I love burritos yo what up hashtag burritos nation boy Rainbow Warrior here and we have ourself a an unboxing video my first ever of this sorts I did decide to change things of the video I haven't worn my TNA Wildcat world heavyweight champ oh in the WoW so I thought go and bring that bad boy just show you guys it off a little bit cuz why not why not why not signed by a bunch of legends such as Samoa Joe sting and just a bunch of signatures and stuff like that but yeah so that's pretty cool beans we're gonna put it off to the side though because that's not what this video is in fact about is in fact about my first ever pro wrestling tees Pro Wrestling crate unboxing which is pretty cool I went ahead and tore off the other stuff so we don't give away all my dress and stuff but yeah this one the reason why I got it because it is aew themed got my American Nightmare Cody shirt right here so I'm a big time IEW fan even though hasn't started yet so – shirt company I know guys I know but it's gonna be great I am going to double or nothing in Las Vegas May 25th at the MGM Grand so that should be pretty cool let me know the console if you guys wanted to see some videos on that about me my first time in Las Vegas actually and going to be ban just super excited and pumped about it is only about two days of 14 it's only 11 days away guys gosh it's like a week and a half away I'm super excited to be going anyways we're really going to open this up it is a double you think I'm never gonna Pro Wrestling cheese box before crate before and I don't necessarily know exactly when they get in there I know there's a t-shirt I think there's something signed there might be a micro person but I don't know exactly what's gonna be happening so yeah we're gonna go and get this AJ spills little nasty knife knife box thingamajigger and we're gonna go and cut this bad boy out alright my first ever box I don't know if I'll ever get that one again I didn't necessarily just want to get this one because of that it's a double use that's why I decided to pull the trigger I think was 30 bucks and pretty cool that you got here before Double or Nothing I'm excited so that was easy peasy lemon squeezy we're gonna go ahead and put away the knife and we're gonna go ahead and see what's in this pretty excited I know my videos aren't that great of quality and it's kinda like write down like this but whatever I don't have anyone to record from you all right but I can feel a shirt in here so we're gonna go ahead and open it up like this all right all right all right right here it says the all elite Wrestling Pro rests and Kreitman use spoiler alert the other side of the star contains the contents of this trait next month's theme is king of wrestling and it's featuring the Macho Man King Randy Savage King Haiku Jerry the King Lawler Kings wrestling Chris hero and Claudio Castagnoli Kassius Ohno and Cesaro and all these – King Harley Race King Bros met Ritalin king Booker and all the stuff yeah I'm not gonna look at the back because I don't want to give away what's in this box so yeah pretty cool where we gonna get all right all right look at that double or nothing little Carter right there that's pretty cool just a little card but I like it a lot some probably me putting that up somewhere all right don't burn that thing I like that it's sake I'm so excited eleven days away you guys all right where were you oh my gosh this is so cool I can retail from the top who it is no way I thought it was just Kody Oh Elite Rhapsody oh my gosh guys this is sick no I expect to be a cool sure like this Elite Rhapsody we got Cody said you got Matt's head and Nick Jackson and Kenny Omega the cleaner bang that was so sick guys oh my gosh I love it that is awesome I did not expect it I saw Cody I was already super excited now they got all four of them on there all of the executive vice presidents all right EVPs there we go guys – our first thing right there the EVPs of a dhobi right there all right second thing double or nothing cell May 21st – 27 you get 20% off stuff all right aw cell you guys want apparently on the 21st and 22nd we're gonna be having a sale 20% off everything all right so put that off to the side all right next thing we got over here whoo oh my gosh now this makes me happy because I was thinking about buying another a they'd be sure justice in fact my aww logo shirt is in fact a tank top so it's like ah man but I really want one – that is not just tingled this is pretty cool like the fireworks look in the back of are those fireworks it looks like some fireworks in the background some color here you guys go right here that is pretty sick I can't see if you guys see it or not a e/w logo with some color in the background and that's a new series well I really like the fabric that feel this really soft feel as well I think it's the same as that one as well so that's pretty cool it's a aew all elite wrestling I can't hold it apparently shirt I'm really liking that now I have my my second or third auw shirt so that's sake alright so there we go guys oh man that's sick alright so there are the two t-shirts in this whoo oh yes the d-bag himself mjf I am a big fan of MJ I would agree with a lot of people that the fact that he does take his character too seriously sometimes where he's time a dirtbag on Twitter and social media but that is really cool my first ever micro baller is MJ f Michael Maxwell Jacob Friedman you guys done know me I really really think he's gonna have a really big future in a day I think is only about 22 or 23 and I definitely see that he's gonna be a world champion in aw someday so that's pretty sick aw max well Jacob Friedman MJ f I am really really excited to see how he does in the UW and he is I think as of right now he is my pick to win the casino battle royale aw and the pre-show for Renault momentary spot for the world title yep we'll have to see MJ f Michael roller alright woo got a little patch right here I don't know what I wanted do with that but as sake I have a Letterman's jacket from high school I could put on I guess bow that would look cool or not but that is pretty cool though you know what maybe I could get stitched on the my aw hoodie I don't know man but that's pretty cool a little stitched something to a patch aw it's pretty sick I like that all right look at this I see you later license plate that is really really cool collectors pen SCU Southern California uncensored if you guys don't know SCU you guys are missing out they've wrestled a line Ring of Honor as well as leaving New Japan and obviously I live in these two and they are got to be my time man between the young bucks and then they're my favorite tag team in aw so far I like all them TAC teams and they eat up yes s-see you later Southern California and censored and right now even though it's going to be the worst time I've ever been in Las Vegas it's still gonna be a great show hopefully you guys understood that reference okay that is sure was just a plain toothbrush wiser a toothbrush in here approved by dr. Britt Baker DMD herself you guys on the move great Baker as she is if you guys don't know she is actually the girlfriend or fiance of Adam cool babe a but she's also a wrestler herself as well as she is also professional dentist too which is cool she has both professions I know that her family was like I don't know if you can do both of those that he had a like a set career in in dentistry and she became a professional wrestler as well so here we go approved by Britt Baker D and DMD as well so that's really cool I got a new toothbrush it's pretty big I don't know I'll use this I think they'll just like keep this that's really cool all right so they're guilt I'm assume it's gonna be a good toothbrush concerning she's a dentist all right what is this pro wrestling teaser is there something in here I don't know oh this is me the sign I think I'm gonna leave them for last please a signed picture or something like that high spots goes lucha the lucha bros pentagon junior and phoenix rave phoenix exclusive double shot hosted by raw biker Viper that's sick so the lucha bros a DVD about the lucha bros highest losses down with two of the biggest stars of lucha libre in mexico who are quickly becoming known around the world pentagons jr. and Ray Phoenix from the early days growing up in Mexico breaking into the business all today starting in the quickly acclaimed lucha underground double set covers a tall disc covers of all of us join our resident lucha expert Rob Piper as he introduces high spots doing lucha this is pretty cool alright lucha bros one of the best tag teams in the world can't wait to see the young both of them go head-to-head and then last but definitely not least I did go ahead and take it out of here you guys didn't see it on the video and it was in fact the picture is smiley Kylie right Kylie ray there we go babe a she's wrestling in the triple threat match at Double or Nothing the first women's singles match the triple threat for a w agains nyla Rose as well as Bert Bakker toothbrush – it's pretty cool hey there we go so Kylie really really excited about that yeah I don't know man I might get and then one of these things only 30 bucks and get all these things and I was just super duper sick but we're gonna go and do a small little I'll just review it again just going over the things really fast smiley Callie with her signature up there this Pro Wrestling T's logo sticker right there as well so there we go I have to put that in there as well and then we ourselves in jf the mjf micro brawler is on the back pretty cool Maxwell Jacob Friedman as well as the S see you later Penn collectors after you make sure you guys give me an S see you in the comments below SCU Southern California uncensored Oh sue you alright all elite wrestling patch which is really really sick all right and then so cool toothbrush approved by dr. Britt Baker which is sick all right what else was there then there was the two t-shirts which are really really sick my aw t-shirt the color in the background fireworks is sick right there alright as well as the other t-shirt right here so sick I love this elite Rhapsody Cody Matt Nick and Kenny that is awesome so there we go guys there is in fact my pro wrestling freak crepe awm boxing I really really enjoyed it I am going to double or nothing in Las Vegas Nevada and GM Grande I'm really excited to be going let me know they call so any of you guys see that see this video are going I would love to like see and see you guys and stuff like that'd be sick but yeah it's pretty cool and I'm just really really liking this just awesome this awesome like a possum FD up I'm gonna taking GF out right now and we're gonna yeah nice nice feel to it too anyways MGF I'm not gonna let you talk cuz you would definitely ruin the PG thing so we're gonna go and bring you down alright famous guys I love you guys so much we enjoy this stuff so if you did make sure you like like like comment comment and subscribe subscribe and if you guys are going to be watching hey DW let me know the comments below as well I love to know some more friends that watch aw as well guys to join that big aww page on Facebook that I'm part of – it's like 55,000 people and it now I mean we love you guys so much I'll see all of your hashtag Braves nation later we don't want no ham and cheese we just want burritos please


  1. Sick new shirts bro! I'm pretty jelly!
    Honestly that's a pretty good haul for a "loot" style box a lot of the time there is filler items, but this one was legit!

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