4 things you need to know before tonight’s SmackDown LIVE: Sept. 10, 2019

4 things you need to know before tonight’s SmackDown LIVE: Sept. 10, 2019

It’s the final stop before
WWE Clash of Champions, and the car is being parked at
the world’s most famous arena. I’m Ryan Pappolla, for WWE Now with everything you need to
know before tonight’s Smack Down Live. The Undertaker will return to
the Blue Brand tonight at historic MSG. What does the Dead Man have in store for
the WWE Universe? WWE Champion Kofi Kingston will come back
to Madison Square Garden tonight in a true full circle moment. What will Kingston have on his
mind as he returns to the arena that put him on the map? Due to injury Elias will not compete in
his scheduled Kings of the Rings semi final match against Chad Gable. Stay with WWE digital and
tune into Smack Down Live for further updates as the situation develops.>>[NOISE]
>>Roman, I’m proud of what I’ve done to you. I’m proud of causing this
little accident backstage. I’m proud of crashing that car into yours.>>[NOISE]
>>But I’m most proud of the pain you’re gonna
feel at Clash of Champions. [MUSIC]>>After being revealed as
Roman Reigns attacker last week, Eric Rowan was intent on
proving on his on men. First slamming Daniel Bryan
through a table and brutalizing Reigns with steel steps. Will big dog return the favor tonight? Find out when it all goes down tonight
from Madison Square Garden at 8/7 Central on USA network.


  1. guys the undertaker and the fiend will not be on tonight's show sorry to ruin your night, what you might see is Daniel Bryan turning baby face!

  2. The undertaker would make a good crossover with justice league dark or Jonah hex and the green lantern darkest night Or Frankenstein and the agents of shade would make a good animated movie crossover with WWE and DC comics and a full length animated movie

  3. Nooooo! Elias! WHY!!
    So I guess Shorty G will get into the final or Elias' former opponent gets another shot. I think it was Ali

  4. A crossover with WWE undertaker with DC comics the specter or the phantom stranger or lupin The third by monkey Punch Into a full length Animated Movie crossover

  5. I am a real fan of wwe and if you are a real fan than in the old days you wanted to see the great khali vs Andre the giant I think I spelled khali wrong

  6. Unfertaker comes out and gives half a phenomenal speech and sami zayn interrupts,tries to take the phenoms era and undertaker delivers a Devistating chokeslam

  7. Wow…Maybe what the majority of the commenters here mentioned was true,The Undertaker vs The Fiend at Clash of the Champions?.Let's see,eh?.

  8. The Undertaker, who knew who he was gonna return after bray wyatt put the time as 11:19, im very curious

  9. What the heck where is undertaker and why did Kevin get fired I was mad smack down sucks cause Shane McMahon is loser and he is the worst manger ever on smack down and Kevin Owens was like the next generation of stone cold Steve Austin that I grow up on

  10. Well shane is a jerk he just fired keven owens for just doing his job it is not keven owens fault that shane tapped out. But i think that keven owens should be rehired an shane should be finned for attacking an oficcial. Also shane should appolagise to keven owens!!!! Also the wwe universe deserves to not have shane in charge.

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  13. The undertaker will be in a match and then Kane will reach up from under the canvas and pull him down to hell with smoke spewing from under.

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