6 greatest final draft picks: WWE List This!

6 greatest final draft picks: WWE List This!


  1. They can draft anyone them want but PLEASE just don't split teams like The New Day, The Usos, Heavy Machinery and The Viking Raiders cause seeing those guys separated from their partners will not make any sense.

  2. My Top 10 Picks to Switch Brands:
    1. Braun Strowman to Smackdown (First Pick)
    2. AJ Styles to Smackdown
    3. Roman Reigns to Raw
    4. Seth Rollins to Smackdown
    5. Samoa Joe to Smackdown
    6. Kevin Owens to Raw
    7. Daniel Bryan to Raw
    8. Shinsuke Nakamura to Raw
    9. Randy Orton to Raw
    10. Cesaro to Smackdown (Final Pick)

  3. Remeber, RAW and SDL traded their top guys Roman and AJ in Superstar Shakeup 2019. RAW was to make AJ and SD was to make Roman their top guy.
    SD made Roman their top guy but RAW didn't make AJ their top guy.
    WWE screwed AJ, didn't they?

  4. Becky Lynch, AJ styles, should stay in SmackDown were the weak ones are. Randy Orton and Roman reigns should come back to raw where the real fighters are.

  5. How about Raw and SmackDown managers fight each other and Vince comes out to DQ brand splits.. And wild card rules retains

  6. Anyone else imagine what the Smackdown Championship from 2005 looks like? Makes me wonder if there was an actual belt created or if there was just a replica of a title in the bag Teddy Long was carrying

  7. John cena first getting drafted to smackdown and then getting drafted to raw in 2011 is the most surprising draft ever

  8. The only exciting thing About The draft is that the idiotic idea of the wild card is coming to the end.

  9. I dont know what you guys were on but thank you for making smackdown great again also have like the main event like ladder,steal cage tag team or 1vs1 like the old days

  10. Anybody wanna buy a Defining Moments Razor Ramon never opened slightly damaged packaging for $60 (open to other offers)

  11. I want to see:
    Cena Back to RAW
    Strowman stays on RAW
    Rollins and Lynch to Smackdown
    Randy Orton to RAW
    Samoa Joe to Smackdown
    and Sasha Banks to stay on RAW

  12. The Street Profits ended up being the last picked by RAW in the draft. Honestly the whole overall event was boring, we got no reactions from the superstars, and a lot of the picks were pretty obvious from the get go. Only good pick so far was Sasha Banks to Smackdown, everything else was just bleh.

  13. @1:33 does anyone know what that title belt that Teddy Long was holding supposed to look like or was that a bogus title?

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