5 Reasons Why The Fiend Didn’t Win The Universal Championship At HIAC 2019 And May Be Won’t Ever Win

5 Reasons Why The Fiend Didn’t Win The Universal Championship At HIAC 2019 And May Be Won’t Ever Win

Here are 5 reasons why The Fiend
didn’t win the Universal
Championship at Hell in a Cell WWE Hell in a Cell 2019 is over,
and the fans aren’t happy. ith the main event seeing Universal
Champion Seth Rollins take
on the Fiend Bray Wyatt, the match told a very interesting story,
as no matter what Rollins did, no
amount of curb stomps, superkicks or Pedigres seemed to
hold down the Eater of Worlds. Eventually getting the Fiend down on the
mat, Rollins would bury the head of
Wyatt under a chair, a ladder and a
toolbox, and with one swing of a sledgehammer,
the match was stopped, much to the
confusion and anger of the crowd With Hell in a Cell ending with chants
of “AEW” “We want Austin” and
“Vince sucks” the company definitely made a bad call,
and this fury by the fans has been
reflected on social media. The like-to-dislike ratio of a YouTube
video from the match tells the
entire story, though PW Insider’s Mike Johnson has
said the match didn’t end in a DQ
like many fans believe, but instead via referee stoppage. To WWE’s credit, The Fiend did get
up after the match, putting Rollins
in the Mandible Claw, before the show ended, but at this
point, the damage was done. Arguably WWE’s most popular star this
year, many fans were ready to see
Wyatt capture the top prize on
RAW last night though here are five reasons why The
Fiend didn’t win the Universal title at
Hell in a Cell. 5: Too many heel champions In 2019, there are 10 different titles
on RAW and SmackDown, with almost all male titles currently
being held by heels. Asides from 24/7 Champion R-Truth and
Rollins himself, every male title
on the main roster is currently being held by a villain,
which may explain why the Beastslayer
retained last night. Much like any great drama, the WWE
relies on wars between good and evil, and having another heel capture
the top prize in the entire company, may have made the product to
negative for the company’s liking. The irony here is that despite Wyatt
being a heel, he was consistently
cheered throughout the match, whilst Rollins’ offense received a
mixed response at best by the
fans in the Golden One Center. Whilst the Beastslayer may not have
gotten the best response by the fans,
he is still classed as a face, and with millions of fans supporting
the Universal Champion regardless
of the booking, it makes sense
that he retained. 4: The Fiend isn’t ready The Fiend character made his in-ring
debut at Summerslam this past August, and whilst the character has been
entertaining on RAW, last night’s match marked Wyatt’s
second match since returning. Whilst many fans were ready for
WWE to give him the title inside
the Satanic Structure, it’s easy to see why WWE would be
hesitant to give him the title just yet, especially after the actions of
fans in recent years. Most fans will remember how quickly
the WWE Universe turned on
Roman Reigns when he was rocketed to the main
event, and even now, many fans
still can’t stand the Big Dog. That doesn’t mean that Wyatt will
never capture the title, but the consensus may be to give
the Fiend a few matches before
he wins the gold. Having Wyatt tear apart the entire
RAW roster could be very
interesting to see, but if the company does want to
do that instead, it seems strange they’d give him
the Hell in a Cell title match in
the first place. 3: He’s moving to SmackDown From the moment the Fiend first
appeared on WWE TV on the
May 13th edition of RAW the monstrous new character
got everyone’s attention. And in the months since, Wyatt’s
new darker side has gone
through countless stars including Hall of Famers like Mick
Foley, Jerry Lawler and even
Kurt Angle. Whilst Wyatt has been allowed
to appear on both RAW and
SmackDown thanks to the Wild Card rule, this Friday’s draft
will bring a stop to that, and according to WrestleVotes, the FOX
Network is adamant on getting the
Fiend for SmackDown. If Wyatt does get moved to team Blue,
then it wouldn’t have made sense for Wyatt to win the richest prize on
RAW at the Pay Per View. Having the Fiend on SmackDown
could certainly make things
interesting, especially if the monstrous character set his
sights on reigning WWE
Champion Brock Lesnar, who seems to already have his
hands full with WWE’s newest star, former UFC Heavyweight
Champion Cain Velasquez. 2: Vince doesn’t think the
Fiend is marketable In the run-up to SmackDown’s
move to FOX, the WWE spared
no expense with promoting the show, even having several
trucks and billboards featuring
the Fiend. And whilst the graphic image of
the Eater of Worlds may be good
for getting attention on billboards, being the top champion on the
WWE’s A-Show brings its own
host of responsibilities. Since capturing the Universal
gold at Summerslam, Rollins
has been all over the media, taking part in interviews and
talk-shows,something that we can’t exactly see the Fiend doing
if he was to become champion. The main concern here though is
if this is the reason why WWE
didn’t make him Universal Champion at Hell in a Cell, then that may
mean any chance of Wyatt
capturing the title is already over. He may be one of wrestling’s most
popular and intriguing stars, but if
WWE wants to have a public face for their product carry the
Universal title into the mainstream
media don’t expect Wyatt to hold the gold
for a very, very long time. 1: The WWE doesn’t want two
part-time Champions If you didn’t catch the premiere of
SmackDown on FOX this past
Friday,then you will have missed Brock Lesnar capturing his
eighth WWE World championship in
seconds, demolishing Kofi Kingston. Immediately after Brock conquered
the New Day star, fans were
rightly worried, as the past four reigns as Champion
Lesnar has had since his 2012 return
often left WWE without their top title. It’s no secret that Lesnar has a very
relaxed schedule to say the least,
but to be fair so does Wyatt, who has only competed twice in
the past two months. That isn’t necessarily Wyatt’s fault
though,as the Fiend character is
one that should be used sparingly, as having him appear each week
would surely lessen the impact
the monstrous character has. It’s unfair to consider Wyatt a
part-timer on the same level as
Lesnar, but having two Champions who could go weeks
without having a match, and go
even longer without having a title match, definitely could have
annoyed many members of
the WWE Universe. Whilst fans who tuned into this week’s edition of
Monday Night Raw didn’t see either Seth Rollins
or The Fiend Bray Wyatt the story was quite different for the fans in
Bakersfield who packed the Rabobank Arena. After RAW ended with a brawl between Braun
Strowman and Boxing star Tyson Fury, the
Gypsy King wasn’t finished once the show ended, much to the chagrin of
Cesaro who made the very unwise decision of
getting in the face of the undefeated fighter. Getting KO’d with a devastating right hand by
Fury, the Swiss Superman tried to recover before his post-show match against The Miz, but
even this didn’t go according to plan. Before the match even begun, the Fiend struck,
taking Cesaro out with a devastating Mandible Claw, and given the reaction from the crowd at Hell in a
Cell, and the lack of either Wyatt or Rollins on RAW, this last-minute appearance definitely sent
the fans home happy. Despite coming up short inside Hell in a Cell, the
Fiend will get another shot at the WWE Universal
Champion Early Monday Morning, the official WWE Twitter
account said that The Fiend will again face Rollins
with the title on the line, next month at Survivor Series. The tweet even referenced the controversial ending
to their Hell in a Cell match, which saw the Beast
Slayer retain via referee stoppage, in what many are already calling one of the worst
booking decisions the company has ever made. The tweet, which also had an image of the pair on
the Survivor Series match card backdrop, was
quickly deleted, though not before a few accounts
managed to screenshot it. A bigger question now is if the company will put the
title on Wyatt given the fans uproar over the past
few days, as if they don’t, Rollins could quickly become one
of the fans most hated stars, much like Roman
Reigns in 2015.


  1. Why don't they just make The Fiend a tweener, or whatever wrestlers that aren't heel or face are called, and have him attack everyone equally.

  2. WWE deleted demon king for the fiend😠😠 I think it has so much to do with weight and size. Finn Balor do it better bray.

  3. The fiend is at the level of Jake Roberts, Ted Dibase, and Roddy Piper. They don't need belts to be over like they are.

  4. The Fiend a heel??? The crowd reaction and common sense told me he is not a heel. Plus the fiend didn't do anything heel-ish except being scary and brutal in his attacks but that doesn't make him a true heel though, other than maybe (keyword) the 1st episode of FF funhouse (likely more confused than anything) or attacking legends (I honestly don't think the fans hasn't really booed that neither) the majority of the fans has not booed Bray or the fiend simply because Bray hasn't said anything to gives us clues that he's a bad guy.

    Bray can handle being a champion, he's champion material, when he 1st won the belt in Elimination Chamber the crowd popped huge, he can pull it off in public he's still Bray.

  5. Learn from Mick Foley . Let the Fiend be champ, Let The host of Firefly Funhouse host do all his PR in 3rd person. Also let Brey wrestle as his old Swamp Master/Eater of Worlds character. Let him go back and forth between them so they never get stale.

  6. So why build the fiend so strong like no one can beat him and he can't win the title. WWE is killing itself with bad bookings after one another. So stupid the fiend win all his matches and when going for the title he loses. This is the downfall of WWE they don't need AEW cause they are killing themselves hahahaha

  7. Bray was literally on one of those good morning america shows tho so he could easily be the FFFH character on tv with the belt

  8. The difference is, Roman NEVER had the fanatical support that the Fiend enjoys. And if he's going to SmackDown, watch a reversal of interest between the shows occur. And it would make no sense for the Fiend and Rollins to meet again for the Raw title if Bray's on the other show. Now, he's attacked another heel, Ceasaro……so I'm waiting for him to go after Brock….. What a showdown THAT would be!

  9. That wouldn't make sense cause the fien and Bray Wyatt's are 2 different characters Bray Wyatt can do interviews the fien can't ,
    Bray feels pain the fien is something else,

  10. That is so wrong. He made Vince a shitload of money selling his merch. And they literally addressed that when he challenged the Universal champion.

  11. In me opinion, Bray vs Seth has been a wasted match. Should have built Bray by having him fued with his old opponents, like Orton who burned down his place, Bryan who double crossed him in the steel cage match and so on until Mania or atleast Royal Rumble making him the winner and the go aheas and face the champ.

  12. Vince doesn't think the Fiend is Marketable????? This mfka is retarded asf. Bray Wyatt is more marketable than Roman Reigns, yet we have to deal with this fuckhead. Make him champion or we all go to AEW, we're sick of your shit. And the Kofi Kingston title loss was just snubbing the blacks and exploiting the latinos like Vince has done for YEARS. What a pos.

  13. He actually won just not the title as felt to early for it
    An hoping will down the road as even better more violent vicious character
    Than previous ones not like Bray Wyatt was cool interesting as well
    But the ending was great playing possum destroying Seth Rollins
    To the point bleed to death

  14. I dont care for the fiend character where are these fans that dont like seth? And i dont know anyone that turned on the big dog where are you getting your statistics from?

  15. I Can Explain More Logically Why Bray Wyatt/The Fiend Hasn't Won The Title Or Won't Ever Win It/Again. All Those 5 Persons Are Right/Correct/Relevant/Honest/True. I Will Break It Down, More. Small Fat Wrestlers Aren't Marketable. Muscles Outweigh Fat. The WWE Had Most Of Their Wrestlers To Lose Weight. Bray Wyatt Was Supposed To Lose Weight & Gain Muscles, But He's Not Built. He Doesn't Have Much Muscles. He Is Stlll Fat & Smaller. He Was Already Small Fat At 285 Pounds, Smaller Than Mick Foley. Small Fat Wrestlers & Small Nonbuilt/Nonmuscular Wrestlers(Who Are Heavyweights In Cruiserweights Bodies) Careers Can't Last Thar Long. Muscles Outweigh Fat. Fat Dominant Wrestlers Through History, Weighed 400 Pounds & Over, 500 Pounds & Over, 600 Plus Pounds, 700 Pounds & 800 Pounds
    That's Why They Were So Big, Muscles Outweigh Fat. And The Nonbuilt/Nonmuscular Giants/Tall Wrestlers Weighed 400 Pounds & Over, Between 400 & 500 Pounds. What Are Fat Wrestlers & Nonbuilt/Nonmuscular Wrestlers Compared To Those Super Heavyweights. Mick Foley, The Dudley Boyz. D'Lo Brown, Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe & Now Bray Wyatt Are All Small Fat Wrestlers In WWE/WWE History. These Wrestlers Had Hardcore Gimmicks, Which They Were Able To Use Weapons, Wrestled In The Indies Or Is Injured Now. Mick Foley & The Dudley Boyz Had Hardcore Gimmicks. The Dudley Boyz Used Tables & Mick Foley Became A Hardcore Legend & Had To Retire At 34 Years Old. Mick Foley Wrestled In The Indies Where Most Of The Wrestlers Are Smaller & Are Cruiserweights. Foley Wrestled In The Indies Before He Wrestled In WCW & ECW. He Wrestled In WCW 3 Years & ECW 2/Almost 2 Years. He Wrestled In The WWE Almost 4 Years & Had To Retire From Full-Time Wrestling, After Wrestling 9 Years In Major Companies. He Became Commissioner & General Manager. I Bet In The Last 19 1/2 Years, He Wrestled No More Than 21 Matches. The Dudley Boyz Used Tables. D'Von Dudley Is Retired Now. Bubba Ray Will Be Next. D'Lo Brown Wrestled In The WWE For 6 Years-From 1997 To 2003, Then He Wrestled In TNA For 1 Year-2003 To 2004. After That, He Went To The Indies & Now He Is Semi-Retired. Kevin Owens & Samoa Joe Wrestled In The Indies Before Coming To The WWE. They Were In The Indies Before Coming To NXT Also. I Think Samia Joe Joe Wrestled In The Indies Before He Went To TNA. They Wrestled Most Of Their Careers In The Indies. The Wrestlers In The Indies Are Smaller & Their Are More Cruiserweights. Now Bray Wyatt Is Injured. He's Smaller & Is Still Fat & He's Injured. Taking On Bigger & Muscular/Built/Muscular Wrestlers Is Why He's Injured/Hurt. Giving A Bigger & Built/Muscular 323 Pound Kane & A Muscular & Bigger Braun Strowman The Mandible Claw, Injured Him. He Overstrained. They're More Muscular Than Him & Is Bigger. That's Why Tbe Fiend Won't Succeed, Unless He Gains Muscles Fully. Now, The WWE Also Have A Boxer & MMA/UFC Fighter Who Are Chubby/Nonbuilt/Nonmuscular-Looksike He Never Lifted Weights A Day In His Life & A Tall, Thin Nonbuilt/Nonmuscular Guy, Who Weighs 254 Pounds, Going Up Against A Built/Muscular 280 Pkus Pounds Brock Lesnar & A Nonbuilt, But Muscular, Bigger 385 Pound Braun Strowman. Those Guys Won't Succeed In Professional Wrestling/Sports Entertainment, Well, Not WWE Nor WCW. If They Were Still Around. WCW Knew About Muscles Outweighing Fat, Better Than Any Company In Sports Entertainment History. I Will Continue In Another Paragraph Section.

  16. I Am Continuing Where I Left Off, Below. WCW Smallest Fat Wrestler To Win The World Heavyweight Title, Was Also Their Biggest, Vader-400/450 Pounds. Their Smallest Tall Nonbuilt/Nonmuscular Wrestler To Win The World Heavyweight Title, Was Also Their Biggest, The Giant/Big Show-400 Plus Pounds & He Got Bigger Weighing All The Way Up To 550 Pounds. WCW Also Refused To Push Vanilla Midgets. They Rightfully Didn't Push Them.
    You Can't Just Push Anyone Because They're New/Young. The WWE Having Most Of Their Wrestlers To Lose Weight, Has Made Them More At Their Worst, After Already Being At Their Worst. Just Because They Are At An All-Time Low, Doesn't Mean That They Should Push Any Heavyweight. Small Fat Wrestlers Under 300 Pounds vs 400-500 Pounds, 500-600 Pounds, 600-700 Pounds & 700-800 Pounds Fat Wrestlers. The Tall Nonbuilt/Nonmuscular Wrestlers Should Be 400 Plus Pounds. Any Tall Wrestlers Under.400 Pounds, Should Be Muscular. Someone In An Online Article, Said That Mick Foley Is Overrated & That He Only Was Over, Because He Was Willing To Put His Body On The Line. Mick Foley Said/Admitted That It Was A Mistake Fkr The WWE To Made Him World Champion. That's Why Tony Schiavone Micked/Laughed At Mick Foley As WWE World Champion. But Yet, People Treat Tony Schiavone & Eric Bischoff Like They Legitimately Did Something Wrong. Small Fat Wrestlers Can't Last A Long Career. Vince Russo, Former WWE Headwriter, In WCW Wanted To Make Tank Abbott World Champion. Vince Russo Either Got Fired/Got Injured. Tank Abbott Is Nonbuilt At Under 300 Pounds. He's Not Muscular. Did Vince McMahon Reslly Send Vince Russo To Take Out WCW From The Inside.

  17. Is The Fiend really a heel thow fans love him like crazy haven't seen someone this over since Daniel Bryant during the yes movement over coming all the odds the authority put on him

  18. Those excuses are bs, I thank Vince, for the past WWF/early WWE shit, but he has changed losing and squandering too many great wrestlers. It makes him and those in charge seem slow. He has to get to the point where he realizes like I do about current rap, this isn't his generation anymore, he should keep the same structure, but catch a fucking vibe/wave every once in a while. The fans leave/ stop watching because it's the same ole shit every year, something new and organic comes along and gets over naturally and Vince trolls us first then kills it. He feeds them to the "Shield" now just Roman and Seth, who his current John Cena, HBK, and Triple H. It's infuriating af, the Fiend should've won, no question. Kofi should've had a match, hell DB at least lasted 18 secs with Shemas, Kofi under 10 sec on Smackdown of all places, bruh, that's some BS. He kicked out of every move until now, but they been fucking up with him since Samoa Joe, in which he should've taken off of him. Anyway the reason they don't have major stars is bcuz of them killing everyone who's not Vince or HHH guy. Fuck that shit.

  19. Well Vince McMahon doesn’t even know what’s good for us so he should just get the fuck out of the way and let triple H and Stephanie run the show

  20. I don't think Wyatt needs the title at all. Not yet, at least. But the match could've ended so much better… after all of Seth's offense, Wyatt could've just toyed with him around a little before pummeling him to unconciousness and just do his disappearing trick afterwards.

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