5 rare Batista matches you need to see: WWE List This!

5 rare Batista matches you need to see: WWE List This!

Batista has carved out
an unforgettable career in WWE. From his days in Evolution to his recent
a Wrestlemania battle with Triple H. But do you remember these
matches featuring The Animal? they are five rare showdowns you
got to see presented by Gears 5. Batista captured his
third world championship by defeating the Great Khali
at Unforgiven 2007. Causing the 7’1″ giant
to invoke his rematch clause inside
the Punjabi Prison at No Mercy. The 20′ tall structure made of
steel-reinforced bamboo created a serious home field advantage to for
Khali. The behemoth certainly looked
comfortable inside the structure, but The Animal’s athleticism ultimately
proved to be the difference. At one point in the bout,
Batista was out cold, giving Khali the opening
to escape the two walls. But as he scaled the second
20 foot tall barrier, Batista had gotten back to his feet,
and quickly followed. Just before Khali could exit,
The Animal jumped between the cages and quickly slid down to the ringside
floor to steal the victory. Arguably, no one was more upset by
Ric Flair’s retirement than Batista. And The Animal looked to settle his
score against the man responsible, Shawn Michaels. And it would take place at Backlash 2008. But during the match, Michael seemed to tweak his left
knee suddenly causing the match. The chaos gave HVK the opening
the super kick Batista for the win. When Michaels revealed that
he feigned the injury, Batista became enraged, demanding
a structure match at one night stand. The size mismatch favorite Batista and
he delivered. Viciously destroying Michaels and talking plenty of trash before
mercifully ending the bout. A special Thursday edition of
RAW needs a special main event. So on February 15th, 2007 WWE hosted one of the most star
studded matches in RAW history. With world heavyweight champion Batista
teaming With WWE champion John Cena, The Undertaker, and John Michaels against
Randy Orton, MVP, and Mr. Kennedy. Batista and Undertaker were set for
a showdown with Cena and Michaels just three days
later at No Way Out. So it was surprising to see
the foursome work together. And The Squad actually won when Michaels
hit a sweet but there was no celebration. After the bell, Batista and
the Dead Man join forces to lay waste to Michaels and
Cena, and stand tall. Batista’s 2014 return brought a lot
of random matchups for The Animal. Particularly a hard hitting showdown
against Sheamus on the March 28th edition of SmackDown. Batista surprised Sheamus with a steel
chair strike for disqualification before punctuating a post match attack
with a ring shaking Batista bomb. The superstars picked up right
where they left off a month later, dishing out bruises like it was candy and
Halloween. Batista survived the fight, but was definitely feeling this hard
fought win the next morning. The year 2006 started off
on a sour note for Batista. Because on the second
smack down of the year, The Animal had to relinquish the World
Heavyweight Championship due to injury. But after surgery and rehab Batista
recaptured the world title at Survivor Series in the same
arena he relinquished it. So days before Christmas,
Batista was in a celebratory mood. A Santa imposter had
different ideas though. The rip off Kringle gave Batista a lead
pipe to the shoulder which we assume was not on Batista’s Christmas list. So General Manager Teddy Long forced
the bad Santa who was revealed to be Sylvain Grenier to compete
against The Animal. Compete might be generous because
Batista destroyed the Grinch. That was our list. What was your favorite Batista match? Let us know in the comments below. Until next time, thanks for
watching List This!


  1. Batista should be on the day when SmackDown Moves to FOX attacking Brock Lesnar & Kofi to set up a WWE Championship Match

  2. Best Batista Match Of All Time:

    There can be only 1.

    Batista vs Undertaker World Heavyweight Championship WrestleMania 23 Main Event

  3. What we waited 2014:Batista won at wrestlemania
    What wwe did:Drop down Batista's career and push Seth Rollins how stupid The animal betrayed for the over-pushed guy

  4. Amazing video man
    Really amazing
    Hey guys,Are you watching RawHighlights and Fiend vs Seth Rollins live Event at Calgary Alberta

  5. Batista Eddie And Rey friendship is one of the best times .. I really enjoyed 2007-2008 with undertaker and great khali after a long day at school it was cool

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