me folks you don't wanna miss this Murrow take it away thanks a lot Jay the first of our two cross-promotion fights here tonight and yes one of Japan's top stars rena Kubota representing ricin takes on Bella tours Lindsay Van Zandt and this fight is going to be contested at 112 pounds John both these girls are little small girls in stature but huge in skill I cannot wait for this fight here's Michael C Williams and we are waiting the entrance of Rena Kubota who is seven and two it Rison this will become Otis first fight in a cage John you know that can make a difference but the one thing that Rena Kubota is known for is her footwork her speed and her movement and the cage is only gonna give her more area to move within take two here's Michael C Williams dissolve from Madison Square Garden here we go now inside the Bellator cage at 112 pounds set for three five-minute rounds introducing the blue corner at five foot two Wang in 111 point four pounds her professional record five wins one loss fighting other Poughkeepsie New York introducing Lindsay damson Van Zant and across the cage her adversary out of the red corner at five foot two weighing in 111 point two pounds coming us tonight from rising fighting federation she brings eight victories two defeats by the hub Tokyo Japan Rena Kubota in charge Tata understood here's Lindsay Van Zandt her last fight here at Bellator she was dynamic not only in the stand-up but on the ground wherever she wanted the fight to be that's where it took place and she just landed blow after blow until the referee had finally seen enough and said that is it it's over ready fight bell and round one Kubota who turns 28 on June 29th silhouette gloves band Santi in the blue Bluffs Van Zant coming off that successful Bellator MMA debut at Bellator 215 in February when she stopped Tabitha and Watkins Witt strikes in the second round she launches the first strike in this fight nice straight ahead by Rena cabana she is good in her stand-up game and sometimes very dynamic but a ground game is also very good a shoot boxing specialist for the uninitiated John can you describe what shoe boxing is well shoot boxing in Japan is the use of boxing techniques along with throws and sometimes bra technology and sat back up to her feet place lock on keyboard Oh Kubota zero one of the greatest Japanese mixed martial artists ever Megumi Fujii II Megumi Fujii was an incredible grappler an incredible fighter who I believe honey 22-a no record until her first loss more incredible and definitely someone who inspired many female mixed martial artists and you know hopefully one day we will get to the point where it's just mixed martial artist John I think it is because if there's one thing that separates you know what we've seen in the boxing world compared to what we see in the MMA world women's competing in MMA no one knows what's gonna happen it was almost in boxing was that well it's gonna go the distance they don't have enough power with what they're able to do in MMA with all the submissions with all the different strikes you never know what's gonna happen when these girls come in and shant attacking the outside of kabuto lead leg and again doing some of the counter punches upstairs by Kubota and that nice that kick was beautiful and a way that she got out of the way of the strikes was also very good by Lindsey Venza but but Kubota has been training at her dojo since she was a 6th grader she loves to use the liver kick but her favorite finish is that slime armbar alla romana sato will mean the supple was he not unbelievable you know that was when you go back and you look at the stars of Japan I mean they were the of course here we go drinking him again if I'd never died but you know what I mean John that's so many incredible mixed martial artists coming from the Land of the Rising Sun and it's so cool to see them flying their craft here in the Bellator MMA cage it is and everyone take that drink he said it again and the knee of course kogo Taguchi from risin he will challenge Darion Caldwell to kick off Bellator two 22s main card for Bellator bantamweight title Horiguchi submitted Caldwell New Year's Eve in Japan to become the inaugural Rison bantamweight belt holder two minutes remaining in the first round van zant looking to maximize his position go behind waist lock eyes John the dragon a dive to the ground to the party tribal – Punk back busy to teach you but she's alive emotional she's just the key she's five bananas appellate knockouts what comparable submission leave this to me in three is a nominee with three submissions right he's a BJJ poker but Sir you looking what we leaders gonna be very calm here she has been in this type of situation before but she is going against a girl that does not stop we're not cook pulled out the Japanese represent me representative but Watson is in trouble that's given time it spends ax fortune too late tonight starvin lock now she keeps touching down on that hand it's gonna be cut using standard [Applause] [Applause] Chuck Vance and recording her first submission when professional doesn't get any bigger man that's a huge win for Lindsay bands they're taking out a national hero from Japan in Rena Kubota Kubota came in with a record of eight and two four knockouts two submissions but now forced to tap against Van Zant here was that takedown by Lindsay she ate a knee on that takedown but she continued to work and when she finally got behind Rena that was when she started to do her work she got her hooks in and then sunk in this choke and you can see Rena trying to reach it is locked she's not going to be able to pull that arm down and the longer she sits there the longer it is that she's going to end up going to sleep what a win by Lindsay van zan and for the second time in her career Kubota forced to well she didn't even tap she was out she had lost two rear naked choke to kind of a Sakura New Year's Eve 2017 at the Saitama Super Arena here in her Bellator MMA debut the first time she competes in a cage overwhelmed by Lindsay ban is absolutely beautiful performance and you got to look Lindsay Van Zant is only the second woman to ever beat Rena because she lost twice to as you said in those in Rison saying to all to the same girl and Van Zant said that her ground game would be her huge advantage in this fight and she definitely used that advantage to full effect let's go to Michael C Williams ladies jumping inside the Bellator cage with the rear naked choke indeed no time it comes to an end officially four minutes 4 seconds round number one the winner by technical submission Lindsey dancer definitely not heat capsule in distress as Lindsey bans and picks up a huge victory improving to six and one no the 1 million dollar Bellator welterweight world's Grand Prix continues to provide dynamic action at Bellator 216 bitter rivals Paul semtex Daley and Michael venom page fought a five-round tactical contest where MVP stayed undefeated and punched his ticket to the next round that victory set up a showdown with former two-time champion Douglas Lima who put on a dominant performance in his rubber match versus another former title holder on Drake Horace Cobb then in the first semi-final Lima showed why he is considered one of the best 170 pounders in the world as he stunned MVP with his highlight reel ko and secured his spot in the final on the other side of the bracket undefeated submission specialist Nieman Gracie took care of young gun Edie Ruth in Hawaii and tonight on the world's biggest stage Gracie fights for the belt as he takes on champion Rory MacDonald who was able to edge past crafty veteran Jon Fitch in a five round affair here's our bracket for our welterweight World Grand Prix Douglas Lima has done everything he is supposed to been doing to get himself to that final the question is who will it be our champion Rory MacDonald or is it going to be Nieman Gracie that puts themselves into the final against Douglas Lima we will find out tonight Morrow yes we will the main event of Bellator 222 coming up at 10:00 o'clock Eastern 7:00 Pacific streaming live exclusively on the zone and here at the world-famous Madison Square Garden we are awaiting our next of preliminary matchup again the women will be back in the cage women's flyweight action as we go to the tale of the tape for this matchup we'll see what Valerie Lorena has in store for her MMA encore after E impressive debut on the main card that she takes on Larkin – Larkin – 22 years of age against a very young valor the rate at 20 both girls have close to the same height but a good little reach advantage for Valerie in this fight and I mentioned Valerie Loretta and her impressive debut a Taekwondo specialist through and through her parents both black belts in fact when her mother tested for her Taekwondo black belt she was pregnant with Valerie and well Valerie Loretta put her Taekwondo on full display well she's not just a taekwondo stylist she has that skill set but she has become a mixed martial artist she has got the stand up game she comes after girls in a very aggressive fashion she's got a good ground game she is a complete mixed martial artist that's why she's going to be successful here's Michaels see Williams for those joining us around the world live for the Bellator MMA global app we welcome you as well to the garden here in New York City as we go now to the flyweight division set for three five-minute rounds introducing the blue corner at five foot three Wang in one hundred twenty five point eight pounds early on in her professional career she stands at OU and won by way of Hillsdale she fights out of Detroit Michigan introducing Larkin across the cage her adversary out of the red corner at five foot four weighing in 125 pounds even after her successful but torrid debut she now stands at one and O as a professional fighting out of my heavy Florida presenting master Valerie Lorena and the referee in charge Kevin McDonald back up for me please back up if I read it but let's go the bell in round one the referee Kevin McDonald it's mr. Valerio right on the red gloves Bellator MMA newcomer Larkin – in the blue gloves she is oh and one in her MMA career she grabs on to the hands and then he was forced to release after that outside low kick by the radar the Larkin dances crushing distance right now on Valerie she's walking forward we'll see if that plays in defeat the technique of that body kick Bible Reina – telling us that she feels her punches will be stronger than the Ray does she races modified support cars and she's definitely an adrenaline junkie and cheeser trying to bring the fight to the rain up earlier she said it very happy to be in the cage while she was being interviewed Oh and the subpod tasty kickin power of the rate of the rate of just 20 years of age gash's 22 in low rate up really was not swallowed up by the magnitude of her professional debut by it any stretch of the imagination chief she said she was born to be on these kinds of stages he wants to represent Taekwondo the highest level counter right hand from – as well ray – fired off a right Lorena connects she has a skill set that is unique in the sport of MMA but she has to learn how to settle down right now she is moving too much giving too much belt and when you see – coming at you you got to give her something for all that movement don't sit there and just continue to move make her pay for that forward movement go rand up training out of the vaunted American Top Team in Coconut Creek Florida with former WEC champion Mike Brown as one of her head trainers along with Steve Bruno and boy the women's mixed martial artists at American tapas next level drugs well I'd say well the Harrison take a look at his there Amanda Nunez Kayla whoa Jeff I mean all of them you Nina all of them it's just incredible but that tells me something about Valerie that that's where she picked to go to and she's they're getting as she said I'm they're getting my butt kicked all the time that's how you get better and that's what allows you to do the your own puck kicking once you're inside the cage and what make the training hard make the fight easy just past the midpoint of the opening round and – another vicious body kick [Applause] but popping right back up she has landed three kicks to the body right now and at any work you can take one of those and sometimes you can take two maybe three if you allow those to continue on they are going to take an effect than you at the fight final two minutes of the first five minutes of this women's flyweight matchup Bellator MMA has teamed up with MVP merging vets and players it's an organization that empowers veterans and former elite athletes who may have a difficult time when the uniform comes off to live a life full of pride and purpose to the healthy body and healthy mind you can go to for more information and who support that very worthy cause a minute and a half left here in the opening round and now lorraine up utilizing her footwork backing up out of the range of Larkin dashes attempts at offense here John Moran is setting up as she's waiting on – their attempts to come forward and because that's what she's trying to strike but she needs just think about I want to be offensive she's on the outside those kicks you have practiced throughout your life and start setting her up with the hands to let the wallets Lance spinning back-kick thereby Lorado Dash's conditioning should not be a problem she is dating Richard throughout her life she was a collegiate triathlon athlete and again she wants to seize this opportunity she has a side job as a a Hooters girl both of them in fact waitresses and and the radar saying she has respect for someone like that buddy seemed the dream but you know you got to pay the bills John I really I really had a lot of problems with people actually making fun of the fact that she signed her contract while she was at her hooters uniform it's like hey this is a young girl a young fighter you think that she's just gonna be able to live off her fighting she is she's making a living anybody that works got Russell fifteen seconds left here in the round of the [Applause] the opening [Applause] the unofficial scorecard reads and nine for Valley arena and the reason for that you take a look at who landed the better shots it's not yeah this is a big thing a lot of these will you know yes Larkin – is coming forward and she's pressing the fight she's aggressive being aggressive is not part of fighting me defensive landing strikes land that kicks that's what does what about Mike Brown and what a career he had as a mixed martial artist and now a terrific coach at ATT incredible here's look at some of the kicks beautiful inside leg kick by Valerie here comes another one of the kick she landed a beautiful body kicks right here that's a solid shot to the rib cage she is good with her kicks and when she hides those kicks behind her hands she could be devastating that was a beautiful output right at the end of the round dollars right oh we talked about Laredos training camp only fair to mention that – one of her training partners UFC veteran random marcos had trainers Bobby Curtis and Johnny Glover at new way martial arts empire boxing gym and fight team I got red 19 out of the Motown I enjoyed Michigan you know she got to be tough she's living in Detroit Michigan this is the beginning of round two Valerie low right up one and over one knockout in these red gloves Arkan dashes o1 as a pro of making her Bellator MMA debut she's in the blue gloves oh there's a with exactly what you want to see if she's gonna sit there and call out that without left hand giving a half-hearted jab I want you to throw something down the middle is gonna make her pay for it and thus far the radar not having much difficulty facing the South paw – and all of the different books that that represents John Valley as she's handling it well she's usually stepping her foot to the outside of Larkin Dash's foot which gives her advantage and landing that right hand down the fight [Applause] let's pump up the jab but just looking to use it as a rangefinder there and you can see Larkin dashes trying to see how she's moving to her right she's trying to step outside of Valerie Loretta's foot which is the right thing to do but then she starts to overcommit and get yourself out of position and out of place and that's what Valerie could take advantage of that movement another body kicked by the rain up bread-and-butter loves to again you look at Taekwondo and and how she's able to utilize it in her mmm a repertoire john-boy prep the beginning everyone kind of put Taekwondo down as far as well it's not a good martial arts with mitzvahs as a singular Arthur good left and down the pike pike – finish your thought but there are so many skill sets and kicks and varieties that a Taekwondo practitioner tell you and they would start to kick some of those kicks were hard to see and they can have a devastating effect and – absorbing some devastating body clicks probable radon yet – continues – trying to entry's – trying to cut off lorena lorena able to circle back into the center of the cage but – Willy not showing me has a great poker face if she's feeling the effects of the battery of body kicks well you know that lagaa I don't care who you are when you're getting kicked by someone that knows how to kick it hurts but she keeps on coming she's got no quit in or I love what I see out of Larkin – right now – went for a kick caught by the raid on the Raider delivers a couple of punches to the face of – under two minutes left in the second round and of course we are honored to have our flyweight champion animal aide McLoughlin as part of our broadcast tonight one of the most incredible moments I've ever been a part of in my over three-decade career as a broadcaster was the scene in Hawaii when she defeated Valerie Letourneau and the energy in that arena was something to behold job there was something special and it was it was the way that she handled a pressure-packed situation with not only class but then coming out and putting on a performance like she did against a veteran fighter and bout to go 60 kick there [Applause] continues to putter fine he's firing back at me she took two good kicks right now you can tell she's getting a little distance trying to suck in that air but man she did not look look like this early but they did what did we say about job fighting on a Detroit Michigan she's as tough as Detroit's gotta be you know and a lot of it is you know people are like licking at this day you know these are both young girls and they're both young girls as friends are fighting here you know looking at you know Valerie's want to know mark and his old one coming into this she lost on a decision what more can you ask the two young fighters especially coming to Madison Square Garden fighting under those bright lights in this arena it takes a lot to step in here final 10 seconds of the round [Applause] what in exchange we just need that to happen throughout the round Wow [Applause] man Larkin – telling us her greatest strengths are her heart from the appearance endurance and boxing we love you – seeing all of that look at the kick the Bellator in on lads – tries to fight back she gets hit with the knee she's starting to get overwhelms the arm – decides to turn and then lands a shot going back didn't have any power that hurt Valerie but then that left hand does hit right at the end of the bell watch how fast this happened boom look at that shot going after it gets hit with the knee also turns but tries to pull her down and then hands the left hand right at the end your remote control button is not stuck on the fast-forward button that was a big Wow incredible stuff ended on let's hope for more here in the third and final round Valerie Lorena 20 years of age 1 and Oh Larkin – 2201 1 and the crowd here at MSG showing their of approbation for these two young hungry female this is the future of the flyweight division and after a heading into round three John your scorecard well no doubt in my mind the ballerina has taken both of those rounds but it's not like birthing – is being overwhelming but it's those one that's 10 seconds of both rounds that have been so exciting between these two South Park – paused the jab this is what the left as Loretta circling to her right back to the center of the cage to reset – she's switching southpaw to Orthodox back to southpaw she is a settlor footwork down and slide her feet right now she's kind of crowding forward just take your time and slide your feet forward smooth be smooth with your speed you're going to be found the way to try to find an angle of entry takes a particular corner just over a minute gone here in the final round of this flyweight matchup [Applause] don't forget coming up ten o'clock Eastern the main card for Bellator 222 here at Madison Square Garden two championship matches book and what should be a magnificent main card in Bellator MMA s return to MSG to that little shot that nice right hand off that forward that's what I want to see Valerie doing all the time we have your boob in it as she comes into range take that step forward throw those shots and finish it off with those amazing kicks right hand down splitting the guard up – and greater just switching her lateral movement left so right now sets – moving forward missing with the kick the two three – contamination being yelled out and we would like to see some combinations I would like to rehearse a beautiful right hand the pot shot from low rate up and unfortunately – unable to throw anything well – she's having a problem with that distance because she's been kicked and kicked to the body hard then kick to the face so she's kind of worried about then – awesome she gets flustered and does that bad rush it starting to see valerie start to set her up for those bad rushes and she's starting to take potshots on herself she has to be careful about that just coming in inside love kick by the radar but simple shots and then just utilizing lateral movement heat right here right there all out of position when she gets close now she's in close up but out of position to throw any time destruction 11 John the shot the training book was step in step in other words all what a body kick the snap of that strikes here and if I was my crown I would be telling all over it I hate every chance that she comes bills I want you to throw that I want you to throw the kick again brought the odds go to the body dork for the legs those are connecting and they definitely are gonna have an effect couple of right hands again splittings dashes guard and dashes offense has been muted here in the third and he stands up as she's chasing a lot but there's no offensive output coming from and again she's getting out of position you can see when she comes forward and all of a sudden you seen Lorena stepping off to her right side leaving her in a position she has no office to attacker ater with final 60 seconds of this woman's flyweight bow Bellator 222 prelims you see her calling card those kicks and those tornado kick by Lorraine up right hand clips – – is moving forward but not firing any strikes at low revs and I would say this is a good thing for valley loretta as a fighter I want you to have those minutes I want you to have time in the cage that you're not being damaged but you're having to put things together you're having to have an output and figure things out this is all a great learning experience for – catching and looking for the takedown good balance by narrator who just missed with that spit but I can't [Applause] and – happy with her efforts in her Bellator MMA debut goes the distance with the hiked Valerie Lorena who was in her sophomore outing as a professional mixed martial artist and what was your take away from this fight John I thought it was a very good outing for both girls I've saw a lot of good things for Don Lorena I saw a lot of toughness and a lot of desire to make something happen by Larkin – but there are no doubt by MindValley Lorena had the better technique the better shots landed and she won the rounds in this fight take a look at this beautiful tornado kick boom just touches on to the body not a lot of it let's go right back to it [Applause] beautiful spinning heel kick did not connect and that's the difference you've got to start to figure out that distance – when you throw that technique that thing lands it does damage off balance shot from tax was just swinging wildly down not from a punch she got pushed off balance that could happen but an outstanding effort from both girls Larkin – didn't have a whole lot of time to train for this simply taking it basically last minute and you got to be impressed that got a liberated is improving as a fighter just the second professional MMA bout for each of these young ladies and we await the official decision let's get it up to Michael C Williams ladies and gentlemen for the decision we'll go to your judges scorecards your first judge Tim Corrado scores the fight 29-28 while judges David Torelli and Christopher Lee both see the fight the same 32:27 all habit for the winner by unanimous decision master louisa picks up the unanimous decision when they great sign of sportsmanship and respect and yes hats off to Larkin – taking the fight on short notice and let's go back to Jay Glazer in the pool following the Raider continues a winning ways perhaps maybe a future opponent for you champ I never know all right well again our prelims worried about highlighting future stars here coming up next Erin Pico he was viewed as at one point the LeBron James of really prodigies here in this sport of mixed martial art and it just didn't work out from wrestling background boxing background pankration background now he goes against Adam boards who is undefeated here but Aaron Pico what's he have to do to get the air in Pico train to go through the right tunnel he's got his work cut out for him tonight a divorce is tough tough his nails well-rounded pecos got his work cut out for him tonight but what he needs to do is he needs back to his roots his roots is his wrestling ever used here ever used it he needs to use that to win this fight and I'm not simply saying then he needs the dominates of top perfect opposition and ground him out what I'm saying is it he needs to threaten that takedown to make it look like he's gonna use it so he can start using his hand so he can land marble highlight-reel knockouts that we saw early in his career absolutely I actually think that his camp change to Jackson Winkler MMA was really good for is gonna be really good for him for this fight they are calculated they gameplan they strategize and that's something that was missing from Aaron pecos last fight against Corrales he just started swinging didn't follow through at the game plan so I think that this camp change is gonna be really beneficial for baltra Bellator genitalia let's try and build you up they're giving out of words who's never lost he's a tough opponent here Josh yet they issue up not even so much to issue all the things that a divorce that well those are the questions that need to be answered for air Pico and that's the problem that's why I think for this fight Eretz is going to be detrimental for air people the dictate the pace of the slightest a divorce has all the tools to beat them in every aspect of this game hey guys it is time to see if Aaron Pico the prodigy can get back on his winning ways and start becoming one of these rising stars of Adam Borges he chalks up another win in the W column more oh let's go big boy all right J yes indeed many questions surrounding Aaron peak oh and you know what Adam boards thus far answering all of the questions he's undefeated and this is a well a pivotal featherweight fight in terms of the career trajectory for Aaron Pico and Adam borage pivotal fight for Baldwin 4 and 2 for Pico we've seen those wins and we've seen the losses both these guys are outstanding young fighters here's Michael C Williams live long dissolve now presents a featherweight feature fight said for three 5-minute Rob's we introduced the blue corner at 5 foot 11 weighing in one hundred forty five point four pounds his professional record undefeated 12 victories no defeats originally fo are get Hungary he fights out of Fort Lauderdale the kid and across the cage his adversary out of the red corner at five foot eight wagging in one hundred forty five point four pounds as a professional four victories two defeats not training others Albuquerque New Mexico he hails from Whittier California be gone and the referee in charge dad Merliah are you ready sir referee is Dan merge leotta Bell goes to begin round one in this featherweight fight and Erin picot and the red gloves switching from the body shop to Jackson wanked MMA Adam the kid bar cheese three-and-oh in Bellator with one knockout of two submissions including a highlight reel flying knee knockout at Bellator 196 against Theodore Nikolov in April of 2018 so as hyped as Pecos pin Adam born chooses as good a plastic as the cup is outstanding and but what we're seeing right now is what we have all talked about with Aaron Pico look at you came from the wrestler game you have an outstanding stand up game you have heavy hands but in the wrestling game if you can take the fighter off to the defeat and take away that kinetic energy they don't have the ability to knock you out so why take the chance of being in a 50/50 situation and allowing your opponent to hurt you when you can do the damage from the top position borage 12 a know what to knock out six submissions his background is in Thai boxing and karate but has had success on the mat but he isn't again against a a prodigy when it comes to all aspects of martial arts and those Rico those guard so he's been listening Pico and going back to those his wrestling were sometimes when you get a guy like Greg Jackson that finances all right look the show that I need from you I need you to do this this is part of our plan and now at least we see the Aaron Pico is listening he's doing these things you don't have to win the fight in the first minute it's a long fight you have 15 minutes to win this fight so why put yourself in a position where you can be heard put your opponent where you know you can do damage and he can't hurt you vehicle looking to exorcise the demon of his professional MMA debut here at Madison Square Garden when he was submitted by Zach Freeman in just 24 seconds and of course coming off the loss to Henry Corrales at Bellator 214 in January had Kerala's down but again went the striking road and ended up getting caught is very beautiful job I laced the legs off keep it Adam boards down Adam Borgias at complete mixed martial arts his wrestling is good it's not as good as Aaron pickles but it's good and with the use of the cage and importance is very good at getting up just past the midway point of the first round and there's that low kicks to the outside of pecos lead leg and Pico changes levels again hoist a chump and takes him down again second takedown executed by Pico here in the first frame those are more takedowns hit this first frame that he's at his entire career Morrow and that's important cuz look at the guy he's facing here an abort is undefeated as a professional he was undefeated in his amateur career at 10 oh no and he's undefeated as a Thai kickboxer today no a legendary Lake boxing trainer Emanuel Steward said it best knock out sell and believe me Aaron Pecos four knockouts of a highlight reel variety but he is one he was one of the most hyped prospects in MMA history because of his diversity because of what he was able to do in all facets but his his real skill set in the beginnings wrestling oh it's again and battling on top of that Aaron Pico is one of the hardest workers he's gonna find in the gym he is in incredible condition and he could wrestle all day long so he's not gonna get tired doing this normally when I'm sitting there saying when you're picking a guy up you're taking a lot of energy out I don't worry about that with Aaron think oh that's I know he can do that without any question continuing to do it not only three men also five looking to reverse but he co it's the attempt by hordes here – Rico needs to get his head up and out high and people are telling us that it's all about his pressure his gas tank and there again another wealth for its giving up his back here the waist lock by picot but what you're seeing is Boris is having a very hard time in developing any diet of offense to deal with what Aaron's visual hey Aaron keeps putting in a bad position eight and he's having to defend and try to get out of there that getting hit you're not getting hurt and Barnes back to his feet he trades in hard knocks 365 under Henry whooped on a Fort Lauderdale Florida final 15 seconds of the opening round Pecos wrestling has told the story in this first five minutes and there's a right hand by Pico changes levels again but this time thwarted by boorish yeah have a seat all right now here's those takedowns by air Pico this is what he has not done throughout his career as a mixed martial artist now he's utilizing that wrestling skill that has gotten him so far taking him all the way to the point of the Olympic team just one match away he has incredible wrestling skills by utilizing not only is he keeping himself safe but you can see more of the one thing that he's starting to do is he's wearing down the arms of Adam boy Charlie look you ain't ready County beautiful your unofficial scorecard reads after the first body both guys fighting hard but definitely ten nine for Aaron Pico this is round number two Pico in the red club sports in the blue clubs Rico looking to rebound from the second loss again changes level secures the takedown on board she was undefeated at twelve enou including three wins under the Bellator banner all the people's fights have come inside the Bellator MMA cage right now boards holding out he does not have what we would look for is that guillotine attendance over the arms there is no danger for Aaron Pico in this position right now right now what Adam Borch is doing is he's just slowing it down holding on but it's the one thing that I was talking about at the end of that first round I look at Adam Boras a very fast fighter and his arms were getting heavy because you could see it when he threw his shots it was at that same speed he came out after the break through a couple punches and the speed was back how is he going to be if he has to continue to wrestle out boorish and pìkô again putting his weight on fighter from Hungary fighting out of Fort Lauderdale Florida Rico wanting to show everyone he told us that is not what the pension oh we know that but here he is definitely putting his wrestling his high-level wrestling I'm Phil display and it's so frustrating if you're Adam boards to get in this position will you get yourself on it and he's immediately taking you back down that is just humbling when you're that fighter that I even work hard to get there and now you're back on the map Vico one u.s. junior titles in three wrestling disciplines pursued the Olympics in 2016 as a 19 year old in North College he reached the finals of the US Olympic Trials that year but was defeated by Frank Molinaro a former division 1 champion who was eight years older than Pico and an addition to his wrestling prowess he was both the to the burthen girls champion in boxing and in European and wait she trafficking you see why he was heavily hi his trainer with Freddie Roach for a long time he was barred with Miguel Cotto Miguel Cotto's sparring partner for his final championship fight and he kept and I know Koto's not going on to hear this but I actually called Koto's first and only lost his home away from home here in Madison Square Garden against Austin trout and now we're you know again this is where Pico suffered his first loss in his professional debut but this fight tonight what I'm seeing at least in the first half of his fight Erin Pico is fighting a very smart fight against a very very good fighter in Hanna points they've been lacing that arm behind trying to grab it with his left arm to hold on to it he has rules to it take a look at the legs the offense of orange he's got those brought up figure-four in the leg everything he's doing is right Lawrence who has three triangle chokes to rear-naked choke submission victories but again went viral with that flying knee knock out of did or Nicola and an eco fully cognizant of his Thai boxing skills those those knee strikes and just keeping boards pinned against the cage utilizing his oxygen rustling and you see boards not getting himself back to his feet because he doesn't want to take that it take down because he knows that people's arms are locked around him minute and a half remaining to the second round and borage is going to have to try to find a way to get back to his feet and create separation he does need to create separation is all alone like a spray tension for men at 13 now left to their son at kidnapped [Applause] Oh God what a comeback and we talked about it and that flying knee knockout he dumps her to get John that's exactly how he did it the last wrestler that he fought like you're talking about in Nikolai he landed that exact same type of flying needle and no matter what it looked at me like Aaron Pico went out for a short second Wow off of that shot [Applause] incredible turn of events at Madison Square Garden drop he co got drama that literally that was a huge shot he's starting to try to defend himself but he's unable to stop what Adam does that shot right there look at his arms flops down he is out at that moment gets himself back but it cannot stop what Adams do it and that is why look at the shot start a damn miracle lot of stops the fight that's a good stoppage by dad future going after and this is why we said an abort is a dangerous fighter big shot tomorrow the kinetic energy allowing that person to have freedom of movement with their legs that's what just let Adam boards get his win Madison Square Garden remains a house of horrors for Aaron Pico but Adam the kid borage improves to 30 nano a perfect for know in Bellator all four fights in the distance two submissions and now two knockouts and Adam borage with the biggest triumph of his career let's go to Michael C Williams officially three minutes 55 seconds round number two the winner by knockout still a change of camp again the same result for Aaron Pico John quickly we don't want to steal the thunder from Adam borage because he deserves all the praise and the attention where does Aaron Pico go from here like Aaron Pico just needs to collect himself go back to Jax Jackson Winkeljohn and start putting in the time to get all of that transitioning that a mixed martial artist needs he is a great wrestler he has got great strikes but when you leave people in positions where they could have that kinetic energy to hurt you this is what could happen and that's why we said this was a dangerous opponent for Aaron Pico Adam borage emerging as a contender in the featherweight division let's go back to the fight desk Wow that is why is mixed martial arts in all the arts we're rolling here Aaron Pico would've thought dropped to four and three and his professional career poor Tina no but fuck the reason why we're so surprised here is a guy high school Ruston went right to the Olympic Trials to the finals u.s. national freestyle wrestling champion greco-roman champion folk style champion national penetration champion national junior Golden Gloves champion what has gone wrong for Aaron Pico it's necessarily gone wrong for I I was not personally surprised we were talking about it before the fight watch out for those flying knees I it's heartbreaking for Pico he was sticking to the game plan but that game plan I would have liked to have seen him use his striking he what you we knew he could take him down so use those attempt to take downs to set up his striking Adam saw it and time that knee perfectly well Adams gun fights that he's had before he's finished by flying knee knockouts here at Bellator the other thing as well this comes this is a history of wrestlers what happens with wrestlers is they tend like ducky and thinking they're gonna shoot for the takedown when someone leaves their feet that flying knee was a perfect setup for the whole time he kept getting taken down after taking down doesn't shoot off line no there was nothing ah you need this shoot I need to shoot off line but then also to the main thing that I was gonna make it is he needed to mix in his boxing you can't just keep wrestling wrestling he that's the one thing he's done wrong with both these things is first he was just boxing and now he was just wrestling he needs to put the two things together he didn't do that tonight Adam boards all respect goes out to him 13 I know with that let's have our prelims continue and roll on alright Jay thank you very much we are set for a catchweight fight the ladies go at it again boxing champion Brooklyn's own Heather heat Hardy taking on Taylor Turner incredible boxing champion and Heather Hardy both these girls up and age but look at that reach advantage that Taylor Turner has but Heather Hardy knows how to get rid of it here's Michael C Williams from Madison Square Garden the world's most famous arena Bellator MMA live on the zone now presents three five-minute rounds at 128 pounds and we introduced the blue corner first at five foot ten weighing in 127.85 her professional record three and five by way of Kenosha Wisconsin she fights out of Knoxville Tennessee Taylor Turner and across the cage her after series tonight fights out of the red corner at 5:45 weigh in one hundred twenty seven point eight pounds the undefeated professional boxer in reigning WBO world featherweight champion tonight as a mixed martial artist enters with two victories one defeat hailing from Brooklyn New York introducing [Applause] and when the bell rings the referee in charge of the action Lake Brice there's Heather Artie against Alice younger showing the type of power she had she had just suffered in that too before that shot a hit but the cut her open and she went after Alice her that they had a war this was artist after who MMA debut in was or 180 here at Madison Square Garden you ready likewise every bell and round one Heather the heat harden in the red Bluff's tailored turns into the blue gloves party wants to show the world that coke the toughest girls in the world are single moms from Brooklyn close quotes she takes turned her down that was Turner actually going for the takedown and Heather stopped it at position party now ashran careful at long ma under Rolando and also of course police instinct or boxing she's cuesta Whittlesea maps to continued boxing she may decide to go full time in MMA and John you know how difficult it is just to be successful in one discipline trying to juggle doing not so easy uh it's it's almost impossible and it's so hard to describe when people sit there and say why can't you do both why can't you do kickboxing also look at they're different they're different is there different applications though Ted those techniques and you can't just do it all turned on take down into side control and Turner trains with the likes of former UFC light heavyweight under challenge open Saint Jude Knoxville Tennessee by way of Kenosha Wisconsin there's an open gateway to mount right now for Taylor Turner if she wants it the colored there you go how did you see others starting to plot to live it do something cheese the bunker and start to get her back the knee on belly ride to mouth was all bad for Heather Hardy three and five but all of her victories have come inside the distance for mouth she's posturing up she has a knockout in two submissions [Applause] the shot she's gone [Applause] into the closed door TV that ketchups already Turner looking for her third rear naked choke submission win and flattens out harden now short strikes sneezes maintained only she's got that hook back in we've got hook we'd begun sushi got overlooked [Applause] movement battles winter live she's released them rear naked choke attempt John and and Hardy in trouble though any type of child BC she's having a problem just with the positioning of the arm on her neck but one nice dude away doctor stoppage do that broken nose in Turner hether Hardy here in round one [Applause] Turner right now she's to go for the RV she wanted there's a lot of different things but she could move to but she's also lifted saying I'm very safe where I'm at let me just inflict damage and again just came out party just trying to block these shots two minutes left in the first round so much time more is a bad position for Heather Artie does she show it she does not know how to get Taylor Turner offer group Turner telling us her biggest strengths the game the transitions and being the tricky and here she has thomna position full mouth try to spell yes [Applause] just drop the whites of lips and that's the one things sometimes with you're getting fighters that don't have a lot of body weight and as this start to swing and there's not a lot of power guns getting hurt so that's why the river he's not stopping the fight referee imploring Hardy to fight back that iron bars there any more than she wanted she Taylor toner triumphs over Heather party in the opening round Knoxville in the house so Turner improves to four and five all four of her victories inside the distances she picks up her second victory in here form of knockouts are now two kales two submissions and she will be going back the Knoxville Tennessee winner in her Bellator MMA debut [Applause] and they're celebrating with her head coach and her husband Eric Turner in a celebration for Taylor Turner who comes into Heather Artie's backyard and defeats the boxing champion let's go to Michael C Williams ladies jumping inside the Bellator cage referee bling Christ steps in waves a halt to the bout due to unanswered strikes officially three minutes 53 seconds round number one the winner by TKO Taylor triumphant Taylor Turner victorious in our first fight inside the Bellator MMA cage let's go back to Jane and company I appreciate Amara tonight we have two main events we finish off with the welterweight championship of the world MacDonald against Nieman Gracie but JLP sudden normally sitting here next to me tonight couldn't this he's not Ali Malaya's here he is putting it all on the line against lyoto machida and look mashita has beaten a who's who in this Court musashi Ryan Bader Randy Couture Dan Henderson Vitor Belfort pewter Ortiz Shogun who were shot everything goes on and on and on you see him entering the arena right now what does chal peace Sun and Josh have to do that these other especially wrestlers that I just talked about we're not able to do thinking they could going into the fight what jail has to do is have to close the distance real fast what he also has is a weapon those of the wrestlers didn't have he has that fast double leg and he actually uses it in chain Russell's better than anyone in the sport that I've ever seen right – the double leg doesn't get the double leg works his way up to the body lock right to the body lock into inside trips or lifts anything any type of chain rustling he can do to get this fight to God remember he only needs to get three takedowns one per round absolutely and I think only does he have to close his distance back but he has to finish his flight class we odo does this all year round okay and I heard that chill didn't really have a good way cut I feel that he gets tired he taps fast so he needs to finish this fight early the deeper waters it goes the better it is for Liotta the big finger chase about cello is his pace early pace pace pace as long as he continues to go with the takedowns he'll be ok but sometimes child get is away a lot of these wrestlers count against me shooting it and they start getting mesmerized by his hips and all his movement and they stop with her game plan but the one thing that concerns me is that it's the chain Rus and if he doesn't get it you tend to get tired like like she's saying is that it gets frustrating if you don't get the takedown you don't get them early and often then you start wasting energy I'm forcing the takedown and that's not what you should be doing and shale doesn't normally do that but I can't understand what you're talking about yeah and you know Leo doe is the type of fighter that does frustrate wrestlers he has a really good takedown defense so I think he is gonna end up frustrating Jill what I think he needs to do is he needs to cut the angles like we just saw talk with Eric Pico he needs to make sure he cuts the angles when he shoots on these take a look if he doesn't keep he shoots in 15 times it doesn't happen he has to go 16 17 18 and just keep making sure that fight gets the ground Mauro Big John take it away guys we returned to the men's featherweight division and this matchup between John Bennett doochie Owen won in Bellator against Kenny Rivera making his Bellator debut take a look at that reach 68 to 64 John Bennett douche a very good Grammer's stand up not quite what can your Vera brings here's Michael C Williams outdoor 222 prelims continue now in the featherweight division scheduled for three five-minute rounds we introduced the blue corner first at five foot five weighing in 145.80 pounds his professional record too one by way of Newport Beach California he fights out of Queens New York Kenny and across the cage his adversary out of the red corner at five foot five way here 146 pounds as a professional he stares into – he fights out of Brooklyn New York presenting John in charge Mike Beltran Mike Beltran will oversee this featherweight matchup 38 year-old Jon Benedict G against 31 year-old Kenny Rivera possible three five-minute rounds at the featherweight division it is John pedagogy in the red gloves Kenny Rivera in the blue gloves Rivera training with Jimmie Rivera Tiger Schulman and John Danaher Tanner bears got very good power in his hands got a good stand-up game and you're gonna want to steer gonna see Jon Benedict working towards the takedown that is where he has an advantage in this fight been a new chief the red gloves working with rain Marcella is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt under Sara he's too into a to submission wins Rivera two and one with a submission victory and Rivera he's a BJJ purple belt under the estimable John Donovan there you go thought that her is the Guru [Applause] and a duty on authority on top Ribeiro underneath rubella played hockey in high school today marks the 25th anniversary of the Europe Rangers last tabla cup celebration took place right here at Madison Square Garden time to bring your Rangers into the Sun you and amazing so I'm gonna just you know to talk about that reach and there's a fully entreats again is for Katie Rivera that this is what you do to negate that advantage now that doesn't matter who's got the longer reach now it's about positioning and movement to take advantage of the groundwork where John Bennett Duty is so good at new duche looking to move to one and one in Bellator lost his debut to Dean Hancock via first round technical knockout has not fought since his Bellator debut in October 2017 good job by catering villages that bad to his feet but separation is the key if you get back your feet separate away from John benedita you do not want to have him have his hands around your body Rivera fighting how to and so far see my seat representing striking 101 good back early here's the knee coming inside you can see it cliffs Java straight in and he brings another went through not intentional not intentional but God be careful with those strikes now coming up on the halfway point of the first frame and Noguchi looking for the toe down on roof air up on step mix that right ankle and secures the takedown into the guard jenny rivera the crowd chanting madame old nickname given to John been ado cheer the tournament when he was grunting and growling to a joke he got out turned it around and he says well plus it's because he's Airy and runs barefooted the wards cuz he's he's wearing a fur coat he's no suit a butterfly guard being deployed by rubella nice job moving to the half a carton look at this is what we're talking about John's got a game where he is very good on top to that side control position and this is beautiful placement negative control of the are dropping hands and it's not the killer very good on the ground he is I'm talking patients position yeah John trying to bury that on again get it Bree shots opening up on kitty both better teaching a symposium post round submission John Bennett Dukes is now complaining today every cuz he didn't stop the fight this alive say beyond rubella gives up his back does he's doing a good position he's alright with words at it's incredible when a fighter since they're things because he's throwing punches that's gonna stop the fight and now Louie Rivera welcome to take down pedagogy [Applause] we continue to do what you're doing to finish the fight and repair a training with the likes of Jimmie Rivera Shane Burgos Nieman Gracie who we will see in that main event challenging Rory MacDonald for the Bellator welterweight title in the semi-finals of the world tour a Grand Prix so Rivera getting some word class sparring and now looking true very very well put that sauce out to his feet he said now to talk to fighters all right [Applause] and the fucking good brother deep breath deep breath looking good fucking pressure against the cage is excellent Kyoji Horiguchi the rise in battle a champion making his Bellator MMA debut and well looking to endear himself to the local contingent Bellator to 22 and Darion Caldwell as well both of them sporting New York Knicks colors and boy the next poised to make some major moves in the agency we'll see what happens and what a happy a season what a fall what a final it was Toronto Raptors we the door congratulations the Toronto just congratulate to the st. Louis Blues hearts culminating with Bellator 222 here at the mecca of combat sports Madison Square Garden business round number two and immediately John Bennett dude she closes the distance but Rivera turns him around pins on the bottle offense Rivera in the blue gloves men DiNucci in the red it was a really good first round for John Bennett douchey but there was that momentary lapse when he thought because he had a crucifix position the referees gonna come in and stop it he starts to talk to referee he loses mental focus we'll see if he gets it back in the second does that mean you gave it to bended uchu that I've absolutely been adduced you won that first round [Applause] that's a power this is a power we don't why this is happening part too often tonight needs to be a contouring with Mike melchester Murray Mike Belgian has been suffering the groin shot blues here and somewhere a singer-songwriter is now composed the growing of shot loose let's go guys bring it in all right guys able to recover Jonathan check they resumed the action now it's better Gucci turning the tables on Rivera shall be strike them to change levels he under hooks by Rivera keeping that pig transpiring bitch keeps on getting those on our hoods turning Rivera's back to the cage look he do you think why does Karen Barrett retreat even close that space and letting him have that position Venna dirty looking despite the similarity well defended by rubella it the shots the body we're having about Pablo these teeth the lids just grinding away here in round two and jockey for position both with opportunities teams create separation from war games but there's a change at level but a good wide base but thought Noguchi perseverance good position he ship I got up here a place on that right arm over there that's a good step up he's still got that knee in place does he think about where this position is Dan let's step it now on a good 1/2 bar position with that lace Rivera free the arm he's going to try to grab it back and put it back to that position when I talk about it ladies when you're taking that right arm running it along the back it opens your ability to freely hit with that free one this job I kid in Rivera and now Rivera on the butterfly guard of betta do Chi and the tripod should live is a slashing of the strike number boots another showed almost right now the white baby Gucci by the Gucci using his feet up to trying to keep the attacking Rafael at bay now wants to control his posture good job by Rivera when he's putting that pressure on you see better vision trying to do those up kicks you've got to think I got to keep my hips forward up my face that's going to keep me safe it's when the fighter starts to lead over if they become in danger that up cake a minute and a half left in the second round Rivera looking to maximize this position on Ben Adichie that attention doing a good job of neutralizing Rivera's offense for the most bridge on the Moochie beautiful sweet five venoth uchi right in the side control now the puja this is dart stopped and got that crucifix position now start to land these on glass I'll make that work for you stop the fight a mint under a minute left in the second round [Applause] in round number two between Jonathan uchi and Kenny Rivera – bad state Nizam near the Jutes premium and then right back by reveal and now it's better Gucci who again that's the signal – by the 15 seconds in the round well these guys energy in this fight gritty grimy achieved gucchi but the foxes biggest enemy how do you have it after 10 minutes right now I have into position where Kennedy Rivera is down to round two zero [Applause] JLP sauna the American Gangster coming out of that big lift that gets you into Madison Square Garden this is the type of arena that jail was met for and lyoto machida also feeling that New York Knicks loved everybody give me pictures ease where's ours we got to go to New Jersey this is the third and final round then he returned the blue gloves Jon Benedict II until then gloves some scintillating scrambles rehearsals in that second route achieve using it exactly Boyd has secured this takedown got itself closed that's where he wants to be in the fight everything that dropping Iguchi has been doing in this fight has been affected what he has put his mind to getting to a position his godparents [Applause] Rivera controlling better Gucci's posture delivering some strikes from the bottom working the closed guard don't grab the fence all these little punches and stuff you were saying this Jesus volume it's not doing damage to clean Rivera but it's showing you know I'm controlling the position of landing these little strikes indicator of air can't get himself up this this is going to be a long round in the ends up eventually losing you should think about posturing up start to create space from by outdoor shots which could amplify for you [Applause] that water finish [Applause] they're using that kids boob in his position the Duke ladies head right back towards that cave he knows he's got positional ability to keep Rivera where he wants that's why his head is usually moving towards the chin area of caravan he's putting his forehead towards the chin or the bush again where there's head keeping the weak on the bottom by his head away Rivera desperately tried to with this fortune zero in the final round and a good seat looking to improve his position somehow is past the midway point of this final round in the Bellator featherweight division then adieu to is utilizing that aren't lanes got a couple of good shots in there by bringing is he over that arm to keep it in place Kenny Revere he's got to find a way out of this position [Applause] when you see it right now we've got better gucchy taken using my hip right on top can't get his hooks in just gonna keep pressure down on the lower back a kinder Varick people in place and just to get a shot or go through the submission like getting the neck there up getting to his feet and it did she trying to get his back trying to get those hooks and has one hooking momentarily Rivera defending well and if he takes holding his arms alone we call a seat belt position under the arm or out the neck just with a cable break it's a good way of controlling position but nothing is there as far as getting damaged the cover goes to a solution again support under a minute left in the back and they're trying to peel those hands away she's been adduced lacing that leg through that talent heads Oh Gracie got his win in his last fight victory he just had beautiful light ways to take down to the submission but then adieu cheese utilized the position against the fence just a grind dude you have got a knee strike to the calf Andrew barely even able to block that while anymore now a couple of short knee strikes in another 15 seconds left in this feather way contest between Verducci and the judges [Applause] [Applause] what [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] howdy Abaddon your unofficial scorecard Joe let's go down by my jacket if you want this right if it goes any other way I have no idea what this is MMA could definitely go any of every crime right we're laughs if we don't laugh we cry John that is exactly it because sometimes just looking go what in the world just happened [Applause] Oh see Williams he's dead up and having gone the distance we'll go down to judges scorecards your first judge Marcel Marella scores the fight 3226 well judges David Torelli and Derek clearing whole sea the fight at the same 30-27 I'll have it for the winner by unanimous decision [Applause] John Benedict improves his Bellator record to 1 and a 1 with the unanimous decision win over Kenney Rivera let's go back to Jay Glazer aye were less than an hour from our main card starting right here under sewn that card will be capped by one of our two main events it is the last fight of that bracket of the realtor Wade Grand Prix the winner of Nieman Gracie Rory MacDonald will fight Douglas Leeman in the final to get an extra million dollars whoever the winner of that tournament is but guys Neiman Gracie we're going to start with him the Challenger for the welterweight championship of the world you are a jujitsu specialist obviously the Gracie name we all know but Nieman Gracie what makes his jujitsu so much next level what makes Nima jujitsu so next level is the fact that he's relentless with it you saw in the Ed Bruce fight he just changed his submission attacks to attack after attack after attack until she got it he goes after the finish but most importantly he trusts in his jiu-jitsu 100% in the locker room before I walked out for my Bellator Hawaii fight he stopped and he's like Halima I know that he trusts yes it was amazing he trusted his ground game he's relentless and he changed together his submission flawlessly there's so many things that he can do but the one thing that people don't give him credit for is his upper body takedowns he's not someone that just goes out there and fishes through the double legs he doesn't force the takedown he punches his way into the clinch gets to the upper body locks press to the fence tries to get the takedown there that's where I think he's dangerous and I think that's where he is that's a good way for him to win the fights but he doesn't flow he bullies which he's gonna need against Rory MacDonald Morrow Big John its prelims role on all right time for another catchweight contest between Castries Gemma and Whitney jean-francois 511 to 6-foot you can see a huge reach advantage for Francoise in this against Jima here's Michael C Williams from New York Bellator 222 now presents three five-minute rounds at a catchweight of 165 pounds introducing the blue corner first at 6 foot weighing in 160 3.8 pounds his professional record two six and one he fights out of Brooklyn New York jean-francois and across the cage his adversary out of the red corner at five foot eleven right here one hundred sixty four point six pounds his professional record two and three from Greenwich Connecticut cast Rhea Gemma enough three in charged and Merkley uh-huh dan Merkley Otto will oversee this 165-pound catchweight affair all right so are you ready let's go fight bell in round one castoreum Gemma and the red clubs whitney jean-francois in the blue with exchange and takedown let's go JMO vote for that often very surprised see jean-francois take the fact that the graph does normally he's the guy that likes to keep a fight standing I try to knock his opponent out take the fight to the ground ended up in guard right now hasn't done anything to show that he's gonna be effective from that position he's kind of waiting hitting little shots nothing special right now that's why trains with Terry Colby BJJ black belt Marcio Bittencourt and also aldo oven pill he's a judo black belt in a few change a purple belt in the half guard now of Jeff from half guard decent posture up start landed big shots he's got the power he's a strong individual can do damage from this position gasps Rosetta Robin open guard which is smart we can start getting that you'll kept inside low kick by Francois Trahan level change looking for the takedown [Applause] Francois easy be careful where his strikes are going right now sometimes almost hitting it with the meat on the drag – they hit my friends wanted to have God [Applause] when SWAT has the ability to pass this guard right now anyone slide that leg up slice it through the middle it's an open guard again get back to his feet Francois was unable to garden there see it'll be interesting to see you know Francois to keep this pace up because he's been going after Jim but he's been using a lot of energy trying to lack of you hard shots continues Bob in side control most of these elbow strikes good position inside control away [Applause] this what I was talking about [Applause] trying to get you read while get Jenna out of the fight but if it doesn't happen turbines up Francois it's gonna the spot let's try to go to comb out I need a little bit now let's go back to half guard a lot of position of control not a lot of damage done by Jean Francois it does right in was deadly living great clean most bikes unofficial scorecard reads well just like I just said right now first round jean-francois Ted Gemini why is that because of what you just saw I said as far as positional control look at Jean Francois went out and perhaps we bring was trying to do things in the fight he landed some shots the beam is nice but footwork and punching didn't do it where do stone with his position is horrible believable and it's horrible that's the problem is he's getting out of control you've got to be in control during a fight when you're seeing Castro Gina just continually putting it under hook to get himself up out of those positions it's telling you someone's not covering all the bases they need to cover up to be successful lorraine Longo making his punctuating his point rate ray does that in a special way all right shaking around you ready ready sir let's go down well around – gasps throughout the gentleman in the red clucks and he jumped that's why it didn't so I'm okay right and five jean-francois silo kicked by Gemma closes the distance and he's taken down for zone and his side control yet again and yet again and in a very good position where he could utilize the cage to keep Gemma there but does he do the right thing yes a fence want a bj k po po po hey Owen here PJ get aq value of retained a position word you should know how to position the body you should know how to create a pressure he should know how to stop someone from putting it under a lot of things in this part we haven't seen that [Applause] right now you're not seeing Whitney jean-francois do anything as far as trying to go for a submission right now he's in a very good position where he has a lot of things open to him but he's not going that we're earlier in the night when we talked about being in full Mountains if we go this is dominant but situated you might think the referee would look at him getting that under his waist good job right there by Jean Francois to stop their positioning keep him against the cage needs to start over the up and think about Egypt damaged by opponent I cannot just get position and control [Applause] so fun when you jump red squad Zorba outside delay dipped Jemma closes the distance but again it's John Francois who manages to muscle Gemma to the cage and a lot of what receive is his autism a reflection of what we saw with Erik Rico against an abortion Aaron Pico had a lot of great wrestling a lot of great control damage and of course and all it took was one strike to change the entire complexion of that fight they John Whitney Sean Penn swap back inside control amazing I don't think you would ever get there [Applause] when you shop and try and different wedding similar Deportes be paid away that jemma that exploding with offense from the back with the whoops it wait to see what you GEMA defeats with me John Francois [Applause] and I think what we really saw here was not that castrato had all of a sudden this great burst to scale a technique comparatively I think we saw jean-francois start to run out of gas and when the legs started to burn that's what the guys back he's opening on was shot you see Francois turning towards it realizing I don't want to have this guy mounted on me turns away and it's really a matter of I think fatigue starting to set in and when you are a fatigue fighter it is very difficult to make the right decisions great job once he got the back castrato Jama opening up this was the difference when you saw Francois top he was closing distance and not landing any good shots at least Gemma postured up went after him and got the finish here's Michael C Williams ladies and gentlemen it comes to an end inside the Bellator cage officially three minutes 17 seconds into round number two the winner by TKO castrato let's go back to the fight desk all right thanks Bora again art night tonight our main card will be highlighted Rory MacDonald putting the welterweight championship of the world on the line against Nieman Gracie we've just talked about Nieman Gracie we know about Rory when he's on last time we saw him in the cage he won but he talked about maybe him being off a little bit do you think he's kind of rebounded between the ears what does this mean Jay I don't get it he'll talk about the roommate to my head what about his simply honestly I think he's back on track he's a true champion like he had said in a couple interviews he's been through a lot in his last you know year so he has two kids now married you know bought it out of the house all these ideas they're going through his head he's ready for this fight I think they understand that the million dollars gonna come in handy too and you know a lot of people are focusing on his mental state coming into this fight but for somebody who just bought five weeks ago I was bought on the San Jose card with him okay I'm thinking more about his physical side okay I haven't even been in the gym since my fight and I only fought two rounds he was in a five round battle war with fish so physically I'm thinking is his body gonna be ready for this well again that is our final fight of the evening our last prelim coming up right now yes the 12th and final prelim at Bellator 222 the fly weights in action Brandon Medina vs. Brandon pole care my prediction Brandon wins 23 years of age compared to 36 and a big reach advantage for the pro debut of Brandon Medina here's Michael C Williams here Bellator 222 it's time now for the final prelim up the evening three five-minute problems in the flyweight division first fighting out of the blue corner at five foot seven Wang Jian 126 pounds his professional record early on stands at one and two he fights out of Saratoga Springs New York presenting Brendan Vulcan and across the cage his atmospheric out of the red corner at five foot seven weighing in one hundred twenty four point eight pounds tonight he makes his professional debut on fighting ROK's New York Brandon we're in charge Kevin McDonald Devon McDonald referee three five-minute rounds scheduled in the Bellator MMA flyweight division bell round one Brandon Medina red gloves Brandon pole Kara in the blue gloves these were to be subpar scans of process and the launchers in please and Mulcair looking for the takedown well commanded by McGill under luck fumbling and note the perseverance of poker as he's trying to run the pipe got himself position pole care sticks with it and gets his takedown Springs New York Medina takes asked to take a look at what he just saw in the stand-up from branding Paul Kerr and how he was shying away from the strikes of Brandon Medina was throwing said look I gotta get this fight back to that position I see I have an advantage I don't want to stay on my back okay Leslie at the time he was five all through high school votes Pressman for five years after high school ecology attended after high school didn't have wrestling so after wrestling he got into jiu-jitsu back in 2008 and both here looking for his first win in Bellator after two losses Medina is professional MMA debut or the points he said was I need this win as much as I need to breathe know if it's quite that serious you see the ogre hood by Brandon Medina on poincare's arm that's keeping him down that's keeping into the position where he's not able to posture anyway but it takes strength some adidas part to keep that Modena working from an oaken guard that's a good thing because he can be offensive instead of having that close guard that he started with but he needs to start to switch the angle start to create entanglement Pohl care is very big into that head physician and keeping himself square with Modena the demon has a very good defensive guard ball and he's utilizing it but he's got to get you know I if I'm just going to be defensive at doing that right there that's one of the worst things that I see guys do when they triangle the body front about him guard you are launching yourself into that position keeping that guy on top of referee Kevin McDonald asking for action stop come on up it's a good standby gentlemen go because he's got a guy down they bred for Kerry who's controlling but not doing anything to finish the fight left and by [Applause] that left Texas toast Athena being that protein you he saw the D in late plant care and he watches to it when you heard setup you do have time to sit there and milk until that's the best little town you know we've got a bit of a guillotine attempt right here okay looking for that Quixote it's tight right now trying to get himself through it he's in trouble does the top and Brandon pole care submits Brandon Medina Poulter picks up his first win under the Bellator MMA banner in his first place since August of 2017 a victorious one for granted and Mulcair spoiling the professional MMA debut Nevada Brandon with Tina [Applause] 4:33 round one tax guillotine here's the finish that you see what happened in this was you had random Athena had her poll care and then he went running after him and put himself in a bad position vault Karen gets that half guard guillotine choke in place it's too tight and he gets his way [Applause] [Applause] here's Michael C Williams ladies and gentlemen it comes to an end officially four minutes 33 seconds into round number one the tap comes by way of a guillotine the winner by submission Brandon okay so that wraps up the Dunson preliminary bouts here in thought as part of battle 2 to 22 at Madison Square Garden coming up at the top of the hour streaming exclusively on the zone it is Bellator 222 featuring two championship fights we'll talk to you then and in the right place I always had a fire inside me she'll be a champion enough man this is either gonna be a sweet highlight knockout or grindy decision I'm kind of leaning towards Jail on this one to be honest I think Machida doesn't definitely have that chance to score that KO but jails rustling so he's always good and you know what he's a look he's looking better and better as he gets older which is insane sunny Machida I'm gonna have to go with the wrestler in this one it's hard for me to go nice to wrestlers so I'll take some in this one and it's strictly just going to the good wrestlers I'm gonna go with Machida the dragon so channel has an incredible ability to smother people and beat him like like they own money and Machida is this enigma that you just cannot imagine until you you fought him and he's so hard to take down he moves around in this mysterious fashion just kind of you know very light on his very very light on his feet and then he'll charge for with the great you know one two one two three and he just knocks guys out I'm gonna say yeah Machida because I've been watching the Karate Kid have you guys seen Cobra Kai oh my gosh I love that series it's like the best series ever it gets me all excited about karate I think Chael my name gels gonna wrestle Cleo doe yeah tell how are you Robin I'm great thank you how's everything things are good things are good you are great yes yes are you the main event think you're the main event main event I they're gonna close the show with Gracie versus McDonald's but you are really the main event well I have the star attraction but the main event is whoever goes last I got to give them their due mm-hmm it's true how's the um how's the legends ass-kicking tour going well you know the bus is still rolling down the road here so you know we got another stop and move on to the next one but I mean I'm enjoying myself they could be legends or not I mean it as a compliment to them but it really just means they're old your alt no that is not true I am a young man largely because of steroids and growth hormone but the part the point is this let me show you something Robin here's the difference in me and machito you ready hey did you see that I threw 6 punches in a kick that's the speed difference that's the difference between me and Machida 40 years old if I told my father I was going to fight a 40 year old man he'd punish me he ground me said yeah you gotta get into church I haven't raised you right you're gonna stay home tonight I'm gonna beat up a 40 year old man but you're a 40 year old man no no 42 years young there's a big difference I don't see I don't see seven punches gonna kick that time I saw two and this is probably how many you saw I analyzed martial arts for a living oh you better slow the tape down better get in the editing room film save that and I will take a look at that later and we will see I'll send you a message if indeed there were how many punches seven didn't kick you sweater hits no that was the first one throw two combination since I've been here that's true let's talk about the fight where you want to go we know where you want what about my fight yeah let's talk about your fighting you are you know you fascinate me and you fascinate many people that's part of we're a male of good taste right I must tell you that is part of what it is to be Chael Sonnen I see you you're confident you're having fun you're you make jokes but you must be nervous when you fight a professional athlete in a cage yeah nervous would be an interesting word but I would I think that's part of it I've always tried to identify the emotion and I've always failed because it's not just nerves it's not just excitement it's not just fear there's a relief involved that the event is finally here the trainings behind you the weigh-in is behind you but it's all kind of comes into one so yeah I would not make believe that it wasn't a stressful situation but I also want to pretend I don't enjoy it I do it's it fair to say that some nights you are bang on and other nights you are not you are flattened is that fair oh yeah yeah I don't know they just me but yes as an athlete as a whole yeah yeah you'll have better days another sometimes you have them in the practice room oh no I wish I wish that would have been the fight you know everything was so on today but you'll have the other ways to go whoo thank goodness that wasn't the fight I mean yeah that's a real thing where you try to peak you try to do things right you try to get the right amount of sleep and then you need a little bit of luck that you're not injured or say well there's a few things that come into it but yes to say that I personally have had performances work ah boy I wish I could take that bet you for sure we you and I have talked about this before the agreement is Friday night at Madison Square Garden it's not oh maybe next week I'd fight better or last week it's only that that's right that's part of its beauty I agree with you on that yeah when guys say you know I was flattered I was hurt I was I never know why they say it I'm I believe you I don't but what's the difference the agreement was who is better at a very specific location a very specific time in a specific way class under a specific rule set who gives a damn what the variables are one guy it was better than the other guy in that environment and that's what you agreed on that's true yeah do you are you certain you were faster than Machida is that are you certain of this I'd be surprised if he was faster I would be I would be very surprised if he was quicker than me but I I think he's fast and the whole house is white man alive that's a true story is that true that's true that's verified Beverly my father told me I find him I know he was a man of honor you could trust my old man you're a man of honor sure always yeah I sense hesitation I don't know you can trust me with your wallet is that what you're asking so let's talk briefly a little more about the fight actually no left turn Justin Bieber you know said he wants to fight Tom Cruise that is a lucky does that excite you that idea I'd watch that fight yeah I mean I got I would yeah Tom Cruise was a little bit old I think maybe if you would have helped somebody else 56 but Bieber is either 26 425 right so uh I don't think I don't think it could sanction that fight you know Tom Cruise is gonna have to respond in some fashion though I mean yes I have to yes even if they said well receives a response in some ways in some ways there is but I would imagine Tom Cruise is gonna have to deal with this in in some way you know if he's even seen it I don't know if you hear the stories and Tom Cruise and they're true that he doesn't even you know get Internet or newspaper each day so but yes if I'm if I'm being fair with you I get a kick out of that there used to be something called celebrity boxing yeah and it was silly and I'm not saying the skills were there but yeah I enjoyed that I think I would analyze it I would love to sure what yeah you know what I mean I love a son break down yeah there'd be a lot of real sloppy Pink's I think but you'd have footage to do that because you know Bieber's got some stuff out where he was trained with mayweather so it was a bag work but I remember seeing that and then you could grab you know sequences from Tom Cruise movies you you'd have a great breakdown thank you for that that's very fun you've given me some great advice over the years behind that's true this is that's gotta be right up there though this is right up there this is right up there how should we wrap this I don't know what do you want to do rock paper scissors you want arm wrestle wrestle yes let's do that okay nobody does leg wrestling anymore do you know how yes I do one two three and I do on I do I know exactly how to do this and then do we even say goodbye er this is this is this is the goodbye when I send you tumbling that way the cameras just go to black fade the credits I'll say enjoy the hostilities right okay okay we lock here yeah one two I did exceed on cue my friends the walk to the cage to compete in a mixed martial arts fight is one of the most psychologically physiologically and emotionally intense experiences a human being can have what does it really feel like join me let's talk to walk all right Taiwan claxton thank you for talking to walk with me no worries no what is this feeling like where are we what's about to happen here for you getting ready to go to battle yeah it's an it's an amazing feeling you know it's hard to really describe but think about your first time doing anything you know it's it feels like a first time every single time so you know it's it's one of those highs it's one of those adrenaline highs almost feels like a drug high before you step out there so right before you walk up these stairs it's uh you know it's all mental you just tell yourself I got this ready for this well you do not be ready yeah you're ready absolutely yourself here you can't you can't it's the truth right yeah every time I step on right here on the east stairs I know that I'm ready I'm prepared I'm ready to go to war let's go do that stage stage all your pro fights have been in Bellator yeah big show like right off the top right off the bat yeah absolutely take a look at this you're not gonna look at this on Friday night right like you will not be seeing that how's it look looks good you like I did some halfway decent work so far in this career yeah but you will not be even feeling that or sense in that at all on Saturday night you can't take your eyes off no yeah so that's what everyone else is gonna see right this one you're gonna see exactly how's it feel up here feels good you know I I hear it in my mind already j.cole middle child is playing and I'm walking out this is where I one way that I mentally prepare for my fights is I choose my walk out song months beforehand and you know any time I have some downtime in between coding I'll put on my beats and I'm going you know I have that song in and I'm visualizing walking to the cage and I'm visualizing the fans I'm visualizing you know stepping into the cage so once I once I get up here and I hear my walkout song you know it's it's go time you know it's time to have a good and you've rehearsed that in your mind many times all the other times yeah absolutely repetition repetition is key right yeah let's go you're a thoughtful guy you're a truthful guy yeah tiny bit even right now you feel just a tiny bit right now yeah oh of course of course you know the red carpet the barriers you got the lights going you know it's time to go to work I haven't felt like you know all the excitement and all the nerves and everything goes but right now I'm feeling it right now I'm feeling over there's no people here so you know one that once the people get here you know it's go time it's go time in the hours before you get your hands wrapped you're gonna take this walk a couple times absolutely go in go inside the cage get a feel get my emotion and you know just kind of get in my groove get ready to go relaxed relax yeah that's that's a weird word to use because for most people they're not gonna wrap their minds around the idea that you can possibly be relaxed right the more relaxed you are the less clouded your judgment is and I think that having good unclouded judgment is its key to going out there and really opening up you know opening up my offense opening up the flows just being confident enough to go in there and say hey you one bite down let's bite down you know it's that simple I mean is that simple but it ain't that simple either I think you got I think that if you overthink it mm-hmm that's when you get in trouble yeah you know if you go in there and you say hey I got 15 minutes mano-a-mano let's throw down that's what you get you know you just have to read before the first punch is thrown before the first body contact is made I think that you just have to reassure yourself that I'm built for this that's my that's my line it's my I'm built for this this is what I do let's have fun it is it really is an intense intense couple of moments here as you walk down but this can happen super fast right yep you can just you know walk down here in 30 seconds you can walk to it you can run down here how do you like to do it I think it all depends on the music you know it's all depends on the music and on the vibe and how I'm feeling but I think that for the most part I'm a stroller you know I get me I bounce a little bit touch my glove make sure you know the leather feels right I can feel the knuckle piercing through the glove you know just those little those little key things feel the strength in my hands in and walk down those things sure to make you present in the moment you don't Oh real quick the second year leather leather leather we got a fight in the moments in there this is hard to explain for a lot of people but you are not thinking they're right you have programmed your brain to behave the way you want it to behave in these moments if you're free to do so is that accurate pretty much you know you go on you go on autopilot but you have to be there just enough to make adjustments you know if that makes sense yes you can't overthink you know you overthink now it's like you that's when you see guys both guys like yeah has escaped dare to go you know so you go in there and you're like alright one bounce let me find my distance let's get ready to go let's get ready to go and you know the first piece of contact for me it's like we're gonna fight you know whether you hit me I hit you you grab me I grab you you know that the first time you feel it you're like let's do this let's let's go to war and that's what we came here to do absolutely you know it's ridiculous it sounds you want to get in here absolutely yeah so what are you doing here like when you get in here what's this feeling like I feel great I like to fill the k-h fill the people yeah moving a little bit you know one full circle around I feel it now I get you know right here in front of my corners look up at my coaches I get a few bounces in we look at him when do you look at him right away it's time to go let's do it that's it stare at him they announce him I do my thing I talked to my coaches you know let's do it they start to announce me I just give them that look I'm here I'm here to stay you got to move me you're in the way and it's on it's on come in I start to move let's see what you got yep yep and you steal the digital into the feeling is how to lose the feeling we're here we're fired you know I'm under their lights there's no more there's no more anticipation there's there's no doubt left in my mind let's go man thank you so much for sharing that absolutely thank you absolutely enjoy the hostilities my friends you


  1. Pico is 4-3 now. He is by far a worse fighter then wrestler. And even his wrestling, he is a one trick pony. He has heavy hands and a snap down that was probably the best in the world. Lotta good that does him in mma. He is done in mma. He should've stuck with wrestling. He had a full ride to any college of his choice, was a real contender for 4 ncaa titles. He beat some of the best wrestlers in America to make the finals in 2016 where he lost to Frank Molinaro who was 7 or 8 years older. Going mma was the biggest mistake he ever made. Yeah, he's a prodigy, but in wrestling, not mma.


    The guy's NOT A STAR, he's not from some legendary pedigree, WHO CARES??


  3. That women's fight was pretty unentertaining they would get eatin against any top 30 lol they are both food……………………………………………

  4. at 1hour 17 minutes split decision, HOW THE FCUK does 1 judge give it to the worst fighter I have seen on Bellator in a minute cmon this looks like the guy doesn't belong on this big stage. I thought Bellator is 3rd best MMA circuit and dude looks like an amateur seriously and back to the judge who is half drunk, you should lose your job if you can't judge fights properly WOW smh and the judge who was scoring that fight I don't wish bad luck on anybody but i really hope you lose your job…………………………………………………………………….

  5. Congratulations to my fellow countryman, Adam Borics! Pulled out the wrestler's kryptonite, knee to the jaw.

  6. très bonne video !!!! si vous pouvez diffusé tous les bellator en direct et en rediffusion sur youtube , ce serais génial !!!!

  7. Overrated Greg Jackson..”So Pico listen, this dudes last win was a knee to the face of a guy who shoots to take him down. I want you to shoot whole fight got it??? Good” 😂🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

  8. Pico is still a good fighter i think he should just change his fighting style to not go for ko always but overall i see him great

  9. Pico needs more bjj in my opinion. Great wrestler, but not the best top control once the opponent is on the ground

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