Aspen Ladd was rocked bad – Germaine de Randamie feels fight was over | UFC Fight Night | ESPN MMA

Aspen Ladd was rocked bad - Germaine de Randamie feels fight was over | UFC Fight Night | ESPN MMA


  1. 😕 How many times does this need to happen? Herb is no longer the gold standard. He needs to retire before other refs take on his bad habits.

  2. Ladd’s hands were on the floor and made no attempt to block anything, cause she was in another dimension. Maybe slightly early stoppage, but no reason to let her take unnecessary damage when she clearly wasn’t gonna defend herself.

  3. I like GDR. I even have more respect for her knowing she's a police officer and fighting is a part-time lucrative hobby for her.

  4. Ufff she is one of the best, with a great personality. We need to hear her story. Wat a heartbreaking story. To win a world title then 2 loose your eye sight. But then make a come back and win 2 in a row. U mam, r a legend in your own right, and a great role model. Thanks for the great fight.

  5. I hate GDR so much.

    If she, Nicco Montoya and Angela Hill all went on a KO losing streak, i’d be the happiest fan ever.

  6. GREAT STOPPAGE! Aspen was not getting up from that punch GDR would have just kept smashing her. GDR doesn’t want to fight Nunes again tho believe that

  7. Listen from 5 minutes and on everybody. (yes i know anyone can say this but its pretty real and the truth 🙂 )

  8. Aspen was ROCKEDDDDD. The only thing that needs to change is Germaine needs to focus on finishing like an MMA fighter and not a Kickboxer. You have to continue the fight and dominate to the last second unfortunately in this game.

  9. GDR is a good fighter, give her credit for breaking that win streak. I can’t speak on her past but she has the potential to redeem herself in the fan’s eye. Will be looking forward to her next bout.

  10. Well to early of a stoppage, fucking let them fight. Yes she was rocked but she was already spinning for the heel look to actively defend. Herbs getting soft

  11. something I realised you can do nothing for bumbass new fans ..they will never understand how good Germaine is..

  12. They did stop it to early I dont care what they say they should have let it go for 5 more seconds look at kongo vs berry perfect example

  13. Oh Karyn, I didn't have any "misunderstanding" when I saw this dirty bitch hit Holly Holm after the bell TWICE in TWO DIFFERENT ROUNDS. smh…

  14. Lets be honest, GDR was going to really fuck her up if Herb didnt stop it. That was a good stoppage cause the way she was getting tagged pffffff, that girl has zero head movement against a dutch kick boxer. all kinds of bad.

  15. Just because a fighter is dropped or rocked does not mean they are done. The fact she could hold her body weight with her hands and had the ability to kick her legs out and bring them up into a defensive position shows she was still in the fight. Time and time again we see fighters get hurt worse than this and come back and win. The fight should only be stopped if someone is unconscious or cannot defend themselves.

    This being said the fighters are not to blame so I don't know why all the hate is there. Herb Dean has really bad judgement on if a fighter is out or not and someone needs to speak to him, too many mistakes recently.

  16. Germaine is a fucking disgusting ugly smelly piece of shit. Worst champ of all time and dirty fighter, fuck you germ

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