Andrade and Charlotte Flair REVEAL Drastic RELATIONSHIP ISSUES One Week After Engagement – WWE

Andrade and Charlotte Flair REVEAL Drastic RELATIONSHIP ISSUES One Week After Engagement – WWE

Andrade and Charlotte flair are definitely
up there as one of WWE’s top power couples The real top power couple that dominated the
scene for plenty of years was obviously John Cena and Nikki Bella Everyone knew about Cena and Nikki, even non
wrestling fans knew about them due to their level of super stardom Nikki Bella became extremely popular outside
of wwe through social media and other things such as the hit reality show, “total divas” While John Cena just turned out to be a phenomenal
globally known star himself So they were no doubt one of the most popular
and well known couples within the wwe But since their split, fans and wwe themselves
have been looking for a couple to take over that top couple spot Originally wwe pushed for it to be seth Rollins
and Becky Lynch And that received mixed reactions from fans. Some fans felt that seth Rollins and Becky
Lynch were a bit too over forced by wwe Everyone remembers mid 2019, where micheal
cole would always refer to Seth Rollins as “Becky Lynch’s Boyfriend” multiple times
in a night They also did the same thing for becky, calling
her “Seth Rollin’s girlfriend” all night long as well Wwe was really trying to hammer the fact that
they were a couple, but some fans just got annoyed after a while because of it how it
was handled Becky Lynch had even agreed in a interview
over the summer that even she thought it was mentioned a bit too much But wwe has cooled down now with mentioning
every thing about Seth and Becky The new power couple that seems to be on the
rise is Charlotte and Andrade However, they aren’t paired together on
wwe tv so their relationship is rarely even mentioned and is just hinted at on television One mention of the couple on wwe television
happened on raw when Zelina and Andrade were walking to the ring During this edition of raw, Zelina was walking
down the ramp with Andrade and was cutting a promo that dissed the four horse women (Sasha
Banks, Bayley, Becky Lynch and of course Charlotte Flair) Zelina referred to them as the four “horse
face women” before turning over to Andrade and saying “Sorry” Zelina saying sorry to Andrade is of course
a reference to the fact that he is engaged to Charlotte, who happens to be one of the
horse women that Zelina was dissing But as far as Charlotte and Andrade being
mentioned on wwe television, that’s about all we got so far Fans speculate that it could be a possibility
to see Andrade and Charlotte paired together on wwe television in the future, especially
after Zelina and Andrade end their working relationship Wwe planted the seeds for some tension between
Zelina and Andrade, but that story seems to have vanish since Andrade captured the United
States championship Charlotte and Andrade originally started dating
over the last few years and have even recently got engaged Charlotte and Andrade took to Twitter and
Instagram over the new year to make the announcement to their fans Charlotte even revealed a really interesting
story about one of their very first dates and nights out together. Charlotte revealed that when they first started
going out together, they would have to use google translate to communicate with each
other For those unaware, Andrade has just recently
started to learn and improve his English over the last few years Spanish is his first language, but Charlotte
doesn’t know any Spanish so that was one of the early issues with their relationship But with the help of modern technology, they
were able to work things out and a year after those first few dates, they’re now engaged. However, there is another issue in the relationship
and Andrade was the one that spoke out about the issue with Charlotte. Andrade recently spoke with the New York Post
and opened up about the issue that Charlotte puts him through: “It’s so hard. It’s so hard. I like working with her, but it’s so hard
because it’s always competition, competition. I want to enjoy my workout, relax because
sometimes I’m tired, sometimes try to sleep late.” “Sometimes we have 30 minutes for a workout,
so sometimes it’s a little bad. She’s always competition, competition. I say, ‘Relax, you just got here.’ She’s, ‘No, it needs more,’ and she
puts more weight and she puts double the weight. Sometimes she’s angry, but it’s great. We always fight for who is better. It’s good for me.” So telling by those comments alone it’s
safe to assume Andrade and Charlotte have a very competitive relationship with each
other Maybe not so competitive from Andrade’s
standpoint, but Charlotte is the one that steps in and motivates him to compete with
her And we can take Andrade’s word on this story
because there’s a lot of evidence on their social media pages Andrade and Charlotte will both post videos
and pictures of them competing and doing multiple things within the gym and now we have the
backstory on why they’re both competing hard against each other But like Andrade said, it’s great and helpful
for him because Charlotte makes sure he is at the top of his game Ric flair even went on record recently to
claim that Andrade is Quickly inserting himself into the conversation for one of the top 5
best performers in all of wwe And we already know what Charlotte represents
as well with being one of the top superstars in all of wwe and quickly on her way of holding
an all time record for the most women’s championships won by a superstar! But What are your thoughts on this situation
between Charlotte and Andrade? Leave your comments, don’t forget to subscribe
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  1. What are your thoughts on these issues that Charlotte and Andrade revealed about their relationship and who do you think is WWE's top power couple? Leave your comments, don't forget to Subscribe, and leave a like if you enjoyed! Thanks for watching guys! 😀

  2. She wants him to be on top of his game. We get it. There’s nothin wrong with alittle competition in a relationship as long as it doesn’t get out of hand

  3. It sounds like Charlotte Flair is daddy's little girl because that's how Ric Flair acted in ALL of his relationships as well. Everything to him was a competition in life and he wound up messing up ALL his marriages. This will be Charlotte's THIRD marriage IF it goes through. Hopefully the third time is the CHARM.

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