5 Matches that fans would love to see at WWE Wrestlemania 36

5 Matches that fans would love to see at WWE Wrestlemania 36

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WWE stands for We Want Enjoy this time we have five matches that the fans
would love to see at WWE Wrestlemania 36 but before to start I have to tell you
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I have to tell you this is not a top so the matches have no specific order. The first match to start, we have women’s action for the Monday night RAW
women’s championship. Becky Lynch against Shayna Baszler This rivalry it seems like had started
on Survivor Series and maybe can end at the main stage of all, we’ll see Now, we have the second match we have Bray Wyatt as The Fiend against Aleister Black a match that everybody is talking
about but it will be for the universal title will the Aleister Black win the
Royal Rumble just one-on-one action maybe a Hell in a cell at WrestleMania this match can
actually happen with different options but this is the number two the third match over here we could have a
classic, who doesn’t want this match Roman Reigns against The Rock. the big dog against the great one I
really think this match will happen I told you back in April of this year so
now it’s more possible than ever for me could be another huge rivalry, but
if they do it they have to do it nicely please, with Roman reigns playing a heel
character so tell me on the comments what you
think about it Now we are almost to the end we have
once again Aleister Black? Yes, this time against the beast Brock Lesnar I
personally will love to see The Fiend against Aleister Black but I have to tell
you I don’t want to see anymore Brock Lesnar with any title and if this will
be the final chapter on his career as world champion facing Aleister Black
will be amazing what do you think about it
who’ll actually the Beast fade to black we’ll see And, on the number five, we have a fatal 4-way
match between the four horsewomen of WWE Charlotte Flair, against Becky Lynch
against Sasha banks and against Bayley I think this match will be absolutely
amazing to happen the match of the four horsewomen at
WrestleMania will be incredible and has years and years as rumor we’ll see if
this year finally happens and that would be the end BUT we have two bonus matches, why? Because weeks ago we have the return of the best in the
world Shan Mcma…just kidding… of course, the return
of CM Punk and the doors are officially while open for him right now so now I
bring to you two bonus matches that fans want and will love to see it
including me, of course, the first we have CM Punk against Seth Rollins Seth was one of the first person to send
a tweet to him, but just putting ‘Fight Me’ It doesn’t mean anything but how cool this match would it be, right? And the last match the number two bonus, we have CM Punk against AJ Styles the best in the world against the phenomenal
one, damn…if any of these matches happen, would steal the show and the tickets without a doubt,
we’ll see what happens special mention to CM Punk facing Bray
Wyatt as the fiend for the universal championship would be absolutely amazing
but anyways tell me on the comments five matches that you will love to see at
WrestleMania 36 because this is the end of the video if this video reaches 1000
likes I will make another WWE stands for We Want Enjoy with five
potentials rivals for CM Punk at WrestleMania 36 and that was it
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  1. My dream matches
    FIEND vs ROMAM universal championship
    Brock vs Velasquez wwe championship
    Shinsuke vs Daniel ic championship
    Rey vs Owens United states championship
    Viking raiders vs aop raw tt championship
    Newday vs revival smackdown tt champonship
    Kabuki warriors vs alexa and cross wttc
    Becky vs shayne raw woman's championship
    Bayley vs sasha smackdown woman's cp
    Seth vs punk
    Undertaker vs sting
    Cenavs orton (last time ever)
    Triple h vs goldberg
    Buddy vs black

  2. here is my card for Wrestlemania 36:
    pre show:
    Sky Pirates(c) vs Fire and Desire vs The Iconics – Women's tag team title
    Andre the Giant Battle Royal
    Women's Battle Royal
    main show:
    Rey Mysterio(c) vs Ricochet vs AJ vs Humberto Carillo – US title
    Lio Rush(c) vs Garza vs Mendoza – Cruiserweight title
    The Miz vs Elias
    Dolph Ziggler vs Robert Roode
    Nakamura vs Sami Zayn
    King Corbin(c) vs Shorty G vs Mustafa Ali – Intercontinental title
    Lucha House Party(c) vs New Day vs Heavy Machinery – SD tag team title
    AOP(c) vs Viking Raiders – Raw tag team titles
    Bayley(c) vs Sasha Banks – SD Women's title
    Becky Lynch(c) vs Shayna Baszler(c) – winner takes all
    Keith Lee(c) vs Dominik Dijakovic – NXT North American title
    Adam Cole(c) vs Roderick Strong – NXT title
    Brock Lesnar(c) vs Drew McIntyre vs Kevin Owens – WWE title
    Cm Punk vs Seth Rollins
    The Rock vs Roman Reigns
    The Fiend(c) vs Aleister Black(rrw) – Universal title

    (c) – champion
    (rrw) – royal rumble winner

  3. Welcome to every single one of you!
    What are the 5 matches that you would love to see at WM36?

    Let me know at the comments below AND send this video to 5 or MORE of your friends to make here the most controversial conversation on Youtube!!! Let's have some fun!!!

    Also, if you want to appear on the channel, and have some products as you saw on the video… 'Under Threat' is here: https://teespring.com/stores/under-threat

    This is a HUGE special video, as you can read on the title this is the 5 matches that fans would love to see at WM36, I make my own research on blogs, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and more, and the most 5 matches that people are waiting to see are these, of course the list it's very long, are a lot of matches like Fiend vs CM Punk, The Fiend vs Roman Reigns and much more, but here, the most 5 matches that I see constantly the people wanted.
    Also if you want to appear on my channel, you have the rules in the intro of this video, you just have to send me a pic with the product via IG or TW and you will be on.
    The 5 matches that I really want to see at WM36 are these:
    -The Fiend vs CM Punk
    -Seth Rollins vs Adam Cole
    -Brock Lesnar (c) vs Daniel Bryan
    -Charlotte Flair vs Rhea Ripley
    -Becky Lynch (c) vs Kairi Sane
    And only…ONLY if WWE put Roman as a heel…I would love to see Roman vs The Rock as well, so don't forget to share and subscribe because it is free, THANK YOU for watching.

  4. I want Becky,Bayley,Sasha,Charlotte vs Shayna,Marina,Jessamyn,Ronda. CM Punk vs AJ Styles for the WWE champion: New Day vs Hardy Boyz for the tag team titles, Asuka vs Kairi Raw title, Lacey vs Mandy SD title, Fiend vs Drew Universal title nice video 🙂

  5. 1.)Wwe horsewomen fatal four-way then mma horsewomen all come out and attack starting a feud that leads to horsewomen vs horsewomen at summer slam 2020
    2.)Cm punk vs Seth
    3.)Roman vs the rock
    4.)The fiend(champ)vs Braun stroman (rr winner)
    5.)Ricoshett vs aj styles
    6.)Aj lee returns to face auska for raw title
    7.)Kyrie sane boat entrance to the woman’s battle royal
    8.)Nicki cross vs lacy evens sd title
    9.) Viking raiders vs heavy machinery raw tag champ
    10.) new day vs aop sd tag champ
    11.) the Bella twins return to face the iconics women’s tag title
    12.) Andre the giant battle royal

  6. But sir Kalifax wwe reportedly planned fiend vs roman reigns(universal title),becky vs shayna(raw womens title)lesnar vs owens for the wwe title. And other arguments say bayley vs sasha but wwe is ruined this feud because they put undeservingly on the line again for the title feud at wm36 like wm35,because wm sesion she is birthday so wwe give sd womens title to charlotte and ignoringly buried sasha and sasha's lifelong wm dream again.That means she never have enoughly long title reign again lol.And I loved😀😁😂

  7. I want
    CM PUNK VS John Cena
    AJ Styles vs Roman Reigns
    Aleister black vs Ricochet
    Adam Cole vs Buddy Murphy vs Velveteen dream vs Kevin Owens
    Usos Vs Kyle O Riley and Bobby Fish..

  8. dream match

    brock lesner vs wood for wwe championship
    new day vs viking raiders vs uso
    roman reings vs cm punk
    john cena returns
    seth rollings vs demon finn balor
    undertaker vs fiend bray wyat
    a 40 man battle royal
    sincara joins lucha house party
    elias vs andrade
    Mustafa Ali vs Buddy murphy
    shorty G vs Baron the king corbin

  9. my 10 matches fans love it.

    1. the fiend bray wyatt vs braun strowman for universal championship
    2.brock lesnar vs roman reings for world heavyweight championship
    3.rey mysterio vs randy orton United state championship
    4.shinsuke nakamura vs kofi kingston Inter championship
    5.becky lynck vs charlotte flair Raw women's championship
    6.roman reings vs the fiend bray wyatt for universal championship
    7.bayley vs sasha banks For smackdown women's championship
    8.brock lesnar vs braun strowman for world heavyweight championship
    9.rey mysterio vs seth rollins for united state championship
    10.the fiend bray wyatt vs brock lesnar for are both championship in the line Universal championship & world heavy weight championship

  10. My dream matches
    1.Demon Balor vs The Fiend
    2.Becky Lynch vs Ronda Rousey
    3.Brock Lesnar vs The Rock
    4.Seth Rollins vs Cm Punk
    5.The Undertaker vs Aleister Black

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