Alexa Bliss Falls Apart & Reacts To Reports Of Her WWE Career Officially Coming To An End

Alexa Bliss Falls Apart & Reacts To Reports Of Her WWE Career Officially Coming To An End

Update on Alexa Bliss and possibly another
career threatening situation Alexa Bliss has quietly been missing ever
hell in a cell in early back in early October After a few weeks right by with Alexa being
no where to be found, reports claimed that it was a creative issue And that wwe wanted to feature different,
but now the story is completely switching up It was revealed earlier this week that Alexa
is dealing with a shoulder injury Wwe is does a great job at keeping certain
injuries on the down low so that probably explains why it too so long for the word to
get out However, wwe did comment on her injury and
released a statement on wwe backstage Wwe didn’t say if it was shoulder related
or not, but they did say it was “minor” and she will be returning to action soon But other reports are going into further detail
and saying that there is a real concern for Alexa’s overall longevity and future in
the ring Alexa is still very much in her prime but
apparently there’s some that believes she only has such a handful of years left before
all these injuries will catch up with her and force her into early retirement She already had one major career ending scare
in 2018 when she suffered back to back concussions that lasted for a while Wwe was fully prepared to fully shut her in
ring career down after that but she was thankfully able to be cleared in early 2019 Alexa would then go onto have a great year
and even capture the tag titles with Nikki Cross And she remained injury free for the year
until most recently The past few days have been flooded with conflicting
news about Alexa Wwe claims it’s minor while other reports
claim that she could be out for a very extended amount of time And wwe will be extremely cautious with her
upon her return as well All this career speculation sparked a response
from the former women’s champion herself, Alexa had this to say about the situation
on her twitter: “Maybe try cutting back on the pointless
stories & stop worrying about my career. It’s just fine” So that was Alexa’s response to the latest
reports about herself and well she does have a point Unless it’s something serious like those
back to back concussions, then all it is, is just her being a little banged up Alexa does get injured a little more frequently,
but it also seems like reports always wanna claim that her career is over after every
little injury And if she’s saying not to worry and that
she’s fine then we have to take her word for it because it is her body after all and
she knows if she’s fine or not So let’s hope Alexa has a speedy recovery! Leave your comments, don’t forget to subscribe,
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  1. huge update regarding Alexa's status. Turns out that she has quietly been dealing with a shoulder injury, but reports claim that there's a lot of people within WWE that thinks Alexa won't last much longer in the ring, Alexa took to twitter to directly respond to that report. What are your thoughts on this situation and her response? Leave your comments, Don't forget to Subscribe with notifications on, and leave a like if you enjoyed! Thanks for watching guys! 😀

  2. I typically go by Alexa and wwe response then any of the wrestling sites. Since its Alexa body and her employer

  3. I think she went overboard on the replacement breast implants and she has slower reaction time than she did before

  4. Both her and her nemesis Sasha seem to be injury prone. Neither is a large girl only Zelina and Kairi Sane are smaller than Alexa. Perhaps her size works against her ?

  5. There are two types of breasts in enhancement those for sexual inter course where they are for show and self esteem enchantment but you will need to have exercise and fights. Alexa got the enhanced method used by porn stars. At her height she shouldn’t have bigger implants than 34D with light liquid saline. Someone who is barely 100lbs without impkant

  6. 2) without implants should not be getting an extra 20-30 pounds of weight. I think if she got the volume but the reduced weight kind that shapes the breasts to a more natural shape she would have gotten a better lifted effect and looks more natural and structure stable. The weight is causing them to sag and she needs a lot of support to hold them up. The L shape with the entire chest used to house the implants is like a chest plate of armour than a bag installed in the chest. But it is her money but she could have done better

  7. The small boned / slimmer / smaller girls are just naturally more injury prone. This goes for guys too. More mass = bigger bones and muscles = more ability to take more and harder bumps. Sasha and Alexa seem to both be very injury prone.

  8. she's been here 3 years, i get it seeing doctors like multiple times in a career can pretty much speculate an career, but Stone Cold Steve Austin didn't end his career after his 3 neck injuries and his legs injuries just like a week before Wrestlemania 19 for some reason this is the shortest, i mean the SHORTEST career in 3 years it doesn't mean Alexa will get a text from Vince how she's feeling, i guess speculation is what doctors likes to do

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