1. I think Owens lost because Braun Strowman choke slammed him off the top of the metal part on the ring off into the announcers table and so at that point I don’t think Braun Strowman wanted to win anymore and just hurt Kevin Owens.

  2. all his loses were scripted bull the only one who can beat stroman in a match is mabey the 4 time world's strongest man Brian Shaw

  3. kalisto sami zyan and kevin owen's victory over baurn strowman doesn't count beacuse none of then win by pin fall or submission. all three of them are set up winner so that's doesn't count. only two men beat strowman by pinfall roman and brock. by the way they also forget to menson that john cena win over baurn strowman by disqualification so that''s also set up.

  4. Roman reings & Brock lesner Are Actually the Twos Who Beat Strowmen Clean ….. And the Tows Who Beats the Undertaker At Wrestlemania …… Who is Your Favrourite One Like -Roman reings Comment – Brock lesner

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