5 Behind The Scenes Secrets WWE Wants To Keep Hidden

5 Behind The Scenes Secrets WWE Wants To Keep Hidden

When you watch wrestling on TV, everything
looks smooth for the most part. You don’t usually see superstars talking
or punches not connecting due to clever camera angles and cuts. Things like these are among many tricks WWE
uses to enhance the product. This video will cover 5 behind the scenes
secrets WWE wants to keep hidden. Remember SmackDown before the brand split? Remember how the crowd often sounded way more
lively and energetic than they looked? That’s because WWE regularly adds fake noise
to their taped shows including SmackDown. Often times the crowd noise is added during
a superstar’s entrance for example, but if you look closely sometimes the crowd seems
uninterested while a tremendous amount of cheers fill the arena. You’ll find that RAW has a much more natural
crowd feel since there isn’t much time for editing give that the show is live. Even worse, WWE is also known to artificially
quite or even mute crowds when it comes to boos, most famously in respect to Roman Reigns. Though most people watching wouldn’t think
it, a WWE referee actually has a ton of responsibility when it comes to how a match goes down. Refs have to tell wrestlers when a commercial
break is coming up or when the match should end. Referee’s are given a script before the
match so they know what to expect and how the finish will happen, thus they know when
to count to three and when not to. If something happens off script, the referees
are also responsible for relaying on-the-fly adjustments to the wrestlers after receiving
instructions through their ear piece, often given by Vince McMahon himself. Suffice to say, WWE refs are actually crucial
to matches in more ways than one. One thing you probably hear a lot about when
it comes to WWE secrets is scripting. Though it wasn’t always like this, today
every line is scripted for promos for nearly every superstar. As you can see with these examples, a superstar
is simply parroting memorized lines as promos which results in a reduced sense of realism. Besides a few people such as John Cena, The
Rock, and Paul Heyman who are given a lot of freedom with their words, most wrestlers
go out there and simply follow a script. For reference, back in the 90’s most characters
were given freedom to cut promos as they saw fit. Hell, even Jim Ross says promos nowadays are
too predictable and boring. Ah, the WWE commentators. These guys have a tough job: calling matches
play by play, advertising the hell out of the WWE network, and giving insight into storylines
and wrestlers all while avoiding certain words and phrases banned by the company. This isn’t an easy job to begin with, but
having Vince McMahon in your ear the entire show takes it to another level. Vince apparently relays information to the
commentators, telling them what to say and when. He even yelled at Michael Cole during a broadcast
after he messed up the start time for a PPV, and then told JBL to bury him on commentary! The point here is, there’s a lot more going
on with those headphones than meets the eye. If you’ve ever wondered how exactly the
sequences in a match go down, this one’s for you. Sources say that well over half of a WWE match
is improvised, with only major spots and the finish discussed beforehand by the majority
of wrestlers. Besides rookies and other inexperienced wrestlers
who might plan out the match earlier, most bouts have the veteran calling the match and
leading the action. The more experienced star will take control
and improvise the match as it plays out. Alberto Del Rio confirmed this when he was
away from WWE, saying he was ok with somebody like John Cena leading the match, but he would
take charge against somebody less experienced. This makes me respect these wrestlers even
more, knowing that not everything in the match is predetermined. And those were 5 behind the scenes secrets
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  1. Wwe is real fighting and scripted.if wwe is fake how could shanemchman fell down in hell in a cell match during undertaker fight .is thera a rope to hang for himm.explain me how u can say its fake.concentrate urself

  2. I went to a WWE NxT match here in Colorado, and let me tell you, you can tell its fake while being right there. it looks more real on tv due to clever camera angles.

  3. wwf was better reaction and loud fans .you are talking about today's wrestling. today's wrestling is boring and looks fake back then wwf was more entertaining

  4. It's not really fake your risking your life technically everything in life is a risk even if it's entertainment or not you can still get hurt or maybe even die

  5. wwe is real they are just lying if wwe is fake why do we have wrestling schools and why is there wwe performance center


  7. I hate… your voice sounds worse than crows. What you said is absolutely not right. I completely disagree with you. My entire family works for wrestling company and I know what it's all about. Don't produce scam videos like this.

  8. I have seen many tricks lol,But some were lit sometimes,When jhon cena was fighting CM punk,One time he said ''Kick me''.

  9. Oh come on some fights are real in wwe it's only scripted if you want to say that it is fake go and check Sami Zayn and Kevin ouwens in smack done they both destroy Shane McMahon

  10. stop telling the secrets about wrestling it takes the fun out of it I know it's not real but we don't need to know that that's what I like about it

  11. You have a speech impediment bud, try and see a speech therapist and then redo the narrative cause it sounds like shit.

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  13. Hey bro, it is VERY HARD to understand what are you saying. You are speaking very fastly with a lot of pronunciation problems.

  14. Actually they dont remember things like they lose alot more respect because they cant purportedly differ every event from the rehearsals and the work that isnt taking the steps of soneone who is as less experienced in stories.

  15. Just shut up you son of a bitch WWE is real not fake. Who think WWE is fake are son of bitches just like you Wrestling Hub

  16. @1:57 Looks like Paul has had a bad hair day, lol. I know it's fake, but I enjoy the entertainment. Won't watch RAW until RR comes back.

  17. guess most people do fake laughing, or cheering like on x factor or friends or top gear! and if you watch carefully look at hits, its scriptic yes but not fake hits or moves

  18. If its scripted than why Kevin beat Vince brutally? Can someone allow brutal attack on ownself? Why Kevin and sami beat the Shane brutally?? How owner can allow such scripts??

  19. Bro you are telling so much fast but I understand what you are telling who they know English they will only understand the faster English I understand bro nice video bro we see you in the next video bro god bless you

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