Well guys, here is my detailed analysis of
WAL 506. This video is just highly my own observations
and my own opinions, so if you saw the match in a different way, be sure to leave that
in the comments down below and leave a like, subscribe, ring the bell, turn all notifications
on and share this video, so lets get on with the analytic video. MAtch 1: Tony Kitowski vs Sam Harris: Round 1: Tony has the control, SAm went for
the underhand slip and it went to the straps. Round starts and it is a war, it took both
men a lot of power to be in the centre, but the side pressure was the key for Tony and
tony won and the score is 1-0 to Tony. Round 2: Tony purposely took a lower grip
and made sure that Sam could not slip, but the slip happened anyway and it went to the
straps. Round starts and Tony ha ahnd control, surged
but almost loses his wrist, since Sam had a little bit of rotation and Sam made the
mistake of shifting style and that helped Tony with securing hand control and Sam pinned
himself and the score is 2-0 for Tony. Round 3: Sam got a jumpstart and got a foul
and 30sec passed and it got to the straps. Sam hit, but Tony stopped him and almost get
position, but loses his wrist more and more, and Tony pinned himself to save energy, and
the score is now 2-1 for Tony. Key to this match is that Sam was faster,
so he Round 4: 30 sec passed and it gets to the
straps. Match starts, and it stayed in the centre
and tony secured the hand the slightest, Sam loses the rotation and the pin was given to
Tony and the winner is Tony, 3-1. Match 2: Rob Vigeant JR vs Justin Bishop Round 1: Neither man could get a good grip,
so it goes to the straps right away. JUmpstart on Justin, but he felt something
there. Justin took the wrist on Rob, and the victory
goes to Justin 1-0. Rob does not seem to be his usually confident
self, as the 1st round tells. Round 2: 30sec goes and it went to the straps,
yet again. Justin goes sideways and almost pins Rob,
and Rob secures hand control, as the mistake on Justin was that Justin kept on surging
sideways, so he left his wrist behind and Justin realises it and lets it go, and the
win was given to Rob, and it is 1-1. Round 3: Justin is intentionally going for
the straps, drag out the time and it goes to the straps. Rob secured the the cup and Justin could only
hold on sideways and Rob secured the full hand control and Justin lets it go and the
victory is granted to Rob 2-1. Round 4: Same move again from Justin and it
goes to the straps, yet again. Rob secured full hand control and the victory
is given to Rob, with an overall score 3-1. Match 3: Gabriela Vasconcelos vs Sarah Bäckman
(Rotunda) Round 1: Both ladies went, but Gabi had the
hand control, but the slip happened and it went to the straps. Gabi went all the way to the side without
her hand, and that seperated the angle of Sarah, but Gabis elbow was off as the drive
to the pad happened, so the restart happened. Sarah set the hook, but Gabi stonewalled Sarah,
smashed her to the pad and roared to her face, but they gave her an elbow foul, cause they
saw an elbow before the pin, in their eyes. Gabi just sat her elbow and comfortably set
the pin and the score is 1-0 to Gabi. Round 2: Gabi went into cruise control and
secured the handcontrol and toprolled Sarah, took the han completly and the 2-0 score is
given to Gabi 2-0- Round 3: Sarah tried to toproll Gabi and pulls
as hard as she could, but Gabi stonewalled her and held her for a while and comfortably
shots for the pin and Gabi won 3-0. Match 4: one of the matches from this card
we all have been waiting for, Wagner Bortolato vs Devon Larratt Round 1: Slip happened, cause Devon bailed
and the table was almost shaken of the stage and it went to the straps. Wagner got the hit, but devon stoppped it
and the match lasted over 37sec. Devon are in cruise control in that instant
and pressed him to the pad and the pin was given to Devon 1-0. Devon tried to edge him on to the table, but
Wagner is not letting Devon get into his head and ignores him. Round 2: Both men roared, smashed the table. Wagner went to the side and Devon stopped
him and just stonewalling him, and out of all, he does “The Dad Move” live against
wagner and then shots to the pad with a press and 2-0 was given to Devon Round 3: Devon tried to get him to the table,
smacking the table, edging the audience on. Wagner is sweating a lot now, chalking his
arm, and it goes to the straps. Wagner shots for a dead wrist press and did
opened him up a little, 2nd start happened and Wagner shots in with a dead wrist press
and presses Devon all the way to the pad and roars to the face of Devon and the win was
given to Wagner and the overall score is 2-1 to Devon! Round 4: Wagner is shooting for a hit, but
Devon caught him and drives 4-5 times and the overall scoreis given to Devon 3-1! MAtch 5: Monster michael todd vs Jerry Cadorette Round 1: Michael hit and took the hand of
Jerry, but did not had any intention of holding on and the slip happened and it got to the
straps. Jerry went to the press, seperated the thumb
lock and pressed him all the way to the pad and the score was given 1-0 to Jerry. But Michael looked like he missed the go completly,
but the match is not over yet. Round 2: Michael hit again, jerry pressed
and it got to the straps. Michael took the wrist, jerry went to the
press and over 2 minutes went and the interesting thing is that Michael never went to the kings
move at all in this match. Michael is climbing, climbing, 4 minutes in
and no movement at all from both guys and michael never went to the kings move, even
once in this match. Jerry tries to press multiple times and almost
gets the pin and then Michael pressed him to the pad and the 1-1 is given to Michael,
in an almost 5 minute war. Round 3: Michael hits, but jerry stopped him
with a press and as Michael supinated a bit to get it wrist and wrist to press, but mistimed
it and Jerry Capitalizes on it and press him him to the pad, so 2-1 to Jerry. Round 4: Michael hit again, got the hand,
but Jerry did the open hand slip and it went to the straps yet again. Michael hits, climbs, securing positions and
still is standing up. Jerry presses and almost gets it, but Michael
backs it up with climbing, counter ing with shooting his grip higher and higher, jerry
recieves the running foul, and both men is still keeps on going and the match stops and
Jerry recieves 2 fouls, so a restart happens after another 4 min war, weird one in my opinion. Jerry recieves a 3rd foul and the score is
2-2, so the last one matters now. Match 5: Slip from both men, so it gets to
the straps and my fingers are shaking, while i am writing this, so tense is it now. Same position yet again, a bloodbath
Jerry almost gets the pin, but Michael stops it, millimeters to the pad
Michael is climbing and climbing and the strap is almost breaking apart. 3min in and Jerry recieves a running foul
and Jerry lifted up his up and the referee is looking at the screen and it was given
a running foul and to be honest, that was really weird, cause that should have been
given as a professional foul. Michael is losing his composure and everyone
is trying to calm him down, and Neil, Steve and Bart, and they revieved it and the call
was given as a professional foul and 3rd foul was given and the victory is given to Michael Todd, 3-2.


  1. lot of "orbs" floating around from 9:21 towards 9:50 lol,ghost hunters would have a field day 🙂 ,but on a lowkey your house haunted? LOL anyways thx for the update,shame sarah lost and shame todd won glad devon won

  2. I think WAL should get rid of running fouls. And that was an obvious professional fouls from Jerry but Bart was indecisive about it and Michael was pretty fed up with how the fouls were handled. And Michael never went into King's move probably because Bart has been deliberately giving Michael special set of rule since WAL 503 that disallowed full range KM. I could understand why Michael walked out as a protest against WAL's infamously bad refereeing.

  3. I enjoyed wat hing this event on t.v. for $3.oo. I was hoping Bushop couldve made it a better fight but RVJ is a beast. Devon entertained as usual. I was wanting Jerry to win as well and it's very possi let he wouldve if not for the fouls. I agree with the refs decision to let the monster keep the hammer but with this being said the match shouldve been stopped due to the strap issues MT and JC had. I honestly believe(or hoped) Jerry couldve won.

  4. I'm late to the party but i gotta say, how the hell are they supposed to continue to fight when the strap has broken that loose? They need a rule for this. It should have been restarted. Jerry's hand was high with Michael's hanging low in the malfunctioned strap…as far as i can see, there is no way Jerry could press and pin Michael under that condition. That's how i see it. Anyway, great card. I called all 4 matches correct but was undecided on Sarah vs Gabi. I was rooting for Sarah but congrats to Gabi.. she's a beast! All great matches but i enjoyed watching Wagner and Devon the most. Wagner is fun to watch! Devon didn't use a Kingsmove for this Animal so haters shut your mouths 😁

  5. Wal: ups that was a tough one😊
    What CAN WE do, so that NEVER happens again..A's NEVER again??🤔
    In my book BART is really good to his job, and it's IMPOSSIBLE to be prepared for every ting.
    But we have to set hard-core rules about something like that…

    But shit happens. Its not the biggest problem for me.



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