6 Wrestling Couples You Didn’t Know Were Together

6 Wrestling Couples You Didn’t Know Were Together

Though you’d think professionalism would
keep WWE talent from dating co-workers, you’d be surprised how many wrestlers have got together
through work. There are some famous couples, Paige and Del
Rio come to mind, but others have tried to keep their relationships a secret. This video will cover 6 wrestling couples
you probably didn’t know were together. Zack Ryder and Emma, or is it Emmalina, have
been dating for almost a year now. The two are technically on different shows,
but with Emma being out injured, they have likely had quite a bit of time together. That could change when Emmalina finally debuts
on RAW, as the two shows have different travelling schedules, but who knows. All I do know is that I never would have guessed
these two were together. If you’ve seen Wrestling Origins: Big Cass,
then you know that Cass is currently in a relationship with Carmella. The two first met when Carmella began working
on NXT alongside Enzo and Cass, and apparently they got together soon after, which isn’t
surprising as they worked and travelled together constantly. If anything, I would have expected Enzo and
Carmella to get together as they seem like a perfect couple, but she and Cass seem to
be going strong nonetheless. Dolph Ziggler has been in his fair share of
relationships. He’s previously dated Nikki Bella, and more
recently comedian Amy Schumer, but since breaking up with her, Dolph has gotten together with
RAW’s Dana Brooke. Once again, I never thought of these two together,
and honestly they seem like a mismatch, but then again wrestlers are much different when
they’re not in character. This one is among the newer relationships
on this list, so who knows if it’ll last. You may have heard Bayley got engaged recently,
but like most people, you probably have no idea who her fiancée is. Well, he isn’t a wrestler, but he is involved
in the wrestling business. Aaron Solow is a wrestling referee who works
outside the WWE, so these two still technically makes this list. Just like anybody involved in wrestling, the
schedule is hectic and no doubt strains the relationship, but working in separate promotions
must add to that as well, but things must be good if they got engaged. Alexa Bliss seems to be a hit right now, but
I’m sure a lot of you guys will be sad to learn she’s already spoken for. Bliss is currently dating former NXT Tag Team
Champion Buddy Murphy. I wouldn’t blame you if you don’t know
who that is; he’s not really doing anything special in NXT and isn’t close to being
called up, while Alexa on the other hand is looking to win the Women’s Title, and actually
may be the champ by the time you watch this video. Two people who are no longer wrestlers, Edge
and Beth Phoenix have been together for years, and just recently got married. Their relationship apparently started back
just before the Rated-R Superstar left the WWE, but they didn’t go public until 2012. The pair had two children together before
being married at the end of October of this year. Once again I wouldn’t have thought these
two would go together, but I guess that just proves I’m no matchmaker. And those were 6 wrestling couples you probably
didn’t know were together. If you enjoyed this video, then please give
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  1. Considering that WWE staff spend the majority of the year together, traveling all over the world, it would be incredibly impractical to have a No Inter-Office Dating policy. LOL

  2. these guy's move around like a roulette. licked that… sucked that… smelled that… chocked that… next please… lucky bastards.

  3. Beth and Edge? o_O…

    …😐😑 that's beyond out of character, nearly as bad as him being with Vickie Guerrero.

  4. Dolph and Dana are both from Cleveland. Maybe that common element played a factor in them being a couple. I know Renee Young mentions it on Total Divas, but she's with Dean Ambrose. For some reason I always though Renee and Dolph would be a couple. It seemed like she would look at him a certain way at times. I think I saw a video that said Sasha Banks is married to a WWE writer or someone backstage.

  5. Aj lee + Cm punk
    Ranee Young + Dean Ambrose
    Bre Bella + Daniel Bryan
    Natalia + Tyson Kid
    at first i thought
    Paige + Seth Rollins
    But Know She Chose Alberto
    Over him

  6. Only one that I am a bit sadden about in this list is Alexa Bliss. 🙁

    Then again I'm not surprised by anyone in this list at all.

  7. Emma and Ryder broke up. Ryder is now dating Chelse Green aka Impact's Laura Van Ness. They were together at WM and went to Disney afterwards.

  8. WWE is fake JohnCena Nikki Bella engagement is fake story line for total Bella's don't live together in real life bunch of Morons believes everything they see hear dumbass

  9. Seriously? WOW! Obviously Wrestling Hub doesn't check their facts because Bayley's fiancé Aaron Solow is a wrestler. He has wrestled for American Combat Wrestling & other Independent promotions.

  10. Damn I didn't know Bayley was engaged
    Or I didn't know Dana Brooke and Dolph were dating!
    And I didn't know Beth Phoenix and Edge were together!

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