Barstool Sports Founder Dave Portnoy Reviews the New Office

Barstool Sports Founder Dave Portnoy Reviews the New Office

okay first day for me in the office people been here since Monday first I've seen it people were sneaking in here I I picked it out when it was empty but they all kind of looked at it I didn't really give a fuck where it went it looks good I think obviously there's still ton of work that has to be done run down said I like so we had to be out of the office that's why I moved in so we prematurely moved in I guess because our lease was up my office is kind of like an insane asylum a little bit if you keep the door open which I will 90% of the time it's good I like having a TV so I can watch my pets but other than asses white walls I gotta get I gotta get my mat my that's the most important thing I need my calendars this is surreal business I've been complaining about this so we got the power strip with no USB cord I don't even know that you can sell those hotels that were built the 1810 post so that sucks oh geez so many must have sent these oh ho that's fucking sick Oh black beauties must have been somewhere I didn't even know there are seven I've never seen these Oh black out just give me my good luck charm so I haven't seen that part we'll go so this is fine yes you said it was too spread out I actually don't know I'm just a guy yep is this the woman's so what's that Loki planning but I thought we didn't have that so you can just come in here so in charge in a sauna in here you can just come in here and what's up what's up there is a personal bathroom one is it rarely open is that the problem he came from walking he said his back let's pee who died and made people this is the entrance a little clips right that's for me to walk in like who if so someone walks in for example has a meeting what happens I think your second area evany will be here here yeah so this all sauce we built okay oh that's kind of cool like live I hate this I think this looks unless words unless this is not done this looks stupid like what is this blinking light you said you liked it I think this just makes us how is there no logo or anything is that coming too yeah so how are we supposed to know what is this who's this just a podcast studio I guess nothing's done it we just look like Kmart like everything is just rappers like yeah I don't know what that white people around here here's what I don't like and this is why I like the other office Oh everyone's Oh everything was like don't complain about anything if he's just gonna be a fuckin disgusting Pig and day one not even there's probably a dick I've no I've been clean then you can't complain about anything control room so this guy's hot in he doesn't have a camera I don't know what this is sort of it takes to do this part my takes to do this was not a close to done no so we just moved in here well before we're even close to ready as half second floor before there's a celebrity in here sorry we get the logo so they're doing a that's actually the best run i've seen that green roma green screen green screen because we have a green room to write that story from death oh so this is the only thing they got done this is KFC's so the only one that got done yeah this is pretty cool it's a cool painting I saw the guys see the controller Pete built himself I mean it was pretty sick I don't know how any of it works but this is pretty sick my experience though with Pete is he sometimes forgets his a tech guy thinks he's Scorsese and the more he tries to do that the more it doesn't work I mean granted I'm not a lot he's done a final shit to get it going place is huge huh oh so we just did the whole so right alright so when I was saying we won't move in here until 2020 I was kind of right it's just we're not even gonna where is this we're over I'd like a lounge area all the TVs would be there and that's a terrible place for that another floor correct so I was right when I say we weren't gonna move in here till 2020 it'll be done in 2020 my conference rooms we have one Tom Tom that's the personal it seems they're all here oh they're all up here hey Pete it'll be done mm end of the week Tommy I don't know about he's doing just and in a week Pete I'm crazy it it's ugly fucking hate stage I don't like when they're up here and they can watch us that's like one of my pet peeves because then when we trash and I hide why we trash and I guess that's the upset so tonight she's not close to done it is surreal going from so my parents house my parents basement basically to a studio month-by-month himself in that my first apartment I started bar still no joke he's brought outside like this then where'd we go I went to Renee's parents an advocate worked out of there then we got a first office in Milton that were there for like eight years which again is tiny I thought was a huge deal when we went to New York in the middle and now this place is like a real fucking huge office you told me people using razor scooters we're trying to throw those out the window bathrooms oh that's cool okay that's a good use of this I love that what do you need for me it's very cool do the tiny bathrooms yeah like the single is okay I understand a little bit why people are complaining like urinals chest yeah these bathrooms are horrible I didn't really understand what people complain about because public bathrooms are a lot of offices but this is crazy even the public ones generally have like much different like this would be on the side what's that supposed Rheem room I mean it's super nice but the biggest live Pete has ever told there's no chances gonna be done in a week whoa what is that Grinnell is really nice she's not close DJ's gonna be done a week that's bananas the bathrooms why that's I don't I we can probably build some more bathrooms Oh spider I gotta get these up I mean it's beautiful it's a nice it's just not done once it's done only great the major thing which people are saying the bathrooms so smooth like that bathrooms built for like us and it's the same size of the private bathroom but we only had two of the other one right and this bathrooms upstairs yeah so I'd be interested whether we build more bathrooms


  1. All these employees and big building for a 275k subscriber channel ?? How is he paying for all this shit lol

  2. Oh there's a celeb in here then just walks in…. Retarted fuck. A celebs word could ruin your whole business fu k out here

  3. Really–what's the pizza guy doin ? Who this cat think he is….is he some sort of boss of something….I don't get it

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