2019 Lexus ES 350 F-Sport – Camry XL – Fast Blast | Everyday Driver

2019 Lexus ES 350 F-Sport - Camry XL - Fast Blast | Everyday Driver

I'm ranting today what are we doing for the Lexus no right right up front we should talk about the fact that this car is not for us we are thinking where's the the Lexus ES 350 F Sport now some of the Lexus product in F Sport I enjoy I want to put that up right up front this hang on we're doing a corner whoo I'm in sport mode careful not here in the trunk $50,000 es yeah 50 F sport I'm in sport mode I am I'm doing things that resemble corners if you get a dent from the inside out because your stuff got thrown across the trumpet that's bad we were driving we might have been driving the thing is that this has zero zero steering with you it has a cornering feel it does hold the road pretty well but I leave that in you're gonna be surprised because your eyes are like no no we're good the rest of your body has no sensation of cornering other than the fact that the road turn yeah zero mean you're thrown a little bit in the seats and I will say the seats are good but okay up front with your acknowledgment of how good Lexus is they are good there yeah excellent acting and I love their rear-wheel drive stuff very wheel drive stuff there Elsie 500 is awesome I like there is right now this is the front-wheel drive Camry alternative this is like the Camry dressed up it is so this is the GA kae platform that means nothing except that the end of the Camry and the es are built on the same platform although this is 2 inches longer this has a hundred and thirteen inch wheelbase let's where is the camera is 111 it's shorter hang on that's that's like Oh outie a eight level wheelbase that's a really long wheel by the way they still make the LS after this yes which is rear-wheel drive and actually competing with those big boys but this is still I mean there's a lot of leg room in the back this is a long large car it is now for most buyers I feel like you remember the Crown Victoria I remember this car how you gonna land this plane stay with me I'm try it the Crown Vic was bought by will just say the older generation right yes our folks yes that was sort of the go-to because it was in spencey was a large car was comfortable and it was a liable today's thing related to cars of the 50s and 60s that were just big sedan true true true so then after that came the Buick Regal everybody supposed to Camrys and then after that we're all in Cu V's but here is Lexus I feel like with the market and the people that actually buy them are locked into the the typicals we have to have an SUV we have to have a midsize SUV the sedan and maybe coupe if you're lucky but I've been thinking about this car and I thought what if this was a sport Therese mode it had a wagon on the back of this wouldn't we like it any better but but I I say that honestly if it was a wagon on the back the target audience that once a nicer Camry wouldn't buy it because they don't want a wagon true and it wouldn't change the fact that the problem here and I look we're just driving around a city we got a couple of corners we're driving around a city and it parks anywhere we are the problem here is in dynamics it is it is hell-bent on making sure you don't know what's going on this is not what this is for but I will say what's surprising is when you drive this on the freeway at 80 miles an hour because that's the speed you and I drive on the freeway it's got an 8-speed transmission you will not hear the engine note but what I am surprised by is how much tire and wind noise this generates considering the market it creates a surprising amount of tire and wind noise the engine is obviously a more pleasing note but you're gonna you're gonna die that down for this market but yet you're left with around this mirror and just tire noise in general more than I would expect because if you're gonna create this kind of quiet just capture chamber where nothing affects you then why am i hearing that much rustle honestly i I hear ya I mean in a sports car if we were in you know something hot sure that is irrelevant noise is not an issue but if if that is what Lexus is going for it to insulate Leigh so you can of course think of course they are then yeah absolutely you don't want to have that at all I hear you Oh I heard a little bit rev you did that because I got almost a 5000 rpm that's Wow if I look if I put it back into drive even though I'm in sport let it drive it so we will never hit me get eighth gear you ever hear the engine again it's it's gonna happen okay so look I I have friends designer friends who work at Toyota the person who designed the Camry is in car to be on oh he's an excellent designer former classmate did the Camry know as you know we're not huge fans of the camera just dynamics alone it's know he did a great job on that market segment he did a great job there's one there's a model three to four in Park City and they're everywhere yeah all right so the interior of the Camry is just weird it is a fan huh okay it doesn't make sense I don't I think it's just lines for the sake of lines whereas in Lexus and what they desperately try to do and and to good success actually the scene in the LC and here is very much more driver focused yeah but does it need to be well they all need to be everything you know kind of pointed towards you and aim towards your driving experience in the nothing nothing else is a report by driving experience except for possibly the design but the reason for that design is because they're taking all of their cues from the old LFA the LFA kind of introduced the current styling dynamic of the interiors of Lexus and the other thing is very cool-looking the interior of that is very cool it is effected all their interiors and I figure sorry I have to go to Best back to manual I can't handle it so are you have paddles and they actually are responsible Symphony it just runs it's an 8-speed transmission and you know I will never need above third gear this entire Drive we're doing right now it will do above 30 I just won't need above 300 it's actually fine and for that 80 on the freeway of course it is and you've got four left yeah it's of course it's all miles per gallon oh this by the way are you under skin itch tyre chirp understeer is what this does which is not a super understeer is the default safety setting of car setup that is what you get when you're not worried about driving dynamics I mean all all modern cars to some degree are set up for understeer more than oversteer because that's what protects people corners are not fun well now but but at the same time I mean this here's honestly here's my biggest problem with this is at $50,000 $50,000 for a sedan there's a lot of stuff that competes yeah both new and use ie even thought of this this this has got a pretty good engine it's got that 3.5 liter v6 that they've been working on for a while this 8-speed transmission we're talking about 300 horsepower and almost as much on torque so it's not a light weight on power not fat enough for these seats by the way I'm sliding I'm sorry side of the bolt well weird but that's because this car was not actually set up at corners like this that's the thing but the thing about all of those dynamics is sorry here's here's what I'm trying to land is that is the typical segment the typical proportions and shapes of every car segment okay we've got small sedans we've got mid-sized sedans we've got the big one we've got I see you be in an SUV yeah they've checked all the boxes I hear you have and so why can't we brake further away from that if if this is you know Lexus has differentiated themselves in styling certainly mm-hmm how about dynamics well a couple of the cars but what about everything else because when you check the F Sport box and you get the F Sport package here isn't isn't this now in the V Series you know everybody's picked a name we've got you know v4 Cadillac M from BMW AMG perfect three letters FF for Lexus they all have now its sporty it is a sporty in this you know it's just aspire to those you know the hot rod and brando's yeah yeah but with Lexus because of the clientele because the folks would buy them and this is not a shot against the buying public it's it's a trim level but it's trying to be sporty and it isn't it's never it needs to be either just a trim and just uh it's a prac it's the premium level or it actually was going to be to get this I get that which is the sweet spot of portions well sure okay but it's neither it's it's it's the color it's some trim and I like the seat look I like the color the feel of this interior is nice we talked about it also on the Lexus RX recently they've done really well in interiors and they focused on the place to be and that is fantastic right the problem is once you put of that F Sport badge on I agree you and I both come to that and go okay this should have some sporting intentions and this does not and to the thought I had before this has got plenty of power over $50,000 what I thought of you could get you can save your muscle true but you could save your money okay get an Alfa Julia with the turbo 4 which will be a far more far better looking far more fun to drive I agree there are more fun to drive now the problem is the Lexus will only ever run in the Alfa might only be in the show yeah but what the buyers for this car aren't looking they're never going to which is you are Lex you're Alexa fide and you're thinking if you're all Lexus then you've got something for every phase of your career and your life or welcome to the entire thing or you've had three cameras in a row and you want to go upscale and you buy you buy the yes by the way and you should buy something else if that's the step you're obviously the advertised power output for the Camry is 301 horsepower if you give the 3.5 liter v6 it's 302 on the Lexus but it's because it's a long wheelbase Camry it is with a Lexus MA on the front is which is honestly you're doing this which which of the stylings art do we find more offensive honestly all right I need to drive this thing race driving position not really in this car actually are you in you're not in sport mode oh I'm not a sport mode well if you get the sport you have the option of getting the Avs the adaptive vehicle suspension but it it's got to come with v the Sport Plus and there's there's not Sport Plus on your knee of this car fifty grand it's a little strange plus we don't have Sport Plus I do want to note that speaking of things in the interior I know we really weren't but I have to talk about this well Lexus foot you're having fun oh yeah a lot of body roll yeah great yeah well we don't have the vehicle suspension the ABS we don't well I'm kind of convinced we don't even though the VIN rotary tells us otherwise well we don't be I don't think I'm for plus and but honestly I'm gonna knock down shifting into a corner hardened a second this is still your passenger facility s 350 your passengers will hate you if you try to do this I'm yeah I'm taking the inside line cuz you have to Wow all right as we've sort of landed on and it's the clientele that is never going to drive the car this way yeah so my question is okay if we're creating an F Sport package is it just trim or is it full-on this is the the M the motor sports version of Lexus yeah because they should they build cars that can do this you know I got in this car thinking man I'd love Lexus to build something smaller and lighter and then lexif I it from a you know what it's it's really smooth and comfortable and you know it's a GT car it's you know Aston Vantage sized or something like that the LexA 5 version of the Toyotas eighty six plan what would that be that would be interesting I mean the closest we've gotten is that 208 which is you know used by cyclists everywhere not [Applause] honestly I think this car is a powerful car for people who don't like to drive I hear you I I hear you I think that's what f-sport has done here it has given you a car that feels powerful but you're not a person that likes Drive yeah I'm with you come on I heard the exhaust hey because you're gonna have a forty five hundred that's why Wow it's a it's a slow build we'll say it's just a slow but if you're if you're my mother-in-law by the way has the prior Jenny yes okay I know she's your her this is gonna feel powerful to you it's gonna feel like this is more power than I ever need okay it's not about driving engagement at all and so that sport that sport package is just oh this feels quick well as all it is well that's the issue that I have with the trim package because you get the seats you get the look the overall look to the car is you well well there's something going on here there's something you know kana more sporty I don't even think the look says that and they called white Lexus today yes it does it's not great and white Lexus seems to be doing everything in white which I don't think quite sets it off like this in the pocket white yeah but this car does beg the question four questions that we have had on the podcast about you know what guys I commute I'm on the East Coast I need something sure that is still big enough for family I want to be comfortable it's got to have decent power I don't care about track days I don't really care about Canyon driving I just want something smooth and fast and comfortable there's a huge market in this segment that we've got what the dollars you're spending there's a huge market so what makes this stick out what makes this compelling I buy I think I think that's the question especially it's 50 grand and I think the answer is because I want a nicer Camry I really think that's the big I think it's because I I'm completely dedicated at the fact that I want reliability power I want reliability I want the Lexus dealer experience which is phenomenal they have Hayter to you if you have experience so I want the dealer experience at Lexus I want to step up I want to be treated really well at the dealer I want to know it's going to run have liked my Camry oh look I have some money there's any yes I think that's your buyer but I at $50,000 I'm sorry I'm ranting now at $50,000 I want to like driving it a little and I just don't yeah do you think it's it needs to be safe or the thinking is you know what cameras are safe it runs absolutely it's got good resale value people like them and buy them yes so I'm gonna step up a little bit yes therefore I think it's it's not in the toe of the pool of alpha or this mysterious brand new BMW or something else and I'll just I know I can count on this car yeah it's gonna be more luxurious I should be getting more for my money uh-huh I do think I think it's the step up from Camry and look interior-wise yes you've stepped up badge wise you stepped up – I realize you may be watching this right now and getting ready to write an angry yes I'm in because I love this car and I've had four of them because you're not concerned about the driving dynamic or sir can't convince me this is a fun car to drive because it isn't and at $50,000 that to me is a lot of money and I want to enjoy what I'm in and I'm sorry I have to get my rant in okay yes please do the blue dose was not great but was getting there this haptic ahead is actually worse because it's not great because as you make your finger around to control things you've still got the split screen thing that Lexus is doing where you can have two different parts of the screen on different things that's cool I like actually their interface is cool the the connectivity and the way you interact with it here has gotten worse by going to this haptic pad which is very aggressive in its haptics it's got a yeah annoying loud chime and it isn't exact you almost have to buy out the passenger or park sure driver sure well and that's a problem well the entire pad is the button you push down to select yeah and your finger could actually move and wiggle off the thing you want it'll change your selection I've had songs randomly don't you think what do you think I just breathed on him yeah all right so a quick note about the styling I do feel like at first the the direction Lexus has gone to differentiate themselves in the market was unsuccessful at first but you're talking about the predator the predator MA and the overall aggressiveness of the styling because this is very aggressive for our shall we call it the Camry Excel but the Camry scanner guys if you're talking about your friend the stylist at the current Camry – it has very much but Lexus had to go even further which they did on the front and rear taillights Wow so they've carried lines through but there's still strange lines that intersect the rear door handle I don't get it they don't intersect the front door handle but they do intersect the rear my conclusion on this car is that as good as it is as well-built as it is by the way it uses the lexif ID terms are laser screw welding and a lot more structure structural adhesive that you it makes it feel way more solid than a camp it feels very soft feel that does feel very seldom does see materials all of this is true a place to be but then it's the driving experience is where we as consumers are looking for that but if you're not it is the perfect car to go to dinner in okay alright or drive cross-country and see the grandkids I hate to say it it's terrible but you know but my parents that's how they think in carbine yes they're gonna they're gonna buy something that gets decent gas mileage is easy to drive and they can drive cross-country to the grandkids and they get to me where I own sports cars and they have trouble getting in them because that's not their life we love lexus lexus makes great some great stuff but if not new this is not for us Camry excel but the Lexus Crown Victoria that its large it's comfortable its smooth it's not really a race car or anything close to it here at everyday driver we are one of the longest-running car shows on the web we are if you've been watching us since 2007 where you just discovered us last week we're an independent Channel and still producing original content our TV show airs on the Motor Trend Network but you don't have cable all the episodes can be streamed on Amazon Prime we host a top 10 automotive podcast called the car debates with about 400 episodes and new ones airing every Tuesday and Friday so if you've got a question or need a car our podcast can help you here on YouTube the fast blasts are still here they're gonna become a little simpler more like a video podcast actually mixed with a new car review let's still make well for those single car reviews of enthusiast cars plus we're adding chance to win classics make doing motorcycles and we'll even doing the occasional mountain bike review and if that's not enough we do have five feature films including one of a kind generation of comparisons of the Corvette the 911 and the m3 host meetups track-based and even a trip to the ring and spot we do all of that so thanks for watching listening sharing there's lots more you


  1. Ok so like I understand that you guys like the driving experience in the car but what’s wrong with liking a smooth luxurious car. You’re not in that specific market but hundreds of thousands of people are… Lexus isn’t building a car specifically for you 🤷🏽‍♂️

  2. Its a car for a 50+ year old buyer! The Lexus FSport package really has been sloppy. My Is350 Fsport drives ok but anything that's not a GS, IS or RC that has a F badge really is just a appearance package.

  3. I love the style .
    Don't care about the dynamics.
    Just want to get there, on my red leather seats and forget my miserable life, spoil kids and nagging wife.
    Leave my pimped Camry alone dudes.

  4. My GS f sport feels nice as F**k on my everyday drive. You know from here to there, then there to there! Something like that! Remember being dumb founded when my 2012 Audi A6 3.0t’s AC went out in the middle of the summer, and was told $2400 to fix. Or the radio went out and was told $2000 for new amp, dam that car was a rocket 🚀 in its own right , but no music

  5. Didn’t they market two different levels of performance as Fs representing two levels of performance? I seem to remember that there were F Sports and something else F’n.

  6. I like a nice ride but when I touch the steering wheel I want to feel like I'm being electrocuted by feel.

  7. I think the term Fsport is sending you the wrong signals. Fsport is just an appearance package. I genuinely get annoyed every time I see any Lexus model with the Fsport badge. A lot of companies are doing this for people who want the look but don’t care about the performance. Your issues with the car are exactly how it was built to be. All looks no goods. I have herd you guys recommend Fsports before on the podcast and have wondered if you were meaning just an F like the ISF (5 liter V8) vs an IS 350 Fsport (3.5 V6 with fancy bits)

    Always a fan of your videos, thanks for posting.

  8. Bottom line it's not fun to drive which makes it perfect for the US. Most people here do not enjoy driving. Whenever the roads start to curve, you see brake lights.

  9. Why get the ES when every other Lexus model looks so much better? It just looks too similar to a Camry 😴💤

  10. Yea not everything needs to be a race car and honestly I’ll drive this car over many other cars….. this will be an amazing used car in the future! Would be awesome if they had an awd option to be honest

  11. I like this car but I agree not an enthusiast car. However, Alfa Giulia is a terrible recommendation – car and driver had a long termer and it spend a third of the year in the shop. It is literally the opposite of what a Lexus driver wants.

  12. It s a fun car to drive on highways and in traffic. What normal people do like 90% of the time but these old jokers don’t get.

  13. What these jokers don’t understand is the Lexus dealer service quality. Compare that to any other brand, and then you understand why their customers never leave the brand. Of course the cars don’t break any way. So that also helps a good relationship.

  14. Simply the best luxury vehicle in the world right here. If you prefer a smooth quiet ride, which is definition of luxury, stay away from Germans or anything else. This will last a lifetime. Fantastic car no matter what these jokers say.

  15. If you are looking for a driving experience then an ES Lexus is not the car for you. The only relevant points i took from your review was the wind and road noise was too high and that is not acceptable for a car going for comfort and isolation. I also agree with you that Lexus needs to change their infotainment system across their range not only the ES as it just sucks. The rest of your negative feedback on steering feel, response, less bolstered seats and soft suspension doesn’t really match this ES and it is not something that would concern the target audience of the ES and LS.

    I urge you to not get stuck on negatives and repeat it throughout the video as it started to get on my nerves.

    Keep up the good work

  16. If you can’t tell the differences between a Camry and a Lexus, you don’t deserve to call yourselves car reviewers. Do you know the differences between a Benz e class and an s class?

  17. Why the hell does it need to be a race car? That's like if they review a school bus and hate it because of its awful driving dynamics. That's not the point of this car.

  18. For daily driving, as in just normal daily commuting, I would only buy a Lexus.

    BMW don't ride as comfortably, Audi aren't all that nice sub $70k, are the worst in reliability of the 3 and the others aren't reliability champs either. All 3 of these German cars are also engineered to intentionally be difficult to self service.

    Acura are ugly these days, Kia drop in value like lead in water. Wouldn't touch a post Renault-Nissan era Infiniti. I'd want a G70 solely for it's manual transmission, but not new.

    It's not to say I don't wish I had an RS3, or an M2 or Stinger, but as just an easy commuting daily driver, definitely Lexus.

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