Alberto Del Rio Suspended, Goldberg at SummerSlam, Luke Harper to SmackDown – Wrestling Report

Alberto Del Rio Suspended, Goldberg at SummerSlam, Luke Harper to SmackDown – Wrestling Report

Welcome to the Wrestling Report,
First up today we have huge news on Alberto Del Rio. WWE announced this morning that Del Rio has
been suspended for 30 days effective August 18th for a wellness policy violation. There really isn’t all that much more to
go on at this time. Del Rio’s WWE contract is up this fall and
this violation could impact WWE’s willingness to negotiate, but from what I’ve heard Del
Rio isn’t all that interested in staying anyways. Next, we have reports that Goldberg has shot
a promo video for WWE 2K17 responding to Brock Lesnar and his callout. Now remember, this is a promo video for the
video game and not by WWE, so there’s no guarantee this will have anything to do with
getting in the ring, but fans are hopeful. Goldberg, as reported earlier, will be in
New York this weekend for a WWE 2K17 press conference, where SummerSlam is coincidentally
taking place as well. I know it’s probably just a publicity stunt
by 2K, but I can’t help get excited thinking that Goldberg could return for another match. Next up today we have some news on Luke Harper,
who until this point was undrafted. During an interview on The Steve Austin Show,
Braun Strowman made a comment that leads me to believe Harper will end up on SmackDown. While discussing his current run on RAW and
aspirations, he says something along the lines of “I’m not with The Wyatt Family anymore. All three of the brothers are on SmackDown
while I’ve come to RAW”. Now this is quite interesting as like I said
before, WWE hasn’t announced where Luke Harper will be going yet Braun clearly says
that all THREE of his brothers are on team blue. It seems to me Braun may have accidentally
dropped a spoiler. Finally, we have reports that WWE is lowballing
former superstars such as MVP and Tommy Dreamer. Apparently, the contracts they are offering
are much less than said wrestlers make in the indies, and because of that a lot of former
superstars are unwilling to sign. Speaking of MVP, reports are saying all talks
between Porter and WWE have ceased and that it is almost certain he won’t be coming
back to WWE. For what it’s worth, Dave Meltzer said that
he didn’t think WWE really wanted MVP back in the first place, so that could have been
another factor during those negotiations. And that’s the Wrestling Report for today. Be sure to follow Wrestling Hub on Twitter
to stay up to date with news and videos. Thanks for watching, and I’ll catch you
in the next one!


  1. Paige has also been suspended! Another video coming in a few minutes.


  2. My prediction for Summerslam is Orton beats Lesnar via F5 into an RKO. Lights go out Wyatt's music hits Randy Orton is lying in the middle of the ring and Bray does his kneeling taunt. Later in the show (this match has to be like where Rollins vs Cena was last year) Brock Lesnar is in the back destroying everything in anger, Heyman is trying to calm Brock down and Goldberg comes and Spears Brock stares at him and says "Your Next"

  3. I'm calling it Lesnar vs Goldberg ll at Wrestlemania 33, if that shit happens and its the main event its gonna be fucking worse than their last match

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