Bayley PUNISHED By WWE Security For “LEAKING” Major Segments During WWE Rehearsals? – WWE News

Bayley PUNISHED By WWE Security For “LEAKING” Major Segments During WWE Rehearsals? – WWE News

Wwe is a professional wrestling show, but
majority of their programming is all story driven and all about surprising fans So even though the fans know the matches in
advance, they still don’t know how the match is going to turn out and where the story will
go next This is one of the main things that wwe tries
their best to protect, but there always seems to be someone backstage that leaks out some
major upcoming news within wwe Nowadays, social media has ruined and spoils
a lot of the surprises wwe has planned as well News of a huge return and other things like
that will go public weeks in advance It’s a race online between all of these
sites to see who’s the first to spoil something within wwe, which is really unfortunate when
you look at it that way But one thing that wwe is very strict about
and something that rarely ever leaks online is video or pictures of wwe rehearsals So this is how it usually goes, WWE’s production
team will get the stage, ramp, ring, and everything all prepared And a few hours before the show, wwe superstars
will come to the ring to practice and rehearse a big spot, big moment, or just a casual match Now if a picture, video, or word gets out
about anything going down in a rehearsal…you can obviously spoil a big moment of the show There was one time that a raw rehearsal was
leaked and it was the arena’s fault This happened several years ago when ryback
was feuding with the shield The venue had its tv screens on around the
halls several hours before the show started and the tv screens around the arena showed
ryback on top of a ladder with the shield One employee of the venue or a fan that got
in early, grabbed a picture of the screens and posted it online and that moment was ruined
and spoiled when it aired live later that night All the fans that saw that picture, had that
big moment spoiled for them There was also another incident of a rehearsal
leak in 2018 when wwe was in Madison square garden A picture went online that showed Ronda Rousey,
Alexa Bliss, Liv Morgan, Natalya, and a few more superstars all hanging out in the ring
before the show It’s just a perfect example of how one picture
of a rehearsal could ruin a big moment Bayley recently recalled a time that security
was screaming at everyone to put their phones away during a rehearsal Bayley was just sitting in the arena several
hours before the show started when security started to approach everyone about putting
their phones away, wwe superstars included as well Even though they’re wrestlers themselves
and would never leak anything… You have to remember that the venue also has
its employees walking around and who knows if they might try to sneak a picture of the
rehearsals themselves As a result of this problem, wwe has the arena
flooded with security guards during this time checking to see if anyone has a phone out Bayley had this to say about the story: “I’m sitting in the arena right now, and
if you could see how filled this place is, not with wrestlers, but with people building
the stage, people putting out chairs…” “…security yelling at people to put their
phones away,it’s crazy what goes on to put this show together for the fans. They don’t know how much we really try to
make the best show possible for them.” And Bayley has a real good point We all love hearing about rumors and speculation,
but we don’t want a big moment to just be flat out spoiled for us, I think majority
of fans can agree with that No one wants to know what happens in a tv
show or the end of a movie because it just ruins the whole point of you watching and
experiencing it for yourself That same idea could be applied to pro wrestling We all love the rumors and speculation, but
spoilers are on a whole other level For example, if confirmation got out of someone
like cm punk making their return at the royal rumble, it’ll take away from that shock
factor of seeing it live So rumors are alright because we don’t know
what’s true or not since it’s just speculation But flat out spoilers is problematic and it’s
a great thing to see wwe go all out to put a stop to them As noted by Bayley with this story, wwe does
in fact do a lot of little things to make sure big time spoilers don’t get out early
and we can all be surprised Liv Morgan’s return during the Lana and
Bobby Lashley is a good example of something huge that didn’t get leaked that early Everyone was surprised when Liv Morgan showed
up because it was completely unexpected So this really was an interesting thing to
learn about from a wwe superstar that was present when this was going on fans, are only allowed in the arena of a wwe
show an hour or so before the show actually starts so we don’t get to see what the whole
process is like from the inside, so it’s great to get that insight from Bayley What are your thoughts on this situation of
wwe protecting their rehearsal sessions? Leave your comments, don’t forget to subscribe
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  1. What are your thoughts on Bayley's story here of how wwe handles pre show security? Leave your comments, don't forget to Subscribe, and leave a like if you enjoyed! Thanks for watching guys 😀

  2. I hope Bayley lose her title to Lacey Evans, she's so boring and let Lacey Evans vs Sasha Banks happen at WRESTLEMANIA!!!

  3. Yawn…what's the point here? We all know what goes on….tell us something we don't already know….cut the blah blah blah….we want to hear interesting bits…not sleep inducing crap.

  4. I feel it would mess up the show thank you for doing this WWE just remember today everyone is glued to there phones like it's a addition if I didn't know any better it is like a drug so if so superstar or a employee has a hard time rather then firing them try getting them help first yours truly a life long fan!!!

  5. 6 mins of my life wasted!!! First of all do something that's actually relevant to the present day not 2 years ago and secondly learn to speak properly you boring , annoying knobhead!!!!!!

  6. They should do all they can to stop leaks! I can't even stand all the rumors and info that goes around or people knowing scripts or happenings in feuds in advance and then putting it all over the internet!!! It does totally take away from the enjoyment and pisses me off!!!!!

  7. Whats the sense in lying in the thumbnail? Nowhere in this video does it say Bailey was punished. Noone was punished. Just yelled at by security to put phones away.

  8. This video makes sense, and Bayley has a good point on this situation, I have been a WWE fan for a long time now, and having social media sites like Facebook is a clear example of how storylines can get leaked but hopefully this can get resolved for future shows.

  9. Not trusting those involved hurts the employee/personnel relationship, yet saves employees from fines and even suspension or fired

  10. Insert Face Palm here; what about when Paul Heyman says, 'that's not prediction, that's a spoiler' especially what he says; usually happens (ie. ending Takers WM Streak). This is hoping that Brock does not win the RR; because Paul told us was going to win. Other thing I don't like when the fans post videos of events either 'LIVE or House Shows', because there are signs everywhere before you enter an arena no video taping allowed but the fans still find a way of doing it.

  11. Wait a minute. Why would fans be in the arena and watch the wrestlers rehearse? I mean come on now. I kno fans go in and sit in their seats before the show starts but the wrestlers usually rehearse backstage

  12. If they didn't want there plans and updates to be spoiled, they would've kept it privately although most of these "rumors" tend to be fake

  13. It does not brother me that bayley would say that .. It like seating with her and listening to her talk about what goes on when they put together a show ..I love watching stuff like that. I been to a ren faire and was at rehearsal . it gave me insight in what goes on in a show . it does not take away from me the joy of a show .

  14. Although social media has ruined a big part of wrestling but so has shows like total divas. Just about anything that's breaking the fourth wall.

  15. bought and paid for by wwe. personally i barely follow the "rumors" but,,,anyone who pays to see a wwe event is getting ripped off.

  16. I use to work event security when raw came to town and everything bayley said was true. If your caught your sent home.

  17. You waste so much time babbling about nothing what the title is about. My thoughts on this situation is that you suck at this.

  18. 1) every live show I've gone to doors open 3 hours before bell time. not 1 hour before.
    2)liv Morgan's surprise return got absolutely no response. probly because of the 2 other interruptions and honestly most people hate the whole lana thing.
    3)bailey. like really. bailey. no no seriously. bailey. another wrestler who gets no reaction.

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