BECKY LYNCH WWE RETURN MATCH ANNOUNCED! | WWE Smackdown Live Nov. 27, 2018 Review!

BECKY LYNCH WWE RETURN MATCH ANNOUNCED! | WWE Smackdown Live Nov. 27, 2018 Review!

Becky Lynch returns to save Smackdown Live
and all of WWE! Michael Cole has a random cameo! And perhaps most shockingly of all,
WWE put on a decent show for a change. I know, you may want to sit down for this review.
I am Luke Owen, press the thumbs up, leave a comment for me to reply to and let me know
what you thought of the show using this ratings system: SmackDamn, SmackTastic, Smack Bang
in the Middle, SmackDowner and A Smack in the Face. This is the 27th of November 2018
edition of Smackdown Live… in about 4 minutes. Paige opened the show and quickly brought
out the triumphantly returning Becky Lynch – who hasn’t been seen since handing over
her Survivor Series match with Ronda Rousey to Charlotte Flair. I know she only missed
Survivor Series and last week’s Smackdown, but it’s felt so much longer because WWE’s
output of TV has been so bad these past couple of weeks. Becky agreed and said she had been
gone too long, calling out Charlotte Flair for what she did to Rousey a couple of weeks
ago. Despite turning heel at Survivor Series and then pretending it was a babyface turn
on the following Smackdown, Flair was 100% presented as the heel in this segment. She
chastised Lynch for riding her coattails and stealing her father’s gimmick – even telling
her to be quiet so she could cut a promo directly to Ronda Rousey. She even said that she didn’t
attack Ronda at Survivor Series for Becky, she did it for herself – completely contradicting
her promo last week where she said she did it for Becky and the other girls in the locker
room. Paige got things moving by announcing a tables,
ladders and chairs match for the Smackdown Women’s Championship at TLC, but was interrupted
by ALL THE WOMEN HEELS STANDING IN A ROW with Mandy Rose accusing Paige of playing favourites
with her former Team PCB buddies. This brought out ALL THE WOMEN FACES STANDING IN A ROW
and Paige announced a battle royal for later on tonight, with the winner being added to
the TLC match for the title. Despite the flip flopping of Charlotte’s character and motivations,
this was a home run opening segment. It gave the main event some steaks, added new faces
to the Championship picture and established the heel/face dynamic between Flair and Lynch.
Unless they change their minds next week, of course. The Usos defeated Smackdown Tag Team Champions
The Bar in a really great TV match – which told the story of Cesaro constantly uppercutting
Jimmy Uso out of the air anytime he did a dive. The finish was totally chaotic, with
The Usos hitting the big splash on Cesaro for the win – setting them up as new contenders
for The Bar’s tag team titles. However the bigger story here – no pun intended – is that
we got shown a video of The Bar kicking Big Show out of their group. Explain to me what
the point of this trio was again? AJ Styles came out next for a promo and revealed
that Daniel Bryan had clearly been taking notes from Raw, as he didn’t show up for
work today despite being Champion. He said he would win at TLC. It was a promo. I’d
have preferred Styles winning a quick squash match to get back some of the heat he’s
lost since losing the WWE Championship, but this was a perfectly fine segment. A match between Shinsuke Nakamura and Rusev
was supposed to take place, but Nakamura attacked him before the bell and laid him out with
two Kinshasas. Wait, could it be? I always thought it could be possible! IT’S TRUE!
SHINSUKE NAKAMURA HAS A STORYLINE! It’s only taken them nearly four months, but the
United States Champion actually has something to do. Michael Cole was randomly in the ring next
to introduce Jeff Hardy – who we were told was celebrating his 20th year in WWE. Even
though he actually signed and debuted with the company in 1994. Cole Thanos’d out of
the ring – what was the point in him being there? – and Hardy cut a promo announcing
that he was not retiring and looked forward to his next challenge. And here comes a new
challenger, as Samoa Joe came out to cut an awesome promo on Jeff – making several references
to Hardy’s real life addiction problems and saying that people shouldn’t be celebrating
this weakness. Hardy challenged him to get in the ring, but Joe walked away. This drew
great heat from the crowd and was a really effective way of building a new feud between
Joe and Hardy. Earlier in the night Miz did some comedy backstage
with The New Day – the highlight of which was Xavier Woods singing Kane’s old entrance
theme – AND THE FLAME RETUUUUURNS! – which led to a match between Kofi Kingston and The
A Lister. This was a solid paint-by-numbers TV match – with Kofi winning after Miz distracted
himself trying to attack the other members of New Day. Backstage Miz approached his supposed
tag team partner Shane McMahon to whine about him not being at ringside, with Shane reminding
him that they are not actually a team. If the plan is to turn Shane heel and Miz babyface
off the back of Crown Jewel and Survivor Series, I really don’t think they’re doing a good
job of telling that story. Randy Orton cut a boring promo on Rey Mysterio’s
mask – and the two had a decent brawl around ringside with Orton laying Rey out with a
chair to the throat. One would assume we’re getting a Chairs Match at TLC which are always
fun. I’m being facetious of course those matches are very silly. And in the main event ALL THE SMACKDOWN WOMEN
HAD A BATTLE ROYAL. This didn’t go as long as you would think, but it had one simple
goal in mind: make Asuka look dominant and awesome. Which she did by eliminating the
most people in the match and winning the whole thing – setting up a triple threat at TLC
between Asuka, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch. That match would have felt like a bigger deal
if WWE hadn’t spent the majority of 2018 flattening out Asuka and making her feel like
just another body on the roster, but in fairness this did come off like the first step in rehabbing
her character. And that could also be a description of the
whole show. After two awful weeks of Raw, a really bad episode of Smackdown last week
and the disappointing and ultimately pointless Survivor Series, this episode of Smackdown
felt like a breath of fresh air. It was like a reset button had been hit, with this show
building several new feuds in The Usos vs. The Bar, Nakamura vs. Rusev and Joe vs. Hardy
– and not to mention putting Asuka back into the Championship picture and making her seem
like a genuine threat – and not someone who can be easily beaten by Carmella of all people.
They completely ignored Charlotte’s promo from last week, and holy hell was it good
to see Becky Lynch back on TV screens. This was a thumbs up show. This week’s Smackdown
Live was SmackTastic. Monday Night Raw on the other hand was very
much not. Watch Oli and I review that show in the latest episode of WrestleRamble by
clicking the image on screen right now. I’ve been Luke Owen and that was wrestling.


  1. I'm done… it's been a slow process of me TRYING to watch WWE, I canceled the Network last week – the only reason why I kept it was for Survivor Series, once I realized I MISSED it and didn't even know it was ON!!! I knew it was time… no more WWE for a long time.. I'm tired of all the scripts and playing it safe.. I'm DONE

  2. Smacktastic I see Becky more as a Tweener (a character between face and heel.) She can antagonize with a face and a heel perfectly keep her heelish attitude.

  3. Luke u British wanker. Why have u changing the ratings system of "ellesworthy"..did u know his wrestling career is over? Well? It is!!! I bet ur a mark of him?

  4. 5:10 Asuka is just there to take the pin, isn't she…?
    And Charlotte, WWE's chosen one can win via pinning Asuka…. "God Damn it, WWE!"

  5. 4 years late notwithstanding, I felt as though the whole promo Joe did to Jeff just really brought down the mood, not really doing much as a heel. Everyone knows that's Jeff's past, and everyone really should celebrate the fact that he's screwed up far more then his wrestling career for the better part of those 24+ years, but this should've been the time to celebrate him still being here.
    This is definitely biased as hell though, because I'm a huge fan of Jeff lmao

  6. WWE trying every trick in the book to try and get Charlotte over…give up WWE. Becky is the face the women's division needs and she's the champion the people want.

  7. The WWE cannot be saved under the current regime…
    Let's all be thankful that a new organization may be in the works and not too far away

  8. I realize there are no pinfalls in a TLC match, but Auska is just there to take the pinfall. Effectively. She's been thrown in so neither Becky nor Charlotte look bad if they don't win.

  9. I find it kinda funny how the picture you used to make fun of the chairs match (kalisto vs Corbin) just happens to be the best chairs match in tlc history 😁

  10. It's pretty obvious… WWE belongs to the women now. No one would have ever thought that was possible ten years ago. What an amazing turnaround.

  11. My only complaint is why talents like cesaro and sheamus are wasted as a tag team putting them in title pictures will be great either US or WWE championship. Rest SmackDown is going good better than trash RAW

  12. Too bad I missed the show… no big deal.. I don't plan to watch Smackdown until Joe gets a belt… To me they waste Samoa Joe in the WWE…

  13. You guys should check out world series wrestling from Australia, they put on a great show, involving alot of international indy wrestlers, we just had joey ryan and cody Rhodes contesting for the iwpg us title in some great matches, even though they are both injured, they contested the title via a starting contest, followed by a rock, paper & scissors match, followed by a thumb wars competition, that's how a injured wrestler should approach things, even if injured

  14. Luke Owen is so f’n dumb. I swear it’s like he doesn’t even know wtf he’s talking about. Where’s the SLAP LUKE IN THE FACE option.

  15. I feel like it was average at best. Just seemed really good because of the shit we've been given the past weeks. No Aj, DB, Joe, Hardy actually matches, then Nakumara and Rusev wasnt a match.

  16. Who honestly thought somebody else was going to win other then Asuka? I fear she's just being thrown in the match to take the pin, to keep Becky and Charlotte's momentum going which is a shame.

  17. Holy shit I couldn't agree with Becky more if I tried. I got so PISSED when C Flair got HANDED another opportunity. WHY?!?! she lost to Becky CLEAN, came up short against Ronda, WHY The fuck does she get yet another chance before everyone else even got a first chance. Becky IS The Man

  18. I don't knw if this is coincidence but I jst wrote to WWE on making a triple threat match btween Becky vs. Charlotte vs. Asuka & they indeed make it happen!!!

  19. If Lynch loses but isn't involved in the pin/submission it wouldn't be so bad. Then she can win the rumble to take on Rousey at WM35.

  20. Im so thrilled to see Asuka back in the title picture. After wrestlemania (and a great match) her character and threath was completely obliterated. She doesn't have to be completely undefeated again, but give her some of her old NXt credibility back!

  21. As an American, it was really weird and felt awkward when a group of guys were cheering for Orton to beat up Rey. Also I still think Lynch could be heel. I'm not sure they know what to do so they are keeping her the same.

  22. This was smacktastic? Only compared to last week and survivor series. All the matches looked poorly choreographed. When the best parts are promos, there is something wrong.

  23. God bless Becky Lynch… even with her though, WWE is still pretty much unwatchable…bet Vince still has dreams of the Attitude Era but don't we all?

  24. Are we actually giving WWE CREDIT for setting up storylines when the storylines are tired and bad? Rusev vs. Nakamura? We did this already, recently. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't so good that we need to do it again immediately.

    Another women's battle royal? Especially such a short one that plays up old stereotypes about women's matches needing to get over with fast before people get bored?

    Jeff Hardy vs. Samoa Joe? With Joe's new reputation as a verbal bomb-thrower, but one who quite literally NEVER wins?

  25. Oli:quick plug in our tee!
    Luke:??? I have an awesome shirt on.
    Oli: Slowly puts on an oversized support wrestltalk tee over luke
    Luke: K.

  26. Great, they're going to bury Asuka. She should walk out, too, and go back to that all-women wrestling thing that Io Shirai came from.

  27. I wish they'd fix the trainwreck they've turned Lashley into, as well. Why do they feel the need to (give the impression of) hold back the talent of their Black athletes…..ah hem cough cough Velveteen Dream, New Day…….serious competitors turned into a minstrel show….

  28. For people who think that this orange haired cunt is gonna make a difference in the ratings of the show, consider cutting your dick off with a spoon because clearly you don't need it. Let's make one thing clear also, she is nowhere near the level of Austin or Rock and has no character and looks like a dude

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