1. Jesus Christ I would guzzle Stacy Keiblers bath water after she sat in it for an hour after a sweaty workout.

  2. If Stacy would have just taken her time to sit on all of the wrestler's faces.

  3. 2:45. The subtle hacking up of the skirt. The naughty expressions on her face. Getting grinder at 4:27. oops wrestler went to far.

  4. Stacy was smoking hot, but it makes you really appreciate Sunny. Sunny was absolutely stunning, but she was also great on the mic. And she was a dirty little whore.

  5. Yeah not only is George Clooney stupid for saying Trump will never be president but how the heck do you let her go if that was my woman we would be on welfare from having so many kids lol

  6. Think of the heat If they did this in 2018….. 😂 I miss these days and she was enjoying herself from what I could see?

  7. the only thing good about this video is Stacy Keibler's long legs just her presence makes it worthwhile to watch and the wrestling holy cow terrible

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