5 times Raw or SmackDown didn’t have a World Champion: WWE List This!

5 times Raw or SmackDown didn’t have a World Champion: WWE List This!


  1. I'll remember when RAW didn't have world title after WM20 until Orton found it at SummerSlam 2004 edition, what a weird moment.

  2. Bray wyatt deserved to be the world champion in 2014. But cena buried him. Then Cena put him over in 2017 and Vince screwed him and put the title on Orton and then Jinder mahal. Bray wyatt deserved the WWE title more than orton and mahal in 2017. Now finally in 2019 Bray wyatt won the universal title. Hope that WWE doesn't screw him. I want Bray wyatt to have a lengthy Universal title reign. It will give him a chance to prove that he is a star.

    Right now nobody in the wrestling world has the charisma, aura and mic skills that Bray wyatt has. Hope that he has a great title reign.

  3. I wanna see the list of many WWE Women superstars who were drafted to raw or Smackdown make the next list especially as WWE Champions. Including Trish stratus, lita, Kelly Kelly, Gail Kim, Maryse, Alisha fox, Alexa bliss, Charlotte, and Sasha Banks

  4. Am I the only one who has noticed that even though this video has references of Dean ambrose and CM Punk, their names havent been called

  5. Crazy how they brought up the time the title moved to SmackDown when the brands split again, but didn’t mention Dean Ambrose by name.

  6. The big dog 🤙,, and the First ever Universal Champion the Deman king Finn balar ✌️✌️✌️👏👏😎..

  7. WWE list this! 5 of the funniest and 5 of the unfunny moments involving playground humor written by Vince McMahon
    ( . V . ) 👈 Look I made cleavage hehe

  8. Wow, until now they can't even say Punk's name even tho there are still rumors of him doing that Fox show on WWE… well I guess showing him is a small step

  9. How will Raw and Smackdown continue on when Bray Wyatt “The Fiend” brought the Universal champion to Smackdown and Brock Lesnar returns to Raw with the WWE champion?

  10. They should bring back the World heavyweight championship to Smackdown and give Smackdown that old school touch , That tittle was legendary 👌🏻

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