5 SmackDown Superstars you forgot: WWE List This!

5 SmackDown Superstars you forgot: WWE List This!

The Undertaker, Kurt Angle,
Eddie Guerrero, Brock Lesnar, Batista. All great SmackDown Superstars,
all icons of the blue brand, but what about these competitors? In honor of the brand’s 20th anniversary, check out these five forgotten
superstars from SmackDown. In spring 2004, Strange in the X began
to air for white-clad superstar who would eliminate the wicked and
call himself the right hand of the Father. Well, he ended his sermons with hear me,
fear me! Mordecai finally arrived at Judgement Day
2004, making short work of Scotty 2 Hotty. He followed it up with a win over Hardcore
Holly and a lose against Rey Mysterio. That lost must have been devastating for Mordecai because he
disappeared into the night. During JBL’s lengthy WWE Championship
reign in 2004 and 2005. He enlisted the help of Orlando Jordan and the Basham Brothers to keep
the prize around his waist. But you might not remember Amy Weber,
JBL’s image consultant behind the scenes helping to ensure JBL was only
presented in the best light. Weber was a contestant
on the 2004 Diva Search, and once she moved to SmackDown, Weber was
engaged in a rivalry with Joy Giovanni. And had a career record of one and thanks to a forfeit win
over Joy in January 2005. In late 2008, a series of vignettes
began to air on SmackDown, featuring a man at
a carnival named Kizarny. The eccentric superstar spun to the ring
against Montel Vontavious Porter on the first SmackDown of 2009, and
MVP looked firmly in control. But Kizarny countered with
a double arm VDT, and an interesting pin to score the W. Kizarny competed again a month
later in a battle royale, but after that the carnival was over. [MUSIC] Vickie Guerrero has been seen by the side
of several memorable superstars, like Edge and Dolph Ziggler. But in October 2009, on the tenth
anniversary episode of SmackDown, Vickie introduced her new boyfriend,
Eric Escobar. The rookie defeated Matt Hardy two
weeks later on his SmackDown debut, but that was the end of his winning ways. He did challenge for
the Intercontinental title once, so he did have that going for him. [MUSIC] On the December 12, 2008 episode of
SmackDown a glitch interrupted the show, and we were introduced to a mysterious
up-and-coming superstar named Hayde Vanson. He stood in a rainy alley and eloquently
talked about how he had been watching and studying the darkness. And in a message clearly directed at
someone, feel free to speculate in the comments, Vanson said he
would annihilate this person and become a vessel for their power. And we never saw Vanson again. That’s our list. What names are on yours? Let us know in the comments below. Until next time. Thanks for watching List This!


  1. I only remembered Eric Escobar because I actually had a friend named Erick Escobar 😂
    After I saw his debut I told at school the following Monday morning and told him "I didn't know you wrestled on SmackDown?" I was joking and he wondered what I was talking about until I said that there was wrestler with the same name minus the k in the name.

  2. Seth Colby..that was funny. Ha!!!
    I forgot them all too…maybe i was not born yet..cos im only 11 and i am a girl. Can u believe this?😍😍

  3. I actually remember Escobar for some reason I guess it's the name. Mordecai couldve been good I didn't know why they didn't take a chance on him.

  4. Hade Vansen was Freddie Prinze Jr.'s idea who was a creative writer for SD back then. He was going to debut with his faction and feud with Undertaker and have a match with him at Wrestlemania 25. Prinze said Vince saw this promo and thought he was too small to portray this character and the idea was nixed.

  5. So far I didn't like AEW Dynamite, hopefully this relaunch of Smackdown is better than the WWE during and after they bought ECW and WCW in the late 90's early 2000's. I basically stopped watching wrestling when WWE had a monopoly, I loved WCW and ECW

  6. I want to see a rivalry of Kofi Kingston vs John Cena with his Doctor of Thuganomics gimmick. It starts at a moment where John Cena won the Universal title. After he wins it, he shows off his title to everybody. The WWE locker room receives his message, and they try to get the title from him, but they fail. John Cena insults them by throwing in menacing raps with rhymes in a Doctor of Thuganomics kind of shine. This is the moment where Kofi Kingston is poured in the mix. Kofi Kingston will use John Cena's title reign as an advantage to reach a higher height at the ladder of success because he is an underdog who climbs that ladder. He will do anything just to gain the glory and respect that he deserves, and since John Cena has the most glory and respect which is the title. Winning the title fron him is probably like winning the lottery, so Kofi Kingston will request a match going against him, but John Cena refuses Kofi's request, and he insults him with painful words in a segment which greatly annoyed him. His annoyance turned into anger and fury, and that anger and fury controlled him to go on a rampage by hitting everyone with a steal chair. He also calls the New Day for help. John Cena gets scared, so he gives him a gauntlet match that has 5 opponents. If Kofi wins the entire match, he will face John Cena for the Universal title.

  7. Hade Vanson was supposed to fight The Undertaker at WM25

    Now Imagine that show without the classic Undertaker vs HBK match

  8. I truly hope that Vince has some type of tribute to Eddie tonight for the 20th anniversary on Fox. Smackdown was made for the rock but pioneered by Eddie. On top of getting himself mega over, he made so many stars by making them look like a million bucks. If they couldn’t think of anything to fill time with, just put Eddie Guerrero in the ring and he can keep your crowd hot for one minute or one hour. Only stone cold and rock could say that. You owe that man that much Vince.

  9. MORDECAI!!! For years I have been slumped on who this guy was for a minute I thought my young mind dreamed it or was watching another wrestling promotion and didn’t realize it wasn’t WWE. I thought he was awesome lol

  10. Just one question..
    Where on earth is Aleister Black?!
    I wanna see him wrestle soo bad
    Need a belt around his waist soon..

    Also Buddy Murphy.. Miss him a lot..
    Hate how the cruiserweights are being treated RN 😢😢😢😢

  11. Didn't forget….. mostly choose to ignore…. Also wasn't Amy Webber the one who was saying JBL was bullying her?

  12. I will never forget how WWE wasted the Mordecai gimmick nor Kizarny aka Original Sinn. I remember Amy. The other 2 I did forget about. Shameful how VKM didn’t make good use of Mordecai & Original Sinn

  13. Kyzarni was real? I thought he was a jobber…and by gawd, could you please axplain to us WHO THE HELL WAS THE LAST ONE???? I mena, is even worst of having Mahal as WWE Champion…

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