5 WWE Superstars That Are Criminally Underpaid

5 WWE Superstars That Are Criminally Underpaid

WWE superstars have a tough job. They have to constantly travel, train all
the time, and then perform on majority of nights as well. The wrestlers at the top of the food chain
make some great money, but unfortunately not everybody in the WWE gets compensated equally,
despite some being hugely popular as well. This video will cover 5 WWE wrestlers that
are criminally underpaid. Despite being one of the top women over on
SmackDown, Becky Lynch is not being paid nearly as much as many think she deserves. The fans love her and she’s the current
Women’s Champion for team blue, yet she only makes a reported $220,000 a year. Now of course, that’s a lot of money for
regular people, but you have to remember this is relative to the salaries of other WWE talent. For reference, this is less money than Heath
Slater, Bo Dallas, and even Tyler Breeze. Neville is another hugely popular wrestler
who simply isn’t getting paid what he’s worth. I have talked about him before in a similar
video, but nothing has changed. only barely beats out Bo Dallas in salary,
bringing home around $300,000 dollars. Yes, Neville has been out with injury recently
but you can’t forget he is one of the longest reigning NXT Champions and was an extremely
popular independent wrestler, so you can’t say he isn’t worth pushing. I think WWE just isn’t using Neville right
nowadays, and because of that he is being severely undervalued. As arguably the greatest female wrestler in
the WWE today, Charlotte should be getting paid top dollar. Maybe not a multi-million dollar deal like
John Cena or Seth Rollins, but she should be making more than the $290,000 she is. Charlotte has won the Women’s Championship
multiple times, and along with her fellow Horsewomen, she is helping revolutionize women’s
wrestling. To use him as a reference once again, Charlotte
is only making as much as Bo Dallas. I can’t speak for everybody, but I see Charlotte
as an extremely talented performer who should be compensated as such. Rusev is a good wrestler who has definitely
made an impact in WWE, but I doubt he would have taken off like he did if it wasn’t
for Lana. The Ravishing Russian is reportedly the lowest
paid superstar currently signed to WWE, making a paltry $100,000. Now to be fair, Lana serves mostly as a manager
and doesn’t often step into the ring herself, but she was and still is instrumental in Rusev’s
success. Now I don’t think she should be paid a ton,
but a modest bump is in order in my opinion. Love her or hate her, Sasha Banks is another
female performer who is at the top of her game and deserves to be paid accordingly. An absolute hit with fans, Banks is a former
Women’s Champion and, like mentioned before, has helped revolutionize women’s wrestling. As of the latest reports, Sasha is making
just $150,000 a year with WWE, a figure that is just way too low for a superstar of her
magnitude. Now you can argue this is her old contract
and that things will change soon, but until that happens she easily tops this list. And those are 5 WWE wrestlers that are criminally
underpaid. If you enjoyed the video, hit that like button
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  1. There's no Wrestling Report video for today, but it'll be back tomorrow.

    Note: I have done a video similar to this before, but that one focused on Superstars of all salary levels, while this one sticks strictly to the lower end of the spectrum.

  2. Sadly u can't get 3/4 of wwe on the list of 5 people… But honestly apart from maybe Lesnar, Cena and Rock, none of them get nearly enough money!

  3. "If I'm truly worth $8 million then WWE doesn't want to pay me $8 million. No, they want to pay me $500,000" – CM Punk

  4. How is Sasha calling herself the boss, when shes only getting paid that much? at least they get some from their merchandise and for having a title

  5. I don't think you understand, contracts last an average of 2 years, and since most of these people weren't in wwe before 2013, so they're all most likely still in their first contract away from nxt.

  6. but i don't get how charlotte gets paid $290,000 while she should get paid at least 500,000 bc for christ sake that's ric flair's daughter i mean wtf. not not even that, lana abd sasha deserve as twice as much

  7. I can see why sasha and becky are underpaid as they are still relatively new their brands roster compared to other women. I bet WWE is paying them that type of cash as a cautionary step incase something happens or they aren't able to get over with the fans. Though they have succeeded tremendously in doing so

  8. I feel so sorry for them. I'm just a firefighter, seen shit none of these people will ever have to deal with. We get hurt too and have an average of over 100 deaths a year. I would love to make half of what these criminally underpaid wrestlers make.

  9. Nikki makes close to $500.000 thanks to John Cena he has Vince's ear and has asked to give Nikki title shots then there's tv shows like Total Diva and Total Bella

  10. That's not fair for how they under pay them they all have great talent I hope Vince change the way how he under pay them

  11. Wrestler take drugs they pay thier own hotels and planes flight they bust thier ass so much. And cannot even be bothered to pay them at list one million to 90,000.

  12. That's kinda weird since all of these wrestler said here are amazing and I'm a big fan of the Nature Girl. They should all be paid more than 100k-200k

  13. Sasha Banks and Charlotte were the first women to have a HIAC match and headline a PPV. I thought that both of them would make more.

  14. Putting gender politics aside and purely focusing on talant and business. Charlotte should be one of the highest paid superstars in the business right now. She brings in so much business and crowd pops I've seen her get bigger reactions than aj styles before at house shows

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