A waiter is rude and dismissive to a deaf man at a restaurant | WWYD

A waiter is rude and dismissive to a deaf man at a restaurant | WWYD

Table for one come with me Your waiter Tyler will be right over Welcome what can I get you? What Look I don’t know what you’re trying to say, but I don’t have time for this It happens more often than you know The deaf and hard of hearing at the receiving end of hurtful looks and comments this incident caught on camera It’s against company policy. I can’t do it. A deaf customer typed his order onto his phone at the drive-thru of an Ohio fast-food restaurant But the worker wouldn’t take it and ignored the customer The employee was fired and Taco Bell released a statement saying they are committed to maintaining an environment free of discrimination or harassment I Cannot help you. You see a man being discriminated against because he’s deaf Aren’t you supposed to have an interpreter here or something? What would you do? We’ve set up our hidden cameras at the Tom Sawyer diner and joining us to take in the action is nyle DiMarco He’s a model actor champion of Dancing with the Stars He’s also a deaf advocate He’s here on set with his interpreter our waiter Tyler is listening to producer instructions by earpiece and were communicating with JW the deaf actor playing the customer via text message. What are you hoping we’ll see from people today? I’m hoping that people won’t just stand by. I’m hoping that people won’t be bystanders We’re rolling Hey, how you doing? I’m gonna get you I Don’t know. I don’t know you’re trying to say I Have you experienced this kind of discrimination yourself personally? Sure. I think it’s a lot worse knowing that my entire family is deaf all of us being deaf if we go out to restaurant often waiters are Completely petrified. They’re not sure what to do with us. You can see kind of in their eyes their world collapsed I guess they see us. I’m trying to figure out how to communicate with us Man, I don’t have time for this This first diner overhears the drama right away. She’s noticing already. It’s not my job, are you waiting on people what’s going on? Just I got a full dining room over there. Oh, okay You don’t treat people that way. She’s out of her seat approaching our actor playing the manager is everything okay? Miss he was just so rude to this man who’s deaf, but this is my job. Whatever. What the hell is he doing here? I’m so sorry miss. I’m sorry by all means disappear In the middle of the action the diners friend joins in sent Barry away But our waiter he hasn’t learned his lesson. I don’t know. I just don’t understand why You had to talk to my manager about that turns out she is perfectly qualified to teach him. Okay? I’m a professor of communication skills. You have none So I felt I had to say something for you You have things to do. So do we all okay All right, you can walk away and now have JW banker go over there and shake her hand and thank her Okay, let’s go break it We step in to say thank you as well John with what would you do the TV show is an actor This young man is Nyle I’m Nyle. He’s interpreting for now. Okay. I absolutely love everything about your oddity today and your approach I mean my faith in humanity has been completely restored Tell us why did you step in? a Long well-respected professor of communications And I teach speech today’s my last day. I’m retired Wow One final lecture on her last day on the job Could I get you? What I what are you saying to me right now We’re at it again Okay, well you should have somebody with him to like help That’s not my job though and when Tyler makes it clear he isn’t willing to help This diner offers JW her assistance, he’s helping him he wants a crab cake slider. This isn’t your job either I have compassion like he wants to eat this food that Tigers say you write it down. I’m out of here Okay. Well then here you can write it down Okay, you can write it down Another customer choosing to alert the manager about our wicked waiter Doing absolutely everything ready Please please so bothered by what she’s seeing. She’s threatening to leave I’m so sorry. Please don’t please don’t get upset. Don’t get upset. He’s treating this man. Like he’s not a human being This is a person sitting here. He has a disability. There’s no reason to treat anyone like this time for us to step in I just can’t believe someone would treat someone else like this It’s just craziness Honestly, thank you so much Absolutely. Thank you for standing up Austin we’ll go out to eat and servers will treat us really rudely and be Condescending to us and it’s really great that you got involved Don’t you think that these people should be traveling with people not alone This next diner agrees with some of what Tyler is saying But maybe not his approach I don’t think I was being unkind And if she was deaf It’s not really our job to bring everyone some sort You know pen and paper now with these have cell phones in the way that we carry them everywhere It’s much easier to be able to text back and forth. I’m very relieved and thankful for technology for that reason She does try to offer some assistance I don’t have a pen. I’ve left it over there You got a pen. Yeah, great She if he could hear us she’s getting you a penny And when JW tries to return her pen We step in good morning ladies, I’m John what would you do? Well, we try to see what people would do when they witness that kind of ugly treatment of someone whose deaf Pretty ugly but he also wasn’t very prepared was he you mentioned that yeah, what did you mean? Bring the pig with you or something, right what you want we bring in Nyle to talk to Right what the back of Now we’re changing things up slightly Would you like to go in and play the actor yourself? I think it’d be fun. I’d absolutely love to Give me a baseball cap and I’ll head on in Nyle at the center of the scene these specials specials This full menu I’ve you’ve got some money. I don’t have anything on me. I got a pen And Right away. These nearby diners are trying to help Tyler Communicate with him. I’m not playing charades with you right now What else do you want? Cuz I’m doing my job You watch the water hide that what I I need it quick please and when Tyler walks away She has a choice word for him that Nyle fully understands Our Wieder is back Wasting my time. You want a salad with it? And once again, she’s up out of her seat Have Tyler kick him out. This is taking up way too much time. Just go somewhere else where they understand you Go somewhere else. Get out of here. You need to leave. Yes. Can I have my pen back, please? Thank you instead of arguing She gets the manager. Can I help you? Yeah That waiter is very rude. First of all, he told him to leave that he’s not playing charades with him It was awful and she does what our waiter had a problem doing all day wants water He wants a grilled chicken sandwich, and it comes with a salad and he wants the salad proving Just how easy it is to communicate. Thank you for your help. I appreciate it Time to say hello This really happens in real life and he really is deaf This is now the Marco he won Dancing with the Stars in America’s Top Model. I Would never treat anybody like that and I’ll never let anybody do that to anybody around me We rolled one last time JW is back in the hot seat. I Cannot help you with this, okay? Can I help you? I’ll be right with you guys. I don’t have a pen on me You should have somebody with him to do that. I don’t this is not my job These diners give JW a pen And a menu so he can place his order Why are you guys helping a deaf guy you don’t even know him? Why are you helping a deaf guy? You don’t even know him What would you do? What are you gonna tell him Write it on a piece of paper. I can speak that’s the matter with you kid learn. He was my son I kick you in The job yeah be Now hey CL fat man. It’s not his fault. Don’t do a job if you can’t do it Take care of somebody that’s not right. You can treat the guy like it my French before they leave We make our way in to say hello. All right get out of here Tyler. Hi, how are you? It’s what would you do? How are you, sir? It affected you teeth it’s a stranger to you Don’t treat some Don’t kid. He shouldn’t be doing that. Come on. You take care of him. I said if there is your father, but what you do? You know what to say it’s not my job but then go get another job you don’t need to be there What makes you this way I think Yeah, I just I wanted to say thank you so much. It’s really wonderful to see you acted today instead of just being a bystander So many today with a heart one they freely shared defending a stranger he need Hi guys, John quinones here. Thanks so much for checking out our YouTube channel There’s so much more to see so click on this red button down here The one that says subscribe and you won’t miss another what would you do moment? Enjoy?


  1. I agree with they grey haired lady if you are deaf you should be better prepared and have something to write with or an app to help you communicate.

  2. I LOVE they use actors experiencing what they're really being discriminated against because it builds up their confidence. People really will stick up for people. Differences between us DOESN'T MAKE US DIFFERENT. ❤ all humans.

  3. I work at a preschool, and we had a boy there whose parents are deaf. They were very friendly, and they were extremely thankful that we would always go out of our way to make sure they got all the information they needed.

  4. Lady: keep the pen you need it-
    John quinones: hi im John quinones and thiw is the show what would you do
    Lady: OMg wHat? aaaH omg i can'T beLiEve tHis!

  5. God takes away your hearing and you disrespect em!? Your a shame to god and society even though it’s acting

  6. I have experienced this with a patient of mine & I’ve made the mistake of assuming a deaf person even knows how to read/write when I tried communicating with her with pen and paper. My patients daughter came by later that day and explained that her mom was born deaf & never learned how to write or read. She could only communicate through sign language. She was offended & I learned a lesson.

  7. I honestly think that if I was a waiter, I am not sure if I would know what the deaf person is trying to say with just sign language. I do think that you shouldn’t be rude to deaf people, but I think it would make it a whole lot easier if they had at least a pen or pencil with a little note pad. They could use their phone to do it too.

  8. As a hearing person who has taken 4 years of american sign language and deaf culture I am honestly disgusted. That lady who agreed with the waiter is also no better and ignorant AF

  9. See, this right here is why I am learning American Sign Language. Even though I’m not deaf, maybe I can still help someone one day

  10. There’s a man who ordered every week at the Domino’s I worked at who was mute and deaf. He always had a pad he would write on and he had so much personality, it was truly beautiful.

  11. That is so wrong bullying people because their death I know friends that are deaf and friends who are blind and I don’t approve of this so I am very thankful for what would you do because it shows people’s reactions and there are so many good people almost to juju and just around the world generally I do not approve of bullying and other things like that I am in a wheelchair but I’m also an advocate for CP in many cases like it

  12. I’m going to learn sign language soon because I agree that everyone is equal if I was in a situation with a death man I’d know SL and I’d stand up and work it out

  13. I'm not trying to not pick but it seems like when ever they have say a mom abusing a foster child, one of the people in the restaurant will have experience with foster children, and in this case one of the people works with communication, hmmmmm, what a coincidence.

  14. People need to go deaf school to now how like l’m not rude people that see others need help they will help deaf ❤️❤️❤️

  15. The thing I can’t stand about situations like these is how people say deaf people should have translators with them at all times. In-person interpreters can cost from $50-$145. If someone were to have an interpreter for 24 hours a day, for 365 days, it would cost $438000-$1270000. Obviously someone would not have an interpreter for this long but it would cost a fortune for one.

  16. Umm.. what is the literal difference between making him write or type it out for the waiter to read and pointing to it in the menu and having him read it from there? I’m-

  17. If I were the victim I wouldn't tell the manager, that would waste time, speaking to the rude man is better instead of telling the manager and screwing them for what they haven't done but also it's sometimes better to tell the manager for she/he has the ability to make his/her employees suffer by dismissing an employee uWU just sharing my opinion 😀

  18. I worked in food service and a gas station. I’ve come through some deaf customers, and I do what I can to serve them. Of course, I’m anxious because I don’t know any sign, but I treat my customers with kindness

  19. Communication and customer care is part of being a server. Yes it is a little more difficult to help customers with a hearing disability but it is viable. Every server will come across someone where it is harder for you to communicate, but that is when you learn how best to get your point across to them and show them your doing your very best to help give them a great experience at your establishment.

  20. If I would see something like that and punsh in someone's face would be punished I would do that for sure … !! Wth can some1 be so rude mean and selfish…I would say you are fired!! Help another and respect have dignity for the weaker or for others in need.

  21. Ia think they should have a specially trained staff personel that can do and understand sign language if i were to make a rule i would make it a stict policy

  22. This has inspired me to make a business and it will be where all the waiter's know sign language so it will be better for the community it will be called the deaf cafe

  23. I went to school with the kid in high school in Brighton MI named Todd who is deaf he was a really awesome kid I don't know how anybody would treat anybody like this just because they can't hear. In fact I remember thinking it was funny trying to learn sign language so that me and him could talk silently behind the teachers back LoL

  24. The so called professor of communications is actually terrible at communicating. It’s really sad that someone with so much education can’t clearly explain to the man what he did and why it is wrong

  25. That white haired lady is a two faced bitch. When she saw she was on cameras she changed her act real quick “imma be famous! Imma be on tv. Better act all sweet” get outta here. You treated him like shit.

  26. I work at taco Bell and I hate that people have these work ethics. Just take the fucking order. Who cares about the fucking time be grateful you're even able to hear. I've had that shit happen to me 3 times and I still did it, it's not fucking hard they're the reason you have a job.

  27. Wait wait a minute I know this is a video to say don’t make fun of deaf people but isn’t deaf where you can’t here but can talk is that the same thing I’m really young I’m 11 IDK

  28. We should learn sign language in school. Deaf people shouldn’t be ignored because others can’t be bothered to learn to communicate with them. I’m not deaf and I don’t know anyone who is but I want to learn sign language so, if I do one day meet a deaf person, I can help them.

  29. At the start, I figured he wanted a menu so that he could point out what he wanted. I don’t know any sign language, but even that is simple enough to understand.

  30. My mom is deaf and blind and I know a lot of people with the same disability. I was so happy when I watched this video. Keep doing gods work WWYD!!

  31. That does not make any sense. That waiter is qualified to be a model, or a porn actor. What the hell is he doing there?

  32. Why do i feel like the actress playing the manager should play the waiter, cos she usually plays the antagonist when she appears, such as the harsh punishments, when she pretends to use hot sauce and other harsh punishments.

  33. I have two def people in my family and even though it’s hard to understand them,there still people and deserve to be treated like a person not a piece of trash just because they have a disability god put them on the earth for a reason!

  34. Although your Deaf that doesn't mean you can't talk… Sure you can't hear yourself talk but that doesn't really hinder your ability to do so….

  35. Did anybody notice when the waiter is said-'alright get out of here tyler', he shows the man his middle finger pretending to scratch his neck.

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