Arm Wrestling Strong VILLAGE FOLKS Night-time (In Memory 😢) – AW #0004

Arm Wrestling Strong VILLAGE FOLKS Night-time (In Memory 😢) – AW #0004

What? Can’t stop. Very tough. He’s really strong. Because he’s young. No! your elbow slipped off bro. No, it’s ok. Your elbow slipped? So that you can really feel him. I can tell he got strength. Your elbow slipped? Let’s clean the surface. Come now, just clean it. No it’s just slippery. Just look how big he is. Because he’s probably young. Your turn bro. You also lost bro. Not like that. It should be Your hand should be like this. I said you do it like this. Because ha! that? Ok game! Uh ok. Again. Your hand isn’t prepared. I said like this! How? Like that? This? Game? Ah now i get it. Go now? This must be it. You can’t get an access to your strength Because?? it’s obvious! Get that little head thing out. Ah? Get that head out! Ah. Leave him be. Ok now. Wait a minute. Come on, it was disappointing. Ok guys you go get ready. Get into position. Ok. Here, here, ok? Ok now. Wait, just wait. Relax No! Ok. One, two Head of your thumb out! Go! Aw, you still lost. You lost bro? You should have get your lower head out instead. No i meant like this. In finger wrestling, chances are lower for me. That game hurts so bad, dude. Huh? I won’t win in finger arm wrestling. Ok now! how about you and me? I won’t win that game. Then let’s arm wrestle! I’m so done. Oh? ok. Here we go! He wants you to pull instead! You can sit here. Nope. I think won’t. It would be very bad if that head thing will snapped. You can’t tell if it’ll snap! What if it will tear? You? you can’t even win with $#@! What if it will stop working? Let’s arm wrestle only. Instead of head in the butt, the head will fall into pieces instead. No? How about you and me “kapid”? because he’s a little somewhat. Let’s try, so that… Wow! what? You’re ruined! No. I mean let’s just try, nothing serious. Yeah he’s right. You are going to pull with him? You have an injury in your right arm. No i don’t. Don’t hold my fingers. Place it here. Put it down here. Here, come closer here. Here, a bit more, move here because… Move, move over there. So then you can position yourself better. Right? No! no! don’t hold my fingers. Be careful father he’s strong! I can feel he’s strong. You even lost to the son! Thinking otherwise that now you’re facing the father? Dad he’s strong! You’re right. Come on! He’s strong Come now! let’s pull. I just want you to tell. See? Give me the camera, I’ll shoot better. Gauge your power “Pid”. Pull it back “Pid”. Ha! you also lost to him! Subscribe! Hit notification! Like! Thanks for watching!


  1. New supporter here going to keep my eye on your channel see you around community stay great and stay connected with me and the dreadheads and I can help you grow your channel through my support live stream you have a brilliant day out there and lets get it done

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  3. Noong bata kami..gingawa nmin yan..hahajja..
    Ang hirap puro dayaan ang nangyayari. Hahahh..
    Kinulayan ko n po..
    Katok k lang.m

  4. Ayos ang trip nyo kaibigan pampa good vibes naaaliw ako sa mga pinagagawa nyo po haha..thanks naman for sharing your videos po kitakits salamat po..

  5. Great sharing po. Inunahan na po kita ng pindot336 at pati na din si kamapana. Sunod ka din po sa bahay ko. See you! 😁

  6. Hey I Have been watching some small YouTubers recently and just found your channel! I think we have potential to grow together! Let me know what YOU think!

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