Aquaman VS Namor (Marvel VS DC Comics) | DEATH BATTLE!

Aquaman VS Namor (Marvel VS DC Comics) | DEATH BATTLE!

Wiz: You can discover the secrets hidden within your own DNA with a single kit from 23andMe. With more than 125 genetic reports 23andMe provides numerous insights into your genetic history and health. Boomstick: Yeah like how the saturated fat and weight report can detail how your genetics affects your body’s response to what you’ve been eating lately. Wiz: A 23andMe health and ancestry kit is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. Pick one up today at Boomstick: That’s the number two and three and Wiz: Again that’s (Cues: Wiz & Boomstick – Brandon Yates) Boomstick: Y’know the phrase “There’s plenty of fish in the sea”? Yeah. Real obvious. But there’s a bunch of superheroes down there, too. Wiz: I don’t think you understand what that phrase means. Boomstick: Like Aquaman, the king of Atlantis. Wiz: And Namor, the first mutant and also king of Atlantis. Boomstick: He’s Wiz and I’m Boomstick. Wiz: And it’s our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win… a DEATH BATTLE! Boomstick: I don’t get mermaids. I mean, they’re kinda hot, but they’re fish people, and then when you meet ’em, all they wanna do is try to kill you. I guess Tom Curry got to be one of the lucky ones, if you know what I mean. Wiz: After a chance meeting, Tom was left to father Arthur, the son of a mysterious woman of the sea. Boomstick: Though she thinks she was knocked up by a fish Jesus wizard… It’s not important, comics are weird. Wiz: Regardless, Arthur learned to hone his aquatic powers from a very young age. When Arthur was just two years old, poor Tom thought he had drowned when he was actually just playing with some fish. While breathing underwater. Boomstick: Tom trained Arthur to master his powers, until eventually, his mother showed up with a heavy dose of truth. Arthur was the rightful king of the underwater city, Atlantis. I wish there were more stories about parents comin’ back. In real life, too. Wiz: And so, Arthur would descend the ocean depths to claim his birthright and maintain the peace between land and sea, as the king, the superhero: Aquaman. Boomstick: Oh, are you one of the people who thinks Aquaman is lame? Well, think again! He’s super strong, super fast, and can chill deep underwater for as long as he wants. And no, he doesn’t just talk to fish. He dominates their brains and forces them to bend to his will! Wiz: Uh, only if he has to. He prefers to telepathically communicate with them, and most sea life respects him enough to come to his aid. Boomstick: Except for piranhas, apparently, which ate off his frickin’ hand! I know you’re a hardcore badass, but make those fish bow to your king-like kingship, dammit! Wiz: Not to worry, after a few gaudy hooks and a magic water hand, he got better. Arthur controls sea life by tapping into a worldwide phenomenon, called the Clear. Boomstick: Kinda like the Force from Star Wars, but just, in the ocean. Wiz: Through the Clear, creatures he controls increase in strength. Some even become capable of breaking Green Lantern constructs. Also, Arthur’s powers are not just limited to aquamarine life. He telepathically communicates with all sorts of animals, and can even tap into the human mind. Boomstick: Wait, wait? You’re telling me he can mess with my brain too? Oh, get my hat, Wiz. The shiny one. Wiz: Well, he has difficulty dominating more intelligent life. His octopus friend Topo is one such example of a being he cannot forcibly control. Boomstick: What’s so impressive about that little guy- Whoa! Yeah, got it. Wiz: And for humanoids, the most Aquaman can generally do is cause a headache, or maybe a seizure. Boomstick: That doesn’t make me feel much better. Wiz: But while Aquaman has plenty of power on his own. He also draws from the mystical mite of his most iconic weapon. Boomstick: The legendary Trident of Poseidon. Wiz: And also the Trident of Neptune. Boomstick: Wait? Isn’t that the same god? Are they the same thing? Wiz: Well kind of. They both can control waters, summon storms, create force fields and unleash lightning; that one can teleport. Boomstick: Awesome. Do it. Dance fee world. Wiz: You have to be in water. Boomstick: You think beer would work? Wiz: Maybe… Boomstick: Jocelyn get the kiddie pool and the keg. I’m goin’ to Disney World. Wiz: With added flight, Hydrokinesis, earth manipulation and more; Aquaman’s Trident was a perfect symbol to prove himself a mighty king. Boomstick: Literally. He’s strong enough to push around oceanic plates, throw a submarine around with water magic and lift this giant cruise ship. Wiz: This ship appears big enough to compare to the world’s largest cruise liner the Symphony of the Seas. Which weighs an incredible 228 thousand tons. Boomstick: He’s fast enough to keep up with Wonder Woman and swim around the whole planet in just an afternoon. Oh and even fought the ancient dead king of Atlantis. Atlan. This guy was so strong he sank Atlantis centuries ago with one blow from his scepter. And Aquaman held back a repeat of the same attack. With his bare hands. Wiz: while there’s no official size for DC’s Atlantis It is officially considered a continent. Therefore it has to have a greater land mass than Greenland the largest island in the world. This means Atlantis must consist of more than eight hundred and thirty six thousand square miles. To sync or destroy it Atlan must have been outputting potential energy averaging more than 155 trillion tons of TNT. Boomstick: Damn! Everyone’s always makin’ fun of Aquaman. But he is pretty badass. Wiz: Well, he does have one a rather lame weakness. He’s essentially fueled by water if he’s away from water for too long. He’ll start to dry out, lose his powers and eventually die. Boomstick: He lives under the sea, he wears yellow and he’s absorbent. Wiz I figured it out! Oooooooh! Wiz: NO! He’s not SpongeBob. Moving on. Boomstick: Well Aquaking has found some ways to work around the water problem. He can hydrate himself with blood. God damn, that’s hardcore. Wiz: Even with his flaws. Aquaman is always pushing forward to protect his people. He may seem strange and silly, but he truly is a worthy king of Atlantis. Aquaman: Tell the surface dwellers to respect the sovereignty of my seas. Or we’ll return and finish what we’ve started. Wiz: We all know this story. A wayward sailor meets a mermaid princess, and they fall in love. Boomstick: Except this time, the Fish People got to be wedding crashers and dragged the princess back to her secret home of Atlantis. Her dad was pretty pissed. But, he got even more pissed when he found out that uh, daddy’s girl had already been knocked up. And popped out a brand new kind of superhero. Namor the Sub-Mariner. Announcer: 🎶 Lord Namor of Atlantis is the prince of the deep! 🎶 Wiz: Unlike the strangely similar aquatic superhero DC would create two years later. Namor would grow up among his fellow Atlanteans from the start. As the Prince of the Ocean, he received an impressive royal education, along with a sizable distrust of humankind. Boomstick: Yeah, I’d have a problem with humans too if some of the first humans I ever met were Nazis. Wiz: As the rightful heir to the throne, it was Namor’s duty to protect Atlantis. And with his mixed heritage, he had plenty of unique abilities to do so. Boomstick: He’s got superhuman strength, speed, and durability. He can store water in his body and shoot it out of his pores like a human sprinkler, which is gross. Wiz: Far more impressively, he can telepathically communicate with all types of marine life, including other Atlanteans. And can persuade them to follow his commands. Whether it be a squadron of armored sharks or a giant killer whale, the creatures of the sea follow the first mutant’s lead. Boomstick: Did you say mutant? Wiz: Yes! Technically, Namor is a three-way hybrid of human, Atlantean, and mutant genes. Unlike other Atlanteans, he possesses the mutant power of flight. Boomstick: Oh, is that why he’s got those tiny little wings on his feet? I always thought those were like, little rudders. Wiz: Nope. He flies with them. Boomstick: Wow. That is dumb. Wiz: Namor can also mimic the abilities of marine life, sensing lateral lines like fish or absorbing and discharging shocks like an electric eel. And for even more power he wields his legendary Trident. Boomstick: All right how many tridents does this guy have? Let me guess: Four. Wiz: Just one. The Trident of Neptune. Boomstick: But I thought the other guy had a Trident of Neptune. Oh! I think I just figured it out why Aquaman had two different tridents. Wiz: There you go. Well, this trade-ins got a bunch of cool magic powers. It can control water, shoot lasers, turn people invisible and if Namor need some backup he can animate objects and his surroundings to create livin’ beings to fight alongside him. And that’s not even the only magic doohickey Namor has. He can use the Horn of Proteus to summon sea monsters like Giganto, which is a super whale with arms. Look out birds with arms I’m startin’ a new subreddit. Wiz: The Giganto is strong enough to withstand the blast of an atomic bomb. And yet it still pales in comparison to Namor’s own strength. Boomstick: No kiddin’. The Submariner is strong enough to match the savage Incredible Hulk. Whose lifted a hundred and fifty billion tons of rock for over a minute. If that’s not good enough for you. How about the time Namor held up a whole frickin island all by himself. He’s quick enough to catch the Human Torch absorbed and discharged electricity powerful enough to injure Doctor Doom. Took on Thor trident to hammer, survived a mountain falling on him and even resisted the mind-control powers of the Purple Man. See Boomstick in the scheme of things little winged feet aren’t so bad when you could have been called Purple Man. Boomstick: Alright, Namor is pretty awesome for an elf in a speedo. Billy Eichner: Excuse me? This is not a speedo Jimmy. Ok these are my panties from Atlantis. Boomstick: Too bad he gets a bit unstable if he’s out of the water for too long. Wiz: True. Namor’s had a strange history of shifting personalities. Sometimes even playing the part of villain. Apparently his bouts of anger stem from a strange bipolar defect brought on by oxygen imbalance. Which last I checked isn’t quite how bipolar disorder works. Boomstick: Hey Wiz I have the same kind of problem. I get super evil and grumpy when I haven’t had a beer in at least twenty-four hours. Wiz: 24? Boomstick: Uh… Twelve. Six. Two. Screw you. Wiz: Boomstick? That’s a chemical dependency. Boomstick: Just like my personal hero: Bane. Wiz: You’re missing the point. Boomstick: (imitating Bane) Oh you think the point is your ally? But you barely adopted the point. I was born in it. Mold it. Wiz: How about that point? Boomstick: (screams) Wiz: At the end of the day as long as there is water in his veins. The avenging son is a heroic king of his people and a terrifying opponent. Namor: No but I am Namor. Ruler of the kingdom of Atlantis. Your time in the sun is over. Wiz: All right the combatants are set. We’ve run the data through all possibilities. Boomstick: But first order Blue Apron has any fish on the menu this week. Wiz: By now, you’ve probably heard of Blue Apron the leading meal kit delivery service in the US. Boomstick: Choose your meals each week get the ingredients delivered to your doorstep and whip up a meal using the easy to follow directions provided. It’s so simple even Wiz can do it. Wiz: Well, yeah this is a great way to learn cooking without worrying over ingredients or prior organization. Which is what tripped me up all the time before I tried Blue Apron for myself. Boomstick: Yep and no more last minute trips to the grocery store because I didn’t realize I picked up coconut oil instead of canola oil. Wiz: You can select from a huge variety of meal plans. Including the kid-approved family plan, vegetarian options and the brand new ww free style plan. Boomstick: My favorite part is feelin’ like a master chef makin’ creative and delicious meals with my own hands. You guys really need to try it out. Wiz: It’s pretty nice coming home knowing I’ll have a delicious meal I can whip up with these. Boomstick: Check out this week’s menu and get your 60 dollars off at That’s Wiz: Blue Apron “A Better Way to Cook!” But right now, IT’S TIME FOR A DEATH BATTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aquaman: Look out below! Namor: Peasant you dare to splash the prince of blood? Aquaman: Plenty of space around the pool Spock. Namor: (screams) Announcer: FIGHT Aquaman: You may be a prince but I am the king of the seven seas. Namor: Die Imperious Rex. Aquaman: I will not sumbit. Namor: Everyone has their place. That’s just how things are. You should understand yours. Aquaman: You’re such a terrific dumbass. Namor: Let’s see whose power truly controls the sea. Shall we? Aquaman: I take it. Namor: It seems we’re evenly matched. Aquaman: Or maybe I’ve been saving another trick. Namor: NO! You control me!? Impossible! Aquaman: Have at ’em boys! Dinner’s on the king tonight. Announcer: KO Boomstick: Oh, man am I underwater or my just sweating so much from how intense that got? Wiz: Aquaman and Namor’s powers we’re so similar and well matched. Despite could have reasonably gone in either one’s favor. In fact neither had many powers that the other did not possess in some way. Boomstick: Like how Namor had it’s mutant winged feet but Aquaman’s magic Trident could let him fly, too. Wiz: Still while Namor could certainly have won this in some circumstances Aquaman had the potential he needed to take the victory more times than not. Boomstick: Namor can match Savage Hulk who held up 150 billion tons. But remember Aquaman stopped Atlan’s continent crushin’ attack. Which had a potential energy over 150 trillions tons of TNT. Wiz: Not exactly at a one-to-one comparison but considering Namor’s own similar feat keeping the island Utopia from falling. We can estimate the island size and weight using this panel coming to a little over one hundred seventy eight thousand tons. Considering the weight applied as force through the pillar Namor was pushing up. This means the potential energy exerted onto Namor would only be 1,425 tons of TNT. The energy Aquaman stopped was 109 billion times greater. Boomstick: Sure Namor was fast enough to easily catch up to the Human Torch who flies over 140 miles per hour on a normal day and sometimes even thousands of times the speed of sound. Wiz: But Aquaman has routinely kept pace with Wonder Woman who has been frequently shown to move thousands of times the speed of light. Boomstick: Yeah but none of that strength and speed would matter if the Submariner just ordered a bunch of sharks to eat him first, right? Wiz: Namor could command sea life sure. But Aquaman could directly dominate their minds and force them to act on his will and while Namor can telepathically communicate with other Atlanteans. He could not create hemorrhages or seizures like Aquaman could. Though Namor could certainly resist these mental attacks similar to how he survived the Purple Man. This is still solid evidence that Aquaman’s telepathy was more powerful. Boomstick: Oh and don’t forget Aquaking can make his underwater buddies physically stronger with the Clear. While Namor was stuck commandin’ plain old everyday fish. Wiz: Overall while they’re extremely similar powers were so closely matched. Aquaman had the edge and just enough of them to prove himself the strongest king of the sea. Boomstick: Aquaman could “sea” victory, but at least Namor “trident”. Wiz: The winner is Aquaman. Ben: Hey thanks for watching the first episode of season 6. If you want the battle music for yourself click the link below. Chad: Want a new show to watch? Check out Gen:Lock it’s crazy it’s got mechs, anime, awesomeness, Michael B. Jordan and somehow I made into voice character. Click the box.


  1. You misgender the anglerfish.

    There's only female anglerfish (the male are tiny and bite the female to then fuse with her…yea pretty hardcore I know)

  2. Piranha's ate off his hand? Doubtful…. They are actually very skittish creatures that spend most of their time hiding under low-hanging vegetation and farting out their mouths.

  3. When 2 guys fight in a death battle:
    Wiz: it was surprisingly close
    Guy number 1: can lift a truck and is a little bit faster than the speed of sound and survived a bomb that can destroy a building
    Guy number 2:can lift 100M planets at once survived 10 super novas is 10M times faster than light and has 100 more moves than guy number 1
    Broomstick: I say guy number 1 will win 45% of the times

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  8. This was a great janitor battle =D

    You can put all the cool feats you want, I doubt many aliens or supervillains will attack and leave their secret base OR the power source for their doomsday weapon in the ocean to make them worthwhile. We go into space more than we go into the sea.

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  10. Forgot to mention that Namor is highly intelligent, he was one of the members of the illuminati alongside Professor X, Iron Man and Reed Richards. To show how naively stupid he was here to the point of being called a "dumbass" is insulting but whateves right? :/

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