Alexa Bliss & Mickie James watch the first-ever Women’s Elimination Chamber Match: WWE Playback

Alexa Bliss & Mickie James watch the first-ever Women’s Elimination Chamber Match: WWE Playback

[MUSIC] Hey guys, this is Mickie James.>>And Alexa Bliss.>>And today,
we are watching back the first ever Women’s Elimination Chamber Match,
which we were both a part of.>>Yes, we were.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>That’s your entrance.>>There’s my entrance.>>You look so bad.
>>I think it’s because I was up until 1 AM, getting my hair done.>>I would have been, yeah.>>So, I didn’t really sleep well.>>That is frustrating.>>The struggle was real.>>No, I can’t imagine, I can’t do it.>>It was very intimidating,
stepping into the chamber. Cuz the chamber changed from
the years previous, and I feel like it was just even more
intimidating than I expected. But I was surprised at
how big the pods were.>>Yeah, it was very spacious in there. It was a lot, blocked in, it was like, you could definitely tell you
were in this box, to here. Cuz you can kinda hear the crowd, but
it sounds so muffled, cuz you’re like->>It’s like [CROSSTALK], yeah. I loved your hair by the way.>>Thank you.>>It was like Wonder Woman.>>A little Wonder Woman,
a little homage to Beth Phoenix.>>I love it.
>>Yeah.>>The chamber is closed,
the match is underway, history in the making in Las Vegas.>>I love watching Bayley,
even though we’re not->>She just eliminated me in the Royal Rumble, so
I’m not really the biggest fan.>>You guys aren’t friends right now,
I know.>>Not right now.>>I just mean as a competitor and as
an athlete, she’s good, she’s really good. [MUSIC] [NOISE]
>>And it’s Mandy Rose, so Mandy and DeVille, absolution will
be at full strength.>>So I felt like mine and Mickie’s
friendship was stronger than Sonya and Mandy’s cuz you know what? Here’s the thing.>>They just started.>>Yeah, they just started, they haven’t
gotten into their first fight yet. They haven’t gotten into cuz you’re not
actually friends with your friends unless you fight, you know what I mean?>>Mm-hm.>>And I don’t know, I feel like our bond is stronger
than everyone else’s friendship. We have Sasha and Bayley, which no
one ever knows what ground they’re on because one day they’re friends,
one day they’re not. At least we battled it out and
came to a common ground. These two,
I don’t know what their dynamic is. I mean, they say they’re friends,
but are they really?>>Uh-oh, Banks, backstabber. Banks [INAUDIBLE]
>>Middle of the ring. [CROSSTALK]
>>No.>>Tap out!
Rose is eliminated!>>Mandy’s gone.>>Mandy’s out, ha ha, bye, Mandy!>>Get out of here, Mandy.>>See you, bye.>>Bye.>>Bye!>>Here we go.>>Is it me or you? Is it me or you?>>Her, me, me, her, me, her, her, me.>>And it’s me.>>Wonder Woman coming in hot.>>I’m skipping on through there.>>Boom, boom, there you go. Take it to her, take it to her. Cheap shot.>>That one got me.
>>Cheap shot. How rude of her.>>So rude. There you go, and see, you nipped up,
like dude, that didn’t faze me.>>Yeah, done.>>Hit me again?>>Right in the face.>>I’m like, see I’m cheering you on. I’m like, heck yeah.>>Heck yeah,
that’s because you’re my friend.>>Yeah.
>>Sonya! I have to say they were pretty
good at using the cage.>>Yeah.
>>You know? That cage hurt and
it didn’t have as much give as I thought. When you’ve done cage matches before,
yeah, that wasn’t fun.>>I’m learning this time!>>Get off me.>>There you go.>>See.>>Boom, use cage to your advantage,
I like it, I like it. I loved this part.>>Yeah, this was awesome. I almost like second guessed myself. Second guessent?>>Second guessed-ed.>>I did, I was like,
it’s pretty far up here.>>Boom! There you go!>>I was on a roll.>>Bye, Sonya.
>>See you, bye.>>Bye.
>>Bye!>>See and I’m like, yeah good for you!>>Yeah.>>Yeah, look at you!>>I’m glad somebody was.>>I was, no.>>Aw, snap.>>See that’s the thing. They freaking-
>>That broke my heart right there.>>They two-on-oned you. That’s not fair.>>They did.>>I heard a whole wave of boos.>>There was a lot of boos.>>They’re both staring at me,
like sharks in the water.>>Like piranhas.>>And
then I do something very smart here, nope!>>That was pretty clever.>>You can’t get me!>>Little do they know,
the other side opens up, idiots.>>[LAUGH]
>>Here’s where I show my amazing Ninja Warrior skills.>>Athleticism, you are very
much like a ninja, ninjaesque.>>A little spider monkey.>>Look, they’re stalking you.>>Yeah, it’s not fair, and here I go. This reminds me of when I was at
Chuck E Cheese, I’ve been training for this my whole life. I used to do the little climb
thing at Chuck E Cheese.>>Okay,
is that where you learned to do all that?>>I sure did. You know, twisted Bliss into the ball pit.>>Right, right.>>Yeah.
>>That sounds, that’s fun.>>Yep.>>Well, see, I think that we’re
just proving our point of, like their friendship dynamic and how its
always been, I mean if you think about it->>And it’s always Sasha doing it.>>Because she’s a little bit selfish, she’s a bit of like a little bit
of a glory hound, isn’t she?>>That’s what I’ve always said. I’ve always said that she’s got that ego.>>Yeah.
>>Too much of an ego to be someone’s best friend.>>Right.
>>But if you’ve noticed->>They’re both really great competetors, you have to give it to-
>>They are.>>Both Bayley and Sasha separately and
as a team, they are great competitors.>>For sure! But I just wish that with the amount of
times that Sasha’s out smarted Bayley, Bayley would outsmart Sasha.>>Right! She gone.>>Coming in hot.>>She gone.>>Like, I got you, Bayley.>>[LAUGH]
>>I got you.>>This was awesome, by the way.>>Thank you,
this was actually terrifying.>>Yeah, I’m sure it was.>>You know how you were saying about
the Thesz Press, how terrifying that was?>>Yeah, I’m sure that was,
but that was great. Where is she going?>>All the way up.>>She’s going, she’s trying to at least. Here I come, right in the head. Boom! Eats it, face first.>>That’s using the arena
to your advantage.>>Yeah.
>>That was nice.>>Little DDT-ski. Three and win.>>And [CROSSTALK]
>>Thank you for wearing them down for me.>>You’re welcome, I did what I could.>>Champion Alexa Bliss.>>[SOUND] Thank you, but you know this victory isn’t just about me. This is about every little girl and
woman at home, in the audience, who have ever dreamed big. And, sorry. I’m looking out here at every one
of you and the reality is that none of you will ever accomplish
any of your dreams. [APPLAUSE]>>I came out here tonight, and I proved to you and the entire world
that there is no one better than me.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>That was so much fun. Thank you guys for
joining to watch this match back with us.>>And you can watch this match back,
too, on the WWE network.


  1. I think its funny that if nia does a mean promo she gets boo’d. But whenever Alexa does something mean like,
    "Im the best"
    Everyone cheers. (which is also me)

  2. The entire elimination chamber has changed a lot since it's beginning from being smaller and unforgiving to becoming larger and a little bit more forgivable than it was before

  3. I am stronger than you Alexa bliss because when I was 2 years old I almost broke a bone of a 4 year old boy and now I still do that

  4. bliss said that no one is better than her.. I mean hello there are some people who are better than you shark head… I mean, look at you… you are weak and I think I need to let off some steam for you…enormous eyes….

  5. I love Alexa's character work. She can tease a babyface turn and the crowd will ride along…and at the last second she flips on them and shows her true colors getting a ton of heat from that. She is so good at being a heel, and she seems to enjoy it and to get better and better at it. She has everything figured out, even the little nuances like a smirk when nobody is looking, a glare,a rolling of the eyes…everything. She is one of the best heels on the company, no matter what brand.

  6. Omg 3000% pure respect for Mickie…. Paying respect to beth Phoenix🔥🐦 they had an amazing fude, one of my favorite Mickie fude

  7. Sasha Banks was soooo mad LOL “That should be me making this speech because I was in indies and worked so hard since I was 16” byyeeeee.

  8. I luv u Alexa bliss ❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕☺️🌈🌈🌈🌈😍😍😍😍😘😘😘❤️❤️

  9. Alexa blis bila kesombongan menghampirimu balaslah dengan senyuman berdoalah lawan menghampirimu,, alhamdulillah kemenangan datang alexa bliis indonesia hadir

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