1. He was in my school today and he is so cute talented he made so much videos and he put some body down

  2. This guy came to my school for a talk and it was the most inspiring thing i have ever experienced when he told us his story

  3. i came and met you today 1-8-16 aa field trip farmington i will chase muy dreams for you like you did murthy "rohan murthy"

  4. I thought he was born with legs, but they where backwards, so they where amputated when he was a little older.

  5. I know that this guy has had to overcome obstacles that most of us haven't, but to be honest it could be said you have a disadvantage when wrestleing someone with one or no legs. I think its because they are as strong as a heavy weight since their upper body was suppose to deal with the load of a 180 pounder but he is wrestling at 125. Legs are also really important to take shots at and to switches, funk rolls etc.You cant do throws that easily. And you always have a low level. Its hard to tell

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