5 giants Goldberg lifted: WWE List This!

5 giants Goldberg lifted: WWE List This!


  1. Anyone have seen , Goldberg punches in air against Big show … God what fake we watched whole life

  2. Goldberg had Mark Henry in the Air thats the best…remember Mark Henry came to fight to win the bounty price

  3. I have a feeling that goldberg is going to beat undertaker, if goldberg can beat brock Lesnar then undertaker should think twice

  4. johnny stamboli could match goldberg in strength..or could be more stronger than him in gorilla press.

  5. no one gives the big show credit for that jackhammer. suplexes, powerbombs etc… are a 2 person move. he is more athetic than any other "giant" figure and could aid that better than the rest by far

  6. Wait if Goldberg and lift more than the worlds strongest man then why isn’t he the worlds strongest man?

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