Aleister Black is waiting for a knock: SmackDown LIVE, Aug. 13, 2019

Aleister Black is waiting for a knock: SmackDown LIVE, Aug. 13, 2019

I wonder who’s got a debt to pay. I wonder who will pay
the boatman’s toll and look their inner demons in their eyes and
say, I am done. For we all must pay a debt. And mine shall be paid in
my self-inflicted anguish. For such is my burden. For such is my sin. But in due time, I shall find an end for any member of the Locker Room and myself. For all they have to do is knock, knock, Knock.


  1. Aliester black should fight shinsuke nakamura for the intercontinental champion black is gonna win the intercontinental champion

  2. Alister Black: I'm Looking for a Knock,the door is open .
    Bray Wyatt: let me in as" The fiend"
    Ziggler: It should have been me

  3. Ummm is no on talking about his hairline…..they aggressively zoomed in on his forehead….I mean they do that anyway for the dramatic effect but I found it kinda weird but also interesting. I am not making fun of him, hair loss is natural but it kinda makes sense as to why the forehead is in the thumbnail and zoomed in on in the video.

  4. Alister should be revealed as Romans attacker and turn him heel and have him beat Roman than build him up to eventually beat Kofi for the title .

  5. Knock knock
    Whos there?
    Let me in
    Let me in who?
    We're all glad that you're our Friend and this is a friebdship that will never ever end
    fades to black as Aleister gulps

  6. I see alot of comments saying Bray. Yall do realize that is a bad setup to make right off the bat if you are trying to make aleister black and bray dominant stars 😂😂😂

  7. Guys Bray is not gonna "knock" anytime soon. A Match like that would be saved for a big 4 ppv . the fiend gmmick is still fresh so no time soon

  8. The Fiend, The Demon and Aliester Black are best gimmick in wwe right now. and at one point baron corbin was too




    LET HIM IN!!

  10. You keep asking for someone to knock on your door, and eventually you're going to get the Fiend growling "Let me in." You won't be asking again.

  11. i want it to be the fiend but i know it cant be coz no one can afford loos in there early career and there was murphy but has storyline with roman reigns,daniel brayen and rowan so between nakamura,balor or mcintyre

  12. Any idea what gimmick he's currently doing? Aside from calling challengers, he speaks stuff, with today's topic being debt.

    Which Smackdown superstar you think should face Aleister next? From Cesaro, to Samy Zayn….

  13. "And the devil is knocking on your door. He just wants you to come home. So let him in…. LET ME IN."

    Classic Bray Wyatt quote.

  14. Aleister just replied to one of bray's tweets in regards of him being the cover for next years game saying "i'd like to talk to you about that i have this door you see"

  15. I think bray should challenge him. I feel like black can afford a loss,plus that loss can make him even more mad,making him more uncontrollable and crazy, regaining his momentum

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