5 controversial Royal Rumble Match eliminations: WWE List This!

5 controversial Royal Rumble Match eliminations: WWE List This!


  1. Didn't Hulk Hogan eliminate Sid after he was already out of the match? I suppose the didn't want to talk about Mr Hull Kogan eh?

  2. The only reason the miz eliminated john was apparently due to shamus being eliminated too early because he was meant to eliminate john

  3. I’m kinda surprised they mentioned the 2004 Rumble but they had camera changes to avoid Benoit from being seen

  4. The most controversial Royal Rumble was the 2004 rumble because they never mentioned the rumble in any of their videos

  5. Cm punk 2014 royal rumble match
    U missed it

    Oh sorry u stopped putting videos about punk right

  6. Look before the 1:22 mark and you'll see Cena's hand movement, he was trying to catch him because that wasn't supposed to happen 😂.

  7. Where is CM Punk that actually being eliminated by Kane? And you thought that suck because one day after that, Punk just eliminated himself from wrestling to go to MMA and you didn't like it, right? People already know and people still watching WWE. So, please just state a fact not state a hate.

  8. If people are going to be predicting on who's going to win the two Royal Rumble matches this year, I might as well get in on the action. For the Women's Royal Rumble: Asuka and the Men's Royal Rumble: Shinsuke Nakamura because Team WWE Japan all the way 🇯🇵🇯🇵👍👍.

  9. umm, you forgot Rock-Big Show when they BOTH got eliminated, yet Rock was given the win. IIRC, that was when it was a fatal-four way at WM, but to this day that finish was too close to call!!

  10. The most ridiculous thing I've ever seen in my life, I do not know how you still have an audience

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