Battle of Kosovo 1389 – Serbian-Ottoman Wars DOCUMENTARY

Battle of Kosovo 1389 – Serbian-Ottoman Wars DOCUMENTARY

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courses plus go to the great courses plus calm today to start your free trial the Ottoman Empire was the most powerful
of its era and conquered many regions in a decisive fashion however their
invasion of the Balkans was met with stiff resistance the peoples of this
region fought the intruders for almost 200 years
and defied their rule long after that the bloody Battle of Kosovo in 1389
exemplifies this struggle for independence so let’s see how this
battle came to be the Celtic invasion followed by the Crusades completely
changed the balance of power in the Middle East the biggest victim of these
events was the Byzantine Empire it had started to lose lands to the Seljuks in
the 11th century then the Crusades despite helping the empire in the very
beginning led to the sack of its capital Constantinople by the Latins
Anatolia was fractured beyond anything seen before the ethnic and religious
makeup of Asia Minor changed as more turkic tribes moved in as if it wasn’t
enough the Mongol invasion of the Middle East started in the 13th century in 1241
they made their first foray into Anatolia and in 1243 decisively defeated
armies of the seljuk sultanate of room near modern-day seevis the Sultanate
became a vassal of the Mongols and a Byzantine successor state the Empire of
Nakia used that respite effectively by 1261 the Greeks took back Constantinople
and restored the Byzantine Empire in the northwestern part of Anatolia and
central Balkans unfortunately for them the mongols pushed more terrific tribes
out of central asia and the Iranian plateau towards Anatolia by 1299 the
leader of one of these tribes Osman was granted a small piece of land along the
Byzantine border for his military service to the Seljuks
in 1302 he defeated a Byzantine army near Nakia then Osman used the
dissolution of the Sultanate in 1308 to gain independence
unlike other Balak leaders he didn’t care for the usual tribal infighting
Osman and his descendants practiced a version of Islam that was stricter than
that of the seljuqs and saw glory only in fighting against non-muslims his son
Orhan took the Byzantine city of Prusa the modern day Bursa and moved his
capital there nakiya and nikka media fell to his
troops in 1331 and 1337 and a few successful raids into byzantine lands in
Europe were conducted Ottomans or Ottomans as they were called by the
Christians took their first city in Europe in 1354
using the fact that the walls of Gallipoli were destroyed by an
earthquake in the next decade Adrianople lofty and komotini were all conquered
and the new leader Murad the first moved the Ottoman capital to Adrianople
modern-day Edirne it seemed that nothing could stop the
Ottomans but to the west of their new Holdings the mighty Serbian Empire was
ready to defend itself in 1371 King Lucas in attempted to use the fact that
most of the Ottoman forces were in Asia to take adrianople and drive them out of
Europe with around 35,000 troops under his command he moves to the valley of
the maritza River as no significant enemy force was in the area the serbian
king did not send any scouts ahead and his camp was virtually unguarded but a
small ottoman army of a thousand or so riders attacks the camp during the night
thousands of serbs were killed in their sleep and even more drowned in the
maritza during the chaos the king his brothers and many aristocrats died in
this battle which destroyed the Serbian Empire almost all Serbian and Bulgarian
aristocrats became the vassals of Murad among them the Prince of Moravian Serbia
despite that when most of the ottoman army moved to central Anatolia lazar
rebelled alongside many other local feudal lords his troops defeated a small
army at the Battle of plotnick in 1386 and pushed the Ottomans out of southern
Serbia this victory increased lazarre’s Authority tenfold and he managed to form
a broad Alliance consisting of serbs volga’s Bosnians and al burns even some
bohemian and hungarian aristocrats joined his army but this time around he
would be facing the best the ottomans could offer sultan murad alongside his
sons bayazid and jakob moved towards Pristina in the june of 1389 Lazar and
his troops would be waiting for them on the Kosovo the fields of the Blackbirds
in Serbian let’s take this opportunity to talk about the composition of the
opposing forces Murad had continued in the footsteps of his father and
grandfather expanding his Regular Army which meant that Ottoman troops were
very different from those once fielded by the Seljuks still for sultan did have
a significant number of light cavalry called a Kim G they were armed with
composite bows axes and maces and usually acted as Raiders or a flanking
force the regular cavalry called Sipahi were a somewhat heavier horseman with
lances and bows the irregular infantry was represented by a saps who carry bows
and pole arms or halbert’s Ottoman Sultans also started a practice of using
personal slaves and Christian people’s to form their elite Janissary troops
they also were armed with various weapons Janissary served as the Sultan’s
guard and have both cavalry and infantry units the ottomans also had early
cannons in their service altogether Mourad had 50,000 troops in this battle
on the other hand the Serbs had a truly European army most of their cavalry was
heavy with only a handful of light Hasan’s in support serve infantry used
both bows and melee weapons according to the situation nazar had brought 30,000
warriors with him mountains surround the field of Kosovo to the west and east
Lazar knew that he would not be able to contain the ottomans in the open plains
to the north and hoped that the terrain would prevent his enemies from using
their superior numbers the Prince commanded the center with 15,000 troops
with cavalry in the first line and infantry in the second the left was led
by a flat Kovu Kovac while the right was under the command a local aristocrat
rook brankovic both had around 7,000 warriors on the opposite side the sultan
stayed in the center with 20,000 of his regular troops while Yakup commanded
15,000 Anatolian warriors on the left and B as it was on the right with the
same numbers again the Ottoman front line consisted of archers who had dug a
small protective trench and reinforced it with stakes most of the artillery was
in the center for both armies the battle began on the morning of June 15th with a
volley from the serb cannons which failed to reach Ottoman lines due to the
distance ottoman cannons also weren’t effective and their archers were ordered
forward those are responded by ordering his cavalry forward where this attack
was stopped by the Ottoman center and right flank the Serb cavalry suffered
many casualties but on the right the attack was successful the serbs pushed
the enemy all the way back to their camp however they is it on the Ottoman right
was also pushing back the Serbian left after some initial difficulty still
Lazar had the initiative and Murat was close to panic this moment of the battle
is still hotly debated in the Balkans leader of the right flank of the
Christian army vogue brankovic to the field with most of the troops
under his command some say that he was a traitor and had an arrangement with the
Ottomans to abandon the battle others claim that he saved the troops that
allowed him to resist the Ottoman onslaught for two more decades naturally
that freed up the Ottoman left which pushed forward and attached the Serb
center from the flank the Serbian left slowly retreated under overwhelming
enemy pressure and soon their whole army was surrounded we don’t have all the
details but two events happened simultaneously at this point in the
battle first Murad sent the majority of his troops forward to finish off the
enemy leaving himself nearly undefended then a group of serb knights used that
weakness to break the line of his bodyguards and assassinate the Sultan
Christian sources assert that 11 nights sacrificed to themselves to allow their
comrade Milosevic to strike the enemy leader who was killed on the spot on
another side of the battlefield Lazar died fighting both Lazar and Melo’s are
venerated as Saints by the serbian church after the death of the prince the
fight was over and turned into a bloodbath ultimately the casualties on
both sides were catastrophic but still the Ottoman invasion of Europe continued
and many battles that we are planning to cover in the future were fought
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  3. the turks fucket serbs nicely brutally 😀 im not turk,but the turks are one of the bravest people on earth.GREAT RESPEKCT TO TURKS. illl hope that the turks was christians.then islam was fucket and destroyed from earth

  4. If the Byzantine Empire fought with SerbiA over Kosovo, then what did the Albanians want, the Albanians brought Byzantines from Africa as slaves

  5. There were Albanians – Greeks – Bulgarians – Croats -Hungarian and Serbs (not only Serbs that's a pure lie) who fought side by side against the Ottoman Empire June 15, 1389. The reference you will find today's Turkey where the Ottomans were best at registering everything from food recipes to wars that are available today to read even today!

    "Thanks to the Serbs" The battle was won by the Ottoman Empire
    AND the Serbs are the only ones to celebrate
    to this day ( it's really crazy)

    Serbs celebrate this day because it is a way to propagate that the area is their belief that they will lose it again sarcastically in 1999 😂

    28 JUNE 1914 WW1 STARTED
    28 JUNE 1919 WW1 FINISHED

  7. This is not an accurate history. The battle did not end this way. Lazarus died only after the battle! This version of battle is outdated. There is strong and irrefutable evidence that the battle ended with the victory of Serbia. And the Ruler died only after the evening !!! In addition, there is another lie … that Lazar united other peoples from those areas, such as Albanians, who did not exist on European soil at the time.

  8. Man the name should be red as Plotschneeek. Pločník. The numbers you use are very inflated. Generaly historians incline to 12 000 men on Christian side and between 27 to 40 thousand on the islamic side. Those large numbers in chronicles are usuaely over the top.

  9. Funny Croats on the map, false map, there was Serbian Kingdom of Bosnia with Stephen Tvrtko Kotromanic, and Croats were under Hungarian Empire longer then 100 years

  10. Serbia lost all the solgers in that batlle 28.06.1389. and now Albanian make big money traficing drugs, weapons, women's and human organs and with that dirty money they pay to NATO to bombing us 1999 and help theme to took of us ours historical teritory Kosovo and Metohija.
    That is proove that global politics doesnt have moral!!!

  11. Albanian and Serbs cannot accept thet they are brothers Nations.Before the Albanians accepted Islam.The History never lies.It is a fact that the Aabanians and Serbs are the same nation divided somewhere in some period.

  12. O world for what fucking serbia fought, kosovo( dardania) is Ilirian land Albanian land forever are you world still listening fucking fake serbian historians, time for serbian criminals is out,Ilirians (Albanian) before serbs, greek turks,

  13. Another misinformation here! Tell the truth don't make propoganda! Ottomans won the battle. After the battle Sultan was walking with his man in the battlefield among the corpses. One Serbian soldier was acting as he is dead.. When Sultan came closer he suddenly stabbed the Sultan. Sultan Murad lived for a day or two but later died from the wound! That Serbian was obilic who wss executed right there by the guards of the Sultan!

  14. there should be a correction about the name of the city which murad the first carried his capital to. Adrianapol is modern day Edirne , not Adana

  15. What is this bullshit.they fought serbs abanians hungars bosnjaks bullgars together not just serbs.sulltan was killed from his own son for power.milos obilic is myth from serbian orthodox church from 18 century .milos obilic didnt even existed.every one who proofs his existence i pay him 10 000 more history from rom wien and constatinopol archive and let the serbian erthodox church bullshit.dont be ignorant

  16. This version of the battle is widely disputed by many sources. It is said that the battle ended in a stalemate…and that Lazar was killed after the battle while praying at a church…when a group of turks took the opportunity to kill him and his guards who assumed the turks pulled back.

  17. Muslim arab here, the serbs seemed tough. If we took constantinople before the muslim turks they would have likely been the 2nd line to confront

  18. I come here just want to know that banser the majenjeng squadron take this back ground instrument as their marching dance..hahaha

  19. With no respect I would say that you know nothing about history.update your self or you will loose your muslim followers..

  20. Missing and incorrect,

    When Yıldırım Beyazıt rushed to help his brother on the left wing, and Vuk Branković had to escape.

    Murat Hüdavendigar allowed the Serbian soldier Miloš Obilić, who said he wanted to be a Muslim and congratulated the sultan, to come to talk with him and that was the assassination. In fact, it is known that Sultan Murat II testified before the death "on the battlefield that the Sultan should not come down from the horse".

    Eksik ve hatalı,

    Yıldırım Beyazıt sol kanada, kardeşine desteğe yetiştiği için Vuk Branković kaçmak zorunda kaldı.
    Murat Hüdavendigar, Müslüman olmak istediğini ve sultanı tebrik etmek istediğini söyleyen Sırp askeri Miloš Obilić'in yanına gelmesine izin verdi ve suikast bu şekilde gerçekleşti. Hatta Sultan 2. Murat'ın ölmeden önce, "savaş meydanında sultanın attan inmemesini" vasiyet ettiği bilinir.

  21. Serbians are the biggest cowards in war, offcourse generally speaking there are some brave men, but boosting about killing a sultan with a lie breaching his tent and celebrating that as noble, is lower than lowest, at least to those men who understand brave battle, on top of that his son took serious revenge for this coward act, hatred is not the place for a battlefield serbs

  22. Which history books or better say, whose history books are you reading? Where did you get your history maps from Balkan territory as you people draw that the border from the Serbian kingdom also included a territory of Bosnia?! How can it be that you folks don' want to know that there was a medival Bosnia or better say Kingdom of Bosnia ?! …

  23. Video is about how serbitches lost to the ottomans in 1389. and they cant stop talking about Albanians.
    Serbitches since 1389 and forever in my shadow
    Proud to be Albanian !!

  24. Respect from Bulgaria to the brothers Serbs its never easy to fights vs turks .Only problem is that after you were for them most faithful vassals ( Nokopol , Ankara )

  25. Brankovic family always affect Ottoman history in medieval time especially Mara Brankovic Mother of Mehmed the Conqueror. Mehmed the Conqueror is still the idol of Turkish Nationalists and İslamists.

  26. Biased as fuck as always… it was not the serbs who fought it was a balkans alliance between serbs albanians hungarians and pretty much al balkan people. But serbs stealing history isn’t new.. were the last to settle in the balkans but stilk have the gut to claim most of it as theirs, real unbiased people know that slavs were the last to come to balkans where they found greeks, dalmatians (croats) , bulgarians , albanians.

  27. That is Wien-Berlin version of our history. That is not true. First learn our history before a Make video. Read Miloš Milojević book's and you'll will see Why this is a lie.

  28. Serbian/Tribalian victory. Ottomans gone to asia minor. Murat was killed. Heavy losses on both sides. Notre-Dame bells ring 1389 for Serbian victory.

  29. Serbia is not lose this battle. Most real result is draw or win for Serbian army..and Vuk Branković not left batelfild

  30. This is bullshit dude u represent Serbia larger than German Empire dude do some proper research do not just draw maps and kingoms as u please

  31. Sultan assasinated by a soldier playing dead on the battlefield after the battle was long over. Milos obilic never existed made up farce.

  32. SERBIA couldn't defeat the Bulgarian empire, the American empire or whatever else. You are weak without history

  33. I

    It must be impossible for an Anglo-Saxon to tell the truth. Lazar was never a Turkish vassal. It's the vassal of Emperor Uros and

    later the King Tvrtko. There was no international coalition on the Serb side, only one part of the Serb nobility 56,000 people against the 128,0000 Turks. The Serbian victory was complete. The same battle tactics were used as in the battle for Gaugamel between Alexander and Darius. The Turks fled Serbia.There is no dilemma as to who won the battle.

  34. Skroz ne tačno, još iz početka.Nije Osman nego Ertugrul vođa plemena a osman je njegov sin koji jošnije bio ni rođen za vreme ovih događanja.tako da verodostonost ovog videa je jednak nuli.

  35. albania was never part of serbian empire not us, we had good relatioship that time since we joined forces but nothing more. Also Milosh Nikolla Kopiliqi is the one who killed the sultan and was albanian

  36. Every Turkish comment i see is honoring both Lazar and Murad also complimenting soldiers for their bravery, every European comment i see is just insulting Turkish people and praising Serbs…

  37. It was a war between the Orthodox and the Ottomans, different people such as Albanian, Bulgarian, Vlach, Romanian, etc. were involved in this battle, and Milos Kopilic was a Albanian from the Kopilic village of Skenderaj in Kosovo and not a Serb.

  38. Sorry but this video is based only on fake information about this battle invented by the serbian church.This version is produced in the serbian monasteries to serve as a base of the so called "the myth of Kosovo",a schauvinistic theory to legittimate the serbian occupation of Kosovo.Seemingly the greek church produced "Megali idea" as a theory of greek expansion towards albanian and macedonian territories.The Battle of Kosovo was an act of war between a balcanic alliance under serbian guide against turks.Sultan Murat was killed by turks themselves in a plot that brought to power his son.Even Lazar didn't die in the battle but by hand of a serbian conspirator.Many serbs treated the alliance and united to turks like Marko Krajlevic with thousands of soldiers.The internal war for power among serbs was the real reason of the failure.Albanian nobles took part in the battle like Theodore Muzaka who lost his life and 3000 of his soldiers.The only purpose of serbs in celebrating this shamefull defeat is to legittimate their territorial expansion towards Kosovo.

  39. Politika serbije lazi lazi lazi dok laza bude istina ubi zakri kradi zemlu kradi historiju 140 godina I do danas isti çetnici

  40. Serbia anche 1443 non a voluto combatte conto i Turchi quando entrato Eroi Albanes Gorgo castriota in nacione che a visato i serbit per unire combatte i Turchi.seerbia aveva paura se Gorgo Castriota i caccavia serbi non si unisca ai Albanesi.

  41. Какви босанци и албанци ? Они нису ни постојали тада ! Обмањујете и лажете.

  42. Facts are incorrect. Milos Obilic vas a lider Knight of a Delians which had superior armor for themselves and horses. He arrested Emp. MURAT and gave him a choice of take his own life or be killed by a Knight. Murat took a knife and cutout his stomach . LAZAR survived the battle but ottomans sent assins later and they succeed of killing Lazar.

  43. We had history changes many times and over that no one knows what is true or not. Israel keeps true written history of our Balkan. Turks had written what suits them. Our historians should have a better chance of learning our history and this should be in our history books and not that SHIT we learn in our schools. The question is WHY WESTERN NATIONS WANT TO HIDE OUR HISTORY?

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